Cat Quotes and Captions for Instagram

When you get a new cat, it’s important to find the best possible Instagram captions for cats. Because without the perfect caption, your cat photos might not be as exciting or funny.

Cat Quotes and Captions for Instagram

We bring our cats on every photoshoot because they add so much to the set. They’re fun, silly, and in their own world and it adds a sense of quirkiness to what we do. ☺️ 🐈 💕✌️

If you haven’t already, welcome your feline friend to our community of quirky, curious, and charming cat lovers. We can’t wait to hear all about their 9 lives, the mischief they’re always getting into (and maybe see a few cute photos).

Scoap up some kitty love with our wide selection of cat food and treats, available at any Walmart!

CATS. The most photogenic subjects you will ever capture.

This product is the best. We always have that one cat or dog who just can’t hit their target in the litter box, and this is the only product that makes sure they get it right every time!

Cats and coffee were made for each other. ✔️😻☕️

Everything about #catsofinstagram says you need to be following @thebodegaboyz

The first rule we learned about mother cats: their protective nature. The kitten was thoroughly loved and cared for by either a momma cat or the whole family.

From across the sea of ideas, our two companies came together to make this striped turtleneck shirt that’s paired perfectly with all your high waisted pants. #coolcatNOTcoolcat

The cats that have made it, are the cats that have kept on no matter what. Those are the smartest cats.

Getting ready for a presentation, I need my sidekick, Rascal. 😻

For a free estimate, call now or fill out the pre-estimate form on our website. We’ll visit your home in a jiffy! 🐱

Feeling your fall fashion? We’re totally swooning over this floral sweater dress, and it’s only available for a limited time…

I’m a true cat lover who knows the value of grooming . . . and naps. #catcaptions

Cat parents get it. Some days the crazy is just too much, and you have to find a way to release the frustration.

In a world where so much is decided for us, we don’t have that luxury. You know the kind of cat you want to be, so go out there and be that cat!

Introducing Pet-Finder, the only online pet adoption platform that searches by breed and personality.

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the complex interactions between humans and felines. That’s why we collaborate with your cat—or cats if you have more than one—to create a customized, wellness plan designed specifically for them 😻

The latest entry in an ongoing series of “cool cats,” in which we feature cats that are really cool.

We’re so excited to be working with Gracie Lou Freebush and the National Cat Groomers Institute of America on this campaign for our NourishDog line! Be sure to visit Gracie Lou’s website for more fun doggy grooming tips.

It’s a cat-eat-world out there. Be a trendsetter and make the move to Evolution Fresh Organic Juice Co. 😸

We are proud to work with hundreds of leading shelters including Humane Society and ASPCA, providing support in the form of direct donations, grants, corporate volunteerism, and in-kind product donations. #adoptdontshop

The Internet is all aflutter about our new offerings. Check out this article to read more about our black cat and the first white cat with green eyes in the world . . . . . . . . #straypaws #observationalpost

When you look this good, who needs a reason to smile? 😎

Let the adoption magic begin! Adopt a loving cat in need this week. #AdoptDontShop

Cat lovers drink more coffee. ☕🐈

Ready, aim, score. Move to the next level with this sleek and intelligent robot vacuum. If Cat’s away, life takes care of itself.

Nothing says sophisticated grooming quite like good old-fashioned style. From hair to nails, we’ve got you covered. For your cat, the you-est you.

Always stay ahead of the game: #LearnMoreEveryday with @BusyCatHQ

Exploring the purr-fect side of life 🐱

Looking for a better cat box? The Litter-Robot III Open Air is the most advanced automatic self-cleaning litter box on the market, taking the chore out of cleaning up your kitty’s litter mess.

Cats don’t fight for territory. They just mark their space.

The loneliest place in the world is a cage. Poke meow.

Because you can never be too secure. #blackcat

Your black tie viewing party just wouldn’t be complete without our Black Tie Roast, before sipping on a cognac with your friends. Please enjoy responsibly.

Enriching the world through health, nutrition, & wellness ~ step by step.

Start your week off right with a Caturday upgrade for you and your feline companion: Download our new Cat Lovers’ Planner app and save on PetSmart #CatLoversApp

If it weren’t for our cats, no one would watch cat videos.

The #1 cat food in the world invites you to meet our furry friends! Built with love, inside and out ™.

