Father and Daughter Quotes and Captions for Instagram

A father and daughter friendship is a beautiful thing, I am sure that is true for the vast majority of fathers and daughters. And to be frank you will find very little material out there on this topic. Most people are more interested in these types of relationships outside the family. which is why I put those lovely collections for you to use.

Father and Daughter Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Father and daughter getting cozy this holiday season. ☺️

…for my dad and me. He’s always been a kid at heart, so I knew if anyone could make a fun Father’s Day craft, it would be him.

Laughter fills the car along with the crisp November air. I love the time I get to spend with you #dadlife #fancydan

Having brunch with my old man is the best part of having a dad. 😍

My Dad is my favorite person to spend time with. He always makes me laugh and we never run out of things to talk about.

You’re a gem, Dad. Here’s to you— and to all the dads out there. Thank you for being an exemplary role model for me and everyone around you.

We got our picture taken together again at my grandma’s 90th birthday.

Nothing quite like spending a little quality time in the car with your best friend 😉❤️

My dad taught me everything I need to know about life. Yes, even how to shave with a safety razor 😎 .

No matter how old they are, you will always be their superhero.

Any chance to goof off with my little buddy 🙊😊

Nice to see you again man! Must have been decades!

A magician, an artist, and a multi-instrumental musician—all wrapped up in one handsome dude 👨👦

It’s the little moments that matter when you have such a long time to remember. #FatherDaughterBonding

Bonding with dad is, by far, my favorite thing. 😌

Becoming a father changes you. In the same way, becoming friends with your kids changes them. The world looks different when seen through the eyes of a kid, and you’re glad the way you see it has changed so much.

I’m so proud to have my dad as my biggest fan and number 1 #1 supporter. I love you, dad!

Happy Father’s Day to my best friend and biggest fan, Dad. 👪💙

I’d take a bullet for you Dad, but only if you’re within range. Happy Father’s Day! ❤️

Always my favorite relationship. ❤️

Saturday with dad will always be the best day of your week.

Happiest of Father’s Days to my favorite pops! 💙🍭

The funniest part of every day: She wakes me up before sunrise, waits while I make her a bowl of cereal, then we go sit on the front porch and play with my doggies.

Just another shot of my dad and me I. #nofilter

When you’re youngin and your pops decide to take you to good ol’ McDonald’s for a Big Mac and french fries.

Look at you. We have so much to talk about, don’t we?

Because of you, we can do anything. Love, Dad #fatherdaughterday

Nothing like a good old fashioned father and daughter fishing session. ♥ . . . . #jeffdaniels #miami #florida

The way she’s spellbound by her father’s every word might be the cutest thing ever. #FamiliesareForever

Dad on daughter emoji 😍

#My Daddy and I are almost exactly the same height. He makes me so proud, standing there taking these photos with me.

My dad is my best friend and the one who makes me laugh the most. I could always count on him to fix my problems when I was a kid.

Favorite Summer Memory: before every road trip we take we take a photo and send it to my Dad. He would print them out and hang them up in the garage because his “girls” come home occasionally

We haven’t always been the closest of friends, but I’m so grateful for our newfound BFF relationship, or as I like to call it, ‘Best Friend Forcing’ 😉

When your dad has a ’67 Ford you know he’s a real man. He taught me how to drive stick on our old Volvo when I was just a tot. There’s something about him that’s cool—a special bond between son and father that can’t be replicated…

Last weekend on Shelter Island we bbq’d all afternoon with my dad. 🙂☀😎

Me and my buddy. He’s a real good son to have. 😺

When your dad acts more like your friend, and you realize he’s proud of you no matter what.

I look forward to our walks because you make the day brighter. Especially when you listen and we chase squirrels. 😭🐿❤️

Celebrate Dad and Daughter Day with Disney XD this June 17.

Dad, you are my idol and the best example of what it means to be a friend. I love you! 😘

Being the little girl in an old man’s arms–what a time to be alive. 😀😊☺️

Spending this last week with my daughter. She’s amazing and I feel so happy to have her in my life. ☀💕

Putting the finishing touches on Halloween costumes with my co-pilot, Dad.

