18 Years Work Anniversary for Couples

In today’s date, you are celebrating your 18 years work anniversary. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that the past couple of decades have been a true gift from God. Look back at all you’ve achieved and only look forward to the future. I most say celebrating this day is the best you could do to embrace each other to make the love flow. which is why we compiled those amazing messages for you to wish each other.

18 Years Work Anniversary for Couples

Celebrating our 18-year anniversary! Thanks for making me the happiest man in the world, Mrs. Patel👩‍👧💕

Your family made dinner, but thank goodness it’s only takeout style. Fun fact: We started dating 18 years ago today 👫 Happy Anniversary!

To our favorite co-workers! We’re celebrating 18 years of friendship and prank wars with two tickets to the Bahamas in March. May all your years together be this happy

Happy Anniversary, Sandra! September 29th is our 18th wedding anniversary…you mean the world to me!

18 years, and we’re still bickering over how to load the dishwasher. Happy anniversary to my husband, and might I suggest we grow old together?

18 years and we still make each other laugh. ❤💙

Happy anniversary to my lovely wife who not only provides all the support and love that we need, but she’s also always there to provide all that we want.

18 years today—I can’t wait to celebrate with my love for the rest of our (golden) years 😘🤰

👧 18 years married and you’re still my Best Friend.

He said “I do” and we haven’t looked back since. Happy anniversary, my love! #18thanniversary #honeymoonneverended

Can’t believe I’ve gotten to marry you these last 6 years, let alone celebrate 18 years of awesomeness. 💍🎂

Happy anniversary, @muax. I hope this milestone gives you #hope and #inspiration as we face some #challenges ahead.

When you take a closer look at all we’ve accomplished together. You know there’s so much more we can do #18years #HappyAnniversary @jamielangan

18 years, 18 reasons to celebrate! Happy anniversary babe—thanks for being my best friend, my partner in crime, & the love of my life. Love you always 😘❤️

Hey @krushna_r3, this is a long overdue haan aapse aapse Dushman 😜☝🏻 happy 18th anniversary! Have a glorious golden anniversary…hahaha.

18 years together, and I still get butterflies when I tell people about you. #AnniversaryWishes #FunDayQuotes

18 years is a long time. But my love for you seems like it has only just begun. 😍❤️ May our next 18 years be even more magical than these past 2 decades. As we head into this next year of adventures together

For 18 years, you have been a best friend and a partner.

Sixteen years ago, I took a chance and met someone (who turned out to be my husband) – Today we celebrate 18 great years together! 🍾 🍎

You’re the type of wife that has me dreaming of 18 years down the road.

Happy Anniversary, babe! 18 years of laughter, mani’s and pedi’s, #doggo problems solved 💕

Think about the things that made your relationship special 18 years ago, and then do at least one of those things every day until you both are too old to do it. But not this year.

Oh, my love. These 18 years were full of adventure, movement, and so much joy. 🤗😍📷 #weddinganniversary

When I can’t think of what to get you for your next anniversary, I always default to the one material possession that’s perfect no matter what. Me. 😊

Don’t call me a cougar…I’m a Centauress! Happy 18 years ⚡☀️🥂

Flashbacks to when I was your age. Thankful for everything you’ve brought into my life. Cheers to 18 years of 🎂🍾😋

When I saw you, I was sure it was true love. After 18 years, I’m still convinced it’s love. Happy Anniversary, Honey

My dreams came true the day we started working together. By now I’m sure yours have too. 18 years is a long time. Thank you for making it fun and interesting and always keeping me on my toes (and always, always keeping

Buying an anniversary gift is equal parts stressful and fun. It’s not just a single gift, but the perfect group of gifts that will appease your spouse.

18 years 🎉 You’ve been there as I’ve learned the meaning of grace, as I’ve been an imperfect wife and a mom whose days have been less than picture-perfect.

Here’s to another 18 years… of sweet, funny, cheers-to-us moments.

