9 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes

9 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes:  We all like to reminisce about our childhood and remember those funny days. But what’s the chance of meeting the best friend in your life when you were only 10 years old? This is what this post is all about and I’ve collected 9 years of friendship and still counting quotes to give you a glimpse into our lives.


9 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes

There’s nothing better than celebrating 9 years of friendship with mischief and mayhem.

We’ve been friends for 9 whole years. Happy friendship day!

9 years and my best friend continues to be the kindest, most loving, and grounded person I know. Happy Bday!! 🎈

🎀It’s not about how many years you have been friends. It is about how many tears you have shared together.

9 years, 7 places, 5 countries, 3 continents, and a ton of laughter. Thanks for the memories. 🙏🏽

My best friend since 9th grade and we’re just as close as we were back then. So thankful to have her in my life! 😍

An anniversary gift we can all get behind: the gift of lasting friendship 💕

Nine years and two months later and we’re still counting days to the next catch-up session! 💕

You’re the closest thing I’ve had to a brother. You’re gonna be with me for the rest of my life.

The best birthdays are the ones that are celebrated with friends. 😎

Life was made to be lived together. 💛

If I was drowning, and you were about to give me a lifeline… I’d say your hair is too short. ❤️❤️❤️

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even heard but must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller

Took 9 years for this friendship to bloom, but once it did, no amount of time will be enough. Happy anniversary! “To be honest, life’s pretty good right now.” ― Nikita Gill

My best friend in college. It’s been 9 years and seriously hope the rest of our lives are spent in each other’s presence 😌😌❤️❤️

Happy birthday to the best friend anyone could ask for! 9 years and counting. 💗🎈

I’ll think of you on my birthday but will never forget your birthday. Happy Birthday to the best 9 years of my life.

Ninth year class reunion was the best one yet. I don’t know it’s because we’re all old, or you’re just my best friend like ― Nellie Mitchell, The Last Song (movie

Best friends are forever, so are memories.

9 years of blood, sweat and probably a little more blood…’cuz we’ve been training hard 💪🏼

To the girl, I’ve been friends with since 3rd grade, and still can’t get enough of. Love you, Maddie! ❤👭🎂💍

Happy birthday to my favorite, most genuine, and one-of-a-kind friend. I’ve never met anyone else that truly makes every day an adventure. You truly are a gem. Wishing you all the best as you celebrate your big day

The first time I heard this, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now 9 years later it’s still the coolest thing ever. Thanks for being my good luck charm @elispakowski 😘❤🍾

I’m lucky to have a best friend who is not only my cheerleader, but also my superhero.

When you realize you’re my favorite person in the entire world 🖤😍

For the nights you spend watching old photos and reminiscing on how far we have come.

I’ve always believed anything can happen if you put your heart and soul into it.

9 years of friendship and still counting 👑

9 Years of Friendship, 9 years of Fun Memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy 9 years of friendship, Have a wonderful birthday! I love you🎂❤️🎉

9 years and we’re still laughing like we did when we met 🌞

“We’ve been best friends for 9 years and we still don’t know everything about each other and I love that.” — Tia Mowry

9.5 years and many laughs later, here we are—the weekend before our wedding, waiting for that last-minute corsage to be delivered. I love you, my friend, that I met on Facebook almost a decade ago! 😊 #

Friends of @nicoleaugersen – 14 years, here’s to the next 9! 😘

Friendship isn’t some little thing. It’s a million little things!

Some friends are like family…so these are the best kind of friends because you choose them.”

You are my soul sister. I love you more than hashtags.

Today is a good day for friends.

It’s never too late to celebrate how far you’ve come, because – in my case – I started at the bottom. 😜🎉

Always end the day with a grateful heart.

It’s 9 Years of Friendships and still counting…

Lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for 9 years of friendship and many more.😊

Your 9-year friendship is why I can think about anything.’ – Unknown

9 years later and just as close. #friendshipgoals

9 years—and the fun shows no sign of stopping. I’m so grateful for my best friend—we make a pretty great team. 😘

Some people you just get along with. From the moment it happened, I knew that you and I were gonna be friends. That’s how it was for me when I met you 9 years ago. And after all these years, I still

Here’s to celebrating 10 years of friendship in May, cheers to the next 9!… Not even kidding 🍾😂👯

When you have an amazing friend like me, there’s no need to rush this friendship. We take it slow, you and I—I’m not going anywhere 😉😙 #FriendshipFriday

My friendship with you is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. Happy Birthday, Bestie!

