Elephant Captions for Instagram

Elephant captions are a small, but important detail. Everybody knows how important it is to have a good copy on your images. However, adding good captions is often something that people overlook, which is why they aren’t used as often as they should be. Good captions will help you to convey a point clearly and even provide additional information about the subject of the image.

Elephant Captions for Instagram

It’s always a good day when you get to work with elephants.

When your best friends are elephants, the world is a playground.

Get behind the scenes with our new multimedia web platform where you’ll get to catch a glimpse of our elephants off the stage and in their habitats.

Elephants are the kindest animal in nature. They never attack humans, even when provoked. #elephants

To learn more about elephant conservation efforts, click here: [link to website]

If you looked into an elephant’s eye and saw a reflection of your soul, what color would you want it to be?

Always be yourself. Unless you can be an elephant

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Shhh – don’t tell the other elephants but I think we’ve been making noise pollution by stomping around during the nighttime. Tweet this to get our attention.

We’re making it a priority to #protectrhinos. Join us in the fight to stop poaching and save these beautiful animals. savingwildelephants.com

With a new #ElephantsOnTheLoose story, National Geographic is capturing the world’s forests, showing wildlife and indigenous people that co-exist with them.

Embraced by her friends, the girl hugs back 💗

When inspiration strikes, get to it!

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Waking up smiling doesn’t happen by accident. Make sure it does with #ElephantCoffeeDunkinDonuts ☕ Daredevil.

Elephant is proud to support and partner with @savetheelephants in their conservation efforts around the world.

Provides elephant preservation and education through support of the non-profit Elephant Family.

Every time I see an elephant, there is a tap on my shoulder from deep inside me that says: “This is one of those you will remember forever.”

Lucid. Responsible. Elephant 🐘

Start a journey. Start an elephant.

The world’s largest land animal, the elephant is a joy to behold. An intelligence on par with humans and a sense of familial devotion that mirrors our own, there is much to admire about these beautiful creatures.#mondaymotivation #elephants

The way people used to talk about elephants enlightened you. You always listened, amazed at how they were so special and beautiful to so many people. ❤

Elephants have a long memory and they never forget.

Elephants Eat biscuits on the delta of the Okavango River in Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve

We’ve been around since 1847, but we’re always looking toward tomorrow. #HASHTAG

I’m not lost, I’m on an adventure 🌎

Elephant apparel makes great gifts for men and women. Our designs are printed on top of the line t-shirts, hoodies, and even cell phone cases!

Elephants never forget, so when you travel to Africa, keep your memories where they are—in elephant’s memories.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Elephant Song, Africa’s leading elephant conservation charity.

Happy Birthday to the ultimate elephant ambassador, working to give animals a voice and protect their future. We’re cheering you on!

Elephants are the biggest land mammals on Earth and in the history of Earth. They are powerful animals, yet gentle giants.

We are a leading international conservation organization focused on saving wild elephants and stopping the illegal trade in ivory.

Elephants have remained one of the strongest symbols of Thailand’s national identity and the most important cultural icon in Thai history, religion, art, and folklore.

Endangered since 1986, our planet’s largest land animal is on the rise thanks to decades of conservation efforts. There are now over 415,000 elephants in Africa and a growing number…

The Elephant’s Child is a happy and upbeat story about the importance of noticing the world around us. Reading this short classic will help children understand how important it is to look at the world in new ways, and think outside the box.

Elephants are great at teamwork. Did you know they have a strong sense of family, and that each member plays an important role in their herd? 🦍

Some days it feels like I’m in a creative movie.

Four out of five dentists agree that music is sensational for the growth of children.

Grab a spot of time today to take care of yourself—because you’re nice, loyal, and worth it. ❤️🐘

Elephant is a full-service branding agency and design studio. Our specialties are creative strategy and brand identity projects for companies around the world.

At Elephant, we want our customers to understand the joy of their new family members. We are here to make pet ownership a positive experience for both you and your pet.

Elephant is the most autonomous robot on the planet. Run on batteries and controlled by a person from far away, Elephant uses its array of sensors to steer itself safely through busy or unknown environments, mapping routes and learning autonomously along the way.

Leading by example is the Elephant way. Our customers love our coffee and we love them right back. So today, we’re celebrating our friends, family, and elephant-loving community.

Elephant is the world’s leading wildlife and nature conservation NGO with over 40 years of experience protecting threatened animals and their habitats.

Rhinos are so cool, but we’re all about elephants. Elephants use their trunks to smell and touch. They usually travel in herds and can live 50 years+.