When you said “I Do”, you vowed to be by my side through the good, the bad, and mostly the ugly. I’m grateful to call you my partner in crime 💗 #18YearsOfNonsense

18 years and we still talk about how much we love you. Congrats on your birthday @__yungwifey_ !! 🎈🎈

Happy Anniversary to my favorite work wife @jillcomm 🍰💗

Happy anniversary @lavanilla! I only spent the last 18 years learning how to love you more. You are an angel among mortals, and I 💜 you endlessly🕉

1️⃣9️⃣ #love #myboyfriend #ilovehim #mybestlife #iamamazinghappywife #1yearanniversary …

It’s been 18 years since you brazenly asked me to marry you, even though you knew I’d recently bought a car with an alarm system so it would totally freak out if anyone tried to break in.

18 years and we’re still hopelessly in love with each other. >:)

Can’t believe we’ve been together for 18 years! So many silly fights and late-night snuggles.

Sometimes, there isn’t an occasion to celebrate, but the day still feels like a celebration. I can’t remember what I did 18 years ago that was so momentous, but it seems like one anyway.

After 18 years of marriage, it is true that he’s judging the size of my meals.☺️🍳

To my wife, congratulations for celebrating 18 years of marriage!

18 years and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Happy anniversary to my best friend!

18 years of the most beautiful partnership ♥️💕

So many years later and you still make me feel like I should pinch myself because I’m so lucky. 18 years today. Happy anniversary, hon ❤️ 💍😘

18 years ago, I married the nerdiest girl in the world. Lots have changed since then, but one thing has remained constant—I love you forever, my lovely wife. 💕💝😚😍🙌

To say you’ve seen us grow is an understatement! 18 years, two kids, three moves, and countless sitcom references. You’re still my favorite person I’ve never met. I promise that I will not stop making you proud.

Happy Anniversary. You’re more beautiful today than the day I married you (You don’t need me to tell you this, but it bears repeating!).

Relationship status: MARRIED to my work husband ❤️ lol 7 years today though 💛😍.

Happy anniversary to my best friend and most supportive husband! 💕💗

You know a relationship is a lasting one when a single vacation can feel like a two-week trip.

You may be married to her but I’m married to your best girlfriend.

18 years together and somehow, we still fit in a photo booth. 📸

Hmmm, where could I have been when you turned 17. Let’s do the math. That makes us 18 years 3 months and 23 days old today! But who’s counting?

This is the funniest anniversary present ever. #18years #happyanniversary

18 years ago today, you made a complete stranger fall madly in love with you. Happy Anniversary.😘

Today has been a crazy 18 years—from the day we met and started dating until now, raising our 3 kids… it’s been all so amazing. I can’t wait to see what the next 18 years will bring!

18 years of love and romance (and Pop-tarts). Happy Anniversary, Sis! ❤️ You make me smile every day. 💗

It’s been 18 years since I married my best friend. I think we can safely say we nailed it. Happy Anniversary and cheers to many, many more.

Your support these last 18 years continues to help me become not only a better person but also an awesome hairdresser. Let’s see how awesome it can be! ❤️

18 years of good times and bad. From early morning commutes to working late nights, I’m so grateful for our friendship, love, and memories.

18 years ago, we asked if you felt like doing dinner and a movie? You said yes, and we’ve been making sweet, memories together ever since😉

To my sweetheart, 18 years on this earth together—still crazy about you. Thank you for your love and support!

You mean more to me than 1000 Instagram captions…You are the only reason I still have this account‼️

We bottle up this pretty fall light and keep it safe in our hearts all year long. Happy Anniversary! 🍂

Love is not a word. It’s a place where 2 people discover they can be together & it keeps getting better 🙂

I love you more today than at any other time… and yes, I even loved you yesterday and I’ll love you tomorrow, too.

Forever. It’s a long time, but the time flew by faster than I could’ve ever imagined.

Side by side through our journey together as a family. It’s been an amazing 18 years celebrating every day as a team. We love you so much @anntigartner. #anniversarywishes

It’s amazing to think that it’s been 18 years since I said yes to marrying you. There hasn’t been a single day when I didn’t wake up and think – “How have I managed to get so

It’s been 18 years since I met you, and I can’t tell you how proud of a husband I am.

