First Time Kayaking Captions for Instagram

First Time Kayaking Captions for Instagram: Getting someone out kayaking for the first time is a pretty iconic experience. It’s something that you can’t forget. It usually takes some convincing to get someone to try this awesome sport, but once they are on the water, it is a blast! You have to have the best captions if you want to take great pictures of this beautiful moment.


First Time Kayaking Captions for Instagram

Hey all you paddlers, share your story with #firsttimekayaking so we can see how far you’ve come. 😎

First time kayaking this weekend. This is the perfect time of year to get out and explore what’s in our backyard.

Go on a kayaking adventure for the first time, you know it will be a blast! 😎

Everybody is doing it! You will be too when you try a kayak for the first time. Let’s get you out on the water this summer.

Here’s the thing – you don’t need to be a world traveler in order to get a thrill. Try one of our beginner kayaking classes with @seattlerivercenter this Saturday.

Colorful kayak and colorful day equal the perfect time to snap the most insta 💙 thing.

Kayaking is a great way to clear your mind and reconnect with nature. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, the water is always refreshing.

Hey everyone! It’s not too late to go kayaking this weekend. Here are some tips for being prepared 😊 ##kayaking

Try something new this weekend—get out on the water without a boat. It’s as easy as kayaking.

Recent studies show kayakers have a better than 99% chance of saying “I can’t believe I waited this long.” Paddling ahead, friends.

I’m here for that post-workout soreness. Only a kayak workout could get me this stiff. #DoYouNancy

Get comfy and glide along the glassy, shallow waters of the bay.

Our frames + your photos = fine art. Tag us if you are feeling adventurous! 😎☀

Start small. Pretty soon you’ll be exploring like Captain Ahab on The Pequod, or “going large” like Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally did in Lake Tahoe. You’re never too old to learn new tricks.

Smiles, wet hair and all.

#FirstTimeKayaking #FunInTheSun #CheersToSummer

First time kayaking? You got this. 🌈🏄‍♀️

Hey, Friend! Tell us about your first time kayaking by tagging us in your post!

May the winds always be at your back—especially on this 1st kayak trip ever.

Who knew kayaking could be so fun? You’re about to find out, because we just can’t stop kayaking every time we get on these boats! We love a bro-day.

Get Your Summer Started Off Right With A Fun-Filled Kayaking Trip!

Come explore the beautiful landscape of the Florida Keys with us! Book a trip now on The Keys Kayak Adventures. 🌴 #explorefloridakeys #kayaking #kayakadventure #floridakeys #kayaking #floridakeystravel

Great last-minute Father’s Day gift…sign up for an Intro to Kayaking class. Check out our Fly & Paddle package!

On day 2 of our first annual kayak challenge, we’re looking for that unbelievable point #takemeback to get a glimpse of all the best parts of full body, open water kayaking. Now get out there and find your own!

Taking to the water is both fun and relaxing. We’d love to welcome you into the sport, even if you are a beginner!

Have you ever fished for crayfish in the South Fork of the American River? Wherever your adventure takes you, I want to be there with you. #adventurer

To quote from The Little Prince, ‘Here is my secret. It’s very simple: one sees clearly only with the heart,’ so go explore and share your adventure!

Sun and singlet 🌞 have never looked better 📷

This is the beginning of some epic stories for the next few days 👍👍. . . .

Who says you can’t practice at the office? We do! Go Get ‘Em 👌

​​Ready for your first time kayak? 😲😚

Now showing on Instagram: a sneak peek at our first-time kayakers’ favorite moments 🧜‍♀️

Kayaking is a blast. A friend of mine just started & I’m so excited for her! ☁️ 😎

What’s that? You haven’t kayaked before? It’s easier than you think, we’ll teach you how!

We don’t make you feel nervous about it—we guide you through the process step by step, and once you’ve pulled through a few times, kayaking becomes so enjoyable and free!

