Wonderful 7th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

7th Wedding Anniversary Quotes: A wedding anniversary marks the beginning of your lifelong journey together. It’s the day you said ‘I do’ and officially started your life as a couple. It’s an occasion to celebrate your lasting bond with the one person who holds your heart.

We’ve gathered together 7th Wedding Anniversary Quotes To Share On Your Wedding Anniversary.


7th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Here’s to 7 wonderful years of marriage. Happy 7th Anniversary! 🍾

Happy 7th Anniversary to the one who gave me hope that true love exists.

Happy 7th anniversary to my love. Here’s hoping that the exciting road ahead will be full of fun, laughter, and love! 😘👰

Have a happy and prosperous 7th Anniversary!

It’s been 7 years since you came into my life! I wouldn’t change a single thing. Here’s to 7 more!

I married my best friend, the one person who I know will always be there for me.

No matter where life takes us and how much we change so long as there’s the love we will last.

7th Wedding Anniversary Message for Husband

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to one of the best people I know 🤗😊

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary!! You’ve really made the grade – you’re the one who chose to stick with me through thick and thin.

Wishing you the world’s happiest 7th year of togetherness. 🎁💑

Every Day is a Gift that I dedicate to you my love, on this our Seventh Wedding Anniversary and every day thereafter. HAPPY SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY TO US!

Happy 7 years 😍😘. I can’t wait for many more years to come my love! 💖

I promise to love you as passionately in the next seven years as I have our first seven. To continue making memories together and staying madly in love with you for the rest of my life.

My happiest days are the present and the past.

7th anniversary quotes are one of the most sought-after anniversary quotes because each year brings new opportunities, new excitement, and new memories. 7 years is a long time to spend with your partner so you must celebrate it at its best.

I’ve enjoyed every moment of our 7 years together—and I look forward to seeing what the next seven bring. Happy 7th anniversary!

My love for you grows even more. Happy 7th anniversary to the most wonderful lady I know in my life. You still own my heart and soul, till the day when I see us together again.

Happy 7th year anniversary to the most beautiful man in the world. ❤

Darling, it was fun talking to you each day this week as we counted down the hours to our anniversary. I’ll be sure to tell you how much I enjoyed every moment of today seven years from now.

My darling I love you and look forward to every new day as a chance to cherish you 💖

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to my hubby the love of my life. I cannot think of a better person that has come into my life. I love you so much and am thankful God brought us together 7 years ago today💍🍾👨‍👧❤️❤️

I see you filled the big book of our wedding photos, a year for every page – 7 years have passed since we first said: “I do”. But perfect as each year is, my favorite time with you is here and now. Happy 7th anniversary!

Happy seventh anniversary, my love. It’s been a whirlwind of fun and memories – from coffee shops to wine bars and from romantic picnics to romantic dinners. I’m so glad we’ve made it this far – and that I get to spend it with you.

Here’s to the moments like tonight, where I remind myself that I have a great husband.

Happy 7th wedding anniversary, my darling! You’ve made our relationship even sweeter than the chocolate cake we’re going to share with each other. Here’s to seven more years of you, my love. ❤️ Love you always and forever.

It’s our 7th anniversary. I thought a card would be nice for you to keep, so I could just soak in the moment.

Here’s to 7 years of loving you every day!

Never grow so old that you stop making new happy memories. Happy 6th Anniversary my Love.

Wishing a bright & beautiful wedding anniversary to the two of you!

#tbt to when I said my vows! Today marks 7 years of loving and laughing 😂, here’s to many more. Happy anniversary, baby ❤️ 😘

The Seven Year Itch: Finding out what has changed in your relationship during the first six years of marriage, and deciding whether it needs to be dealt with now before you become too intimate.

Sheer happiness, a feeling of awe, a sense of disbelief—these are what love is.


