100+ Funny One Year Anniversary Quotes

Funny One Year Anniversary Quotes: It’s the first anniversary of your marriage and you don’t know what to do or what gift to give. There is no need to get overwhelmed by all this pressure. If you’re not sure what to get, how about some funny one year anniversary quotes.

Your relationship has been a roller coaster ride of passion, tears, and laughter. Since you first said “I do” a year ago, it has been the most amazing year of your life. The first year of marriage is a special milestone that should be celebrated.

Here are some funny quotes about one year anniversary to help you create a fun and memorable first year wedding anniversary party.

Funny One Year Anniversary Quotes

Your first year of marriage was awesome, but your second will be awesome-er. Happy one year anniversary! #shesaidyes #oneyearanniversary

It’s the best year of my life and my favorite way to celebrate. Happy Anniversary my love!

Today is our first year anniversary! We had fun, fights, makeups, make-outs, and plenty of pasta. I love you! #❤️

We’re celebrating our 1 year anniversary! Here’s a look at some of the highlights from our first year of marriage. We can’t wait to see what the next year has in store. ❤😘

We’ve been together for a year now and let me tell you, it’s been 🙌😱🔥🤣

It’s been a year of ‘likes’ and laughs… 😒👹💩

One year ago, you kicked off my morning commute with a smile. I think I’ll keep you around for another year ☕ #HappyAnniversary

1 year down, many more Pinterest fails to come 😉

May your first year be filled with blessings, laughter, and lots of bacon.

Happy wedding anniversary to us! May our family fiesta continue well into its second year. ❤

One year down—here’s to the next 57. 😍

📅To my spouse, on our wedding day 👰🏽

We’re celebrating 365 days of friendship. And counting…

Love is a friendship set to music. Robert Sexton

It’s the little things that keep me going.

Here’s to a year of people telling us how cute we are, even though we aren’t a real couple #1yearanniversary

Here’s to another year of making mistakes so great, they become stories. Wishing you the best 1 year anniversary, followed by many more years of happy mistakes!

cheers to celebrating one year—together.

1 year ago today, I made a big decision that changed my life forever. Thank you for making me one happy wife! 👰🏼

1 year together…😂👬 #throwback ❤ We can’t believe it’s already been one year! 😱😍

John and I have been together for one year! 🎂 👰🏻

A year ago today, I married an incredible woman. It’s been a year of ups and downs, #firstworldproblems, and #boyfriendgoals. There have been a few fights during nap time and a fair share of Lego

I can’t believe it’s been a #year since we’ve been together❤️💍

One year down, more to go! 🎉

Toast to the past year

One year down, another probably coming up—here’s to many more.

Happy anniversary to my favorite hat and the only hat we’ve ever had !!

I can’t help but wonder, what did you do with all the time before I met you?

Ain’t nothing like knowing who the boss is — one year anniversary with my forever 💍

It’s been one year since two crazy kids got crazy together. 😂 Happy One Year Anniversary, Baby! 💯

Thank you for being with me for one year, honey! I love you more than French fries.

One year ago today, I found the perfect person for me.

Just one year ago today, our relationship started. Today it got all the way real. 💑🎂

One year in, and I can’t imagine life without you ☺️🥂✨

To the most amazing year of my life with you, here’s to another year together. I love you! 😘😘😍💑

May our anniversary be as sweet as our first date. 🎂 🍰

Happy Anniversary to my big baby. I can’t believe how you’ve grown into such a big kid, even if you still steal all the covers at night. 🎉👶🏼

One year down, fifty more to go 😎

Thanks for sticking around to celebrate another year with us 😘

Happy anniversary to the class of ’16. You’ve changed so much since freshman year—but in truth, everyone really has. Congratulations on living in the moment and figuring out what you want to do with your life 😘😘

Funny Anniversary Quotes for Couples

The moment you realize you’ve been with this person for longer than you did the last one. #anniversary #anniversaryquotes

In the time we have been together, I have enjoyed making fun of you, snuggling up to you, and being weird with you. Here’s to forever.

Bob & Linda Stice have been married for 30 years. They met at a ski lodge. It was love at first sight, or should I say the first chair?