A friendship like no other. 👨🏻👩🏼👧🏻

I didn’t take this selfie. Dad did. Will post one of me the next time 😉🕶

Hanging with my Pops at the beach

My father is the wind beneath my wings. Thanks for everything, Dad. I love you!

She’s always got my back (and she can’t get enough of pumpkin lattes ☕)

Repost @staynearby Heading to our favorite bookstore, then the hippest cafe in town! #newdadprobs 📚☕️

Happy birthday, Punxsutawney Phil. The world has been waiting for your shadow to see if spring will come early or if we have to wait until next spring

Daniel and I on the trails somewhere.

My dad told me to set my alarm an hour earlier than I need to because “lying in bed eats into productivity.” My mom taught me that the shortest distance between two points is laughter. The best part of my day is being reminded by them both to breathe.👨🏻🍳💛

Father-daughter bond, like no other 😊💕

TBT walking into our home after trick or treating on Halloween, yessssssssssss we were terrifying 😱 you couldn’t tell it was -10C outside…!! That nose tho! #dadjuice #memories #sisterlylove

Like father, like daughter. #FirstDayOfSchool

Best friends since day one. We’ve got your back, Dad. ❤️

You’re never too old to have a best friend. #friendshipgoals

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, who is the most adventurous, creative soul I know. Much thanks for all those great field trips.🌊

Day 2. My daughter is an artist, and I am proud to be her biggest fan.

Good food is the way to my daughter’s heart.

Well, dad, I’m off to explore today. Have fun at work!

We just got to hang out with our favorite daughter. And by “our”, we mean @oliviathebrave 😉 #howcanigetthesunback

Two happy campers. And by happy, I mean fueled with candy and coffee!

Went to visit my dad in the hospital. He’s doing pretty well. We talked a little bit and I sang him a few songs. And then he told me how proud he was of me. Now I’m crying at my desk.

We’re in this together, Little man.

Being daddy’s little girl is a feeling they’ll share forever.

Our favorite dad and daughter duo is back together and we couldn’t be happier! ❤️🐶

The best things in life aren’t things—they’re people. I love you, Daddy.

Hey, dad. Hope you have a great day! And remember, we’re super dads together. ☺️

He whose smile is broader and brighter than his little girl’s has the heart to be feared…

Unlike most pairs we know, dads are never too cool for school. Happy #NationalFathersDay, Dad!

When all else fails, we always have each other. 💛❤ #DadsRule

Two of my favorite people in the whole world. I love my daughter and father, who I’m lucky to have as my dad. It’s been such a fun month hanging out with them 😊

I’m so lucky to have such fun nights with you as my best friend, pizza buddy, and sidekick. #BFF

Got to love this man who’s taught me all I know. Happy Father’s Day pops! 😘😘😘

Hope you’re having a great weekend with your family. Thanks for being an inspiring friend!

Dad always taught me the way. Into my future guides my way. I am filled with wisdom, strength, and pride.

We’re both crazy. I just hide mine better.

I got you old man! You can’t catch me 😎

When you’re as adorable as my best friend’s little girl, there’s no filter needed – No filter! #ILoveMyDad

Helping dad rake leaves, then he helps me with my homework and tells me stories. #daddaughterday

Hey dad! I was thinking we could make a fun fall candle together…

My most favorite person in the world. And yes, she’s my daughter.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I have so many things to say, but all I can think of is how much you’ve done for me in my life. There are no words that could ever tell you just how much I love and appreciate you.

Dad and I…we go way back and have been through a lot together, but we can still make each other laugh like this. Love you, dad! 💙

We are so glad you two were able to be here for our retreat. It was the best medicine for my sad heart. We love you both so much. Love, Tom, and Cora

I look up to my dad a lot and he taught me so much. He’s been a great role model for me throughout my career – I wanted to make a video just to say thank you.

Fun fact: this little girl is my daughter. We spent the afternoon exploring #Pittsburgh together! Our favorites so far have been Zoo and Aquarium. If you’re in town, we highly recommend going for a walk over the 5th avenue bridge- it has killer views of Duquesne Incline/ Fort Pitt area. #PitAdventure

On the raft with Dad 💕

Thanks for the awesome time, Dad! Can’t wait to do it again soon. 💚💛

Started reading a book my dad gave me on his 50th birthday 10 years ago. Can’t wait to finish it, then pass it along to my kids!

