Funny Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

Funny Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend: No matter how much we try to hide it, we never forget our exes no matter how hard we try. It might have been a breakup because of a fight or just because you two couldn’t see eye to eye anymore, but no matter how much time has passed and who has come in the way, there will always be a yearning and a wish for your ex.

You broke up with her. You have found another woman. You are asking how to wish happy birthday to your Ex Girlfriend? Well, this article will provide Funny Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

Happy Birthday, babe. You are my catch.

Nobody understands me like you do. Happy birthday, babe.

Your birthday is a reminder that your value doesn’t diminish with age. Keep being you. Happy birthday, babe 🎂

Hey, baby. Hope you have a happy birthday. If this is your first one since we broke up—let’s call it a do-over.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you 🎉🎊👯‍♀️

C’mon, someone’s birthday is today. If it isn’t yours, send this to someone who deserves it!

🎂 Happy birthday, baby! Unlike everyone else, I’m not letting you grow old. You’ll always be my 2-year-old’s favorite toy! 🤣

In which bae turns up 14 years late to your birthday dinner.”

1 year ago today, you said “I do.” 🎂 😂😂

On the day of my birth, October 17th, people say my father got so excited that he had to break out in dance on the delivery table.

And you can do whatever you want, except go outside 🤣

+1 age. We’re getting older together.

Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get. -Forrest Gump

Skip birthday wishes for ex girlfriend this year and go ahead and wish yourself a happy birthday. As if you need an excuse anyway.

You’re a gorgeous mix of Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor. Happy Birthday, BB.

To the best ex-girlfriend ever: you’ve made me a better man, so here’s to having you as a friend for life. 🎂🍾🎉

Want some wisdom from a guy with a broken heart? Come on. It’s her birthday, throw her a bone.

When you meet someone like you, who challenges you to be your best self. That’s the moment when everything feels right in the world. Happy Birthday.

Best birthday ever. This is the year where your awesomeness becomes legally binding.

🎂 🎈🎉 Happy birthday, Sarah! I’m so glad we’re still friends. I’ll never forget our time in high school when you were my personal ATM machine because no one else would

Birthdays are good because you can eat cake 🎂🎂🎂!!

I can’t believe it’s been years since we went out into that woods and played all day with no care in the world. Happy birthday, dude.

I’m so happy that God made you.

Are we twins? 🍫🍰 You’re the cake and I’m the candle.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. 😜🎉🍰

Carpe diem, amigos! No better day than today to seize the moment ☀🍂

I’m waiting to break the seal until you’re breaking the dishes 🍾 ##GrabAGun

The greatest relationships are built on mutual adoration and affection. Wishing the loveliest ex-girlfriend a happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the bestest and most important ex-girlfriend in my life!

The happiest of birthdays to my favorite ex! 😎🎉

So that one special girl in your life who is going to celebrate her birthday today.

Don’t leave without wishing this wonderful lady a Happy Birthday! 😘😘

May all your birthday wishes come true!

Get her something as cool as she is—like gift cards or a gift card organizer. Make sure you include a gift receipt so she can exchange it for the gift she’d truly love. #exgifts

Happy Birthday to my favorite human on earth! I hope your day is as good as you deserve, and that it’s filled with a lot of love and laughs!

Birthday’s are always better when you’re drunk 😜

Your birthday doesn’t come around all that often. So, let’s make the most of it. After all, if it happens once a year, why not have a hell of a time? Cheers to making some memories for

You are the hot ingredient in my life topping it all off with spice, sprinkles, and cupcakes. Happy Birthday! ! !

Happy birthday, Cutie Pie!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EX. You are officially allowed to be nostalgic about us around people now.

Happy birthday to my favorite ex.

🎉 happy late birthday to my most special ex 🌸

Making my birthday wishes come true with @nici_bee.

Happy birthday to my sweetie pie 🍰 you’re the sweetest thing ever 🥰

Happy birthday to the sweetest person I know—the cutest and funniest, too! You’ll always be my number one.

