Captions for Your Favorite Actor

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Captions for Your Favorite Actor

It was a thrill working with the two-time Academy Award winner to create this intimate, personal moment between my character and her daughter. I had trouble sleeping for a few weeks after shooting that scene.

We are thrilled to announce that John Murdock is joining our growing list of beloved actors. One of the youngest and most talented A-List Hollywood actors, John brings a fresh new voice to our theater performances.

From his big screen debut in PIRANHA 3D to his leading roles in THE HAPPENING, the newest TERMINATOR film, and upcoming — PROMETHEUS, John has not only cultivated a powerful screen presence, but also an affable personality that comes through in all of his roles. He is truly one to watch!

I just believe that being a performer, the thing that makes you an actor is that you have to love the work and stay with it no matter how many times they say no.

Talking to Ahna O’Reilly, star of The Way, Way Back.

Celebrating #PlaywrightPriyankaBose and the cast of this season’s stage adaptation of Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘Unaccustomed Earth’. ✨

The 1st ever 🏆 @redcarpetwizard awards season: find all the winners in one

Looking forward to the #GoldenGlobes this weekend with The Revenant nominated for best picture ― for which Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Hugh Glass, is nominated for Best Actor.

Breaking Bad fans, rejoice: new a Netflix series from the creators of Breaking Bad is coming in 2019!

I always say that a great gift is to buy the bathroom you want for yourself. 🚿

Ben Affleck is a highly praised actor who’s been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards. He also received a Best Director nomination at the Academy Awards

In Cannes to present his new film, Miles Teller talks about the inspiration behind his off-Broadway project, “This Is Our Youth.”

Are you ready for this? 😱 Dr. Pol, is back on Discovery Channel. Tune in tonight at 9.

Be humble and kind, for someday you might meet someone who is neither.

Ready to see your favorite actor’s next blockbuster film? Let us know.

The incredible journey of a young actor who spends his youth in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, struggles with love and loss, falling from heights to climb up again. *(The name of your favorite actor goes here)

The most charming and hilarious leading man on breaking bad is coming to your living room.. or should I say, pool house #newyorkxo

We know one thing for sure. The work this man does is unparalleled and awe-inspiring. A legend, if you will. And soon, he’ll be on our silver screen. Be proud of him as we are.

Spent the day with #BradPitt, and all I got was this lousy Instagram caption…

actor Smith admires his co-star, Jones in the forthcoming suspense film “A Looker of Terror”

We were so excited to welcome #TomHanks to our Monday morning meeting. Even though he didn’t say a word, his presence told us so much about his character.

We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of this incredible talent. We stand with his family, friends, and millions of fans in mourning his loss.

I’ll do whatever it takes to bring the best characters to life. – Nicolas Cage

Jude Law is doing some fascinating (and somewhat creepy) things with his face. 😲

Preparing for his next role, the latest film adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, at age 44, 23 years after winning an Oscar for his leading role in 1993’s Schindler’s List

A common theme in most of Robert DeNiro’s roles is a man who has been profoundly wronged, and who is out for revenge ‒ which was his role in the iconic film Taxi Driver.

A lifelong dream fulfilled: a best friend is joining the Marvel family. Welcome to the MCU, Brie Larson.

He’s about to be blown away. Here’s @maxmillan as Professor X in #DOMINO, In theaters in April 2019

Awards season is coming up so make sure you catch these nominations from this year’s Golden Globes. 🎥

This warm and fuzzy moment from @sethrogen is another reason to watch the season finale of #corporate on @netflix.

Surprise! We got the two hottest guys in Hollywood for you today. Thanks for checking out this hilarious trailer for the new Josh Gad film 😎👌 #SundaySupper

What a time to be alive. With new @scottthetall looking your way, this Monday looks 🌌💫☀🌡👓

Vogue is always on the pulse of what’s next in Hollywood. #Oceans8 🌊 What do you think of the names? Leave them in the comments below!

We have to talk about your performances in The Shape of Water and A Star is Born. 👏👏👏

Randall Park’s almost perfect pitch makes not being Asian less of a disadvantage in Hollywood

Will Smith made his biggest movie disaster into perhaps his most beloved blockbuster. “Ali” marks the 20th anniversary of this film and we are celebrating by ranking Smith’s top five box-office bombs. #willsmith

Emma Watson is the latest addition to our growing list of IRL Disney princesses (along with Emma Watson, that is). See what other celebs have some serious Disney princess vibes.