Your anniversary represents the day you found out how lucky you were. ❤️🗓

We’ve seen each other through pretty much everything—countless moves, the deaths of loved ones, even the death of our TV remote. But this is true love, people. __*Insert funny line here*__

Our anniversary date has all the right letters—Y & B 😉

My life has doubled in size and so has my heart. Happy Anniversary, #husband 👨‍👩‍👧:)

Frankie and I have been through a lot…we’ve been together longer than most of our friends! 😃

On the first day of marriage, my wife got up and made me an omelet.

I said yes, I will marry you; I didn’t say that I would stop complaining 👰🏻

Remembering the way you made me feel for the first time #forevertwo

To the best years of our lives.

Weʼre celebrating our sixteenth anniversary, but some days it feels more like sixteen thousand. 😆

Today is our anniversary and you’re still my best friend. Happy 1st year of marriage to us! 😘😘😘

From Pj’s to Date Nights. Happy Anniversary Babe #WillYouBeMyCuppa

There are ups and downs in every relationship, yet it doesn’t mean that your love is weak.

When you’re the only one who laughs at your own jokes on a first date, you know. . .

On our anniversary, I gave you my heart. I’ll never get it back! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY @becky_re

My favorite couples are older couples because they’ve already passed the test of time ☺️

Happy Anniversary to my favorite human in the whole wide world 💘 👰

We found each other when no one else was looking 💑 👓

If you are lucky enough to be in love, then the hard part is over ❤️

It’s been so many years since you made me laugh until my stomach hurt. I guess that just says it all. 🤣😂💕

Two years ago today, you put 50% of your favorite number after my favorite letter. It’s been nothing but 💯 since then. 🥳

Whatever our hands touch before us we leave a luminous trail. –John Lubbock

The only thing that is constant is change.

We’ve come a long way, babe… And if you’re like us, every single day together feels like one crazy adventure. We love all this life stuff we get to do with ya! . #anniversary

When we started dating we were immature and broke, We just married for tax purposes, but that’s okay.

One year ago, you said to me “hello” and whether it was your smile or your eyes…something about you has made me fall in love with you.

When you’re in love, you’re never really alone… even in the bathroom. 😉

Two years ago today, I started dating my best friend. Since then, I’ve learned that you’re even better than Netflix (guilty pleasure) and Cherry Coke Zero (no regrets). Snuggle up

Making it to this milestone anniversary has me feeling… nostalgic. But not in the Robert Redford kind of way.

This past weekend was so much fun! 💗

Today is an ordinary day. Tomorrow will be an ordinary day. But today, let’s choose to make this day exceptional by laughing together. And if laughter is not enough, let’s go shopping with each other.

We’ve made it one year—here’s to many more! 💕

Babe, you complete me.

“Going to bed angry is one hell of a way to start another lousy day.” – Anita Brookner

Funny Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Today is our one-year anniversary of being partners in crime. Love you to the stars and back, @elizabethhessey ・・・ 💍 One Year Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Him or Her

Cherish your wife, and cherish the day you married her. Happy anniversary.

Anniversaries are a good time to recall how you asked for your spouse’s hand in marriage. Or, more accurately, how he or she asked for yours.

Let’s be honest: Everyone is wondering if I’m going to outlive him. #NeverWearWhite on your anniversary if you don’t want to test fate.#HappilyMarried

40 years of being married don’t seem that long when you put it into perspective. They’ve only been married 40 years, after all.

18 years ago, you asked me out. I said yes. And here we are, celebrating our 18 years together with a party stuffed with delicious cake 🎂🎉

Celebrating this day for the rest of our lives. (Or until the football game starts.) Happy Anniversary!

Looking back I still can’t believe our little family actually survived. Thanks for staying by my side through it all. Love you ❤️

I just married the only person who will ever be able to tolerate me.

This 30th anniversary is already off to a great start.

Happy honeymoon! 😍😉

Annnnddddd….we’re back 🤲

You don’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well…get lucky 🎵🎉

Amaze your partner on their upcoming anniversary by adding these hilarious and sweet wedding anniversary quotes to the image.

One wedding anniversary coming up? Celebrate by enjoying each other’s company, having fun, and maybe sharing some of these laughs. 😂🤣

20 years of marriage. You know it’s true love if your husband hates the word anniversary.