We all know cats are the best – now it’s official! We are so excited to share that we’ve been listed once again in the world’s most trusted pet brands…

Cat’s don’t care if you are a cat person or not, they will still love you just the same.

Your furry best friend will love lounging in the sun on this gorgeous day! Watch our feline crew take in the great outdoors. Who makes the better model?

The play of light and shadow makes every feline look good. Their natural curiosity and affectionate nature help make for some amazing photos.

Cats aren’t just cute, they keep our homes healthy too.

We try to stay fashionably on brand, even when we get caught napping.

What’s your go-to #youtube channel? We would love to watch our favorite ♥️ with you!

Just in time for the weekend, a new playground awaits.

The best part of a cold morning like this is my tail hanging out the window☀

Feeling a little indecisive? Then let us help you out.

Sitting in on our weekly office meeting to ensure directions are communicated clearly.

It’s obvious that petting a cat can reduce stress and make you smarter. You will always be whisked away to euphoria with our natural grooming line.

We’re not petsitters. We’re not convenient. We’re personal. Welcome to your new best friend. #meow

Treat your cat and you both will feel great.

Wise words: Smiling cats have healthy teeth, research has found. Try Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct dry cat food.

Contentment is having a full bowl, a warm lap, and the purr of a feline companion. Meow.

The New DEO Pet Gel in our wipes has been specially formulated to gently clean and deodorize your pet after every trip 🐾😎

Focus on the language and format of your caption. Your Instagram caption should stand out against the background of your post and make it easy for people to read.

When you’re juggling a million things at work, it’s nice to have someone who can make you laugh. 🐱

bringing you the world’s most intelligent and innovative products 🤖

Leaving work just to enjoy my lunch break and “catching up on my favorite TV” 😜

It’s hard work catching mice. Sleep is imperative to a healthy life. Having pets makes it easier for you to get your recommended 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Be neat and chic like me. There’s no need to be a pest. My Tailor has your style covered.

It is better to sit back and listen than it is to talk and not be heard.

Happy Caturday! Here are some cute, curious, and cuddly ways to show off your cat pics. 😸😻💙♻️

New from @Kittenhood, our line of designer kitten apparel, now available at retailers nationwide.

From pouncing postures to carefree kitten stretches, the Cat collection is sure to help you stay fresh and calm in the face of any situation.

Cats are social animals that thrive when they have other cats. Let’s get a group of us together to help the cats at our shelter find their purr-fect match.

As a family-run business of 4,000+ feline friends, we’re passionate about promoting responsible pet care. Join us in following the #NoKillCities initiative!

If your hands are full, let Purina be your second pair of hands. Visit our website to learn more about all the cat food varieties we have to offer.

Find every cat lover’s favorite coffee flavors when you buy three bags of coffee from our page and get an extra bag of coffee for free.

We’re CATS about keeping our word. If a problem ever arises, we’ll make it right even if it takes us all the way to your front door…I mean, that is our promise.

In the market for a furry best friend?

We make every day perfect with coffee that tastes that good.☕

We’re so excited to partner with @peta2! Together, we’ll be working towards the goal of a vegan world. Visit our Instagram page to see how you can help, too!

Let’s cuddle up over a cool summer drink.

So many coffee beans. So little time.

The truest test of friendship is time.

Purrrfect opportunity for pet parents to get their fur babies in the photo!

Are you a cat person? We want to know. Share your cat photos by using the hashtag #catsofinstagram and tag @HeadAndShoulders.

Making the most out of my 9 lives. #catsofinstagram

It’s been a wild few weeks—a new position, a new city, a new coffee order (soy milk, one-and-a-half Splenda)—but our kitty is finally adjusting to the big move and enjoying L.A. life with us.

Break life’s stresses, not your bank account. At Purina ONE, providing the ideal balance of nutrition for a happy cat is our number one priority.

Are you passionate about making a difference? Then we want to hear from you! #Purinaone

No job is too big, no pup is too small. We’re here to protect all the things you love.

Keep your pets’ health in check this fall with a vet visit.

Be a purrfect employee by following our coffee guidelines to make sure you’re giving your customers the best tasting drinks.

A Special Day Everyone Deserves a Home

#ShowYourSoftSide and get Radiate Cosmetics wholesale prices today and treat yourself to the luxury skincare products you deserve.

