Bear Captions for Instagram

You work hard on your Instagram photos and videos, and captioning them is crucial for boosting engagement. But when it comes to writing captions, it’s easy to stall. In this post, we’ll cover 200 tips for effective Instagram captions as well as a caption generator for ensuring that you always have different caption options you can use.

Bear Captions for Instagram

Bear, our new mascot and favorite part of any morning. 🐻 #BearBreakfast

Bear and Company produce elegant furniture and home décor, perfect for a rustic bohemian home. If it’s the Bear way, we’ll get there!

As the nights get cooler and the leaves change, we’re grateful to be bear parents through it all. 🐻

Are you leading a team of grizzly bears? Don’t miss these tips to take your team’s performance to the next level. #LeadingGrizzlies

Introducing the Bear 100% solar-powered street lantern: a smart, easy-to-install lighting solution.

Got a new spot in # BearCountry. I’m liking it.

Safety first. Bear proof your food and prescriptions to keep them away from curious and hungry bears.

We 🐻 🎉 🎈 🎊🎉‼️We hoping everyone has a great weekend and happy National doughnut day 😋

We’re growing our team, and we’re looking for someone to lead and inspire the creative output of this growing brand. Are you ready to take your coffee career to the next level?

™ Behind every great business is a hardworking team. Meet a few of ours.

We strive to provide consistent, superior service that exceeds client expectations and creates lasting relationships.

When you see our name, you know you can trust us. Safety First. Always.

We all do the best we can in the moment with what we have. ​It’s ok to say I’m sorry when you’re wrong, and it’s ok to forget. It’s not ok to stay there.

All things grow better with love.

If you haven’t heard of us, we’re bringing the bears to you! We’re Bear-Ootie Bears, and we’re here to provide top-quality handmade stuffed bears.

The Bear package is built for all of your import and business needs.

The first time you hold your baby is a moment that will forever be etched in your mind. Make sure to capture it with Bear.

With our customer service, you get the bare minimum. Thanks to all the Bears that make us great!

It’s best to be the Bear you are then the Bear you can be. -Zander Moonbear

From climbing trees to wrestling with friends, these Bear essentials offer the highest quality for the most active little ones.

Bear with us while we prepare your delicious organic cold brew. We filter our brews to ensure they’re not too bitter, not too bland, but just right.

Our mission is simple: To help you create great content and have a successful experience on Instagram.

Hiking through the woods in full regalia—that’s how you get to the office.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some are on wheels of steel. Learn about their stories at the @nationalparksfitness challenge, October 17-24. Find an event near you: visits

Don’t just get into the woods, get to them.

We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get down to the real work of conservation.

Be your own best advocate.

I am strong, you are strong, we all are strong.

Building bear-y special memories 🐻 😍

Make the #bearyourown way a way of life. Be Bear Aware this fall.

You’ll be the most clever at work in our new Fall collection. #shoponline #bearsupply

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just launched our new podcast. Listen in for all things #bearandcrew including interviews with both entrepreneurs and celebrities. Go to:

Hearing things roar doesn’t scare us. But it should. #BearFacts

Bear is a perfect partner for adventure in every season of life.

BearProducts is a very serious business, but it shouldn’t be! The name alone conjures up images of cuddly bears and lollipops—the things that make us smile. There are also incredible products from quality makers. I am learning as I go. If I am laughing at myself or sharing my failures along the way, please join in the fun!

Let’s make your social media posts travel further than your legs ever could.

The bears of the forest never bother man… unless they are hungry.

We all have our bad days, but life is so much better on a good day—especially when your beard is looking great #SoGrowABeard

The Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Keychain is the Perfect Gift for a Man or Woman Who Loves Being Outdoors.

Our fall collection is available online now! We’ve come out with limited pieces to restock in the upcoming months. Be the first to get your paws on them.

The smell of fall is fresh in the air. Oh, it’s good. So good.