Happy anniversary you awesome, awesome person. You’ve been a pretty awesome wife to me and a pretty awesome mom to our awesome daughter. Here’s a picture of us being awesome together on our awesome 10th wedding anniversary.

It’s sort of amazing how your hair keeps surviving even though I keep trying to kill it. #happyanniversary #honeymooners

We’ve spent the last decade slowly morphing into each other. Now, I want to know if I can get a refund.

It’s our anniversary today—and every day after that…

Today is the anniversary of the day that I promised to always annoy you. 💑💑

Celebrating seven of the eight days of someone’s life #abumomemorialmeridian

If you live to be 100 years old, I want to live to be 101 so that I can

Today, I decree that today is the day you start your healthy-living regime. Happy anniversary. 🙂

Today is our anniversary—a whole week! Let’s have a cocktail and celebrate it for at least two minutes.

(Ha, if she says yes, then you won’t need this list at all.)

This cake is so good it’ll bring you to your knees. Here’s to another year of eating cake off of each other’s faces 😘

🍂 Anniversaries are like the daily wins of life’s overflowing abundance, presenting to you an opportunity to celebrate everyday victories. Happy Anniversary #happyanniversary #weddinganniversary #anniversaryquotes

We wanted to tell you today how much we appreciate your commitment, determination, and dedication. Not only does it make for an interesting marriage but it makes child-rearing so much easier.

You’ve been married long enough to know the rules, but young enough to break them. Happy anniversary!

It’s our wedding anniversary. Twenty-six years is a long time to be married, so let’s go out and celebrate by having dinner, watching TV, eating popcorn, and calling the kids.

She still looks at me the same way she did when I botched our first wedding anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart. You make an old man look good.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ___ years. I’m so lucky that you are not only my husband but also one of my best friends.

20 YEARS! 20 years ago we fell in love and 20 years later we’re still celebrating every day with champagne and kisses 😍 #anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my beloved, @mrs.nancy_louise_krejsa! This girl is responsible for most of the weird things that come out of my mouth on social media 🤣🍄😂

Happy anniversary to my wife, who has finally decided to stop matching her nails with her outfits.

Can’t think of any better way to celebrate this anniversary than by remembering the first time we met. 😚

Anniversary: a day to celebrate the 365 days since we last fought.

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.

Always play safe #rileysbenchwalks

Funny Anniversary Quotes to Friends

Wish your husband a happy anniversary with these funny anniversary quotes to friends. Let him know he is very special in your life and you want to spend the rest of your life with him.

Funny anniversary quotes for friends, your husband, wife, and even a coworker.

Laughed so hard I almost fell down! Happy Anniversary to my Best Friend!

Anniversaries are a time to reflect and celebrate your relationship with your BFFs through Quotes.

To be with someone for a cause, not just a season. Happy Anni! 🎈

Every year on our anniversary, I thank my husband for understanding me so well for all these years. He says, “Yeah, it wasn’t easy, but you were worth it!”.

Let’s be real: If we’re in, we’re in. Let’s make it work. Happy anniversary to my main thing #couplegoals

I love you like when I was 12, and it took 2 hands to carry my bike across the street in traffic.

Twenty years later, I’m still haunted by the ghosts of relationships past. And in a good way.

And now that you know the whole story, I hope you’ll understand why I lost my temper. If so, please forgive me–even if it’s hard to forget an anniversary like this.

I have to marry you all over again.

The art of marriage is not to aim at perfection, but to aim at continuance. -Sam Robbins

Hey, married people! Are you tired of the same old anniversary photos? Try these funny Instagram captions for anniversary pictures that are perfect for social media.

Today is our first anniversary. It’s been a wonderful year, but it’s not over yet. I have a surprise for you later…

Together for over a century and we’re just getting started. Happy Anniversary!

Today here’s to the nights we’ve stayed up too late, the days we’ve gone without a shower, and all those excuses you come up with as to why my dinner is on the TV. I love you.

Admit it, you love me. It’s ok to say it! I won’t tell anyone 😂😂😂

With our six month anniversary approaching, I thought there was no better feeling to celebrate than the feeling I have when you text me that you’re running late.