Curious about #realcats? Pop into the gallery on Sunday at the @metmuseum for a special pop-up, Cat Videos: A Moving Picture Exhibition (#thisisamovement) 🐱

At @Drink_Cat, we make coffee our way—and that ́s the purr-fect way.

Let us help you reduce the human pet population and increase yours when you sign up to be a cat foster parent through our program – Cat Foster Parents are Heroes.

Treat your cats right and they’ll always be by your side. Whether you’re chilling at home together or out and about doing fun things–and new things–like a little jeffleying!

Doing your best meow for the camera.

Discover why more people prefer to receive our emails than any other cat food company on the web. 🐱☕

Crazy over cats? So is our employee of the month, Amira! Read all about her in our newsletter. 😺

Introducing the new Challenger: The $17K Cat. It’s easy to maintain and care for. All you need to do is clip its nails and use a soft-bristle brush when it sheds.

Smarty is the world’s smartest feeder. And it learned to talk by watching videos of cats. 😻

Cats give their paws to those who are most appreciative of them.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. And our Purrfect™ litter Box is designed with a high wall to help manage your cat’s litter box habits, plus all the features that ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for your cat.

We don’t care if it’s a little crazy. Email us at to schedule an appointment today.

Increase your reach with a captivating cat photo. Winning! 😻

Charming #flawless photography that captures the spirit of the cat in a variety of poses, demonstrating a cat’s ability to sit or stand with elegance. Cuteness = 🐈 🍳 😻 ❤️ 🧚🏻‍♀️ 😸

I See: You’re thinking of adopting a cat…but also worried about creating yet another Instagram account. Relax. I’ll handle it. #yourefired

We’re cat owners, too. We know how frustrating it is when feline fur ends up on your drapes, upholstery, and sometimes even your clothing.

Achieve greatness with Purina Cat Chow’s Tender & Crunchy cat food. Serving up big flavors to your favorite furry friend, it will have them purring any time of day.

You found one of our family’s newest members, Scarlett. Help find her a home for life by sharing!

Cats are natural hunters. To be happy and thriving, they require exercise, attention, and a diet high in protein ⚖️🐈

We never stop creating because our machine is always on. This weekend we’re celebrating technology at the #MakerFaire in Silicon Valley. #MakerOfAwesome

You never have to be afraid again—because Fluffy is there for you.

Bring smiles to coworkers visiting your office, and patients receiving care on your floor. Assure them they’re in good hands.

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Forget the sun—you’re the star of your own private solar system. Use smooth Duo to highlight and contour, and get professional results at home

Our cats in the office are no joke. They may act like kids, but we take them seriously.

Cleaning? Checking out the latest cat tree? Or just basking in the glory of this beautiful weather? Let us know how you’re spending your weekend at the We ❤️ Cats Day Spa. 😺

At work or at play, cats and coffee make everything better.

I’m a people person, I love to be petted and I like to sit in window sills. If you think we’d make a good match, come see me at the Humane Society.

Purr-Fect. Stop into your local Foley’s today and say hello.

We provide specialized care for cats. Click link to learn more about our services. Link to website

The purrs are back. Introducing a whole new range of cat food that’s packed with the flavors your kitty will love.

How does Fido know that you’re thankful for all he does? He knows it’s ‘cause he’s on a Purina ONE® SmartBlend® Healthy Weight SM dry cat food.

Purr-perfectly put together and marrrrengo ready, Felina Furr brings you the best of Los Angeles style.👗

If finding a sense of inner peace is your goal, a new study suggests a simple way to reduce stress. Focus on your cat’s face, one researcher says.

We’ll go far as a team, so buckle up and grab your mew-seats! Let’s go places!

If you wish to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.

This week, we celebrate the perfectionists who help us share our love of cats with the world.

At Catco our purpose is to create humane cat products that provide a safe, clean environment for our feline friends.

We would love to work with you on your next Feline related project.

It’s not all fun and feline games at the office.

A dog said, “A cat has her own mind and knows what she’s doing”. At least that’s what we think she was saying.

Home of the happy meal and pet of the day, McDonald’s invites you to share your unforgettable pet photos with us on #PetDay.

Will those be treats or toys? Find out tonight on @CNN. 9 pm.

Meet our little @peteythepug and his best friend, Alex.

The quietest click you’ll ever hear is a cat’s sneaking footsteps.