7th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife

Happy 7th wedding anniversary to my wife! Thank you for everything! I’m still mad at you for not letting me read some of your textbooks during my boring lectures 😂😂😂
People change, relationships change, but at the end of each day, we can’t imagine life without each other. For 7 years, our love has grown and with you by my side, I know it will continue to do so. Happy Anniversary Babe!
💗 Happy 7th Anniversary to this crazy, funny, and smart girl I married.
In this 7th year of our marriage, let us continue to make each other laugh, solemnly swear we’ll always be truthful, and keep a sense of being kids in love.
Being married for seven years is a dream come true – I never thought I’d get to spend this long with you. Congratulations on our anniversary.
To my wife, you’ve enriched my life with joy and love. So lucky to celebrate 7 amazing years together. Cheers to many more…
May this anniversary gift of gems and gold remind you that with the years go precious memories, laughter, love and friendship. And may all of these remain a part of your lives forever. Happy 7th Anniversary. #anniversaryanniversary
Happy 7th anniversary @aishaclay83! You are vintage—classic, elegant, and timeless. I love you so much. #loveofmylife
Good morning, my love. You were always so beautiful. And somehow you’re even more beautiful today. Happy 7th anniversary. 🥰
Our 7th year together….a year of traveling, adventure, fun, and loving every second of it!
This past year, our love has blossomed in new and wonderful ways. Happy 7th anniversary, darling! 😘😘😘
Hey baby, this has been the best 7 years. We made it. Can’t wait for what’s next ♥️
Seven years ago today, we found ourselves madly in love. Thanks for showing me what true happiness is all about.
The greatest love is love at first sight, second sight, third sight, and fourth sight…
Happy 7th wedding anniversary to the most inspiring woman in my life. I love you with all of my heart and soul. 💗
Happy 7th wedding anniversary, to the best partner, mother, and friend I could ever ask for! Here’s to 50 more. ❤️
Happy 7th anniversary to my beautiful wife! Some people are like Slinkys…
Ten years down, an infinity to go. Happy 7th wedding anniversary (and many more)!
Congratulations on 7 years, my darling! You’ve made me happier than I ever thought possible. I love you!
It’s been 7 years since we said our vows. I remember the day like it was yesterday and look forward to many, many more beautiful years with you.
The last seven years have been the best of our lives. Let’s make the next seven even better! #happilymarried
Love has the power to change us, even more than we desire change from the world. Today, we celebrate our union and commitment to always keep in love with you, my dear wife.
Happy Anniversary to my favorite girl. You’re the light of my life and I hope we always stay best friends.
May today’s moments be your happiest yet. Happy anniversary #happyanniversary
Love you more than I love pumpkin spice lattes 🍂☕️ #HappyAnniversary
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
If my life was a movie this week, I would have to call it ‘chaos.’

Many of us have felt the urge to be in a place that we are not.


Happy 7 Years of Togetherness Quotes

7 years is truly a milestone. Happy 7th Anniversary to my best friend and wife, Kate!

7 years is too short of a time, but there are few relationships that are as close as ours. Happy anniversary to the best boyfriend ever! 😍 ❤️

Even our seven-year anniversary couldn’t keep us apart. 🙂

Seven years ago, we fell in love. Seven years ago, we said, “I do”. And seven years ago today…we became “We”.

On this day of love, thank you for being the most supportive, understanding, and inspiring partner I could ask for. You make each day better than the last.

On your anniversary, all you want is to repeat the day, relive the joy and make it a happy moment each time you recall it.

Because 7 years is a pretty special number – it was on March 20th, 2011 that we started in the Australian market.

Two best friends getting married: the way God intends marriage to be. Congrats, Will and Leah! #sogoonhappilyeverafter

7 years down, who knows what’s in store.

Thanks for the memories, but it’s time to make some new ones.

## Happy 7th Anniversary to you, my dearest husband, and wish you all the joys of life.

7 years ago I married my best friend and the love of my life. Seven years later we are still going strong! Happy 7th anniversary bae! 💕🎊

It takes a village to raise a child, but this child wouldn’t have grown without the LOVE of your family. Happy 7th anniversary!