We’re here for you 24/7. No exceptions, no excuses

Giving you easy access to breaking news, educational videos, and everything in between.

Be inspired by the joy and exuberance of these furry friends. #Bearpose

Founded in 2011, Bear is a fitness and lifestyle brand for men and women who have never grown up. Living Bear.

Catch us at #E3 to see what Iggy’s been up to lately. #DYK: no bears were harmed in the making of this game.

Bear themes for bear babies, this is it.

Bear was started by two people who share a passion for unique, highly functional products that are as durable as they are beautiful. It’s not about trends. It’s about a standard of excellence. One that you can rely on and enjoy for years to come

It’s every Bear’s responsibility to take care of his forest #ProtectTheLitter #RecycleWisely #BearCountry

Thanks to @bewildthebear for his wilderness knowledge, great food, an endless supply of jokes. We love going to work. 🐻🛡

Chancing upon a place so majestic and unspoiled that it feels like being transported to the farthest reaches of the planet 🌎 🐻 🏔 #KeepRoaming

Say hello to Minnie Mouse, who’s here to show you how we roast our beans and brew our craft coffee. 💁

Becoming a better you. Those who travel with us know that our outstanding service isn’t just another vendor amenity…it’s the embodiment of our own beliefs and values. At North America’s #1 tour operator we help you become a better YOU™.

Your content deserves to live up to your brand standards. Make sure that you do it by working with experts who are willing to go above and beyond for the project.

Stay humble. Work hard. Grow your business. Stay hungry.

Prioritize recovery over everything else and you’ll be stronger, happier, more alive—ready for anything.

Standing tall like only a bear can 🐻 #NationalBearDay #HappyFall

Make plans with nature this weekend. It’s National Recreation Week, so we are celebrating all of the outdoor opportunities to enjoy Utah on land and underwater where you can see black bears up close in their natural habitat. That is if you dare.

In a world where fewer and fewer people have the chance to see real wild bears, it is our responsibility to protect them and their habitat.

We’re a proud partner of the World Wildlife Fund. Protecting the planet begins with a single step. Share your own adventure today at @BearsWithoutBorders #BeMoreHuman

Living in Bear Country is great for bears. Only if the citizens were better informed of how to live safely with bears. Don’t Feed The Bears Campaign

Bear is the hair & beauty expert on all things hair and makeup. Follow us for the latest looks and trends! 😎

Bear is a classic, hand-crafted set of tools that is specially crafted to help improve your health and fitness. We are here to support you on your journey to the kind of results you envision.

We’re hiring a creative, fun-loving team member who loves being around people and enjoys life’s simple pleasures. Apply within!

If you love our lavish Bodyline Fur Shirts, get this gorgeous reversible fur jacket on sale!🐻 #Shopping

The fishing may not have been hot, the weather wasn’t great (overcast, cold, and fog), but we caught up with some great people at our photo safari in Kentucky.

We’re not hibernating—we’re just resting. 🐻

Blow a kiss to the long back-to-school days: give your nails some love and make them look effortless.

Our Program has expanded to include the inner city and rural communities, thanks to the help of our amazing Big Brothers Big Sisters donors!

It’s not often that you get to work with an organization that is this selfless and this inspiring.

Say it with stickers on Instagram #BearyTrueStories

It’s time to get your Bear-sonal. The 2016 Bear will have you looking forward to each day with a bit of anticipation and a lot of chub.

Travel the journey of the bear and elevate your style game this fall. Fine craftsmanship is timeless and ageless. 🐻 🏞

Here to help you discover your inner bear: the one who knows when it’s time to hibernate, be calm, or simply enjoy a good old fashioned cub hug… (link to

Foundation for the Future: We take our responsibility as stewards of the environment seriously. Our Bear Natural Blend™ packaging is made with recycled materials and is compostable*.

When it comes to your business, don’t hang on to outdated methods. Adapt to the growing trends with #BearLogix Sales CRM.