The mystery, the beauty, the awesomeness of it all. It’s no secret kayaking makes you feel alive! #getoutandkayak

Why settle for the same old thing when you can kayak off into some fresh new memories instead?

Looking for any excuse to play in the water? Here’s a fresh perspective on the bay. #FSK

Join us as we paddle to a new destination 👌☀️🏖

“It was so much fun!” “Totally different than what I expected. Actually, it was NOTHING like what I expected” “We should come back next weekend.”

We explore because we are curious, adventurers at heart, and because it is easy to get started—no experience needed. What’s stopping you? 🌊🌞

Life’s too short…for perfect waves, and I’m happy to find one that looks like a three-year-old child drew it.

Getting out of your comfort zone is what grows! 🌲

Setting foot on this island was a stroke of genius.

Welcome to the wild side.

Keep Calm and Kayak on We’re breaking down everything you need to get started. #firsttimekayaking

Spending my first time kayaking at the lake today. So excited for this spontaneous adventure 😊

New to the sport? No problem! Here are 21 tips that will help you enjoy a first-time kayaking experience.

Getting to the river is half the fun! ⛴ It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert kayaker or just learning. There’s a spot for everyone on the water, man-made fun spots, and special places on the river to view wildlife. So grab your PFD (personal flotation device) ✨🌊 and Paddle On.

Kayaking down rapids might have been a big challenge at first but the thrill is definitely worth it! 😎 #‎instakayak

Come check out our all-new kayaking program—we’ll provide everything from the kayak to the paddles. The free session is this weekend only! ⛰

Ready to ride the rapids on river tubing in Ziplines Canoeing Kayaking Camping Thailand? Accommodates all the family too!

Something about kayaking in the golden hour reminds me of waking up.

Don’t question it, just kayak—no destination, no return.

Discovery and Adventure Await. Join us for a kayak adventure, and you’ll find out for yourself.

Get your outdoor adventure on. There’s a lot to experience outside, and so many different ways to do it.

Grab your gear, grab a friend, and get ready to feel the fall.

So where’s your favorite place to go kayaking? #firsttimekayaking#kayak

First time kayaking? Follow these tips to make the most of your experience 🏄🏻‍♀️

When you’re new to kayaking, the best way to learn is by braving a calm lake. Woodalls Point on Carolina Beach Lake is just the place to take your first paddle strokes on the water. 🚣‍♀️🌊

Get out there and explore! Go kayaking for the first time with our Endtheknot program. #endtheknot

Hey there! What’s your favorite way to spend a summer weekend? Kayaking with the girls is one of mine ☀️🏄‍♀️

Go ahead, you’re ready. Come kayak with us on this adventure in Birch Bay State Park.

Wanna go kayaking?

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master something. Well we stuck around for 8,000 hours when we started kayaking. 😜

When beer & kayaking collide! We had to #celebrateafterall 🥃😎

Hey, it’s been a minute since we’ve seen you. You look like you’re feeling adventurous—how about kayaking next weekend?

Come with us to the water and get as wet as you want. It’s gonna be a blast. 😎😎😁💦✌️

Get out there, grab a paddle, and discover your new favorite view.

“Catch a tailwind, not a cold” – A saying for kayakers because wherever you go on the water, your breath can catch up to you if you aren’t careful.

The ocean is one big mass of water and you can use the same techniques in lakes and rivers too! Getting out on the water is great for your spirit. Make sure to bring a friend along to keep you safe!

Life is waiting on the other side.

First time kayaking is a BLAST! Come have fun with us at [insert location].

First time kayaking 🛶 🛳 🥢 🎒  #kayaking #paddleboarding #watersports

Kayaking is back! Come take a free lesson and meet some new friends. First time kayakers only. Must bring your own boat, paddle, and PFD.

Having so much fun kayaking for the first time! Thanks to @region8_official for making this adventure possible.

Have you tried kayaking? You don’t need to be a pro to enjoy all it has to offer! From the thrill of feeling like your floating on top of the water and getting up close and personal with wildlife, to being fully immersed in nature, there’s so much you can explore.

