100+ Funny 6 Year Anniversary Quotes

Funny 6 Year Anniversary Quotes Long-lasting relationships survive on the ability to overcome obstacles that get in the way of happiness. If you’ve just had your 6th anniversary, then it means that your relationship with your beloved one is something special. Whether it’s the teen years, the time of dating, or living together, after 6 anniversary years you’re already used to each other for quite some time.

I guess you and your better half turned into newlyweds around six years prior, at that point, you might want to look for some light-hearted 6th year anniversary quotes from your spouse of what he/she feels towards you.

Funny 6 Year Anniversary Quotes

6 Years!! We’ve been out here living life, building our dreams together. Our first year as a married couple should be a walk through a garden. Happy Anniversary, baby!

Can’t believe it’s been 6 years already 😱❤️ It feels like yesterday that we were celebrating our very fist anniversary in a little Thai restaurant… ahhhhhh time flies! And for some reason I’

Happy 6 th year anniversary to my one and only! It’s been… A wild ride 😂😂😂#HappyAnniversary Tiffy 👰

Six years ago, I married the love of my life, and we became an “us.”

Six years ago, we were just a few kooky kids in a coffee shop with a dream. But you made it possible. Thank you so much for being with us on this amazing ride! 😘

We put a ring on it! This weekend we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.

Happy anniversary to the best babe I’ve ever had the pleasure of starting this little family with.

Staying together isn’t hard when you have a sense of humour. Happy anniversary, dearie. 😘👫

6 years in and I can barely keep my hands off of you 😘❤️

Six years of magic and memories… I can’t wait to make the next six even more memorable. Congratulations, baby. 🎉 « « « « #6thAnniversary #AnniversaryThrowback #DIYs

I like you, like you, like loving you — I don’t know why 😂HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY!

🎉Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe you made it this far, but now that we’re here, I know that our future is bright. 💕

Happy six years to my favourite pair of hands.

When we first met, I had no idea how perfect you’d end up being for me.

There’s no such thing as a “perfect couple.” You learn that lesson when you get married and then when you have children! Happy 6 years! xo

It’s our anniversary! We don’t even need a reason to celebrate, but here are some anyway. Happy 6 years 😎💘

The perfect gift for an anniversary? Your marriage, of course! Here’s what you really should have gotten us…

Six years…Talk about a great first date 😉

6 years ago, 6 days after 6 p.m., 6 letters were said that began 6 years of 6. What’s next? Let’s see what 6 has in store!

6 years, and it still feels like (Recent) Yesterday! 😀

Today marks 6 years of friendship, adventure, and shenanigans with @joeychristie. I love you, babe.

To 6 years of worrying I’d never get you to say yes. 😌

The more that things change, the more they stay the same. 6 years of love! 💑

We’ve been in a relationship for ___ years. I know, right?! #Sarcasm

You have my heart so care for it, I have u in mind so think of me, I mean for this to be exactly what loving you brings… Many HAPPY returns of the day to the world’s best parents ! !

Without you, I wouldn’t have the strong family that I have today.

I don’t know if I like living together. There are times I like our space too much to want anyone over 🏡 !

When we first met, I thought “there’s no way this can last.” Now I’m looking forward to the next 200 years, and counting.

It’s been a helluva ride. Let’s keep going! 🚗👶🏻🍾

We’ve owned 6 cars in 6 years, but you’re the only one that’s never left me stranded. #happyanniversary #6yearswithoutyouwouldbetheworstya

Six years ago, the only thing I wanted was for you to hurry up and ask me out! 😎 Happy Anniversary #WeAreLegit4YearsStrong

Happy Anniversary to my most perfect imperfect person. Happy 6 years. May they be the best of your life

My bird can pick up things he drops…I wish I could !! …..Happy Anniversary Son

If you were a #printer cartridge you’d still be empty, because I’ve already used you up. Woo! 💉🎉 #6yearstogether

Together is my favorite place to be. Happy anniversary, babe ❤️

A kiss a day keeps the divorce lawyer away.

6 years and still going strong 💪👫

The course of true love never did run smooth – William Shakespeare

Just like the perfect pair of jeans, we’ve only gotten better with time. Congrats to us … on being so awesome. 🙌🐾

We are 6 today. 6 whole years of us. 6 long years spent waiting for this day. 6 more years to come. I love you! Happy Anniversary

You’ve had your ups and downs 👋🏻 but you’ll always be on the same side of the bed. Congratulations on 6 amazing years.

It’s been a short 6 years, but we feel like we’ve been together forever. I don’t know how that happened… but it makes me really happy. Here’s to many more years together! 💘💘

Believe it or not, we’ve known each other for 6 whole years. And the thing is, with time you just… get better. 😊

6 years ago, a guy knocked on a guy’s door and asked a girl if he could have some sugar. And they lived happily ever after.

Nothing makes six years seem so long, so fast than when it takes six years to get married. # 6years

Wonderfully, beautifully, ridiculously 6 years old. Thank you for being mine. 😘😘😘

Those first 6 years went by in a flash, but the 7th could last forever.