Happy 7th Anniversary @amysherman91! I hope our next years together are as incredible as the first seven have been.

Your smile is all I need to face each day and celebrate our beautiful life together Happy Anniversary Babe!

Here’s to the best seven years of my life… so far. To growing old together, staying best friends forever, and never taking each other for granted.

Now you have to selfie-met a stranger and tell them how long you have been together. Before u ask I have been with my s/o for 7 years 😍

7 years ago, we fell in love. Today, we’re stronger than ever. Happy Anniversary my loves!

Seven years ago today the world changed for me. I am grateful for everything I have and for the love of my life. Happy anniversary baby!

On the 7th anniversary of my marriage, I want to thank the man I married for being such an amazing husband, father and friend. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive person to walk by my side.

Celebrating our 7th anniversary on October 19th and what better way to celebrate than by popping some Champagne and bringing the love out into the world. Let’s do this!!!

Your friendship is definitely the best part of my day, and I love having you around to celebrate everything with. Here’s to a long friendship and even longer memories! 🤗❤️

Love doesn’t count your steps

7 years ago, we started a Kickstarter campaign to launch our third album. You gave us our first “yes” (and the funding to make it). We want to say THANK YOU for this wild ride!


Funny 7 Year Anniversary Quotes

What other 5-words will we have to explain that not only have you made it to 7 years together but that you are still in love?

Our 7 year anniversary, a decade of laughs and love, seems like a good reason to celebrate this week.

Seven years together. We’ve seen a lot, but we’re just getting to know each other. #anniversary

On this day 7 years ago, I became your wife. Since that time, you have been my constant companion and unwavering supporter. You are a rock star 🤘

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your love for each other is growing stronger. Happy 7th Anniversary!

7 years ago today, brought into each other’s orbits. Beholden to our Suns, we periodically enter the orbit of another.

Wish you were here to celebrate our anniversary. Love you lots! 💜🍰

We’re not gonna sweat it. We’re just gonna celebrate while we can because tomorrow we’ll have 8 years to worry about. Happy Anniversary babe.

7 years, eh? Can it really be that long?? *looks at kids, pets, mortgage statement, meh* Time sure flies…

Marriage is for keeps. Like a tummy tuck.

To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…oh wait.

It’s been 7 years of laughs, kisses, and…lawsuits. Happy Anniversary darling! 💋∞

Saying “I do” was not the hardest thing we’ve ever done. But I don’t know if there will ever be a harder time than the past 7 years. You made being married fun, laugh-filled, and adventurous. Thank you for being my best friend.

Today is our 7 year anniversary and I am so excited to spend another year with my partner in crime . . . 😜

Let’s give it up for 7 years. It’s been such a trip. #lovewins

Seven years is a long time. Still, it’ll be hard to top this anniversary gift.

John and Lauren, you are the light of my life. Here’s to seven years of love, laughter, and many more adventures to come 😘👩‍❤️‍👩 #happyanniversary

Today marks the 7th anniversary of @omnichest88 and me. I will never get tired of our bickering over video games. #7yearsstrong

Hey, baby. I know the past 6 years have been rough. But I think it’s time we finally start to put our relationship on the right track. 😛

When you don’t care how long a romance has lasted, but how long it will last.”- Leo Tolstoy

I knew I loved you when I realized I’d like to have a garage sale just for you.

If you are not confused by the time you are 7, check your pulse!

Many happy returns of the day. 😀

And they lived happily ever after…but wait a minute. What are those footprints outside the window? And why are the curtains on fire?


7th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Couple

Happy 7th Anniversary to the man who holds my heart

Happy 7th 🥳 anniversary to my sweetest babe girl. You have made our years together so special, and I can’t wait for years ahead with you. I love you. #🥳

Seven years later and many adventures, and still the best decision of my life #HappyWeddingAnniversary

Happy anniversary to my incredible soulmate, @jennifer.wiseman. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful life than the one God has blessed me with because of you. HBS—7 years strong. #HBS7years

May our marriage be as beautiful and enduring as a rose garden. Happy Anniversary, baby. I love you! 👫👪❤️

Happy Anniversary! Not sure where the time has gone, but I’m excited to make a lifetime of memories with you. I love you!