We’ve got a lot of love to give, so we’re always on the lookout for ways to give back. Help us share our love with elephants 🐘 📸 @jcchanga

Elephant ears are an exciting new way to wear the season’s irresistibly loud patterns 🎀.

Elephants are the largest land animals on earth and inhabit forests and savannahs of Africa and Asia.

Every day we work to make Facebook a place that fosters and inspires positive connections between people.

Ultimately, the only difference between a rut and your grave is your choice.

Hope is a kind of faith that life will be better tomorrow than it is today. – Vaclav Havel Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. – Dalai Lama

An elephant never forgets. An elephant never forgets your location or browsing history. Elephant is a detective agency for online detectives. Remember, an elephant never forgets.

As one of the most successful influencers you will come across, it doesn’t get much closer to authentic than our elephant tribe.

We love elephants. We know you do too. Learn all about our favorite pachyderms on Elephants International.

We’re still as big-hearted as ever. Here’s to you—and all you do for the Asian elephant and for wildlife conservation.

It’s National Elephant Day and we’re celebrating these pachyderms who, along with their families and friends, help protect some of the world’s most precious natural habitats.

It’s the month of April and Elephants will celebrating their month of birth. They are always the symbol of peace and they really understand what is happiness in their world.

Elephant. Protecting humans and the environment, stop ivory poaching

Elephants don’t forget. Remember the kindness you show another soul, and that person will often remember you – African Proverb

We’ve been at it for over 100 years, so we must be doing something right. Seen any of our ads yet? 😜

Every day we are moving away from a world where elephants are exploited towards one that empowers them at last. Join us in building this future. #EndWildlifeTrafficking

It’s about the moments. We found them. You capture them. #themoreyouknow

People’s Choice Winner of the 2018 Webby Award for Best App, Elephant is a photo-editing app that delivers fun photo filters, creative effects, and editing tools.

This week’s episode is brought to you by Elephant 🐘 !

Leaders in wild space conservation and in the products they offer, Elephant Footprints is an international charity with a Colorado mission. It’s not just a job, it’s a calling.

We’ve been captivated by the elephants everywhere we go. They’re strong, they’re beautiful, they’re wise, and they stay connected. True elephant addicts know exactly what we mean. #elephantsforlife

We love elephants because they are beautiful, intelligent, and enigmatic. We also love elephants because they all have unique personalities, just like human beings, who are always in a joyous mood!

The Thai Elephant Art Conservation Project: A partnership between Thailand and the U.S. in the conservation of African and Asian elephants. #elephantconservation

Today, a new generation of elephants is claiming the world. #ElephantGlyphs

Come and spot these strong, brave, playful African elephants in the wild Ever since I was 10 years old, I’ve wanted nothing more than to help these majestic creatures.

We believe in bravely going after goals and overcoming obstacles, whether personal or professional. We also believe in #Elephant never forget.

Embrace the Elephant in the Room – Because elephants don’t have doors…

The elephant is one of the biggest land animals in the world, but they are also some of the most intelligent.

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Without our nature on the inside, there is no us.

Introducing the newest member of our team: Pavana. We’re all very excited to have the support, guidance, and encouragement of an elephant in this fast paced and ever changing world. #elephant #captions

We’re curious…do you think elephants should be at the circus? #elephantsrock.

Georgia is the home of Zoo Atlanta and the largest elephant exhibit in North America. Elephants are often used as symbols of strength and power.

We’re hiring like elephants do: always on the move, finding smart talent wherever it roams.

We all have our moments when we look down and can’t see all of the good things in our lives. That’s where elephant power comes in. We’re bigger and stronger than we think. And so are elephants. #elephantpower

In awe of the compassionate heart of these brave men and elephants. Needless to say, they easily pass the mirror test. #StayAwoke

Elephants have long been recognized as a symbol of power, wisdom, and good luck in cultures all over the world. Here are a few key examples of elephants in Southeast Asian art.

Elephants are highly intelligent, emotional, and social creatures that can sense good and bad from people.

Elephants are so much more than large mammals. They’re smart, social, and friendly. They’re also an integral part of some of Africa’s most important ecosystems.

Our lives are better when they are interconnected with others. Be empathetic. Be connected. Be kind.

Research led us to these products that help motivate you to save, grow and spend smarter while investing in your future.

Increase your business by using these elephant captions.

At Elephant, our goal is to make sure you get the right part at the right time so you can do your best work.

When you bring your best friends together for an unforgettable experience. www.cavajohnsphuket.com #BeTheElephant

They say elephants never forget, and it’s true! Here are some elephant facts to help you remember. ⚡️

Discover the inspirational reasons that elephants attract people across cultures and ethnicities.

An Elephant never forges ahead without a plan, never hesitates in the face of danger, and never looks back when a job is finished.