Let your story grow on Insta. Tell us a photo that makes you feel #blessed with Instagram Frames. 👃📷

Bear the weight of awesome responsibility firmly on your broad shoulders.

We love them because they always keep it real. You’ll find them in the woods, on a farm, or in their natural habitat—they don’t need fancy neighborhoods or city life to have a good life.

We are family owned and operated, with a focus on sustainability and high standards of product quality. ♥🐻

Trust is a bear necessity.

Castaway Coffee’s island brew ☀️

Looking to get a mortgage? Let our finance experts guide you along the way.

Rihanna x Bear Paws: there’s an app for that. @rihannanow #RihannaforPawPaw

Nothing beats a good bear hug. #ProtectTheCub

Here’s to the heart of the matter—and to the moment when you decide you’re done asking questions, and it’s time to get answers. Meet @NoahTheBear.

Our caramel chocolate bears are available in all kinds of cool flavors like sea salt and honey. They look cute, but don’t be fooled! They’re bold.

Bear Naked donates all its profits to the endangered species. Bear up for them and for yourself and do your part.

Known for our unique hand-made detailing, the Liliana top is crafted from the softest cashmere in a rich shade of brown. _Invest in timeless style with #BearLuxory today $$$$$$$

Bear with us while we get the scoop on our special guests 🐻

No Bear left behind. We’re all in this together. Let’s work hard. Let’s have fun. And let’s all grow together 🐻 💪 #bearisland

Certified by the National Geographic Black Bear Committee.

​A polar bear is the largest land predator on earth, different from the other bears because of their habitat and diet. Polar bears eat almost exclusively seals.

In a streamlined and modern studio like ours, you’re guaranteed an efficient and effective workout.

Keep your product information and website address handy. Bringing much-needed joy to a child’s life isn’t just good for the soul, it could mean the difference between a thriving or endangered species. Learn how at ______

When life throws you a curveball, make the best of it. deflect those negative vibes and just keep on living your best life.

Honor the timeless craft of America’s oldest company by staying true to who you are and keeping a few core values in mind A wise person once said: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. In business and in life, it’s important to stick with the things that got you here.

We are introducing a new line of delicious and wholesome bear-shaped treats.

Bear is the most versatile 🐻 of all our fonts.

The forecast predicts sunshine and hot cocoa for the rest of this week. Stay warm out there, bears!

Stay Updated on the Latest Tips and Tricks for the Hottest Calendars and More from Bear Every Month

If you spend much time here, you’ll see several sides to our namesake bear. But there is one thing that never changes: his love for the forest, and for all its creatures.

Bear Country. We’re bringing the scent of the woods home to you.

At Bear, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your hard-earned money because of other people’s mistakes. We have a “No Bull” approach to data recovery. Restoring lost data is our specialty, and we make it simple. Here’s to feeling good again.

Bear with me here, even superheroes need a creative outlet.

The Bear’s Den is one of the few places around that offers a unique environment and unique experience all at once.

When you’ve got a thing for beards, but are too shy to ask him to shave…

Shaped by our actions. Grounded by our values. Powered by your passion.

We have big ideas and the ability to bring them to life. Let’s get hands on and make something happen. #StayNimble

We’ve made some changes to our business model, and it’s time for a new look. Here’s to exploring the unexplored! 🐻

Never underestimate the powerful footprint we leave behind.

Bear is the modern way to organize, discover, and share everything you love.

We know that almost everyone #lovesbear. But did you know that they also love shops?

I’m Bear and I like to climb trees #beargram

As a small business owner operating in the Bear community, I’m honored to be working with natural laboratories aiming to create an all-natural testosterone booster that is 100% safe and proven effective.

A bear seeks the highest yield but never risks more than it can afford to lose

The true nature of a man is decided in a life and death struggle. Learn how to bear-proof your camp now before it’s too late.