Best friends since our early days. Day 9 x 3 💙✨

There are 3 kinds of friends. Those who come into your life & go, those that go into your life & stay, and those that stay with you forever.

Love you to the moon and back! I’ve known you since 13, you’re my longest friend, my best friend❤️.

These years have flown by so fast, but what a blessing to know such beautiful women who I now call my sisters. 💙

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love. -Mother Teresa.

Best friends for over 9 years and counting―yes, I mean you @xkitten☀🐱 #friendshipgoals

9 years with you has taught me how to stay with something longer than I’ve ever done with anything else in my life, and I’m so proud of us for doing it together.

Happy Birthday to the best friend a girl could ask for. Here’s to 9 amazing years of friendship and adventure 🥰🍾

You and I will always be 20. That’s one of the great things about having a best friend for 9 years… And even better that we’re both still young!

To A and B, happy anniversary. It’s been 9 years of supporting each other and making each other laugh 😀😍

Because you’re my real-life best friend because you make me happier than you know. I am so thankful for your friendship.

Generations pass, trends come and go, but true friends stay the same age forever. Thanks for keeping it real

Thanks for being a friend, being a friend with you is such a wonderful thing.

My best friend since high school turned 50 this year. One of the great blessings of my life is having her as my lifelong partner in crime, adventure, and joy. Here’s to another next 9 years (and beyond)! 🍾

Turning 9 years old with my best friends. 💕🎂

If we were Lego men, we wouldn’t need friendship bracelets #forrest&trey

Happy birthday to my best friend. I’m so lucky to have you in my life ☺️ 🥂

Celebrating the best birthday presents you could ever wish for.

When two people understand each other, they don’t need to explain anything.

She was like a sister to me. If she wasn’t my brother I would have dated her.

9 years of friendship is better than coffee—good morning.

9 Years and Still Counting 💙🌸🎉 Have a happy one, my darling friend👊

💜😘 9 Years of Friendship. 9 Years since we joined this community of girls. Thank you for celebrating with us these past years and looking forward to the next ones. 🖤

👩🏼‍⚕️👌🏼😋 With 9 years of friendship under our belts, the best is yet to come.

Nine years is a good run for friendship… But the forecast calls for 10+. I’m looking at you 😎👯

9 years ago we took our first step in this friendship and we were so excited to travel through all these moments we hold close to our hearts.

Life is messy, but friendship is precious.” -Lisa Schroeder

9 years in… still going strong. I’m so grateful—thank you for standing by me, for celebrating life’s wins with me, and for always having my back. 💏🎉##Loyalty

Friends who make you look good on Snapchat best friends forever 😘😋☺️🧡

True friendships are rare, but true friends are even rarer. 💛😊❤️

In our friendship, the most precious gift we can offer each other is our acceptance. 💘

At our best, at our worst, you’ve always been there. I love you so much. XOXO _

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have any need for plans. All we’d need is each other.

When I look at you, I realize that time does not come with a stopwatch. If it did, each second that passed would I’d miss. ― Author Unknown

Consistency is the key to success, that’s why we keep inviting Jennifer over for wine. 🍷☕💗👯

When you’re friends for 9 years, you’re family for life. 🦁💛🚴

I’m celebrating 9 years of friendship with the funniest, smartest, most loving, and most beautiful.

From corny puns to unspoken inside jokes, we’ve got 9 years’ worth of stories. To my best friends: I love you guys #tbt

I can’t imagine my life without you. I look forward to the next 9 years and beyond 🍉🍐 #friendshipday

It’s been 9 years since we first met. I can’t wait for the next phase of our friendship, Danielle! Here’s to the kipples ahead. Love you! 😘👫💗

We’ve been besties for 9 years and counting. Here’s to many many more! 🖤

9 years and still going strong. Growing old with our friends is a better way to live.

On this special day of friendship and silly faces, we’ll always be here for you and we just want you to know that we love you. #FriendshipDay #funnypictures #cheesyface

The thing about great friends is that you don’t need to say anything—you can just sit together in perfect silence and it’s okay. 💕💙

Since freshman year of college, we have been there for one another–to share a laugh after a bad breakup, to celebrate an exciting new job, and to help carry the other’s purse when she forgot her arm at home. I love

Happy friendship day to my most favorite human in the world. I think we met in an avalanche of cinnamon rolls at the county fair and I’m still not over it. #FriendshipDay

A friendship that’s the stuff of legend is meant to be kept alive.