You may not conquer the White Water Rapid, but you’re gonna have a good time trying!🚣 #kayak #lake #captureyouradventure

We thought we were going to fall off this rocky slab like we were in a blooper reel but somehow managed not to. 🤣 #kayaktribe

Soak up the sun and adventure while you can. ☀️🏄

You think you’re not a nature-y kinda person, but then… 🌲☀️😎

Jump in. The water’s fine. Swipe and story on the go with our new @facebook app.

It’s never too late to learn something new! Be adventurous and feel the freedom 🚣‍♀️

Once you pop…you can’t stop 😋😛

Ready to do it for the first time? Here’s everything you need to know. 😀

Start slow, test the water and don’t be afraid to ask for directions 😉

All in favor, say “I”. I!

No experience or equipment needed. Paddle like a pro on your very first trip out❗️ (use hashtags: #firsttimekayaking and #followyourbliss)

First time kayaking? No problem. Here are some beginner kayaking tips for you to enjoy the journey without hassle.🚣‍♀️😎

First time kayaking? These tips will help you get started.

Is this your first kayak season? We created special tips for your first time kayaking. Get more of our tips here!

So, you want to kayak but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Here are some great tips to make your kayaking experience fun and safe. #kayakingtips

You don’t have to be an expert kayaker to fall in love with the sport

Kayak-ing: Have you tried? We wrote a blog post about it ✌🏼️

We don’t get kayaking attire. So, no judgement if you don’t have that type of thing either. Just a place to start. She’s practically on her feet mid-put now!

Just tried XX for the first time and I’m hooked. Once you go XX, you’ll want to kayak every day.

Take to the water this weekend by trying an activity you’ve never done before.

It’s the first weekend in May, which means it’s the first weekend of spring. And with our unseasonable warm weather, you probably feel like you’re practically swimming in a pool rather than paddling around in the Pacific. No worries, we’re here to help. Join one of our tours to meet some new people, learn about local flora and fauna, and most importantly, have some fun on the water.

Leap into the weekend with us. Find your adventure by the river and on land.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you realize there’s so much more to explore. 😃

Taken with a good feeling. 😎

New balance, new adventure.

Try something new today; you’ll never know if you don’t try. 😈😍 #kayaking #firsttime

Hi I’m Joe, and this is my first time kayaking and kayaking in general (give a brief description of yourself and your surroundings) never thought that I would enjoy it so much!

Looking to experience nature like never before? #hobok Kayaks are one of the best ways to do that! They’re easy to transport, fun and stable. So get out there and start kayaking with us!🚣👨‍🚣❤️

Taking a kayak out for the first time but still feeling really calm and confident 🐟☀️

Kayaking with the family is a great way to spend a Saturday in #dubai. We just love to chill as a family, doing fun things together.

Time to get out and explore the world by water.

Thoughts of paddling into the sunset in a kayak make you feel like a world traveler, not a novice.

Let’s go slip-sliding into the weekend. 😊 We all laugh at a sea of green – kayaking in your most embarrassing shirt.

When you paddle, your heart is at home 🌊

If we say so ourselves, All-Out Adventures is the best way to discover the rugged beauty that is Vancouver Island. 🌊

New to the sport? Find inspiration from our Instagram community.

We met a sea turtle!!! 🐢☀️🌊

Feeling that first day of fall…🍂☀🌊

Tag someone who should try this! 🙋🏻 #firsttimekayak

First time kayaking is always fun #kayaking

First time kayaking? Check out some of our tips and tricks! #paddlepastyourparkinglot

First-time-kayaking A photo posted by VSP Plus – LASIK (@lasek_now) on May 30, 2017 at 12:18pm PDT

Hit the water like you’re in the Navy Seals (cause they can too!) with a first time kayak trip to find your sea legs.

