Audi Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Captions are an important part of any video. They are meant to add clarity and provide context for the most important parts of a video. But because there is so much noise in the world of social networking, captions need to be not just good, but perfect. which is why we provide you with those Audi Captions for Instagram for you.

Audi Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Well, that was a ride. But hey, don’t blame the drive. It’s not the car, it’s the driver. Audi.

The most advanced Audi has arrived.

Have an #AudiEssential day: let your drive take you to places worth exploring. Now in 14 new colors.

For the ambitious, doers of cool things. Think you know one? Tag them below #AudiAmbition

Audi Knights for Life 👑🤴👏

My heart is pounding in my chest, and all over the place. @Audi #Initiation2

Wish you were driving, too.

No place like the road—especially when you’ve got your friends in the perfect seat.✈️

Let’s hit the road. Let’s hit the open road.

Numbers say what words can’t. Over to you, 43,000.

You always have time for what matters most. #LifeUncompromised

If you’re looking for a new ride, we have one here that’s perfect for you.

Life is a journey. It’s nice not to have to go alone.

A little bit of Audi goes a long way, whether you’re picking up groceries or meeting friends halfway. #AudiUSA

Life is a journey, and the journey begins in an Audi. #Sologuz

How about a warm welcome to the newest member of the Audi family.

An Audi can handle hills. And sand. And snow. It’s just one of the reasons we love our Audi. ❄☁🏎

Grab yourself an Audi and your bff, get inspired by the misfits, and stay curious.

Your Audi is a docile companion that’s anything but basic. Explore our lineup, and enjoy your drive.

Always drive with our safety in mind. Audi supports FIA’s Race Against Road Safety campaign this World Day of Remembrance.

We want to help your coffee taste just as good as the occasion. Don’t think we can do that? Think again! Their caption features a picture of coffee and a car, with a link to their Nurburgring page at the end

Life doesn’t stop just because you’re behind the wheel.

Well, I survived my first traffic jam in the city. Now I know what all you guys were complaining about 😂 . Completely agree about the way we are driven here–unbelievable! Great to hear a mixture of English and Hindi—you should look down at your feet at all times when crossing the road. Lovely weather, too…

The to-do list never ends. And instead of stressing out, stay focused on the road ahead. Count the moments. #TimeWellSpent

Two can play at that game… _ Double tap if you’re ready

This Monday is for you. 💪

Star-gazing doesn’t have to be a solo activity.

Ain’t nothing better than a long drive on an open road; keep smiling, y’all. #Audi

SAVE YOUR DATE to watch the all-new Audi TT and RS3 live online on February 6 at 12:00 p.m. ET in a special Facebook Live event presented by Audi and Facebook. 📺 🎤

How ya like them apples? Audi #quattro reveals its autumn colors.

Ask and you shall receive. Audi can help get you from point A to point B in style. Let us know how we can help make your adventures better.

Ready for a drive?😎👉🏼 . . . #audir8sport #adventures #gratitudeforlife #audiindiaidc

This improved attention to detail, like a grille that sits flush with the hood when closed, helps make every drive memorable

The only thing louder than the roar of a Lamborghini engine is the passion of its owner.

This is Coda. It’s a car you can have some fun with while still being a great companion.

Whatever roads you take, we’ll be behind you, cheering you on.

How could you not love leather seats?

Weekends should be all about empty roads, rolling hills, and scenic turnouts, so book your escape to the southern Sierra Nevada. 🌲 #SierrasOffRoad

Life as an Audi owner. Enjoying the sun from behind the wheel of your Audi, wherever you are.

Introducing the Audi A8…Car of the Year 2018.

Behind every Audi, there’s an amazing story. It starts with a little bit of Audi’s trademark ambition, and ends with the most talented team in the business, working together to build it one piece at a time.

The all-new Audi Q3. Make your everyday life an adventure.

The road is everything. Revel in the feel of this perfectly controlled slice of elegance with performance-oriented technology. Find your lane.

