100+ Funny 2 Year Anniversary Quotes

Funny 2 Year Anniversary Quotes: A lot of couples opt for a two-year anniversary celebration. It’s a nice milestone and it’s also good because four years go by fast! If you’re in the middle of planning a special day for your sweetheart, here are some funny 2 year anniversary quotes to inspire you.

Funny 2 Year Anniversary Quotes

Good morning, sweet #cutie. It’s the 2 year anniversary of that time you said “marry me?” And I said…

It’s been two years and we’re still in love with you. Here’s to 2 more! #2YearAnniversary

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Dealcatcher! We’re excited to reach this milestone and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by thanking our loyal customers and entrepreneurs (and future entrepreneurs) for all their support and dedication.

Like a fine wine, we’re celebrating 2 years of being a couple! *Perhaps not as sweet as a wine, but with plenty of vinegar 😜

Two years ago, I became the husband of my best friend. Happy Anniversary babe. I love you 😘

It’s been 2 years since we first met – or more precisely since you read this lame bio. Thanks for 2 great years of following along on this adventure. Here’s to many more! 😘

Two years ago you said goodbye to your free time and hello to your best friend. #Anniversary

It’s been 2 years since I became a dad, and I’ve never been more alive. 💜💙💚😍

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made the last 2 years possible!

Surprised it’s already been 2 years! Thank you @NYC for showing us how to eat, drink, and shop well. Can’t wait for our next adventure ❤️ #WeLoveNY #pumpkin

Two years of great coffee, great people, and an even better community. Happy anniversary to us!

We’ve gone from 2 to ___. __ years, no regrets 👯👯

Lauren told me if it wasn’t for her, then I would be married to you. 😉

When it’s hot outside you can bury yourself inside a book or… “a big pitcher of boozy ice-cream.” -Kristin Chenoweth

Ahh, the smell of nutmeg and scandal in the autumn air.

My favorite pic for our 2 year anniversary #22yearsandcounting

Two years ago, you made me laugh until I quit. That’s how it all started. And yesterday, you made me laugh until tears came out of my eyes. That’s how I know I’m still in love

Bob and I have been together for 2 years. We chose each other because we were tired of being picked on by other couples. No hard feelings…to those people who still think two men can’t love each other. We don’

You are always there for me through thick and thin, so let’s celebrate your second year of being the best husband. I am so happy you will always be mine!

2 years ago my brother took a chance on me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done. Here is to many more.

Celebrating 2 years of creating content that’s actually informative. 💪

🍭 It’s our two year anniversary! Check out the photos from the first time we met. 🎂 #FBF

To friendship, to loyalty, to commitment, and all the other things that make us stronger together. Happy Anniversary #FriendshipHashtag.

Take your first date and blow it up, wear whatever you want and whoever you were last year.

We’ve had the same number of fights as we’ve had bottles of wine. But it’s always fun 😉 #happyanniversary #chaverncrew

How time flies! Thanks for riding along with us; let’s make the next two years even better. 💪📷

Throwback to our first hire – we’ve come a long way! In honor of our 2 year #TBT, share your favorite #Eastside employee memory with us in the comments below!

What’s the difference between Batman and me? I make $4 million a movie.

Two years ago I was just a guy who loved coffee and cycling, today that guy is totally whipped.

A funny caption to celebrate a couple’s 2 year anniversary

Celebrating two years with you—in real life and online–has been nothing short of amazing. Here’s to the next 2 years. 😎

You’ve seen us through many adventures together, but when you see your Mom + Dad in matching shirts, you know it’s serious. Congrats on 2 years! Here’s to years 3-double digits 😉

Anniversary is spelled with 2-years and not 1-year. It’s the “2nd”, people who work at Hallmark don’t know that 😝

So we hit 2 years and looking back it’s been one hell of a ride! Like the roller coaster, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and now we can celebrate together 🎉🎉Come ride the roller coaster with us at

🎂🍾🎉 Here’s to two years of making us laugh like 🤣 😀 bahahaha Hahahahaha ❄️☃️💨 & other ways we can’t.

Celebrating 2 years of #beanblacks 😍😘 We’re pulling out the glitter 🌈, s’mores 🔥 & other summer treats to celebrate 🎉😎

2 years?! Time really flies when you’re drunk in love 😎

Baby, 2 years. I thought two years ago you’d be the one, but things change….You can love your wife forever, but you never love your mother-in-law.