Sian and I, week 51: “I will take the tree! How much? 60p? Awesome.”

Hanging out with my little buddy while camping.

How lucky I am to have someone as cool as you in my life to chat about our favorite superhero movies over avocado toast. #dc

I carry my dad with me every day. He’s carried me since before I took my first steps. Our roots are intertwined.

The beauty of friendship is that you don’t need to agree or even see eye-to-eye, but you can still be there for each other.

Traveling the world, going on new adventures—there’s nothing better than family. #ThisIsMyDad

It’s not always easy to talk with your kids about money, but it’s a conversation we can all have. For more tips and tools to help you start the conversation, check out our for Parents.💰

Never leave the things you love behind. #throwbackthursday with papa

Nothing feels quite like spending time with my bestest buddy. ☺

Can’t wait for my next adventure with you. Happy birthday, Papa! 🎉

Just had a crazy day at the office…and just need to finish up a little paperwork with my one-year-old buddy.

Trying out a new spot for dinner with the dad, @daddy_b_one.

He was never too busy for his friends.

Dad and I jam to the songs of Biggie and Jay-Z. Then he drops me off at school like it ain’t nothing #FatherDaughterDay

I always wanted a dad that actually cooked his daughter breakfast in the morning. Now here’s one wish that came true.

Growing up as a kid, all I ever wanted to be in life was my dad’s best friend, and I am so happy that we have a relationship like that now. ❤️

With you by my side, anything’s possible. Love you Dad.

Tag your Dad on the first day of school. ☺️

Grab a coffee with friends and take a pep talk from dad about feeling good about yourself.

When you want to spend time with her and know that she has a fun day planned.😍👏🏼😊

Quality time with my favorite little man.

I’ve loved you since ‘back then… and I’ll love you until ‘forever’ 😉 👶🏻

Happy Holidays to one of my favorite #QPOC’s !!!

Who knew I’d have a mini-me to boss around, but she never disappoints when it comes to testing out new stuff. Weekends with you are the best, kiddo. 😘❤️

Hey dad, whatcha doing? Just picked up my favorite post-gym snack from @powerbar. 😉 #mydadcan

I’ll be your daddy and you’ll be my daughter, but most importantly we’ll just be friends. 😊

How to lose a daughter…, spend all day playing golf; how to win a daughter, take her for sushi, and then buy her expensive high heels.

Best friends since forever. Thanks for always having my back, buddy. #dadsanddaughters #fathersday

Bonding with your dad is always a good time.

Papas are the best. #PapaNoel #ThanksDad #Thanksgiving

Dad and I after a long day helping with Deep Springs Farm.

My dad is my best friend. 👨👩👧

Blessed to see my brother-in-law and his girls tonight. Nothing like spending a Saturday with family. 😎👨👧👦

We love hanging with our pals and these two are number ONE in our books.

We were having so much fun together that we didn’t even realize how long we had been shooting. 😎

“No one is a failure who has friends.”-Bern Williams

Summer, you never looked so good.

Only have eyes for you, my friend.

Captured the feeling of a father and daughter doing fun stuff together 🏞👬🍁

Dad, every time you make me laugh, I feel like a princess, because that’s what princesses do. So thank you for being my real-life prince (and dad). #fatherdaughterday

We love spending quality time together as a family.

The most exciting thing about getting older is watching my kids get older too… and the adventures we go on together.

In the still of the morning, I could almost hear the whisper of your love. Happy Fathers Day, Dad.

There’s nothing better than spending time with my dad 😀😊

Celebrate the perfect Sunday together with my sweetie, dad..☀😆😉❣

So I went to my dad’s house to give him a haircut. Basically, I just tagged along for the ride and pigged out on fruit snacks.🍉

Hey dad, can I have the keys you are holding in your hand?

Had a blast today at the beach with Dad! He taught me about water safety and how to read the waves 🌊🏖️👶✨

Good times are always better with the ones you love most. #TheFishGetsBigger

Shared laughter, discussions about life and business, a capacity for honesty and empathy.