You are now driving the next great adventure.

Well, I replied to your direct message and sent you monthly payment instructions on how to subscribe. Maybe one day you’ll get around to it. ☺️😎

Remembering all the ways summertime makes you happy. 🌅 #Summer18

Hello, weekend! We’re ready for you.

Ready to ride? Invite us along.

Happy National Audi Day! To celebrate we’re giving away a new 2017 Q5. Be sure to follow for your chance to win.

When you really get to know someone, you find things in common that make your friendship even stronger. Like when you’re friends with someone who drives an Audi Q3, and it turns out they have a passion for social justice as well. That’s the kind of relationship we all want.

The latest Audi A3 delivers an incredible driving experience like no other car in its class. Find out why it’s the ultimate driving machine with Audi Direct.

How’s this for cool? Your shot 🎯 of the day from Audimafia 🌐

You’re born, you drive, and then you join the club

Here’s a new way to take on your commute.

Drive your way to the best sleep ever.

Bringing more gift-giving joy to the season. These deals are full of holiday cheer.

Your weekend getaway begins at a.d.

So nice it feels like cheating.

Friends meeting up for coffee always makes the day feel that much better ☕️🍂

Here’s to the long climb up, and the view from the top.

Your most rewarding experiences are waiting just beyond your comfort zone.

Pokoknya kesegaran dan kejernihan kulit begitu jadi simbol status -apa pun frekuensi cuaca, cuaca manapun, tampil segar! Maraknya produk pembersih wajah yang memperikan wajah profesional. Tapi… apa itu really be the case?

Your Audi. Your Music. #AudiSummer

Selfies are so last year. Get behind the wheel of #Audi’s latest technology innovations.

Driving an Audi is like pouring yourself a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc. It’s bold and refreshingly refined.

At Audi, we never stop pushing. We do it for the U.S. market, and we do it worldwide. #PursuitOfProgress

Life is full of precious moments, take the Audi for a spin to capture the good times 🚗 🎥 #LifeMemories

Your journey never ends, but it can always get better. That’s why we’re reinventing the Audi A4 for 2019.

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers: Q&A with @AudiUSA.

We’re driving the new Audi A6. Hands up if you want to head over to our Instagram @audiusa and check it out! 😄

Hello, Audi fan. 👋👋

Summer is all about exploring new places, and with the Audi drive experience, you can take control of the wheel of a real sports car!

Life is an expressway.

Daylight saving time’s a great time to get outside, so why not do it in style? We have you covered.

What are you doing this weekend?

Maybe it’s the way your hair blows in that wind. Maybe it’s because you’re on my mind #lovewhatyoudo

Ain’t nothing like wind in your hair (especially when it’s off the charts clean).

Just another reason to stay in(cred: Audi Mag + Campaign)

To help celebrate the Audi R8’s 10th anniversary, we created 10 of our own unique #AudiArt designs in collaboration with artists from around the world.

Life is the best journey. It doesn’t have a destination. Live your own adventure. Your Audi can help you get there.

Treat yourself to something special this summer—take a test drive today.

Here’s the Super Bowl ad that went down in history, set to expire soon. You know you want to relive the magic. Tap to view

You drive for everyone else. I’ll drive for you.

Calling all carpoolers 🚌 🚌

Fresh out of the tape deck.

When it comes to working on your car, we all have a preferred toolset; a pro just knows where each tool goes. What you choose and how you go about using it can make all the difference.

Even the best get starry-eyed when they see their baby.

These are heady times to be alive.

That awkward moment when #automagic transforms you instantly into James Bond.. #dabble

It’s officially pink-tober! What are you’re fav ways to rock it?

Audi Generation Week is here. Tune in to get into your dream car

When you are buying a car, the relationship you make with the salesperson is just as important as the vehicle itself. It’s no secret that Audi salespeople are some of the most helpful, friendly, and engaging on the planet!