To our two-year anniversary and many more. 🎉

Two years may be a long time in dog years, but it sure didn’t feel like it. Thanks to everyone who has taken this journey with us. Cheers to many more 🍸🎉

Celebrating this special milestone with the best company.

Two years and counting! Thanks for all your love and support on Instagram. 💛 #wbu

It’s funny because it’s 2 ❤️

People used to say two heads aren’t better than one. But look at us all these years later. 👴🏻

2 years of fun, laughs, and memories. How do you top two perfect years? By making the next fifty even better. Here’s to the next fifty.

Y’all know we like to joke around around here. We’ve been together 2 years and we can’t wait to celebrate! Giveaway details below! -Bri

Happy #2YearAnniversary to the most eccentric, thrill-seeking 🎪👵🏼 lad among us (that’s me). Thanks for making my life better, @kimkardashian!#bettertogether

Two years ago today we said “I do”. It was a perfect day.

It’s been 2 years of awesomeness. Here’s to many more. 🎂😎

She asked me how to spell anniversary, so I spelled her.

Two years in & I can still say that our boldest ideas are just beginning. Happy anniversary @SP_Creative ! #SocksWithSpunk

It’s 2 years young, so it gets to stay out past bedtime.

Thanks to all our customers for making our last two years so good. We’ve got some pretty sweet surprises in store for you this year.

We’re 2 years old! As a token of our love for this town, we’re giving away some cake 🎂🍰

Some people ask why we’ve lasted so long, but we like to think it’s because we’re pretty fly (and never take ourselves too seriously).

We’ve come a long way, babe. Time flies when you’re having (2 years of) fun together! 💗 2 Years 2 us.

It’s our two year anniversary, but it’s not just any other day. It’s a day to celebrate us, the journey we have taken together, and the memories that have been created. This is our year of

Happy 2nd year anniversary to our favorite fandom; each other.

I can’t believe we’ve been married for 2 years already. Time seriously flies! It’s like we met 3 seconds ago. 💭

Coming up on 2 years at the same job. How have I not been committed?

Happy 2nd birthday to the greatest teammate a girl could ask for. I love you more than you can handle #partnerincrime

Today is a day to celebrate with a cake that tastes like a cake 🎂 and a dress that looks like a dress 🧚. Two years in, and we still get dressed up for each other.

Anniversaries are about celebrating the time you spend together, not how much time…

If you’re still single in your 20s, you’re dead inside. But don’t worry, I’ll get you fixed up.

Two years of friendship, family, and amazing coffee—we’re so grateful. It’s hard to believe!

At my 2 and I’m still the most charming (not guaranteed).

Two years later… still at it.

Funny 2 Year Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

Romantic couple selfie 😍 🍰 It’s been 2 years and we promise to keep on growing in our own unique way. We love you @johnthehuman and truly treasure your love and support! #2yearsas

Two years feels like 2 microns seeing as how close I am to you. Happy anniversary, my love!

Happy 2nd Anniversary, babe! Today is the day when our whole year will stop spinning in its cycle to stand still in one direction for just 24 hours.

Happy 2 years, baby. Here’s to many, many, many more together.

Two years of kicks, giggles, and a lot of smooches. Happy anniversary babe 😍

Last year I was pretty sure you were my boyfriend. This year I’m pretty sure that that’s still true. (Because I said it two years ago and nothing has changed.)

Two years ago yesterday, you went from being my crush to the man I love. Time flies when you’re laughing at how nice I look in glasses. 🤓

Let’s just say that two years of us 💕 has been the best party of my life.

I don’t even know if I can call it dating anymore 😛

Two years ago today I saw the light 💡

’Our anniversary… is a day to celebrate plastic surgery.’ – Wanda Sykes

Baby, you’re out here making my dreams come true. – Nick Cannon

You’ve helped me grow so much. Here’s to another year.

What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

Wonder how we still have your attention.

On our 2 year anniversary, here’s to a lifetime of more 2s 😎

Happy 2 years to the sweetest and most wild child in the world 💕😎

2 years ago, you swept me off my feet with your charm. Today, I’m sweeping dishes off my kitchen counter with a broom 😋💃🏼

Happy anniversary to me! And to my boyfriend—whose anniversary is, sadly, today.

We made it! 2 years of being making us stronger. Here’s to the next 2 decades. ❤😎

Show off your relationship to the world with a life-size replica of you and your better half.