Love you like the fabulous *insert adjective* friend that you are

Birthdays are pretty much the best day of the year…you get to eat cake, be nice to people who you usually yell at, and it’s completely acceptable if you want to wear pajamas. AND it comes up REALLY FRE

What a difference a year makes. Let’s do what we do best and have a damn good time celebrating it. To friends, with love. 🥂 🎉

It’s been so long, but I still remember the first time you said you hated spiders. Don’t worry, I haven’t told any spiders. Yet. Happy anniversary!

The greatest gift is to get to spend your life with someone you love, and the greatest gift is to get to spend your last breath with them.

You’ve got a friend in me. 🤣🤣

It’s no fun hanging out with someone you don’t like 🤷‍♂️

Friends are the family you choose, so celebrate your #firstanniversary with us at our lovely restaurant.

We’re peas in a pod, but we’re both really good-looking right now. 10 years and no better friends. Happy anniversary to my partner in crime.

Like all great couples, we have our disagreements… But I can’t help remembering what an old couple told me on their anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, bestie! Here’s to the stories we’ve made so far. Hope there are many more to come. 💕🎉

Tonight I’m celebrating my anniversary with my favorite person. You.

A best friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

When you haven’t seen each other for a long time, it’s like you’ve met today for the first time.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my best friend and business partner, 👭👫👬 #vitamins

The best thing about me is you.

Remember going to the movies with you was always a gamble because someone might make a ~huge~ mess on the popcorn 🍿.

I have a good feeling about this year!

Another year and still our favorite way to butter your bread

Celebrations are summer’s way of celebrating.

Funny Anniversary Quotes for Girlfriend

Today I’m celebrating you. Every day I’m thanking my lucky stars that you came into my life. Happy anniversary! 💍

2 years ago today I wore my cutest cat pajamas, ate your favorite cookies, and watched the 🌙 with you. Happy Anniversary, Babe

I think we should celebrate our anniversary tonight. How about a back rub? ✔

We’ve been together two years strong – Here’s to many more. 🍂

Turning another year older makes me feel very AMAZING. Thanks for being a part of my life!

Celebrating a very sweet anniversary with my adorable wife. ~~~ ❤️🎈👰

Engagement season is upon us Send her a gift she can wear for the engagement party and beyond 💍 .

It’s been my privilege to be your wife for 2 years, and I can’t wait for many more.

This deserves a frothy celebration – Happy Anniversary! 🍰

This year, I’m celebrating my anniversary by making a lifetime commitment to you. 💍

Break out the tickle feathers and find out what kind of bird your husband is. We promise he isn’t a bird-brain.

All these years together; all the memories; all The Special things we’ve done; All Our hard work; every little thing that every good.

Today marks one year since I gave you complete control of my Netflix watch history.

Just like the thrill of having you by my side, that’s how I feel about this new beer. So fresh…so delicious. Cheers to 3 years. 🍻

When he leaves the toilet seat up, she thinks it’s funny.

Hi darlin’, happy anniversary! I want to treat you to this nice romantic date so badly, but I know today is your half-day at work! Let’s do it when you get off from work.

This is a special day for a special lady. Happy anniversary, babe. We’re going to celebrate in style with a night out, a night in, and a whole bunch of looking forward to all the amazing years to come.

Let’s make some new memories this weekend. –take me somewhere we can make them –the kitchen! #OurAnniversaryQuotes

Your kisses are worth waiting for! Happy 12th anniversary, Babe. ❤️

I’m still not over you being my husband. Happy Anniversary, babe.

Congratulations to the wedding couple on their anniversary. May their adventures in marriage be many, and full of joy! 💕

We’ve come a long way… please please don’t get angry it’s our anniversary

On our 2nd-ever date, I couldn’t help but get a little lost in your eyes. They’re so blue they must be cold or deep… But they only look cold when you spill my milkshake.😏

Personal space is for ppl who can handle me at my worst. #RelationshipGoals

Getting married to my best friend has been the greatest adventure of my life—so far. 💍 Let the adventures continue. 😍 #ProposalFail

When Dolly Parton met Jane Fonda on the set of their 1980 film “9 to 5,” she looked at her and said, “We’re so much alike. Our eyes are the same color. There are

Celebrating the big 2-0!

