Awesome Art Captions for Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words — especially when it’s art. Art captions take two of your favorite things — art and words — to give you something beyond the surface. Choosing an art caption for any piece of art is as easy as entering a keyword or phrase in the search bar. From there, you can choose from over twenty different styles, from realist text to minimalist and everything in between, giving you endless possibilities for your own personal creativity.

Awesome Art Captions for Instagram

Create and design your very own piece of art at Minted Art, a program designed to match buyers with artists’ products to create one-of-a-kind works of art

The more you know about Art, the more Art you can hang on your walls.🎨👉

Let’s turn the world into our most colorful canvas.

Can’t. Wait to see some art IRL (in real life). Working on a new project that brings you behind the scenes of my favorite exhibitions around the world. #newProject

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything! Art is life. Art is love.

Art is a way of saying to someone, ‘I have been just where you are and I know how it is.’

The world is a canvas, paint it with your heart.

Check out the new summer collection and don’t forget to add our caption to your photos!

Where do you find inspiration? 🎨☕️

I can’t believe you drew this! You’re so talented ❤

The perfect #cocktail if you need a 🤓 after a long day! 🍹

Throwback to when Miranda July released her album, What If It All Goes Right, and changed the whole game. 🎧

A little bit of Earth, a little bit of you

We are not so different, you and I. -Tom Stoppard

Cheers to all the artists, artisans, and creatives who help us see the beauty in this world 🎨 🍝 🍰 ~~~~

For a free abstract art print for your home, please visit us in Fillmore at 123 Main St! #abstractart

Come marvel at the ongoing exhibition at The New York Academy of Art.

hey! wanna help paint the world?

Our next exhibit is in the gallery! Get ready for colorful, creative works of art. 🎨

Check out this art show about the intangible. Designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing for what we can’t gain, touch or hold.

Our collection is best experienced in person 📷👀

On the table-our modern take on a classic community piece.

Ok to be honest, I just drew this 😂

The fine art of being a chill human

What an awesome day to be on the lake with you! 😊🌞☀

We all feel like this sometimes.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. -Victor Borge #😂

I gave you a flower and you gave me a friend.

Imagine all the captions you could write with a pen like this.

We’re all different, but we share one thing in common—the world would be a lonelier place without art 🎨☺

I should have done this in art school! #NaturalArt

There are so many great works of art in the world, it’s impossible to see them all.

Surrounded by so many talented artists, it makes our hearts swell. We feel like we’re in a floating art exhibition 🦄 and it feels amazing.

Celebrate the splash of color around you. Use felt-tip pens and brightly colored paper to bring your vivid creative visions to life. 🎨🎭

We don’t mean to be forward, but you’re so artful.

Wine, art, and friends. Get the party started with a glass of vino from Green Toast Wine Club.

Looking for a gift for the art-lover on your list? Our holiday gift guide has you covered, from stocking stuffers to wholistic art experiences ☀👣

Life is art. Allow yourself to feel, experience, dream.

There is a little bit of insanity in having a passion for what you do. It’s not just something you turn off when you walk out your front door.

This is going to be the best show ever. 😵😄🎨

I’ll say one thing, I’m never bored with you around.

A lion is a lion, no matter the gender. 👦 <br>-Lion King

Art is the best way to communicate what you feel and it’s easy, simply use our paintbrush to tell your own story 😁 (okay this one might be personally my favorite!)

You may have to look twice, but you’ll find our Art Department’s most-recent work right here.

Alive with color and sounds, my favorite place to be is the art museum. 🎨🎧😎

Just having fun and exploring a new way to express art.

Coming together to build community and create art.

This month’s featured artist: Crystal Swolensky

Is it just me, or does staring at the ceiling for hours on end feeling lost in your thoughts and drifting away to a better place kinda get you in touch with your inner artist?

From the halls of old buildings to the pages in an art history book, these paintings let you travel through time.

You are the inspiration for my work

The sun was just setting behind the trees when we got this shot. That’s where we like to be.

Come together—and feel the love! We’re excited to share our project with you.

Overwhelmed by the high cost of college? We’ve got a couple (free) things to help you out. Hop on over for help with scholarship searches and more.

Tailored for the culture of a bygone era

Here’s to the light that shines at the end of your tunnel

With every stroke, with every drop of color, and with every touch of creativity that I put into my work, I hope to not just create art pieces but also to connect people.

We’re here to support you in the creative process. Whether it be brush and paint, pencil or clay it all goes into creating art.

If there’s such a thing as a perfect work of art, it’s you.

I’m here to sketch, doodle, and share my scribbles with the world! Join me @instagram! #imthereforart

I doodle all day, every day. sometimes it’s very serious art. sometimes, not so much. in any case, here’s some of my favorite doodles from the past few months…

Amateur hour at the museum

The original #rainbow highlighter, invented by the beauty maven herself.

Always carry a camera to capture the moment when you stumble into a surprising scene.

Behind every masterpiece is a good friend.

Summer light draws us from the shadows.

Wherever you go, don’t forget how you got there.

It’s not always about needing things to go from good to great, sometimes it’s recognizing they are already great.