Thank you for sharing our last two years with us, and here’s to cheers to the next great journey. Cheers! ❤️

Marking another year of liking each other’s photos on Instagram. Happy anniversary, my love!! 💕🎶😜

Today’s the day my heart met your heart…and I haven’t looked back since. #HappyAnniversary

Our anniversary this week is like your attempts at ruining my Twitter mentions: embarrassing and unsuccessful. I give you a 23% chance of success, and if you do pull it off, I promise to block you.

Getting married was a dream come true. It’s been a year of living dreams, but being woken up by this sweet slobbery face every morning has been a dream within a dream. 💕

Two years, and they still haven’t found you.

Forever and always, together we stand…as we gape in wonder at the most enormous shrimp we’ve ever seen.

Two years and still going strong…

These are my favorite birdies. I have more of them at home.

Thanks for making next year amazing! Can’t wait to spend forever with you. Happy 2 years darling!

It’s the two year anniversary of our relationship, but I know it doesn’t matter because I love you like people love the stars.

🎂🍰🥧 2 Years ago today, you took me to Olive Garden. Tonight, I’m gonna take you to Red Lobster.

Happy anniversary, babe! I always wanted to grow old with you.💗

Two years ago today

Two years ago, I met you out of the blue

When I am with you, hours feel like seconds. Miss you so much!

Two years ago today, I met you. You would’ve been 60 then, if it weren’t for that pesky Titanic. #sad

We’re big fans of each other.

She said yes.

Two years is like a century in dog years. We took a long journey, and we’re still going strong. ❤️🐶

Thank you for always letting me be me, because, without you, I’d probably never have figured out who that is. 📷

My boss asked me to do something and I said, “I’m sorry but ‘no’ is probably the best answer.”

Funny 2 Year Anniversary Quotes for Girlfriend

This 2 year thing is gonna be fun! ❤️🥂 #AnniversaryQuotes

Happy 2 year anniversary to my partner in crime 🍾 👴🏻 See you soon, babe! ❤

Celebrate the 2nd anniversary of your first date with this creative gift!

Two years today at 2pm it all went down between me and you 😂

Happy Anniversary, baby. We’re over the moon for two years together! Thank you for being my best friend 🌙

One year ago, the thought of you was just a dream within my mind. Two years later, that thought has become reality. Happy anniversary, my love.

We can’t believe that 2 years ago we were sitting at this sushi bar, silently judging the couple next to us because we had no idea how our lives would change after ordering a round of salmon sashimi 🍣

2 years ago I met the person who changed my life, what’s more important than that? ❤ 😍

To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, I’m upgrading you from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7. It’s still free with your #AT&T Next plan with retail installment billing.

Happy Anniversary Babe 👼🏻 I can’t believe it’s already been two years… time is flying by. Either way, I’m super excited to see what the next couple of years bring us! 😘

2 years and still like a fine wine…

Wishing you the happiest of anniversaries my little honey bunny 🐰🎈🎉

It wasn’t planned, but it was lucky for me. I got to know you, fall in love with you all over again, and spend this chapter together promising here on out that you are the only one who has my heart.

My older self makes me want to scream sometimes But my future self tells me to chill. #fifteendays

Scared of slipping?? Then go slower.

That awkward moment when 10 months feel like 2 years. 2 Year Anniversary!

Our 2 year anniversary is approaching and you better keep up with my ever-growing snuggly needs 😋

Happy 2 years, babe. Here’s to many more! 🎂💪

So, um, funny story…remember 2 years ago when you said you’d never date a nerd?

Celebrating 2 wonderful years with my best friend, partner in crime and cuddle buddy – see you at the altar 💍.

Hitting our 2 year anniversary at 25mph on a #Stinnerbahn is definitely the kind of thing you put on your resume.

How are you spending your #valentinesday? 👩💕👩💕 * * * We’re spending it turning 2! 🍾 Cheers to our 2nd year of adventures together! 🙌

Two years of making magic happen—we’ve loved every minute of it. Thanks for being you & loving us back.

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.” -Unknown

“I love you even though you don’t flush the toilet.” – Grumpy Cat

Two years in, and I can’t imagine spending them with anyone else 👫 💕

We’ve come a long way, baby. 😉😘

🎂Happy 2 year anniversary to my twin 🍌 Can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since we’ve been on this journey together! Love you so much, can’t wait to see what the next two years have in store for.