Happy Anniversary to my favorite person in the world. Here’s to another 7 years of great adventures, lots of travel, slower mornings, and more cups of coffee!

Happy anniversary. 7 years and more than a few million miles of travel later, we’ve never looked back. 🙂

May the days ahead be bright and your love grows deeper with each passing year. Happy anniversary.

So many years together, so much love. Happy anniversary, sweetheart! ❤

The first one was a date. The second was a kiss. #7 is becoming my wife till death do us part.

May all of your adventures lead you to memories that last a lifetime and a love that never fades. 😉

It’s the little moments that I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Your love is the sweetest thing I know, and it only grows sweeter with time.

💍 7 years filled with endless laughs, adventures, & precious memories. We’re proud of how far we’ve come & look forward to the many firsts that are still to come. Here‘s to forever! ❤ #7thanniversary #husbandwifequotes #couplegoals

It wasn’t a coincidence or accident that you ended up in my path of life. I believe that the greatest gift we can receive is the gift of love. Today, I want to thank you for showing me what true love really is by celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary together.

Thanks for being beautiful and the love of my life—right now, today, and always. Happy 7th wedding anniversary!

Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings. Happy 7th anniversary, baby.

Happy 7th anniversary to the person who believes in me more than I believe in myself and can always make me smile. Love you.

7 years is a handful, but you’ve proven that love has no expiration date 😍 Happy Anniversary💍 #happysixthanniversary

Happy anniversary, my love! It’s been seven years, and I couldn’t imagine spending them with anyone but you ✨

7 Years down.

Anniversary means growth. Year after year, day after day, you’ve given me a family to love and a life full of blessings.

Best friends. Soul mates. Partners in crime. Some call it a marriage while others describe it as a full time job, but however you define your relationship, I can’t think of another human being with whom I would rather share my life.

Happy 6-Day Anniversary to the best fake boyfriend I could ask for and the real one I fell in love with. I love you, Bre.

A good marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.

I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you. -Roy Croft


7th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husband

The best thing about 7 years married? The fact that we’re still together. Happy anniversary, @papasandwich #7thanniversary

You make all my dreams come true and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be married to you for 7 years. Happy Anniversary, Babe!

Happy 7th anniversary to the sweetest husband a girl could ask for! The past 7 years have been amazing, can’t wait for our next seven ❤️❤️

Happy 7th anniversary, my darling! We’re falling in love all over again. 💕

To be with you each day is a gift that I cherish and thank my lucky stars for. Here’s to 7 more years of adventures, love, and laughter, sweetheart.

The only thing better than seven years with you is seven more.

My husband and I have married in a field of wildflowers 7 years ago today. Here are a few of my favorite photos from that day, and every day since. Happy anniversary, honey… 😘

May life bring you all of the happiness you have grown to deserve. Happy Anniversary.

When you are with me, then I can do anything. Our togetherness is my power… Our marriage is our strength

You are my favorite person in the world. And that’s not just because you’re reading this right now. 💖

Holding onto this happily ever after mentality.

From rainy day adventures to cozy Saturday nights, we’ll always love each other through the mercury rising and falling.

This is my favorite 7th wedding anniversary quote for my husband.

Happy 7th Anniversary, babe. I love you more than seven times. #7yearswithmylove

7 years of marriage, life lessons, and yes, even fights—those are the things that add up to being married for 7 years. You’ve survived all that and much more, and every time you see each other after that, it’s like your first date again. Happy anniversary!

Anniversary quotes for anniversary pictures! Anyone can take a picture; it takes a great photographer to capture the moment…

7 years is not just a number… it’s the time and space for so much love to grow, room for little things to mean everything, and one of the most moving stories you will ever experience.