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most. – Albert Einstein

__Sharing art allows us to fully express ourselves like nothing else.

Have a piece of art delivered to your house this week! Order here 👉🏦

Gorgeous work by Jessica+Daniel♥️ . . . . #art

I don’t know why I do anything in art. All I know is that it’s mine

Our walls are a big blank canvas waiting for your creation!

I love the idea that I can discover new stories in this piece every time I look at it. That’s what art is all about!

Bored with the same ol’ latte? Step out of your comfort zone and allow our baristas to make you something unique ♩

Ah, the gift of color and light. What a lovely way to begin a day in our world.

“A drawing isn’t done when you’re done drawing, but when your imagination is” ~Shaun Tan

You know me. I’m a fan of all shapes, sizes, and colors. *thumbs up emoji* 😍

Look at this palette. I feel like there’re shades of thousand stories on it. #it_happenedhere

Art is the human expression, freed from the limits of nature.

I hope this piece makes you smile and sparks a memory of a special weekend in your life.

Who would have pictured that an art print could be so practical, too?

It was a time before the internet when people still made art. And, you know what? Some of it was even good!

just hanging out here painting..🖌with a great new product you’ve never heard of.

I knew I liked you the moment I saw your paintings 🎨

Artwork by [insert an artist’s name] – @[insert an artist’s username]

Let me introduce you to my favorite friend and teacher – paint!

There are always different sides to a canvas.

In every artist I meet, there’s something I recognize as me.

Colorful. Bold. Completely WILD. We love @wildthingsny ★

Just a warm up. Still got a lot to draw today.

It’s a bit like an upscale rummage sale.

You have to see this to believe it.

You created something special.

Welcome to the greatest story ever told 📚

If you were to ask me a question, I would show you the answer.

Wishing the wonderful people who visit my profile wall a Happy Art Day and have a wonderful week.

Drawn to my favorite little art space on our namesake street: Aretê Studios.

We love all art. All kinds, whether they’re ancient cave drawings or Picasso paintings, modern graffiti or abstract impressionism… and everything in between.

At the end of the day, all you have is your art and if it isn’t good enough you can always go back to being an accountant.

The creation of art is a lifelong journey through moments of struggle and inspiration. If you are an artist, then you will surely relate to this!

Thanks for a wonderful week of art, interaction and community! We want MORE! 😍😍😍🎨🎨🎨

Playing with paintbrushes and palettes on a rainy afternoon.

Art is inspired by the life and vice versa.

The colors of the setting sun and the graffiti on these buildings create a pretty awesome contrast

Hola! I’m hungry for a masterpiece 🎨

Summer days and nights call for a different set of rules. We’re here to help you lighten up your look this season. 😎

Happy Fall from our family to yours.

This is the only way to spend a Sunday 🎨

Are you a big fan of art? Show us your favorite piece!

Let’s get artsy, with all the colors in the world to create spectacular works of art.

craving something colorful tonight? come see these artworks at the gallery… it’s my favorite time of the year to visit. ❄❄

At one point in time, we were all cradled in the arms of art.

So, the bright side of being a part time artist is the incredible moments of joy and excitement when you move from 2D to 3D. #NotEveryoneCanDoIt

It’s almost time for heady days of jazz music, Pilsner Urquell, and ArtPrize. See you there?

Join us for an art adventure like no other. Hop on this journey to push your creative boundaries and tons of laughs!

Come and get lost with us at the #mcerone AO booth tonight from 6-9 pm! @mceronegallery

We’re back in the city & we’re ready to make this Friday just a little more colorful.

Are you more of a Ludwig van Beethoven or Pablo Picasso?

Sometimes you’ll create something that tells no story except the story of your heart. And maybe this is it for me.

Show us a picture that captures your favorite holiday memory! ⛄🎅🏼✨

Looking at art can be one of the most exciting and eye opening experiences.

All you need is love. And a little art. 😊

Thank you for visiting the #artgallery where all of our paintings are up for sale. ❤️🎨

From the artist that brought you “The Artist”, the latest elegant and timeless collection to add to your canvas of life.

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” ― Claude Monet

One tiny brushstroke at a time ✨

Art is the signature of civilizations

The last thing before you go, check out our latest artwork for this month’s exhibit. Come see us at #galleryname.

This little painting was inspired by peace, love, and joy.

Hope everyone had a great summer. And now, to fall colors! The best is yet to come.

The Queen Bee collection is inspired by all things pretty, feminine, and full of life. ♥😘

Thank you for stopping by -{artgal}

Giving new meaning to the term “morning breath” 😜

We were all meant to shine, so let your light shine.

Squashing the fine line between artistry and creativity; from fresh to fun designs. Art is meant to be bold and delightful, so we added even more pizazz to your favorite products 😍

If you are an artist, share a little about yourself and include some of your work.

Art is ready to be your sidekick.

Get inspired by art and express your own creativity in style with this graceful brush pen. 💛

Thanks for visiting our Artist Page, Amy Cherim!This talented local artist paints whimsical landscapes of the places she’s traveled to and is currently based out of #mycity A photo posted by @johnlewisretail on Jun 18, 2016, at 3:06 am PDT

We use art to give form and color to our feelings.