Best friend from college here! Yes, I’ll meet you for brunch, but I’m in charge of the outfit and picking the picture. (P.S you look great). 🤗

When your friends are as cool as yours, it’s like a never-ending adventure of new beginnings and adventures. 🥰🧡

You are my sister from another mister.” – Steve Martin, Some Kind of Wonderful

9️⃣ years of friendship is hard to beat! Having these incredible ladies in my life has been the best gift.

9 years is a long time, but being best friends with somebody for that long goes beyond measurable time. Thank you @kristenabagwell9 for being in my life and for making it so special. Here’s to our next

9 years and we still won’t misbehave. 👯👻 #foreverfriendship

9 years since the happiest day of my life, I’m grateful for our friendship and everything we’ve gone through together. It’s like you always say—you make me stronger, wiser, and better. Love you, Chloe

We’ve been friends for 9 years now! Just wanted to thank you for always being there for me through the good times and the bad. #friendshipgoals

9 years and we’ve never dated, still each other only friend 😘

9 years of friendship and all the memories that came with it – happy bday to my best friend 🎂😘

9 years and we’ve never seen the same movie twice 🤗. Let’s do this forever.

Best friends: still think 9 years later we could be arrested for stalking one another.

Marking the 9 year anniversary of my hubby’s bday celebration-beers with friends, last night. Happy day after, birthday boy! #beerswithfriends #weddinganniversary #kindredspirits #friendshipgo

“Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.” – Samuel Butler

Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest friends I know. You are my sunshine on rainy days, you are my blue skies when it’s cloudy outside, thanks for being there all these years. I’m wishing you nothing but success, happiness, health

Happy Birthday to my best friend, whom I love dearly 💞 Thank you for the endless memories, unforgettable adventures, and unconditional support. 😊

9 years of friendship and still counting. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and amazing girl I’ve ever had in my life. You know, you’re always there for me no matter what no questions asked, we talk 24/7

There are just some people that you will have in your life for the long haul. 9 years later and I’m still grateful for your friendship. Happy 9th, Babe!”

MeMeMe is the perfect way to capture some of your happiest moments – highs and highs across 9 years of friendship paired with some amazing memories. #tbt

Happy Birthday to a friend who I’ve laughed with every day for the last 9 years. 🎉 #friendshipgoals

To my oldest friend… Here’s to another 9 years of laughs, life lessons, & always knowing the best way to dance 👯👯

All these years, all these adventures, and yet, I can’t imagine us any other way. Thank you for always being my friend.

How do you spell friendship? You don’t need a dictionary. Just add two friends and life begins. -Unknown

We’ve spilled more than the average amount of drinks to toast our friendship. Thanks for hanging tight, ladies! ❤️

I’m trusting in the power of friendships to make sense of all this madness. And I wasn’t wrong. ❤

Happiness is being with your best friends for *the* birthday party 🍾

A great friendship is one to celebrate all year long. Happy birthday, my friend! 🤗

There’s an unspoken agreement between friends who have been close for a long time: We don’t need words to viscerally understand each other. And we know we can count on each other for anything.

A friend is someone who reminds you of God’s love.

Always…and forever. Thanks, Mom.

Yesterday is only a memory, tomorrow is only a vision, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

9 years of friendship and still counting. #witnessourfriendship

The OGs… Thank you for all the shenanigans ❤️😂 #9yearsoffriendship

It’s amazing this friendship of ours is still strong. Since 9th grade, I’m glad it’s lasted almost your lifetime. 😂

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.

9 years and we still don’t get tired of listening to your stories about *that one* time you… 😉

The best girlfriends are the ones who push you to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. You don’t want easy, or convenient, you want real to be your friend who pushes you to grow up and stay

If we were friends in person, we’d definitely hug right now. Then we’d proceed to never let go. #FriendshipDay #FriendsForever 💕

I am so thankful for my friendships—they have evolved, changed, and grown with me. I will always appreciate every moment with you!

No one else gets me like she does, my first true friend, my kindred spirit’– Diane Keaton

I’m so thankful for my best friend + for watching her grow into the woman she is today. #longlivethefriendship

To the friends who have always had each other’s backs.