Can’t wait for “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3”, coming out this 2020.

“The most fantastic thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Happy birthday to my favorite Princess, and a phenomenal actor. She brightens up EVERY room she enters.

You’re going to see a lot of familiar faces on the red carpet this weekend for the London premiere of @actor’s new film. But you don’t want to see them when they got out of bed. You want to see what they’re wearing to walk the #redcarpet . . . . . . #fstoppers #photooftheday #instagood

What fierce and fabulous red carpet looks did your favorite stars bring to the #EEBAFTAs last night? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Did you know that @person is an actor? Did you know he/she was in ## movies and # TV shows?

Everybody’s got one, and now we all want one. Check out our interview with the legendary Jason Statham—and find out how you can enter to win a trip to see him in London.

In Loving Memory of Jack Jones. Jack was beloved by all who knew him, and he will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

Just wrapped filming for another #xbox blockbuster. Can’t wait to see y’all at the premiere!! 🎥🎬🎥

Don’t just watch @ViggoMortensen in his latest flick. Make it the first on your weekend Watchlist. We highly recommend this well-made movie that is set amidst the skyscrapers of NYC. #GreenBook

With a few simple steps, you can go from feeling fresh to looking fresh too! Visit the store nearest you!

Benedict Cumberbatch embodies the power and mystery of Holmes. #SherlockHolmes

In a perfect world, every room would have a fireplace, and every fireplace would have a Jay Harrington painting.

In the new film, In X Company, starring Amybeth McNulty and Niamh Wilson, Thomas Cromwell is instrumental in clearing a path for Anne Boleyn to become Queen.

The award-winning visionary returns in #thisisallveryconfusing 😱 @juliaoroyke

Congratulations to our very own chef in the making Gemma, who won Best in Show at the Chef of the Year competition!

Even with all the glitz and glam of awards season, the spotlight always shines on you.

The cast of ‘Bad Moms’ is coming to #Pasadena! Don’t miss Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn in the comedy favorite November 3-9 in Pasadena.

From the moment he was cast in his first leading role, I knew this OG would be a star. @chrisstevens04

Celebrating the #Oscar nominee, Daniel Kaluuya of “Get Out”, a film by @JordanPeel. #Oscars

Chris Evans has reached an incredible milestone in his Marvel career this year. Which role was his most memorable?

In the new blockbuster xyz, actor xyz gets into a showdown with ABC …

One of the most acclaimed and innovative actors of his generation, Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his dedication to the characters he portrays on film.

Check out the new film from Jim Carrey. Now playing in theatres nationwide. Find Your Way.

You know what my favorite movie is? The next one.

Emma Stone 👯 has been named this year’s winner of the Harvard Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year award. The actress was named for her work in such films as “Easy A,” “The Help” and “La La Land.” #happybdayEmmaStone

Jenna Fischer follows Jenna Fischer on Instagram.

“My style is how I protect myself, and hopefully this show will let people know you don’t have to be goth or punk to be yourself.”-Kimberly Peirce (director of Boys Don’t Cry ☀☠ )

Every hero is only as good as their villain. And every villain is only as memorable as their hero.

We’re thinking of staying in this weekend and watching this crafty detective show #FallTV

In a role most would consider challenging, <moviegoer’s favorite actor> manages to shine. Is anyone feeling the same way about something in their life? ☺

J. Law ❤️’s #RevlonBeauty because we believe in the power of makeup to transform. You never know when a fresh face can get you any role—or that walk down the red carpet.

Keeping up with the actor’s latest movie filming and also in touch with your interests 😊.

Robert Downey Jr. with his hands on his knees focusing intently on a difficult task, in the midst of chaos

Chilling with Matt Bomer, Actor & Humanitarian, in Soho 📸 Follow @jamesyessaidas

I’m living for a Daniel Day Lewis performance in Spielberg feature film. #TomIsBack

Keanu Reeves, the star of John Wick: Chapter 2, talks about his role in the movie. 👋👀

The story of a small-town magician and his friendship with a giant rabbit named Harvey. Starring Colin Firth, Miss Clarke, and Helena Bonham Carter.