You’re the best. You make me laugh, stand up when I need it most, and always put a smile on my face. 💛

A picture says a thousand words, but a selfie says it all. We’ve officially been together 2k days and counting! 💍😎

Making it official… Later! 🙂

The s s and me: 🎶 Six years gon’ come and go, come and go…🎶

Someday, I hope you have a special love, as special as mine.

Roses are red, violets are blue, 6 long years of marriage too! Happy Anniversary to you

6 years of friendship, 1 to go until we can legally marry each other! Happy anniversary honey 💘

6 years of classic movies, romantic picnics, dance parties. So many laughs. I’m glad you’re my partner in crime 😜😛💃👯 #happyanniversary

It’s been a great six years, and we hope it’s a great sixty more. Happy anniversary!

Anniversary: the practice of celebrating the renewal of wedding vows every year on the same day as the original marriage date.

We’re not the couple you think we are. We’re better. We’re married.

Oh, how time flies when you’re raising two children under 2! 😊 (6 years today!) 👫🍼

It’s the first day of the rest of our lives together. Happy anniversary, boo! 😘

What’s the secret behind a successful relationship? 😜 Our infinity and beyond.

Not so fun fact: The geometric term “hexadecagon” is derived from the Greek words for “six” and “side.” That’s right, this weekend marks 6 years of love, drama, and hexa-magic.

If you think marriage is a 50/50 thing, you’re right. I’ve got 49%, and my husband has 51%.

6 years and still going strong *pew*chew*

True love is a sacred flame, that burns eternally.”

Can’t believe we’ve been married for 6 years and I still don’t know how to correctly pronounce your name. …

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to my love, my light, my everything. You are truly the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

6 years later and only just getting around to having the wedding we always dreamed of #HappyAnniversary #AllOfTheInvitationsWorthIt

This anniversary feels indulgent. We’ve been together that long 7 days of the week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! As always, not a minute of it over 6 years.

6 years together and we’re still as obsessed as we were on the day we said: “I do” 👰❤😉

Happy Anniversary! If I had to do it all over again, I’d still choose you.👫 #anniversary #relationshipgoals

True love comes once in a lifetime, so cherish every day you have together.

Officially 6 years old. How time flies… But I still feel like I’m the new girl on the block 😍😂😂💕🎂🎉

You’ve taught us that when it comes to family, you’re the glue that holds everything together

Yep, we made it. 👏👏👏 Thank you for being the light of my life. I love you! 💕💕💕

Happy anniversary to my favorite agitator. If you want to be on the right side of history, vote for me in 2020.

Sitting on this deck with my honey, sippin’ some proper adult beverages, feelin’ super blessed 🍾

Six years ago, our parents didn’t want us to be together. Now it’s all they can do to stop you crying every time I leave the house #FunnyAnniversaryQuotes

Celebrating 6 Years Of Marriage, We’ve Come So Far, I Can’t Imagine My Life Without You. Happy Anniversary ❤️ #happyanniversary

A year after you, I’m still wonderfully surprised at all the things you do. Happy 6 Year Anniversary!

It’s been six years of taking our relationship and business to the next level (and not necessarily in that order). Here’s to day seven.

Your presence makes every day feel like an anniversary. Thanks for being you & to us. 🍂ଘୁటିଆଇଁସମ

Big things are happening this year, but none as big as our 6th anniversary 😁😻

Let’s be honest. Relationships are hard to last without laughing at each other every once in awhile 😜😂😬🤣😄

You’re my best friend, my human diary, and my other half. I love you! ❤️

Anniversaries are special ⛲️ ⚽️ #HappyAnniversaryMuvhango

6 years down, 6 more to go 😉

Wondered what love would be— An answer came from you! 😍

Having you as a friend makes my friendship bracelet super legit ✓

Next stop, hanging out with people that are way cooler than this guy. #toocoolforschool #6yearsstrong

Nostalgia is a good thing, especially on this side of the grave.

Sweetest. Day. Ever.

Awesome way to celebrate 6 years together besides getting matching haircuts.

Yay! It’s our six year anniversary today!! We can’t wait to see what the future will bring and we could not be more excited and happy with the memories we made together.

This 6th anniversary is just one way to say that my 6 year old isn’t my 6th favorite. Happy Anniversary, my 6th favorite parent.

What did we do before our 6th wedding anniversary? I can’t remember! Happy anniversary!

Happy 6th Anniversary to my best friend, the love of my life, and my #1 fan. I cherish every moment we’ve spent together. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us! 🥰

Happy anniversary, we were the perfect pick to be each other’s better half.

“It’s almost our anniversary, we need something to celebrate – who wants to bring the wine? – “ – Cypher

These last 6 years have been crazy. I guess what I’m trying to say is… you complete me. 💗

What’s so weird about taking selfies every hour to post on the ‘Gram? When you mean as much to me as my phone does, it’s so hard not to document it all. Happy anniversary 🤘

Bringing us this far, thanks for being the best partner in crime. We’ve come so far thanks to you.