The smile you’ll have after your first kayak adventure is huge, and so is the sense of accomplishment 🏄🏼‍♀️😁

Getting ready for my first time kayaking… and it’s all because of @frigid_kayaks 😎 #frigidkayaks

Brought these two in for their first kayaking adventure! 😎👍🏼 Can’t wait to go back and be able to keep up with them #nofilter

On a perfect day for bringing in the kayak season! ☀🚣

Enjoy the discovery of what awaits you on the other side with a fun kayaking session 🙂

If you like water, you’ll love Kayaking. Join the party at paradise cove this weekend

Climb the waterway by foot, descending seamlessly into easy-going paddling. Get out there and kayak this weekend.

Come kayak with us and see what you’re missing. This is going to be awesome!

If you haven’t ever tried kayaking, don’t be a stranger—you might just fall in love! Are you ready to get wet?☀🚣❤️

If you’re a beginner, feel free to Instagram your experience. If you’re an avid kayaker, don’t post about it at all.

We just started kayaking and we’re already pretty fabulous at it. Can’t wait for the next time we go out on the water!

Ready to get your feet wet with kayaking? We’re here to teach you how to “paddle” 😉 !

Hello, weekend! 👋We hope you’re as excited as we are to get out on the water again. 🌊 Stand out with a video like this one: shot during a kayak tour of Quesnel Lake in BC’s Cariboo region.

A perfect way to experience the great outdoors—there’s nothing quite like a first time. 😎

Kayaking with friends is the best! Join these kayakers on this awesome water adventure.

Spring is the perfect season to try new outdoor adventures that are both peaceful and exciting. Here are some great places to kayak in the NYC area.

Life is an adventure: take your first paddle with us.

We tapped into the millennial market by celebrating the feeling of adventure, the feeling of travel, and quality time with friends. This Instagram caption goes nicely with this video

We’re obsessed with finding a new adventure. Find one in Delaware, NYC, and Washington DC this fall. We’ll see you on the water!

Let’s go back to the basics. Follow along as we explore our bodies of water 🌊 🧜🏻‍♀️

Weekend: Find a friend with a boat and get out on the water.

Balance ✌️ 🚣 🚢

You always were too good for that stuffy old couch.

An adventure awaits. #FirstTimeKayaking

The water is warm. The sun is shining. The fear is real. Hop in and paddle on over to the other side because it’s time to start exploring the world around you! 😄 #firsttimekayaking

⛴Kayaking is a fun and easy way to explore, get exercise, and wear sunscreen. 😎

Trying something new It’s always fun to try something new! Can’t wait for the weekend!! July is around the corner and it’s going to be amazing! I’m so excited. Tomorrow is my first time kayaking 😁😄😊. I can’t wait 💙🌲 🍂 🏄♀️ 🏊🏼

Here’s a beginner’s guide to kayaking, from the gear and terminology you’ll need, to helpful tips for paddling and safety.

It’s that time of year to start exploring lakes and the great outdoors. If you haven’t tried kayaking before, it’s the perfect way to see a new perspective of the world around us.

Don’t be afraid to try something new 😁 If the word Kayaking makes you anxious then just think of a kayak as an inflatable canoe – and think of this as your opportunity to be a kid aga

Gliding along the river, feeling in sync with nature: That’s the beauty of kayaking. We’re here to help you explore the world around you.

My first time climbing 🏔, my first time eating 🍷, my first time kayaking ✌🏼️, and my first time exploring by myself. But my most appreciated achievement is this family!

Ready to get on the water? More than 130 of America’s most beautiful lakes and 145 rivers in every state are just waiting for you. Get out there and kayak.

Waves, sun, wildlife, and fun. What a wonderful way to spend the day! 😁❤ #kayaking #hobograss

It’s that special time of year for paddlers. Time to get out there, enjoy yourself, and not be afraid to fall in the water 🌊 😎

Keep your feet flat on the yak, and you’ll be just fine! 😉

Feeling my way through the jungle 😃

Didn’t I tell you to throw your phone away? Now you understand why.

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