Pumpkin patches, pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin spice lattes #whatcouldbebetter

Are you a dad and daughter duo? Tag us to show us how close you are! 😍

Sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out what to get the man in your life for the holidays. Lucky for you, Dad, your little girl’s got you covered at B😀$#t!

They say that daughters grow up to be the women their mothers. And I’m glad mine grew up to be as cool as you, Dad.

The way she loves her daddy is so pure and innocent. It’s like looking in a mirror at my relationship with my wife.

Father’s and Daughter’s day off to the museum. Fun, perhaps?

You know, despite their differences, that your dad stays up on the latest trends in fashion and pop culture. Because he watches you.

Thanks, Dad! (No caption needed)

Some days we take for granted, others we always remember. Happy Father’s Day Dad! ❤️😇

On Sundays, my dad helps me pick out my clothes for the week. It’s always a tough decision.

Pop and I baked chocolate chip cookies together before he headed off to meet his pals for a bike ride. I have a feeling we won’t share any of these…

This weekend we spent some quality time as a family, catching up with old friends, laughing, and making memories that will last on instagram.com/samuelsoda

Hanging out with my long-lost best bud! ❤️

When you learn to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks, and start hustling toward what you really want—if you fail, eh, not like anyone was expecting much anyway. (Inspiring sometimes)

Be grateful for all those who’ve helped you along the way. Some of your best friends can be found Memories and photos make great #FatherDaughter photos. Use #DadAndMeContest to enter the contest!

Boys will be boys and so will girls! Thanks for the awesome father and daughter moments.

Fashion dad and her granddaughter. They look too much alike to be father and daughter right?

This dad and his daughter have an awesome relationship. He is not afraid to tell stories about what a loser his father was 😂.

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever! I hope you have the best one possible. ☺💙

what a great feeling it is to be with your dad. Thanks for being a great friend.

I’m so lucky my dad is my best friend.

#Dad and I went on an adventure today. The top 3 activities he loves the most? Water, boats, and TACOS! 😂

One of the best things about getting older is all the friends you’ve made along the way.🙌😚

Me and my dad are out tandem kayaking. He taught me to love the outdoors.

If you could only bring one person to a deserted island who would it be? Mine would be her. Love you buddy!

A hike with my dad always makes me feel so grateful for all the amazing things in my life. 😊

In a world that always seems to be in a rush, I’m so glad we can slow down and spend time with each other while talking about life. ❤️

All of us at @fatheranddaughter_co love our new 👦 friend just as much as we love all the dads out there!

Nothing is sweeter than the relationship between a father and his daughter. #WorldFathersDay

This is what a father’s morning looks like with her little girl.☀

If you can’t laugh with your Dad, who can you laugh with? (📹: @courtneylyiot) #ad

People ask me if I have a lucky charm. You’re my lucky charm, Dad. Love you! ❤

What’s your best memory with dad? We’re launching a Father’s Day contest to celebrate you and dads everywhere.

My favorite is when you take me fishing but we don’t catch anything, and I look over at you and you give me a smile that says “this is all the fun we need.”

Nothing clears my mind like spending time at the skate park with my girl _andrews_09.

When a friend’s father is also your friend.

Friends since nineteen-ninety-two, I’ll walk with you anytime. ❤❤❤

Laughter and smiles are what fall’s all about.

We’re just like you! Our father and daughter duo with an amazing story to share—be sure to check it out at the link in bio! 😊

Having the best dad friends! These guys were laughing so hard last night, but most of all I think I was just happy to hear their voices. Nothing like great family friendships. Ahhh 😃

Oh boy… am I gonna miss spending my Saturday mornings at Farmers Market with you two. #daughter #dad

Happy Father’s Day from your favorite friend 💕

Dad and I captured these moments of our time together at the park 🍂 #MyHero

Let’s go, Dad, I’m ready for today.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, who always encourages me and reminds me that no matter how bad it gets, I can get through it. I love him so much.

Your biggest fan, other than yourself is your dad. ✨

Saving my dad from all glitter. laughing at his poor beard height and rolling my eyes as he swears to me that he’s going to use a clipper guard this time.

A good friend understands your mood, and can always put a smile on your face when you need it most. Here’s to our friendship, dad!

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