It was a trailblazing year when we first met. It’s been an adventurous 18 years. Looking forward to many more. I LOVE YOU!🎉 #Anniversary

It all started with a card, then came two beautiful boys, and now 18 years later you’re still my best friend! Happy Anniversary to the one that made it happen, @lifestilllifesing… HERE’S TO ALL THE YEAR

Happy anniversary 🎈 to my sweet husband, Leo. We’ve been through a lot together and we still laugh every day. Love you to the moon and back.

A wedding anniversary is only once in a lifetime, so thank you for being my today…and all the tomorrows ☺️

18 years ago, he wanted her. 18 years later, she still makes him want to be a better man 💍🌟

💙 Wow. How did this happen? But more importantly…how much longer can I get away with saying ‘I’m young’?! Congratulations on almost 2 decades together, babe. Let’s make it 20.

In case you’re wondering, @hughesmeansbusiness and I have been married for 18 years this weekend!😻😍

Happy Thumb-y Anniversary to the best hubby a girl could ever have! 💍

18 years later and I still can’t believe I married him 🤷🏼‍♀️

You make me wish I’d thought to propose sooner. Happy 18th! 😘

2️⃣8️⃣ years working together and it feels like the very first day. 💑 😘

18 years…we made it. I can’t believe we made it 18 years. Happy anniversary love of my life.

The best part about being married to you for 18 years is that it takes 18 seconds just to say your name. Happy Anniversary, Babe! 😍

Eighteen years and you still make me laugh. Happy Anniversary to my funnyworkaholic #husband ✨🎉

18 years ago, you put a ring on it. Happy Anniversary to my best friend, lover, OTHER OTHER HALF, the man who makes my heartbeat, gives me butterflies in my stomach, laughs with me…I could go on forever…

You know you’re in love when you can say, “The first 18 years of my life were the volume; the second 18 years with you are the sound.” Happy anniversary @novakdjg !!!

What do you get when you combine two doughnuts and two old people? A yeast anniversary. 😁

It was exactly 18 years ago today… I brought you sheer curtains into our lives. 😁

It takes a village to raise a child, and we appreciate the love and support we’ve had from family and friends over 18 years. We can’t believe it’s already been that long! 💑

🤳🏻18 years you’ve stood by my side. Let’s make many more.

When it comes to us, years just fly by. We’re as proud as ever of the team culture we’ve created. Thanks for being a part of this journey with us! 💑

Happy anniversary to our one true love—it’s been a wild ride together 🎉🎈✈️✌

18 years of building a life together. Solid as a rock.

I just wanted to take a moment and say, Happy Anniversary to my hurricane.

On this special day, thank you for letting me be myself and showering my life with endless joy! #makenine

21 years ago, we packed up the Honda and set out for a cross-country adventure… 🚗😎🌞☀❤

Happy 18th Anniversary to my amazing wife. Best work anniversary presents 2004 – Present.

Where do all the years go? Happy 18th anniversary ♥️ 💛 #TogetherSince96

It’s our anniversary, but I think it’s really about you. Happy Anniversary.

If I could repeat yesterday, I would. If I could choose again, you’d still be my only choice. Happy anniversary beautiful wife!

It’s only taken me 18 years to realize, you were my key ALL ALONG. Happy Anniversary!

18 years ago, I met the most wonderful person in the world. Let’s celebrate another year of friendship ❤ #18yearsofLove

Yesterday you gave me the best 18th anniversary gift: You said you’d spend the next (many) years with me.

Those little gray hairs in my whiskers are ticking away the years of fun, love, and laughter we’ve spent together. Congratulations on reaching this milestone in life with me. Here’s to many more happy memories in our future!

Like a fine wine, I’m getting 🍷 better with age. Happy 18th Year Anniversary!

18 years later and so much life to live! 👨‍❤️‍👨

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Sweet Pea! With you by my side, I am more confident than ever of a bright and wonderful future. 💗

To the girl who turned my world upside down and said “I love you” when I didn’t know how to respond. ❤️

May our story continue to be as sweet as this strawberry lemon icebox pie 🍓❤️🍰

It’s been 18 years since we first met, and not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about you. Happy Anniversary babe

I love you as much today as the day we met. Happy 18 years, sweetheart! ❤️

18 years. 18 of the most fulfilling, rewarding years of my life. Thank you for loving me for better or worse, richer or poorer, thinner or fatter 🤣😂 Happy Anniversary!