It’s the ultimate dinner date. Meet someone who shares your passion for gorgeous, healthy, wild food. #YayOrNay

The perfect gift for the boss babe in your life—and a reminder to take pride in what you do. ☀💯😉❤️

We wanted you to be the first to know: is joining our team.

Making friends since 2006.

Asking for directions before embarking on your next adventure; you never know where you might end up.

We know that the only thing more rewarding than working in a company where you’re appreciated is spending time with someone who really understands you.

Having worked with some of the world’s top luxury brands, we know that an important part of a label’s experience is creating a deeply authentic connection with the customer. We have harnessed this power and made certain that every item in our collection, reflects this promise.

We are the leaders of our own lives. We choose what we buy, what we eat, how we spend our time.

The soul of a bear is #wild and #free, which is why the @Cubs have adopted it as their official team mascot. The Cubs promote these traits to provide #BearDown moments.

We’re a bear obsessed with customizing bicycles—and even if your love of biking is just beginning, we’ve got the ride for you! 🐻

Pair perfectly crafted food with perfectly crafted beer. At Bear Boarding House, you’ll find both. #BearyBlessed

Bears aren’t being rescued, they are simply learning to take care of themselves in the wild. BearTrax LLC

Dedicated to artisans, both emerging and established, in the making and promotion of fine handmade goods.

You don’t have to be a hero to do the right thing. Help protect an innocent life today.

Building on the mountain. I made you a chair.

Soar above the competition.

Growing up is overrated.

We work hard. We play harder. Welcome to Bear Week, our way of celebrating all the hardworking bears that make this business go round. #bearweek

We’re living for moments captured on Instagram but we’re *truly* living for this camping trip with our bestie @lifeofbears in the woods of Massachusetts. #travelingbuddies

Based on the true story of my blog, “A bear named Boris.”

We have just the lipstick to match your mood. #BearLipCode

For every Bear there is a story—start yours today.

When you need a bear hug, come to us. We’ll be there with our big open arms to give you a bear hug

Learn Bear Essentials, tips to navigate today’s technology-dependent world, from our blog.

It’s time for a new standard. Welcome to the new era of Bear Woodmark.

Each year NPS takes over 8,000 photographs of the park through all four seasons. #KeepTheParkOpen

Coffee should taste like your first hug from your grandpa—strong and full of life.

Happily helping families with insurance needs and discounts.

Developing a culture of patience that’s essential in the mutual fund industry.

Loaded with protein and fiber, these nutrient-rich oats help you wake up fully and trudge through your day.

We’re heading into an exciting Bear Week with a chill AF weekend. Enjoy the last of these 80 degree days, because we’re counting down ‘til sweater weather in…

We’re hiring at headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT USA. No bear experience necessary 😻

We are looking for a new member to join our team. Are you down for the challenge of working with grizzly bears?

As summer fades into fall, we’re still flipping for our new collection Bear Essentials — available now in stores. 🐻

Bears are both powerful and majestic. Perhaps that’s why so many people have a fascination with them, or perhaps they embody the characteristics we admire as humans. Either way, there’s no denying that bears are one of the animals most beloved worldwide.

Providing an online platform to connect grizzlies and humans since 2012.

Even in winter, bears retain their remarkable physicality and their insistence on doing things

Bear Lake Lodge offers a remote and tranquil escape tucked high in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana.

We’re not in a honeymoon phase, no #relationshipgoals here. We go the distance because we value quality over quantity.

The longer you stay together, the stronger your relationship becomes. And that’s why we go the extra mile to make sure ours lasts.

I eat my food–therefore I am #todayfeelsgood

A vibrant mix of ruby red, cobalt blue, and golden yellow lies at the heart of Canada’s 2015 $100 note.

Our mission is to serve the community in every way we can. We take this promise seriously—and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Attention to detail ×︎ Collaborations with like-minded partners = a collection of heritage goods in our holiday shop you won’t want to miss out on.

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