After working & living in Hollywood for so many years, this is what I’ve learned: It’s not the failures, it’s how you respond to those failures that truly defines who you are as an artist.

Tom Hanks turned into the title role in “The Circle” – playwright of the hit Broadway musical “Lucky Guy,” star of the movies “Big”,

Meet the man of the hour @joshgad. To celebrate his new book, we’ve made a list of his top 5 favorite things.

Keep exploring and creating, @steven_seagal. 🎥

Our favorite day of the week? Friday, when we get to see @joshbrolin. See him in #KingsmanTheGoldenCircle. In theaters October 6.

In his most intriguing role to date, Derek Luke

“I’m going to have to get really really really really really really really really really really really really good, like O-M-G so good, like Michael Jackson with a dance move in every dance move good.” – Lin Manuel Miranda

Mr. Big could never. You’re the only one that my heart breaks for.

Ryan Gosling’s latest movie gives the phrase babysitting a whole new meaning 😜

Preparing for the release of his new film, Ben Affleck ✌️😍.

Making the most of this gorgeous weather before fall rains set in. -Jack Sparrow

Oscar winner, Golden Globe-nominated actor, and #WCW Jake Gyllenhaal sources his inspiration to play a character not just from the script but also from the location. He earns an Emmy nod for playing Lou Bloom alongside other stellar performances.

We’re going to have to have a serious talk about your wardrobe in Cloud Atlas.

A family of one can be an odd thing, but it’s where I found my strength—my ability to stand up to adversity and persevere. #GoodLuckCharlie

..on what could be his final episode, Sherlock faces the biggest challenge of his career…and quite possibly, life.

In his breakout role in Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, Bradley Cooper proved why he’s on track to becoming one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors.

Not wasting my time on those who don’t appreciate a good beard. Apparently, the youth are into beards.

I’m a huge fan of Nicolas Cage, who is known for his numerous movies, from dramas to action thrillers. Here is an inspiring quote from him: “I just like the idea of being able to get on with flying leaps of faith and having expectations met rather than disappointed.” -Nicolas Cage

This season’s must-see TV: A new drama starring your most favorite actor, starting this fall on ABC.

John Krasinski is one of my favorite actors: he acts in a very serious role in a movie, quiet and smart but with the girls, he appears warm and cute.

Like many of you, I’m a huge fan of Oprah. She had this to say about Denzel Washington:

The next best thing to being on set with you is getting closer by chatting about your craft. I’m so excited for our Netflix series. #actorlife

The star who had audiences and critics asking “who are you?” has two Academy Awards, one Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his breakout role. #HeathLedger

You thought you had seen it all? Well, think again, because there’s always a Mark Karan show in the works.

In theaters October 18th. A must-see on the big screen.

Congrats to Ah, that’s good by @johannabanks for winning best screenplay.

Hey #AAPL, @iamchrishemsworth has a fan!

In a never-before-told interview with Bob (that’s me), @BobSmithActor opens up about his role in the new crime drama #WorstDriver

If you love wine, if you love the character that is Cooper Barrett then please check out Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life on FOX. The series premieres Wednesday, Jan 25 9:30/8:30c on FOX.

We’re living our best life right now. Quote us on that. 😁💃

Suits, tuxedos, and uniforms are all inspired by Nicholas’s original style.

Happy birthday, #BradPITT !! Thank you for your enduring contributions to film!! 🎈

I’m not a good actor. I’m just a great actor.

It is an amazing feeling to work with the fabulous Steve Martin!!

—–Today’s the day! The biggest movie of the summer is now playing.

Andrew Garfield’s career in 10 movies from ‘The Social Network’ to ‘Silence.’

The 40th annual @mtv Movie & TV Awards are airing live at 8 p.m. ET! Tune in to @mtvmovieawards for more info and to see the show on your local channel! #MTVMovieAwards

From his early days as a child actor to his breakout performance on the Netflix Original series, Stranger Things.

Championing the cause of inclusion—and a damn fine actor, too. Humbled to have been chosen for this year’s Change Maker Award.

Anchored in his resolve to bring positive change and joy, from his latest release to the upcoming Season 6 of Suits.

For your next movie, check out this script from a talented new filmmaker.

Jake Gyllenhaal shoots scenes for his upcoming movie in a rural town north of Boston.

No one can make a pink look that good. #SayHelloToTheSelection

Jared Leto is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film Dallas Buyers Club.