Happy birthday to my dearest and closest friend. A history and a future with you is the best gift. Here’s to many more years🍾

I don’t have the words to describe how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday, my dear friend 💓✨

They say friendship is like wine, it gets better with age. Here’s to 9 years of 🍷🥂 thank you @davidneetaofficial! ❤📿

Best friends for 9 years. It’s gone by so fast. Can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store ✨😇

Ally, I love you forever. Thank you for always being the best friend I’ve ever had. We’re 9 years in and it feels like yesterday! 😘💛♥️❤️

Best friends for over 9 years. So much happiness, so much fun! How do you keep lasting? It must be your crazy glue.

If you find friendship and keep it, and cherish it–it will last forever. Good friends are hard to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget.

You’re my best friend and I just want you to know, every day with you is the best day ever. 😘😚😢

We were friends, first best friends, college roomies, business partners. All of which grew into the best of each others’ worlds.

Justin and I have been through a lot together. We’ve seen a lot of changes. But one thing that always stays the same, is our friendship #longfriendship

10 years of us. 9 years of us. 8 years of us. 7 years of us. 6 years of us… you get the picture 😉

Many friendships are formed around the dinner table, but our friendship with @fusionbrands started over frozen waffles. We blame Mike Nilles (and thank him too). We’re looking forward to many more years of #ChatterAround

Remembering you and this day 9 years ago…

When strangers laugh, angels laugh harder. So cheers to all the enemies that turned out to be friends and friends who always turn out to be family.

Happy birthday to the sweetest friend I could ask for! Thank you for always making me laugh and reminding me to be my silly, crazy self. I love you so much 🍰❤️ #bffforlife

Sometimes the best things in life are the people you least expect.

Finally, we’re all getting married and starting families. Baby showers and bachelorette parties are ahead.

To the friends who make all the good days better and all the bad days bearable. Here’s to 9 years and many more to come 💓

It’s been 9 years since we met. In that time, we’ve done a lot together, and I’m happy to have shared it all with you. Here’s to many more. 🤗

Best friends since 2009 and we still haven’t gone to LA together. But we’ve tried the food and it’s worth it. 😜😍 #friendshipgoals

Best friends are family you choose, and I chose you. Thank you for being my person. 🥰❤️

True friendship never gets old ❤️

Bestie since 2005… and counting. 🎀

That’s not to say there aren’t tons of other things going on in life, but this friendship is a great core to have.

I’ve known you since I was 20 and I look at you now and realize that getting older just means becoming the best version of yourself @dylan.massaro -Ashley

You’ve made so many memories with me. You’ve laughed with me. You’ve cried with me. You’ve given me your unconditional love. Your heart is the purest part of you.

Always be honest, silly, sweet, and authentic to who you are.

I once told her I wanted to live like a hurricane: fierce and tumultuous.

We should start a tradition.

9 years of friendship and counting! Happy BFF birthday to one of my favorite girls in the whole world, @nicolerich. Hope you’re having the best day ever!

We’ve been best friends for nine years and we still love you. 😘🎄 💙 #TuesdayThoughts

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY to the best friend a girl could ever have. I am truly grateful to have you in my life 💝💙 #friendshipgoals #togetherforever

🥰Here’s to 9 more years of adventures with you, friend. Wherever you are in the world, I hope it’s an amazing day. 😘

9 years of friendship and still counting! ☻♥️👯💕 Best Friends 4Ever

It’s not about sharing interests. It’s about sharing interests and real-time moments. Happy birthday to my favorite person of all time.

There’s no mountain we can’t climb together. There’s no adventure we can’t discover together. There’s no friendship we can’t conquer together. Happy birthday, friend! 📍🏔🥂

Seeing all the bumpy roads we’ve traveled, still reminds me of all the great times we’ve shared and that we’ll always have each other’s back

Happy B’Day to you, Happy B’Day to you, Happy Birthday dear friend! 🎂 May all your wishes come true! #BestFriendsDay

9 years of friendship and still counting: I like my friends

Today I realized you are the only other person on this earth who knows your name is Dave and can call you by it, so you finally decided to go by Dave. It suits you. 😎

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they’ve started, and those who don’t. I’m not finished with us yet, so you better not be either. – Rita Mae Brown

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