To us, art and design are more about form that function. Be open to new ways of looking at the world.

++++plus++++++plus+++++++ #artwork

Come up and paint with us!

We’re not just artists. We’re also responsible for getting you to where you need to be, without a hitch. #BootsToTheFuture

What is art? That which we see, and what we see cannot be unseen.

Saving these images so I can sketch them later! ☺📝

Our best-kept secret: the infinite capabilities of paper.

Doodle, dwell, travel…learn from your dreams.

She was one of a kind…

How Much is Your Art – Art is priceless. But, to you, how much would it cost?

What says “you’ve made it” more than this wallpaper from @blackmadonnas? Get your art fix with our new Shop the Collection galleries and keep on saving till April 30 with artsy discounts.

With the tap of a finger, our creative director transforms seemingly ordinary things into extraordinary works of art.

Every weekend, start your morning w/ intriguing stories from Artnet news.

Got the art blues? Let’s throw some shapes and paint the town red 🎨💕

“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” –Pablo Picasso

I want to get lost in your brushstrokes, and I want to find myself in your soul.

Ahh, life is an art and forever a picture of health.

Let your personality shine through photos when you wear #MYFASHICON.

Wish Upon the most playful moon this month and do something creative you’ve always wanted to do.

From blue to green, I feel it changing every day—the center of all my dreams 🌈💙

If you can look at a rainbow and breathe deeply, then you are alive. And living is good!

Everyone has a story. Let our artists bring yours to life #ArtCaptions 🎨🎶

When you can’t decide on a canvas color, let your art supply box do the talking. 😉

You know this is going to be the weekend where you spend a Saturday up all night at an art gallery opening.

Art is a signature of our existence.☠️ Art is designed to make us feel things and see things differently. Art helps us grow.😎

Don’t judge me by my lack of canvas.

Let your creativity flow. Enjoy a spontaneous session and make the most of every day with easy-to-use markers.

These detailed works of art are truly stunning and with thick, bold lines. These pieces were created by @lukebaines on Instagram.

Original art for print—avail on

Check out some of the new art we’ve been working on to help you express yourself however and whenever you want. /Art

Hope y’all have a nice weekend. Going to a show tonight. #newmuseum

We’re fresh out of tricks, but we got treats! Gifts for your festive neighbors.

We’re all storytellers here. The only difference between us and them is the stories we choose to tell.

Can’t wait to see what you’ll create on our blank canvas this month!”

don’t forget to add the artist # in the captions otherwise, your post will be in a clutter of other posts without this!

I mainly draw on found drawings and paintings. I like the idea that it’s a new creative thought on a 2-dimensional surface. Lots of my pieces are about color, composition, and texture.

Matisse loved a good background.

Painting is a language of its own and this painting is screaming for more attention. 😱😂

Curated by The Riveter and Squarespace. Front Row to the FrontPage.

I can’t paint, but I hope to inspire you today with some of my favorite sights from our fall getaway. What inspires you?

Summer Solstice Art ☀in honor of the longest day of the year and the shortest night, we at Bodega invite you to celebrate with gift certificates, art, and community.

See what’s in store with these eye-catching pieces 🎨

Explore the masterpieces in our castles, the craftsmanship of our products, the heart, and soul of your own home. TH

Join us for a stimulating evening under the stars when we unfurl our new exhibit +live music 🎼

For art to speak it has to be heard

Art happens when we take risks and embrace discovery. With the right attitude, you’re never too young to have art appreciation.

Show us your art! Tag #WeHeartArt for a chance to be featured on our feed.

We’re all artists striving to make our mark while we can

Art didn’t ask why. It just did.

When I was new to the art world, my mentor just gave me a book about Jackson Pollock. It did not make any sense at first but eventually, it changed the way I saw art ☝️🖍

Make every Saturday a masterpiece.

We’re never going to get over how much you look like the Mona Lisa. #giovannitabacco

Painting with the color of bold thoughts and actions.

I’m glad you’re here! Follow me to see more creative bits of inspiration or just hilarious animal pics.

It’s hard to believe this is from a team of two 😍

I see what you’re doing there. Clever 👏🏼

Your masterpiece is on its way 🖼

Thanks for being here! We’re so glad you made it – we really appreciate it.

Let’s make art this weekend, we can go to the park, take a class at the community center—just make sure we live it up! 😁

Let these captivating and alluring art pieces take you into a fantasy world.

We’re officially obsessed with this coffee table art book by Lucien Smith #feminism #art #studiomoviepix

you can go ahead and make that work of art even more beautiful by adding our color.

The #SketchbookSelfie contest is over, but here are some of our favorites. 🌈😊🎨

Proud of this commission I made for @stephaniephillipsart

I’m looking for a creative space to work on my projects 🖌

I like to think of this art as taking a walk in a botanical garden on a perfect day.

You don’t need a long lens to capture the essence of your subject.

Colors of everyday carry us through our busy lives—this week’s edition is a celebration of vibrant red 🍁

The view is always better up here.

Regardless of how wild your imagination is, it’ll never equal what reality can hold.🔮


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