Happy 7th anniversary to us. #tbt to our wedding day!

Like a cool breeze on a summer’s day, love can refresh, revive and renew. Sending you lots of love as we celebrate 7 years together today. 💑Happy Anniversary.❤️🎂

May your wedding anniversary be filled with love as sweet as the day you married. 🍰👰

Married couples are not perfect, but at times they are able to love one another that way—still.

I will love you every day. Every one of them. Forever and always.

Happy anniversary, sweetheart 🎉

Remember that love is a choice that you make every day.


Happy 7th Anniversary My Love

Happy 7th Anniversary to you my love, from the day I met you till this very moment I am still so blessed to have you

So much has changed since that day we said “I do.” And I wouldn’t change a thing. Happy 7th anniversary, love… and may your next 7 years be even better than the last.

Happy 7th anniversary, sweetheart! I love you more than all of the raindrops in Seattle. 💛🙏🏻

Seven years ago, we were just another couple in love 💜 Happy 7th Anniversary!! Love you 😘

Happy 7th anniversary to my better half, You have made me a better human being ❤️

Happy anniversary to my best friend, a partner in crime, and the love of my life. We started this journey of ours 7 years ago and I believe we are only getting started. Always enjoying the ride with you. 💜

7 years and still here, still in love. I can’t wait to spend our 8th together! #7yearsandcounting

…Happy anniversary to you! Happy anniversary to me! We’ve reached a milestone; I wonder what we will do.

You captured my heart, from the beginning of our friendship and all the years after. I love you.😘😘

Always, my love. Today, tomorrow, and forever.

Never a dull moment with you girl. I love our life, I love your smile and I love your heart. ❤️

7 years in, still the one. 💑

Happy 7th Anniversary to my beautiful wife who is the love of my life. I will forever cherish the time we’ve spent together, and look forward to all that lies ahead.

Happy 7th Anniversary to the love of my life @poppyfoster203, whom I miss dearly and am excited to see again soon (today, in fact)!

True partnership–lifting each other’s spirits; healing and soothing; growing, supporting, and celebrating. This is our 7th year together. I want to keep learning, growing, helping, and loving you forever and ever. You are my true partner in life. Happy Anniversary Love.

Turning 7 this year is a big deal. If a relationship could talk, it would say, “Less fighting, more kissing”.

Today is our seventh wedding anniversary and I’m more in love with you than ever. I could never imagine where we would be today if it weren’t for your endless dedication and commitment to us. Here’s to the next two decades of it being just as good as those first seven years.

Happy Anniversary, love of my life—I can’t wait to spend the rest of our days together. 💕

May you cherish every moment of your life with the husband of your dreams. I love you, forever and always.

💘 you are my everloving, my positive vibes given, my bluebird singing, my love letter written. I ♥⚒you… forever and ever!💜 #anniversary

7 years together, forever to me ❤️💜

Our love story has never been written but it’s one I wouldn’t trade for anything 💍👫

🌞Looking forward to spending the rest of my life looking at you. #loveforreflection


7 Years of Togetherness Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating 7 years of togetherness with my OG. I wouldn’t have it any other way—THANKS for the ride, babe.

Wishing @ashishsarkar and @aparna01 the happiest of 7 years of togetherness. Today we go on our next 7 years & more together. Love always❤

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to the best husband in the world! I love you ❤️

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of our wedding 👰 We’re so grateful for each other and look forward to many more years of giving each other 💌

7 years ago, we made one of the best decisions of our lives and tied the knot. We’re so lucky to have each other. And lucky to get to share a life together. Here’s to being better today than we were yesterday and growing old together.

When you realize there’s only one answer it’s always yes, and when you move through life together and every day feels like forever. #X7YEARS

7 years. 172 days a year. 2 official photos ✅.