Happy 2nd anniversary, babe. All I ever wanted was to be with you. May our stardust sprinkled love continue to spread its magic#LoveLists

For 2 years now, our relationship has been a roller coaster filled with laughter, crying, smiles, and disagreements. Although at times things have been tough, I don’t know where I’d be without you next to me. Here’s to many more.

My family is crazy, but I love them. Happy 2 years, baby! 💑

On your 2nd anniversary, you are celebrating your decision to be together.

Like all relationships, it’s had its ups and downs… but at the end of the day, it’s always better with pizza. HBD 2 YEARS BABY 🍕💕

Can’t believe it’s already 2 years. Time is flying ❤️ #2yearsofsanddunes

Just when I thought they couldn’t get any cuter together they make it to two years! Congrats you two!! A year is a long time, especially when they are two. What do we call someone who was?

That’s the beauty of being married to someone you were friends with first. You just know. Happy Anniversary.

We’ve loved, laughed, and celebrated more than we could have ever imagined over the last two years. We are thrilled you chose to be part of this crazy ride with us. Cheers to many more. 🍾

We’ve loved, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried. We’ve had plenty of ups and downs—but here we are with two years under our belts! What better way to celebrate than by making sure our

Wanted to get something special for my girl this Christmas, but all years together add up to less than a penny.

I say it every day, you’re my favorite person in the whole world.

Funny 2 Year Work Anniversary Quotes

Two years down, two million more to go. #2years #workanniversary

Finally 2 years worth of writing nothing but stupid jokes about Adam Sandler movies have paid off.

Thanks for the epic 2 years that we’ve spent together – we still can’t believe that we got each other! 🤣

2 years on, I’m still loving every minute of my job 😉

May all your workplace dreams come true. 💪😎 #2YearsAtTheChamber

Today we celebrate two years of loving our work, and we continue to love it even more.

Work anniversary! It’s time to go out for a fancy anniversary dinner, get dressed up, dance the night away, and spend two years’ worth of wages on table flowers. We’ve come a long way since moving the office supplies to our apartment.

Turns out the fiery passion that ignited our romance two years ago is still burning bright. Here’s to making it an explosive 💥year💥 with you.

Thank you for coming this far! Here’s to the next 2 years and beyond 🎉

Today’s your anniversary? After two years, you’re like milk with an expiry date – good until the end 😉

You have to laugh in order to all the crying.

“Never trust a man about to go on vacation.” –Ernest Hemingway

Happy 2 year work anniversary to us! 👯

Today we celebrate you, and everything you’ve done. From your first day to your #2yearworkanniversary, thank you. 🎉

Celebrating two years of standing together. Because _ you know what they say, half the time the couples with the least amount of time together work the best.

Some days you just need an excuse to take a break and eat snacks 🍪so we’ve got you this year and also every year. Thanks for the 2 years of laughs and late nights.

Went on our first work trip together, 2 years ago today 🚪🌏

Here’s to 5 years of hard work & late nights, cheers 🍻

Two years. Six figures. One awesome office dog. Proud to be part of the MMI team! #mmi #nyc #workfamily ##workwithus

I know, right? Still, this excited to be at work five years later 😵

Leaving a job that doesn’t feel like a job, wouldn’t want it any other way.

Here’s to 10 years…if we make it that far.

Two years out for a quick introspective vacation.😎

We’ve got 5 years to go!

When you are at work for more than 50 hours a week, make sure it is with one of your best friends. What are friends for anyway? Happy 2 Year Work Anniversary.

Two years have gone by so fast, it might as well have been a year. Congrats on your 2 year work anniversary!

2 years – cheers to a weekend of just us. No staff no family just you and me. I’ll be out for a few hours, don’t wait up!”

Live. Laugh. Love. Repeat. We thank you so much for the laughs, the love and the support over the last 2 years! All of you—you’re what keeps us going.

Today marks 2 years of rounding out our round figures. Thanks for making this DIY duo complete.

2 years down. Many more to go. 🎉

To fellow employees: In the immortal words of Michael Scott—I wish there were a way to bottle this feeling. I’d sell it and we could all make a mint–instead of being stuck with so many pictures of kittens. Signed, The Office

Hello, you are my best friend, my human diary and my other half. I love you today more than yesterday but less than tomorrow”

Sometimes it takes me 2 years to answer my phone when the person on the other end says “Hi, this is Alex”

I love you not only for who you are but for what we have together. We have so much fun together! Hooray for us, for our party of two!