Hope your birthday is easier than Justin Bieber’s haircut. 😏🎂

Happy birthday to the most amazing gal in the world! I can’t believe you’re 40.

OMG, I MADE IT. Happy Birthday to me, because if I’m turning another year older, then that just means another year behind me.

Happy birthday to the one I’d get health insurance with―if I needed it.

Put a smile on your face and a spring in your step today and every day, birthday boy.

Wishing you a lifetime of days that get better and better! 👯

Today’s the day to memorize the taste of her lips and the touch of her skin, so tomorrow you’ll recognize these flavors and textures when thinking back on this day.

I’d rather be alone than around anyone else. 😜

If every day was your birthday, you’d still manage to be just as surprised. Happy Birthday, darling.🎂

Happy birthday, bae 😘

How do I love thee well let me count the ways? Since you’ve been around there’s been more joy and laughter in my life. And today, right now well it’s the best. Happy birthday!

Birthdays are the greatest reminder of how young you are. 😂😂😂

Making a wish on a birthday cake makes it more likely to come true.

Why the long face? It’s your birthday. 😋

Hoping you have a wonderful bday and get to do everything you could possibly want to do! 🎉

Did you know Jon Snow has a birthday? It’s today. #HappyBirthday Kit Harrington

You might be 43 today, but you’ll always be my 22-year-old baby. 🎂🍾

Today is one of the best days of the year cause it brings people closer together, for no reason.

Feeling old is the perfect time to reflect on all the good times.

Have a great day and remember that if you don’t get what you want, you should ask for something else that you do want. 😜🎉

Throw a birthday party for your ex and invite all of their new partners so they have to sit across from each other during the whole party, just talking about all their previous relationships.

Hopefully, the attention you receive today is for your birthday and not what they really want. Happy Birthday!

Finally, an illustration that shows why ex-girlfriends are so difficult to get over.

Happy birthday to the love of my life, who I adore and cherish 🎈

Happy Birthday to my favorite pastime. 👯

Throw your birthday party 🎂 of the decade.

No matter what, we’ll always be #BestiesForLife. Happy Birthday, Bestie! 👯

Some days I feel like a puppy. Other days, I just wanna snuggle and watch home improvement re-runs with you. Happy Birthday!

The best way to find out if you really like someone is to break up with them.

Happy birthday to my sunshiniest, a most wonderful friend in the world (Sorry, Mom.) Love you bunches and bunches! 🎉🎊🎈❤️

Today I’m reminding you that you are the only person that has made me laugh harder than you. You are one of a kind, and I can’t wait to hear your contagious laughter fill up our home for years to come.

I have a lot to celebrate. So…CHEERS! Here’s to @briellejonas1, a year of happiness and a lifetime of friendship. 🥂 #happybirthday

Happy birthday to my girl. We may not be together, but who knows what the future holds. I’m excited to see you rise to the top like your shoe game. Stay Golden! 😎

Mom said I’d never get a girlfriend.

If I could have one birthday wish, it would be to have you back in my life. Happy Birthday ⭐️

Happy birthday to my one and only girlfriend 🤷‍♀️😎 #birthdaygirl #girlfriend #sweetie #hbd #anniversary

On your birthday, all I can do is tell you how much I’m going to miss you blow out your candles. Happy birthday, dude.

Happy birthday, sweetie 🎂🍰

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance. 😎👯

For all the times I couldn’t say it…I love you.

Always being you are – no, was – a pleasure. – Marilyn Monroe

To love and to cherish, from now until we’re 50.

Birthday wishes for my ex-girlfriend when I wished her “happy birthday” on her actual birthday.

Birthday: A number which marks the beginning of another year and it’s the first day to forgive all the mistakes and fight for a new beginning. Celebrate in style by making your ex girlfriend happy on her special day.