Ladies, it’s not just about the legs—meow about your hands and feet. 😸

People don’t just fall into our laps—they talk to us, visit us, and give us photos (of themselves!). Why?

We all have our best moments and our worst, but together we can make sure as many of yours are the former, as possible. 🐈

Since 1945, coffee has fueled our passion for progress. Today, we’re the largest coffee company in the world.

For an adorable and stylish look, wear your hair slicked back in a high pony. To copy the style, use the Kenra #DrySculpting Styling Gel in Firm.

Welcome to the Cat Cafe, where all of your worst nightmares come true.

Helping thousands of cats and kittens find their purr-fect match through our love and care.

Is a cat really just a cat? Not at Starbucks. We’re raising the bar on our feline friends. 🐱 #meowmail

Introducing the first food delivery by drone in the country. Our cats deserve only the very best, so we developed a multi-step feeding process prior to delivery by drone:

Dive into what your customers love about you. And we’re not talking about morning coffee ☕️😉#catsofinstagram

Commitment, patience, and baking soda will get you to a fluffy kitty.

Join us this Halloween for a spooktacular Catamaran cruise, featuring giveaways and special tricks and treats for your kitty

The busy bee always has something to say, but it’s our silent workers that keep the hive humming. And at SitterCity we’re always looking for the best collaborators — both furry and human.

Here’s how to keep your cool in the heat of summer. #DontRileTheCats

For every one of you, there is a meow to be heard.

No matter what you throw at us, we will always land on our feet (we’re also very agile) 😹

Sensing someone else’s feelings. We’ve all been there, huh? 😸

If you want to be the ultimate summer beach babe, throw on some pink.

Enjoy your coffee ☕, where our baristas go the extra mile and make sure you get that perfect blend 😉

Proud Sponsor of the cat charts, worldwide!

Cats are a time-honored Internet trope, but they need not be forever alone. Be a part of their rich history and shameless self-promotion by becoming royalty yourself.

Kitty. me is about bringing people closer to animals. We do this by providing a platform for the benefit of shelters and rescues all over the world and promoting animal welfare.

We’re not just a coffee company, we’re a coffee-and-cats company. 🐱❤️

Please take your cat to the vet today to get them covered by a health plan.

Meow! A day in the life of our happy Team O: C #Oatmealcat

Celebrating a perfect cause with a heartwarming story: complete with snuggles and an impossibly fluffy kitten. We’re so glad that this little guy is back on his paws, and we hope you will be, too.

Advice on how to keep your cat happy and healthy

Our felines have a special bond and ability to thrive in our homes, but we know that heading outdoors to explore is where they thrive even more. 🐱🌲

Cats see the world in a whole other way. That’s why it’s important to keep them healthy and well-groomed.

Here is a quick guide to keeping your feline well-groomed.

Since the Internet has no chill 😅, we’re reminding you to settle in and savor the things that matter most this fall. Sip long, enjoy slow, and savor it 👌

Perfectly crafted to create a beautiful, natural look while nourishing your skin.

There’s always time for a little cattitude.

We’re going to need a bigger box.

Tens of millions of adorable kittens were born in the United States last year, one of the highest numbers on record, according to @ americancatleague.

Purina Treats for Cats is about doing what you love as much as we do. We respect your independence, celebrate your authenticity and realize that you are a reflection of your cat.

It’s hard not to love #catstagram 🐱 💞

Working to make life better for pets in our city and beyond, Memphis Animal Services is looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist.

The 🐱 king of #Petstyle is coming to the stage. Watch @theellenshow Thursday at 4 pm EST!

Taking a page out of our feline friends’ book, this fall (and every fall), we’re treating life with curiosity and playfulness as we learn how new possibilities can open up and lure us in.

Let’s rub velvet paws together and make this the purrrfect caption!

No matter what the day brings, a scratch of your ears and a purr of your name will always brighten up my day.

Big cats don’t have to spend their days on concrete and chain-link fences. Donate today to help our big cats be pampered at the Big Cat Sanctuary!

HUGE news, friends! Today (NOPE, not giving it away). Tune in tomorrow for the big reveal.

That facial expression when you realize you need to learn how to properly cut a fishtail braid.

If you think architecture is proportional, have a look at this #chiccondo. Contact us now!

Welcoming back languid days of summer. With mornings like these, there’s no need to ask if it’s the weekend – you can tell by the songbirds.

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