Today you’ve officially survived the longest period of sleeping in separate beds.

Although the kids have been a bit of a handful, you’re always there with me. Here’s to many more happy hours to come. 🍻

Today we look back and laugh at all of our funny fights. But at the time it wasn’t funny at all.

We found each other so we could celebrate our 6 year anniversary. Happy Anniversary !! #Anniversary #SweetestDay

Remember when we were dating and started planning our future together…cuz we still haven’t done anything and we’re already celebrating our 6 year anniversary.

We barely survived the first 5 years, but we’ll make it through these next 50. Happy 6th Anniversary.😉

Hey, wifey! It’s been six years since we got married and here I am—still telling you that I don’t like tomatoes. Happy Anniversary 🥰

Happy sixth anniversary to my parents, for allowing me to be who I am today, for giving me those values with which I live every day, happy father’s day.

6 years might seem like a long time, but to me it’s only been a few days. I can’t imagine a world without you in it.

Happy Anniversary! We’ve had the time of our lives.

It’s not cheesy to love your sister, it’s a happy anniversary. 🌺❤️

So, six years ago today I said yes to the cute guy studying in the library. ☝🏼❤️

Happy anniversary to us! It’s been six years of late-night chats, three kids later, and hundreds of episodes of Law & Order, but here we are.

Celebrating a year of smooches because how could I resist a kiss from a cutie like you.

We have a saying in our family: There’s no limit to how bad you can embarrass yourself if you want a second helping of dessert. 😜

Thanks to the love of my life for sticking by me through thick and thin—and to you, loyal fans, for your unwavering support. Here’s to many more! 🍾

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.

It’s been 6 years… and you still make me laugh! Here’s to another 6 years of fun together.🍾 .

Cheers to 6 years of laughter, love, and I told you so’s.

Six years is a long time—long enough to know that my decision to marry you was right. I love you with all my might, my darling wife. 💕

We choose to celebrate six years of marriage and 13 years of friendship like we choose every day: with adorableness, warm cuddles, and lots of kissing. 😘💙

Finally found the courage to cut our wedding cake 😊 #Nameste #6years

6 years. It’s been a long amazing journey. From growing up together to taking on the world together. Here’s to number 7.

I knew we’d make it to 6 years when we both agreed to add a 2nd child. #marriagemodel

We may not be married, but we’ve definitely been through a lot together. Here’s to many more years of you and me and family togetherness 😉

I think we should celebrate our anniversary with a romantic weekend getaway. Where’s the closest Outback?

Six years flew by so fast, but don’t worry, honey, I’ve got our next sixty.

Ain’t no couple like us. Ain’t no family like our family. #loveyouguys

Don’t throw anything away today. You never know when you will be 6 years old again.- Albert Einstein

“Anniversary: a time to celebrate how far you’ve come while acknowledging how close you still are.” ← This is one of our favorite quotes!

These 6 years have been filled with more love and laughs than we ever thought possible. We can’t wait to see what year number seven has in store for us!

I still love you. Not like before, of course! But, if you came with a set of instructions, I could use them right now. 😂😂 Happy 6th Anniversary to my darling husband

I cannot imagine another 6 years without you… But I’ll try 😜

6 years ago, I joined this epic party. And now, each day is more fun than the last. Happy anniversary, baby! ❤

Happy six years to my other half. You’ve been an amazing partner, a fighter so fierce, and have always been the strongest supporter in my life. I love you so much.

Today is your 6th anniversary, my love! I just want to thank you for always being there with me, in every moment of my life ✨💖

Celebrating six years of blooming together.

6 years of snuggles, arguments, and some really loud cuddling. Thanks for making it last, hubby. 😝🥰

My wife is my best friend, I have to say my best friends are becoming my lifelong partner.

Hey, before you get too comfortable in our marriage..

Time is flying by! You’re a hilarious group of weirdos and we love you very much.

Six years down, many more to go.🎉

What can I say? I never go out of style.❤️

You don’t mess with perfection 🖤

Glad you’re in my life for 6 years, happy anniversary! 🎉

We’re only 6 years in, but you’re already my longest relationship. 😏 #HappyAnniversary #ehhappened

6 years ago, all I wanted was to have fun with you. Now, all I want is to have you forever. 😉

Today, on our anniversary of six years, I just want to say I really knocked it out of the park on this one. Thanks for the wonderful six years! Here’s to six more!

Hey deer, happy anniversary! If our love was a person, we’d name it Forest. ❤️

The older I get the more I realize the value of time. And if time flies, fly it high. Happy 6 years! 🍾

Ahh, our anniversary month. Last year, you walked down the aisle with me, this year I’m walking YOU down it. Happy Anniversary!!!😂😂

Being married to you is my greatest accomplishment! 😜 🙌

Happy Father’s Day to my husband, the man who makes all of my dreams come true. I will love you forever.

Here’s to six more years of watching Netflix alone.

We’ve survived mass chaos, dictators, doomsday, and of course, each other. Cheers to surviving another year.

Thinking of you on this beautiful day.🍂 🎂🎈

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