To the person who’s had more than ten jobs… and counting! 🎉

Hanging in there at this point with a little help from my friends 😥

It’s a wrap! 🎬🍻

Don’t listen to those who say you can’t do it. I believed and I continue to believe that if you don’t try you won’t ever know what might have been.

2 Year Wedding Anniversary Funny Quotes

Technically it’s been two years since we celebrated our wedding in a drunken haze in a Mexican backyard.—@Aimee_K

Happy two years to the best partner I could ever ask for. It’s been a spectacular ride, I can’t wait for what comes next.

Two years seems like a really, really long time to be married. But it’s gone by so fast. I remember the day we were together and now we still are. Love you @champagnepapi

Two years ago today, he asked me to be his forever. 😍 I’m still 💗😍 over it!😍

True love doesn’t come with a guarantee. It comes with commitment, understanding, compromise, and most importantly, forgiveness. Happy 2nd Anniversary, babe! Love you always! ❤️

We were packing for our two year anniversary when we realized that 4 out of the last 6 items in our suitcase are food-related. Maybe we should re-think this whole “leave your hotel room” thing…😂🤷

I never wanted a real wedding anyway. 😉 I only wanted you.

This is my longest relationship #anniversary

“I used to want a girl. But now, I want you.” ― Ariana Grande

Two years. Two-quarters of basketball, half a semester of college, 7 seasons of Vanderpump rules, two treks to Jamaica… Coincidence or planned? Who cares?! Either way, it ends with cake! 🎂

Date night. It’s a thing…

We’ve had some serious ups and downs, but things are serious 💯 now.

Roger, I appreciate how you always make me feel like you are one step behind me in responding when in reality you are usually two steps ahead of me in planning 😉 love ya bunches moon-pie!

That dirty feeling your face gets from smiling too much.

Today we celebrate two years of marriage. To celebrate, we’re going to go home and binge The Office.

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of when these two crazy kids got married. Congrats you two, may your scallions never go bad 😉

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to my best friend and love of my life! Happy Anniversary, babe. I cherish you and our time together.

2 years and we’re not tired of each other yet.

2 years in and it still feels like we’re in a movie. Congratulations to my favorite Martha Stewart in general AKA my wife. I’m the luckiest guy on earth! 💍🎈🎈

A lot has changed since the day we first met…but some things have remained the same. Here’s to us on our 2nd year! Happy Anniversary, Love!

Happy Anniversary to the best couple I know, who also happens to be my parents. Here’s to many more years of laughing and loving! #HappyAnniversaryMomAndDad

I love you even when you forgot that today is our anniversary. Because today, my love, is not just any old day. Today is the day we became one.

We’ve had good times, bad times, heartbreaking times, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Thanks for making me your wife, Luke.

On our anniversary we got a toaster and 5 years later we still use it.

Love stories are magically wonderful, but they are also ordinary.

We’ve come a long way since that drive to Malibu. Here are some quotes to fuel the celebration.

The sun may set in the West, but my love never will! ☀☕

It’s the thought that counts.

Who said marriage would be easy? After celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary last night, I’d have to agree. Good luck to us!

My wife and I finally celebrated our two year wedding anniversary, 2 years.

My 2 year marriage is longer than some of my friendships. Happy Anniversary Nardine.”

Making memories together since the day we got hitched. Happy 2 year anniversary, babe!

It’s been a whirlwind 2 years since the day we met. I only have eyes for you now and even though we have our disagreements, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Two years ago today, I married my best friend. We were so young, but our love was old.

We’re celebrating our 2 year anniversary today! So thankful that I get to spend forever with this weirdo of mine . . . on paper 😉 XO

A lot can happen over the course of 2 years #tlcwedding

Six years ago I asked you to be mine. Two kids, an apartment, a mortgage, and a few moves later…I still could not imagine life without you. True love is strong as ever. Happy Anniversary! #Anniversary

That awkward moment when no one posts on your anniversary”

To my wife, so many years have passed since we first met, and yet it feels like only yesterday. 😍😘❤️👰

Today I’ll make my wife a belated Valentine I think she’ll love 🎉

A couple of years have passed since we started dating, but I can’t seem to figure out how it happened so quickly.

The best is yet to come.

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