May our friendship be as sweet as the sweat on my new @sweatybettyusa leggings.

Happy anniversary, babe 😍🥂 Love you always and forever ❤️❤️❤️

Here’s to the three greatest things that happened on our anniversary: 1. The day we met; 2. The day we started dating; and 3. The day we said ‘I do.’

Happy anniversary, babe! I love you more every year. 😍🎂

Celebrating 4 years of fun-filled days, romantic dates, and late-night snuggles 🙌😍😘🤗

Today couldn’t be more perfect. Who needs a fancy party when you have the most romantic person in your life? Happy Anniversary, babe. 💓

Happy anniversary to my favorite person in the world. ❤

Happy Anniversary to my other half and yin to my yang! You’ve been the best adventure yet. I adore you. 😉

You captured me with your passion and your strength. You shook me up and forced me to grow. And now that we’re here, I understand what this journey was all about: you and me together. There’s no one else

After a long, long time of being alone together, lol. 😃👬

Cheers to 2 years of immeasurable happiness. It’s all happened so fast, but I wouldn’t change a thing. 🍾💕

Making it to 365 days. Who’s taking me out tonight? 💃👑

It’s been a year since we’ve been eating till we feel sick, drinking till we can’t remember, and laughing till our faces hurt. We have laughed together, cried together, and fought together. We have made

Today marks two years of chasing each other around the globe. 🥂🌎

Funny Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

Cheers to 2 years of being in love with this ginger! You have been a rock star in my life and I am thankful because you are the best man a girl could ask for. Here’s to many more mad adventures in marriage.

May our love last longer than the last time you had to file an extension for your taxes. Happy Anniversary, Babe! 💍🧡

Be honest with the one you love, you have no idea how much it can improve your relationship.

Appearances can be deceiving, especially when they involve you. Happy anniversary to my amazing husband! 🍰☠

Happy anniversary to my favorite little human in the whole wide world! The past 365 days have been a blast, and I cannot wait for the next 365…and the next…and the next. We all start somewhere, but I’m happy

20 years ago today, I said yes to the dress. Today, I say YES to the man I married! Happy Anniversary @darinstevenson01!

During the dating phase, it is understandable that doubts will cross your mind. You aren’t sure if this is the right person for you.

We’ve had our ups and downs, but you’ve always been there for me. I couldn’t be luckier. 💙

Don’t forget December 8th. I know you hate having special occasions but it’s our anniversary so remember 😜😉

My favorite place is over your shoulder😍 ❤️❤️

Happy Anniversary! Here’s to 365 days of adventure and fun! 🎉❤️

May all of our adventures together multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply!

Thank you for making my life a story worth telling #BoyfriendAnniversary

I love you more than words can even say – you are my best friend, my soul mate, my everything. I am so lucky to have you in my life. We are celebrating our anniversary today and I can’t help but wonder how it is that

Sending you my love on your anniversary, dear. I hope it finds you well and puts a smile on your face. I know that it is not an easy task to keep you happy all the time, but I try my best. Thank you

I know you’ve just met this woman, but I’ve known her since the 6th grade.

Every time I think about how happy you make me, I can’t help but smile. Happy anniversary my love.

As our anniversary approaches, I can’t help picturing all of the wonderful years ahead. Happy Anniversary, Babe!👨‍👩🎂

Happy anniversary, babe. We’re only as young as we feel

When I saw my boyfriend for the first time, I thought to myself, “Does he want kids?”

This is my boyfriend. I am married to him. He’s also my best friend which is crazy because up until I met him, I thought friends were more helpful than hot.👩🏻‍💼

Thinking about you for the 1st time in 6 years today. Happy Anniversary! 😜

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Like the rest of our relationship, the stars were out of alignment for this one…🌟

Thanks for being my partner in crime. 😜

We are the type of couple that puts jam on the toast. We are diabetics, basically.

I came up with this channel to help you get through your mid-week hump without sacrificing productivity. Pushing through your workweek doesn’t have to take over your Wednesday if you’re not in the mood!

Happy anniversary babe 💙 Enjoy every day of our new life together, I can’t wait to see where it takes us. 🏹

Wondering why some men cheat on their partners?