Celebrating [Actor’s name] wildly successful year – 2018 SAG Award for [name of movie]

The multi-talented star picks his dream role.

I enjoyed working with A-lister actors so and so again onset of the big budget feature film.

Timothée Chalamet has proven his worth by taking on the role of a father in one of the most serious dramas of the Fall/Winter season.

There’s an art to the ambiguous statement, which has the potential to be read in multiple ways. Of course, we could be talking about the film here, but let’s be real—we’re mainly referencing this photo. Welcome back, Joaquin.

When an actor is appreciated for his work

With an all-star cast on board and a superstar director at the helm, there’s no way that this movie is going to disappoint. 🎥

From the Big Apple to the Big Screen, we’re proud to continue our partnership with the one and only @michaelb4jordan through the end of 2019. #sheenysheensoda #TheTrumanShow20

We are the ones to watch-winner of the year goes to him. He has a great fan following across the globe.

James Franco knocks it out of the park in his portrayal of a big league baseball player in The Disaster Artist!

Check out our interview with the amazing actress and women’s rights advocate, Ashley Judd.

Laurence Fishburne to star in ABC crime drama Eyewitness. Multi episode arc playing a former cop who becomes a PI.

I’m here to tell the story of our future. Here’s to the next 100 years #heineken100years

The most common cause of diary intolerance is lactose, which is found in dairy products. Speak to your doctor if you’re concerned.

Audiences around the world fell in love with @jenniferlawrence on the silver screen. Now, they may find out what she’s like in real life when she stars alongside @tomhardy in #Bourne5.

Bad boy gets a role as a caring husband in ‘Heaven Sent,’ the new film from writer-director Rafe Finley, who is also the star.

John Krasinski is sweet on the cover of our Autumn Style Issue. Read the story on pg.88.

Acting is a small slice of everything else I do. It’s nice to be able to do different things and explore different things.

From a child star to NY Times Best-Selling Author—there are no limits to your potential. #NeilPatrickHarris

Check out what is happening in the world of movies, TV, and cable. Keep up with interviews, news, and more from your favorite actors on An Inspirational Space.

As a child, Kevin Costner starred in the TV drama “The Oregon Trail,” and has remained active in acting ever since.

Xavier Dolan has captivated audiences for his controlled yet unpredictable, heart-wrenching style that’s refined by his impressive filmography.

Directed by Spike Lee ▁▂▃▅, Inside Man is a 2006 crime thriller film.

We’re ready to take on the weekend. Who’s with us?

As you can imagine, there were a lot of moving parts to bring this vision to life. We’re thrilled with the final #handmade product and excited for you to watch @stevenspielberg’s #ReadyPlayerOne in theaters on March 29th! 🎥🎬

The final installment of @seriesfinale‘s interview with @username. Check it out for more about him and his projects

Making something powerful – like art – is not easy. So when it happens, I celebrate with pure joy. 😮

My favorite actor is one of the nicest most humble people in his profession: Tom Hanks.

There’s only one thing better than watching Johnny Depp on the screen—and that’s watching him at the theater.

Lead on, Don Cheadle, in your upcoming role as Miles Davis.

Check out [Actor name] in his brand new action-packed crime movie—that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. 😱

In theaters now: Damien Chazelle’s First Man, starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong.

I’d rather be reading. On the set of my new movie, #thegirlwiththejob when I’m not acting the part of a photojournalist . . . I am reading actual newspapers and magazines.”

In honor of #WorldOceansDay and the fight to protect our seas, we’re shining a spotlight on Earth’s greatest treasure: Our Oceans.

Part of the Dior Homme Spring 2016 runway collection, James Marsden was spotted at Paris Fashion Week.

The Emmy® Nominees for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series include Anthony Anderson, Donald Glover, Bill Hader, William H. Macy, Larry David, and Jeffrey Tambor.

Learn how actor @jimmyfallon stays healthy while still getting a good workout in at the gym.

Sam Rockwell will star alongside Matt Damon in director George Clooney’s newest movie, “Suburbicon.”

Taron Egerton is featured in the award-winning film, Rocketman. Watch the trailer here:

It’s time to get suited up for #Suited. Watch the trailer for Season 2 of our hit series, arriving September 20 on Apple Music.

Our crime scene is bigger than yours.


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