Happy #AudiMonday! Stop by your Audi Dealer to get you a free carwash on us! #WaxOnMonday #WaxOffSunday

Audi. The thinking driver’s brand

2017’s must-have accessory: the Audi A8L #AudiDrivingExcellence

The Audi A5 Sportback. Sporty sedan, useful hatch. Rolling Art Form.

Let’s play. Let’s discover. Let’s drive. NEW 2019 #Audi #A6 #quattro Sportback available at your local Audi dealer 🏎

What makes a car more than just a car? A chance to answer that question, visit us at

Go explore the open roads this autumn with Audi A5 Cabriolet.

Hit the road with the 2018 RS 3 Sedan from Audi. Powered by a 2.5L Turbocharged V-6, it delivers 400hp that propels you from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds.

Hey Philly! If you’re headed out of town this weekend, make sure you tune into @nbc 10 tonight for the Indians vs. the Red Sox ⚾️🍻

Touch of the past. Heart of today. Future forward.

How can you not love fall? It’s the perfect excuse to get out of town with your favorite people. 🍂🌲⏰

Let’s make places to virtually sit together and have face-to-face conversations. You might actually enjoy it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The best things don’t just happen. You make them happen.

Kickstarter with Audi: More than Just Cars.

Have a road trip-worthy soundtrack on your way to the beach with an Audi.

Settle in for the perfect Sunday drive in the Q5. #AudiSundayFunday

Time to trade that crosstown commute for a new Audi A3.

An Audi will take you everywhere you want to go, whether you dish out the dough for a 7 Series or stay in your budget with an A3 🚗👌

If we can’t trust our own eyes, even a car as smart as the #AudiQ7 should be asking for directions.

Getting home from a long day at work? Turn up the heat in your ride with our Audi connect app.

Traveling over long distances with your Audi is always comfortable and convenient.

Treat yourself to a drive you’ll never forget.

You know you’ve just arrived when you roll up to the end of the driveway and don’t hear any sort of buzzer, honk, bell, or screech.

Start your mission, we are ready for taking off!

Spontaneous humans are so real.

Audi New York. Turn heads, not corners.

It’s a thrilling time to be an Audi owner!

Okay, you caught me. I’d like a little help from the 4-ring circus: Audi #GTLonBMWInstagram

Feeling kind of #Audi. The 2018 Audi S4 is the driver’s sports sedan. This is your driving capability advanced.

Never stop exploring. Never turn back. Never give up. That’s how Audi’s designed their latest A8 2018 to drive.

Just say yes to the new Audi Q2.

Vehicle so reliable, you may never have to think about car trouble again. That’s a good feeling.

All roads lead to the world’s most beautiful driving road. #roadtrip

Feeling inspired by F.Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby?” If you like long drives through the Westchester countryside, come read us a few chapters at #AUDIUSaESummit2018 ☀️🎼

Singing the whole way up the mountain. Waiting for the next big corner. Racing my own lap times—here’s to crisp fall afternoons!

Newly single and ready to mingle…

“The love of a cat is a snug harbor, as well as a great consolation.”

So I was told that people don’t tip anymore….wanna prove them wrong?🚗

Get ready for the arrival of the Halloween season with this ghostly bohemian rhapsody courtesy of Rohit Chawla.

Want a new car? Enter to win an Audi Q3. You could be one of 4 winners! 🚘

It’s easy to find your perfect match at Audi Columbus. Browse our new models, or talk with our reps to see what fits you best! #getintheazure

Give the gift of choice this holiday season – trade in your old car for an Audi.

The all-new Audi SQ5. It’s a vehicle engineered to surprise and delight.

Audi » Share your trails. #audi #quattro #shareyourtrails

The road is where your journey begins. Your Audi will take you to new places.

You are the music that matters. Let’s talk about it.#TDYT #AudiMusicLab

Enjoy all the colors of the fall season, while staying comfy and cozy with the Audi Technology Package.