7 year anniversary and still finding reasons to smile together 😘 #happyanniversaryloves

7 years have done a lot

7 years in, I find you more handsome and beautiful than the day we met.

Hello, 5 and 7 years of marriage. We’ve come a long way, babe! Thanks for being my partner in crime 💜 #anniversary ##vday

Every time I think about all we’ve been through, life just gets sweeter. I love you more today than yesterday… and less than tomorrow.

Thank you for 7 years of togetherness in love and laughter 💕

Celebrating 7 years of a wonderful marriage 💑 #7yeartogether

There’s nothing like celebrating a 7 year wedding anniversary with a man who has your back, no matter what the day brings. 🍾👯

7 years ago, ️we were married. 💍 We’re celebrating this week and it’s been enjoyable to look through all of our photos together. ❤️

Happy 7th anniversary—beyond blessed to be celebrating the start of forever with you xo ❤️💛😍

May today be your best year yet!

👰 We love you to the moon and back!

You can tell when you’re truly in love… because it takes you half as long to roll your eyes when your partner is throwing a temper tantrum 😂 🎊 🎄

I’m so lucky that every time I breathe, it’s you that I smell.


7th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to our friends 💗 💗 💗

Happy 7th anniversary to the most amazing husband I could have ever asked for in my life! 😍😘

Happy Anniversary, my friend! 7 years of warm hugs, cozy fires, and laughter. I love you.

Here’s to 7 years of cheers, cheers, cheers.

7 years ago today, you said yes. Happy anniversary, and may our love keep growing stronger every year. ❤️

Happy anniversary, dearest friends! Thanks for always being there through the best and worst of times—we couldn’t have made it seven years if not for you. We’ve still got a ways to go, but with you by our side, who knows what we can achieve? We love you forever.

Four things I know for sure: you have great hair, you are loyal and funny, you love to travel, and you like fruity wines. We wish the best anniversary to the best couple.

Since the first time I met you, I knew we were gonna be friends forever. It’s been 7 years of laughs and shared memories and it has been an absolute pleasure watching you grow as a person, husband, and father. Here’s to many more years of friendship!

Happy anniversary to the best couple I know. May God bless your marriage with love, laughter, and an exciting future.

7 years down, and hopefully, many more to come. You never cease to push us to be our best and we appreciate it beyond words. We’re still here because together we can do anything. 💍✨

To say “I love you” a million times would not be enough! Happy anniver-sargable 💗

There is no small act of kindness, in this world, but one that makes the whole world better.

So many years together, it’s hard to imagine life without you. Let us celebrate another year of love and laughter with this big chocolate cake. 🙂 #7thAnniversary #BestFriendEver

True friendship is a gift you can open again and again…so let’s rejoice in the gift of our friendship on your 7th anniversary!

Happy 7th anniversary, Chris and Angela! You guys are so lucky to have found each other—I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.

Happy 7th anniversary to you 💑💏 I’ve loved every moment of our marriage.

Today, more than a thousand miles apart and the only thing that separates us are six other people. Happy 7th anniversary to all of my favorite humans. I love you so much.

Friday evenings just got so much better; cheers to 7 years of wedded bliss, #besties.

Seven years is nothing compared to some, but it’s everything to me. Thank you for the best seven years of my life so far.

Seven years is just the beginning. Happy Anniversary from here to your 9th, 10th, 25th, and 50th. ❤️

Seven years seems like such a long time ago, but it really flew past. I can’t imagine life without you, glad to celebrate another year with you. Love, ❤️

Here’s to 7 years of never-ending adventures, inside jokes, and hugs that linger just a little bit longer. ❤🍾

I remember the amazing night we asked you to marry us, and I will always be grateful to you for saying yes. Here’s to many more years of love and happiness! ❤️🍾

Happy anniversary and all that’s to come! Cheers to the future and many years more of love and laughter ❤️.

Anniversaries are made for celebrating: from the first to the seventh, every year is an occasion!

Marriage is not the beginning of love; it is the end of all arguments.

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