18 years ago, I moved 3,000 miles away to start our life together. I’m still glad you’re here with me. Happy Anniversary, honey! 😘❤️

18 years together & still on our honeymoon, cause it ain’t over yet 😃 Happy Anniversary!

I can’t believe we’ve been married this long! 📰 #18YearsStrong

When you know what your strengths are, it becomes easy to identify where you excel at work. This is an amazing milestone for us and we’re so grateful to see that our quality of work has stood the test of time.

Happy anniversary, mother of my children. You’re half the reason I will always keep on growing.

Yup, you read that right. My husband has been with me for 18 years! How time flies. Some days are more challenging than others but then there are some that are just full of sweetness.

To celebrate our 18th year of marriage, let us take a moment to reflect on the greatest adventure of all 👫👬

So sweet that we had to write a song for it. See you at our anniversary dinner. 🥂👰💑

With you, I’ve lived in 14 states, 7 countries, and worn the same pair of socks for 18 years.

Anniversary. 18 years in. 18 more to go. 😁

We’ve loved, laughed, and learned together for the last 18 years. I love you to the moon and back. #anniversary #marriage

18 years—and you let them talk you into buying a fur coat. 😊 It’s been a wonderful ride and we can’t wait for the next 18 (and the next and the next and the next). Happy anniversary.

We’ve been together for 18 years and we still want to spend every day enjoying our incredible life.

I’m so grateful for the laughs, cheers, and cheers we’ve shared. Cheers to 18 years! 🍾

It’s not every day you marry someone who is also your best friend. Here’s to 18 more years together… 😍😘😘

Roses are red, Violets are blue. The honeymoon was nice… But I’ve loved you for 18 years.#HappyAnniversary

Happy anniversary. The night I married you was exactly 182,419 days ago.

18 years, 8 days. 💍 Let’s see how many more we can squeeze in.

Happy Anniversary. I’m still amazed that someone this smart, funny, ambitious, and cute agreed to spend the rest of her life with me.

How to celebrate each other’s legacy over the past decade. Happy Anniversary, sweetie! 💍❤️

Two decades together and somehow it only gets better every day💙.

After 18 years of marriage, both parties are allowed to pick one gift for the other. I’ve got mine picked out.

20 years ago he got me something anyone would be happy to get—a second date. Happy Anniversary baby!

In honor of our 18th work anniversary, here is a list of 18 reasons why I love you. 💏

18 years, kids. 18 years of saying “honey I am home” and seeing your faces light up. 18 years of trying to balance work life with family life—and failing more than I succeeded. 18 years of the most amazing.

18 years of laughs, love, & laughs with you by my side. What a crazy but beautiful journey 😉👑

Today marks 18 years of marital bliss.

Here’s to the 18 years we’ve spent together crafting memories that take my breath away. Happy anniversary!

18 years have gone by, but I’d still treat you like a lady if I could go back in time.

Proud to have been with you 18 years—as a friend, a colleague, and a lover.

18 years ago today, you marched into a conference room and took a chance on love. I think you made the right decision 😀💍

There has been us + there have been them + there have been exes, weddings to plan, babies to bring into this world. . . This is the only thing I’ve ever done that I haven’t wanted to quit.

You’ll get everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

You’ve remained true to your values & never swayed. Happy anniversary my love. 🥂🥂🥂

Happy anniversary to my favorite person in the world. 18 years together, and it still feels like the first date.

It’s been 18 years. I still love you, and you haven’t aged a bit. Oh wait, that’s just the wine talking 😉

The perfect way to celebrate our 18th year of marriage was by getting you a part-time job because we’ve watched many episodes of Man vs. Food and you’re either going to wind up in the hospital or jail.

18 years and just as excited about you today as I was in the beginning. Congrats on being in my life! 🧡

I married you for your good looks and your brains. Beautiful and brilliant.

This anniversary has been a journey of learning, growing, and cooking. And it’s not over yet! 💃☀

Many moons ago I married the most amazing man in the world. Hey, that’s you! 💑 

It’s always around here, but you don’t always notice it until you need it.

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