I trust that what started out as a hunch about being able to make a sports car for the road was true.

Finally, a way to know what’s at the end of the road before you get there.

It’s nice to be important. But it’s more important to be nice.

Ride on. And make the right turns.

Life is all about the journey, not just a destination. 🚗 🌎 🌳

You prove by deeds not words what you are capable of.

How do you spend your weekend? We’re parking with Audi.

The new Audi A3. The drive you want and need for your everyday life. 👌

Have you ever dreamt of having a moonlight drive with the top down? Calling Audi dealers in your area to learn how you can make this dream come true. 😎</em>

Pushing the limits of what’s possible: Audi at Daytona

Saying goodbye to this guy is going to be tough. Got a feeling it’s going to be one long year at AEHQ… #AudiBrothers

Your new favorite car for the holidays: A1.

Get that holiday jingle on – even when you’re in the fast lane.

The Allroad. There is more road to explore.

Glad you got here alive. Take your car for a spin so we can make sure that happens again. 😜

There’s never a bad time to kiss. . . . Even if it’s not pretty, even if it’s not perfect—share a kiss with someone you care about.

Stay in the moment and have a nice, relaxing time 😊

Your story is always with you. Tell it all the way to the end.

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection, it’s also a time to plan what’s next—to create something new.

When the road calls, answer with Audi.

Keep your eyes peeled. You’ll have to go fast to catch the super flash that happens when we make a turn. #AudiSummer

Parking ticket? No problem. Plug it into the Audi tablet and we’ll pay! 😎

I love Audi because it’s just me in an Audi.

Audi driver never loses touch with the roads. Audi #touchtomakeit

Say hello to our little friend. Meet the all-new Audi A6.

The 2016 Audi A4 convertible—for the ones who do.

Want to hit the open road in style? Your time is nigh. #StartTheAdventure

Settle in. Fall is here. Traffic included.

More finesse, more freedom. Where your most daring ideas take shape.

I’m reaching for the Shift.

We are not perfect but we make progress every day. Here’s to more progress. 🚗

Adventure is what makes life interesting.

It’s #AudiThursday and you know what that means.

Be sure to download the new Audi Sound Studio app and select your favorite playlist. The mix will change depending on your mood.

The all-new Audi A4. This is a car for people who don’t like spending money.

Celebrate the new week with a sparkling clean Audi. We’ll take care of the rest.

Life is good when the open road calls. Go with an open mind and let your Audi take you there.

We might be biased, but we think there’s something special about a convertible driving experience.

If you’re going to put the A3 in Miami, you’re going to need some good tunes

Need to make a quick stop? With Apple CarPlay® integration, getting directions and listening to music is easier than ever. 📍📱

Find your freedom with the new A3 Sedan.

Discover a world of technology and sophistication.

From uptown to downtown, and from work to play—we’ve got the perfect soundtrack for a good ride 🎶🎧

It’s the little roads that make this country great. Anyone up for a road trip?

Simple ingredients, bold taste, and the soothing sounds of a summer night at the lake.

True fidelity is found when we recognize our own voice.

The sun might be down but the new A4 is always in sight. #OneAudiMBB

It’s time to take your Audi off-road. Only available in Rogue Territory’s GORE-TEX® editions.

When someone says SUVs are boring, I can’t help but think they’re only saying that because they haven’t driven one.

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Here’s our best-selling, award winning lineup of luxury cars and SUVs.

Sitting around for hours in traffic? Why not talk about the things you love with the ACCESS® multi-media system instead.

Life moves at the speed of sound. So shouldn’t your ride?

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

The only thing better than a road trip is 🐝 🌈

Wishing you a smooth ride through this long weekend. 👍

A joyride through the weekend

Introducing the California T, our new flagship. Available now.

Those who know they can’t fail are the most dangerous people in the world.

Ready for your next adventure? We’d love to help you get there. 🚗 ▫️ 🔧 🏎

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