The happiest anniversary to my awesome boyfriend, who let me turn him into a cheese toastie for our first anniversary.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the man with whom I experienced the best (and worst!) years of my life. I love you, and I know it is impossible to be in a better place than where we are together. Thank you

Marriage isn’t perfect, but it’s still worth celebrating.

My idea of a romantic evening… is to leave the kids with their grandparents and go window shopping at the mall.

I wanted you to feel special on your birthday so I baked my heart into these cupcakes. Love always, me. 🍰

A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

I have on the best outfit on the planet…it’s on you. ✔️

You’re the book that I get lost in.

Funny Anniversary Quotes for Parents

28 years ago our moms said we had to get married because otherwise, Dad would be the only DJ in the family. Happy Anniversary!

We’ve been together for 7 decades; we aren’t going to make it much longer!

My biggest accomplishment as a parent is that he still lets me sleep in my bed.

There are two types of people in this world: those who climb into the trashcan and those who put the trashcan on top of them. Happy Anniversary to my parents who luckily fall into the latter category. ☺ #HappyAnniversary

Saw this little fella at the playground. Asked him if he’d be my date for my parents’ anniversary next month. He said no, but I think it’s because he didn’t have a beard.

Take a look back at some of the sweetest moments from the past year. We love you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and we can’t wait to spend forever with you.

A few years of marriage, a couple of kids . . . so let’s just say it’s been A WHILE. Instead of worrying about buying your spouse something for your anniversary this year, try one (or all)…

It’s anniversary season! Last year was so much fun…let’s see if we can top it this time around. We love you, babe.

My wedding anniversary is the only time I was ever capital “E” Everything for someone else.

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. – Andrew Carnegie

Making it to the one year anniversary—technically we’re married, right? 😜

So this is where the fun starts.

Today is the best of days. It’s better than yesterday and more fun than tomorrow

As they say, taste the rainbow. After all these years spent together, there are plenty of colors in your palette.

To be together is the miracle, to remain together is the work.

Get your parents something awesome for their anniversary. Like the gift of not being around! Happy Anniversary 👰🏻

When kids tell me they will never get married, I’m like ‘Well you’re not either.’

Thanks for all the fun times that made me laugh, cry, smile, question my sanity, and get used to the idea of bribing my future children to get out of bed. I’m grateful for you! – Jenny Cooper

Anniversaries have a funny way of making you feel older while bringing you right back to that exciting day when you said, “I do.”

Today, I celebrate my one year anniversary of being a parent. It’s been 12 months of late-night feedings, diapers, puke, spit-up, sleep deprivation, teething pain + sleep training the baby. But it’s also

Put a little love in your heart. #happyanniversary💑

Five years together and we’ve only just begun. 💕💗

Never miss a moment that reminds you why you’re together.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to be together, with you.

You don’t marry someone you can live with-you marry the person who you cannot live without.

It’s been an amazing year—maybe the best. But I think the next one will be even better because you’ll be part of it! Happy anniversary.

How many times have you been late to a birthday party? It’s okay..you’re forgiven.

Are high fives just hand slaps with knuckles?

Twenty years have gone by so fast. Before I know it, there will be no more “No” to my “Why?”s.

Today 7– much has changed in a year.

It’s been 20 years of fun, arguments, and video games with you, but the best part is that we still love each other. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Here’s to marriage. The alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays and the other who never forgets them.

Today marks the first year I’ve known that I actually *can* be a parent.

Thanks, Dad 👨 – I can’t believe you were both a mom and a dad…And thanks, Mom 👩‍👧 – for the blueprints that made me look so good. 🖤

I didn’t marry your father because he’s perfect, but because he’s pretty close to it.

Wedding anniversaries are the perfect time to celebrate the love that brought you together and the lessons that you’ve learned about each other along the way.

Is it time to be throwing a party for your relationship yet?

Love is a promise, love is a souvenir. Once given, never forgotten, never let it disappear. – John Lennon

It’s our anniversary today. Are you working on another year?

Some days, it feels like having you 24/7 is the only thing that’s getting us through. 🤷🏻‍♂️

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going to. -Beverly Sills

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