Perfect Pachyderm pals are waiting for your little one at this top 🐘 store! 🎉 #🌍

We are the largest of all land mammals, but we can be gentle giants if treated with respect.

The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin.

Getting together to solve all the world’s problems, one peanut at a time. ⏰😊

You are stronger than you think.

Elephant is better than the rest.

Plenty of room for both you and an elephant.

Engage with consumers who are interested in elephants and want to know more about elephant conservation.

Elephant walks are easy and soothing, with a unique motion that engages the muscles of the entire body. Help your child find a healthy path to success.

Elephants make some of the most beautiful traveling companions.

For elephants, the process of migration is a long and dangerous undertaking. Help us support the Elephant Crisis Fund to secure a future for these majestic animals.

Protecting an elephant’s habitat is a global challenge and a threat that shouldn’t be ignored. Every Elephant counts.

Building a better world by shopping ethically and taking action with the Good Elephant App.

I’m training to be a keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo, which is why I spend every morning crossing items off of lists like this one:

Every intelligent network of neurons is designed with one ultimate goal in mind: stay alive. Like elephants, neuron networks survive by finding patterns—what will hinder it and what will help it.

A trunkload of tips to help you through every stage of your career. Reach out and grow.

Dressed up elephant in an elegant party

If every single person in Africa was a carrier of the elephant virus, Africa would still be a safer place than many cities in America. #StopElephantPoaching

I’m miles away because there are elephants under the bed.

Elephants travel quickly, but ALWAYS take time to stop and SMELL the roses 🌹.

Elephants are the kind of animal that never forget, they are very close-knitted and supportive of one another and their memory capacity is even greater than the human brain.

Battling ivory poachers & illegal ivory trade since 1989.

We’re sending our love to @sillymomo, one of the dolphins rescued from the #trashisland in Thailand. 🐘🐳

They don’t forget, they don’t forgive, and they never let go.

We’re all about the big picture.

Just another afternoon working hard at the gym 💪💪💪

Working at Elephant is like being in the coolest club in town. Meet our team.

Just one of 20+ free elephant sticker sheets from ElephantApp. Use code ELEPHANT15 for 15% off.

Elephant has been helping businesses in the hospitality sector answer their customer engagement needs since 2006.

At Elephant, we don’t standstill. Our work moves at the pace of a fast moving world and at the power of one strong idea.

We’re hiring! Ever dream of working with elephants? Elephants World has opportunities for you. To apply, click here.

The Elephant Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that provides lifetime care for elephants who have retired from the entertainment and zoo industries, are surplus or have been confiscated from the illegal trade, or have impaired health.

The park has been doing it for years and now, so can you! This video will teach you all about elephant behavior. 😎

Fact: elephants are the only animals that have four knees. 🐘 let’s hear your thoughts on this fact!

Elephant never forgets Elephant forgets nothing Elephant always remembers Elephant’s memory is elephant-sized Elephant’s memory is an elephant-friendly Elephant never forgot Elephant forgets no one Elephant prefers elephants

We’re honored to protect these elephants.

Established in 1986, we’re an award-winning creative boutique specializing in brand communication and advertising

The world’s largest animal is the elephant. Elephants have up to 18 pairs of ribs and their brain is similar in size to that of a dog. The sizes of the tusks differ, with the males having bigger tusks than females.

Join us in extending our deepest sympathies to the family, friends, and colleagues of Chai Srepok, who were killed while on patrol.

You’re at the front of the line. You hold your destiny in your own trunk.

We’re looking for Captions for our campaign that bring about an uplifting and peaceful feeling.

The Elephant Polo Safari is a 10-day tusk-tastic journey through the wilds of Africa.

Elephants have remained a cultural asset through decades and have remained a source of inspiration and enjoyment for people across generations.

The Elephant is one of our most popular styles. Shop now!

An Elephant never forgets, especially where it left its keys.

For elephants, the highly social herd is a family. A loving family that’s always there for each other. Like us here at Levi’s. We’re all in this together.

We are dedicated to protecting elephants and their habitats for future generations. Your support allows us to continue our mission.

Majestic elephants uniting as one to save their habitat. We’re at our best when we work together.

The migration of the African Elephant is one of Mother Nature’s greatest feats.

Dear rival safari outfits in town—if you want to attract customers, hand out some of our evocative, aromatic mahogany tea.

With a Diamond trunk card, you can travel in stellar style.

How do you stay awesome? Thank your mom. A study has found that people with a happy childhood give more to their community and find meaning in life. But not just that, they have better friends, too.

Philanthropy is not optional, it’s a necessity.

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