Bottoms up to the birthday babe you’ve been dreaming of—an eternity with her.

It’s the day when all the things my family hates about each other come to light. I’m sure it will be fun. Happy birthday, @jazz.

How old are you? It really doesn’t matter ’cause you’re the finest looking woman that I have ever seen.

Whether it’s your birthday or someone else’s – remember that people are always more important than things. 🍁

Happy Birthday, friends! Hope it’s a Truly Wonderful Day! #BTBD

Wishing this special gal a weekend that’s filled with joy and love, topped off with tons of laughs and too many cocktails 😉👯

If laughter is the best medicine, so are you. Have a great day! 🥂😂

You’re awesome and I’m awesome. So awesome together. 🙌🏼😋

Today’s the day! Go forth and celebrate. Make a lot of noise, have a few drinks, eat a little junk food. If you see an old friend, say hello.

Whatever the weather, you make my heart sunny 🌞🌞🌞

Be fierce and embrace the moments that make you feel like the most beautiful, confident, and powerful person you can be.

Turning 26 and feeling like I’m really starting to get the hang of things.

To long for something is better than to have it. To lack, something is better than to possess it. To want someone is better than to own them.

In the spirit of my ex-girlfriend: Break free and never look back! (I promise I’ll delete this and be serious later.)

🎂 Happy birthday to my ex-girlfriend, who I’m still friends with. 🤗

Real friends last forever and remember your birthday even when you forget theirs. Happy Birthday, you awesome person!

Keep calm and Happy Birthday to me.

Your birthday is a time to stop and think about the person you’ve been, where you’ve been, and all the crazy times we’ve had together. Let’s also celebrate all the weird and hilarious ways we

Happy birthday, missy, you’re the real MVP. Here’s to you and all the wonderful things that you do. 🎊

You like like like like like like like like like like like like this birthday photo of yours. 😉🎈

Happy birthday to the weirdest, funniest, coolest human I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing 🤘

Today, I celebrate you because you are 1/365th of my life. I am so lucky to have someone like you in my life. Happy birthday!

Go out there and shine like the star you are. (Cap has an emoji) 😍🌟

If I knew how to quit you, I would 🐶👀🕺😜

You’re almost 5️⃣0️⃣ and you still look like 🤓

It’s time to put some candles on your cake. Hope we can still celebrate together! #funnybirthdaywishes

My lady is so funny, I’m so funny—together we’re a real hoot. Happy birthday to my funny Valentine.

Happy B-Day to someone I love falling in love with every day. Thank you for believing that dreams can come true because you are mine. God blessed me to have you as a friend, someone I admire, respect, and love… Happy Birthday Baby

Happy bday to an Angel who makes the sun shine brighter and my life better! #sweet16 #happybirthday #bestfriendforever

Going out of town for the week? Missing my best friend. I’m blowing up her phone, though…I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO.

To my favorite person in the whole world… YOU!

If a birthday could make a wish, I’d ask to be an inch taller… because I’m standing on my friend’s feet. Cheers! 🎂

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. -Neale Donald Walsch 😛

Learning from previous mistakes does not mean that you’re going to make new ones, but it will mean that you’re going to avoid making the same one again.

Birthday wishes for my ex-girlfriend. I hope she has a day that is filled with fun, laughter, great company, cake, friends, and cupcakes.

Hey sweetie, do you know that today is your birthday? Happy Birthday!

You know what they say… time flies when you’re having a blast! Happy #Birthday to my favorite #funny girl! 🎉💕

It’s the number one most popular birthday of the whole year! – Mayonnaise – Everybody’s got Mayo – Yeah, it’s my birthday – Oh I love mayo – I’m a million-dollar

It’s your birthday—which means you are officially one year closer to the end of your twenties. May All Your Dreams Come True.

Happy birthday to my best friend in the world, the most beautiful girl on the planet, and the absolute love of my life.

When I look at this cake screen, I get the feeling that you are an iPhone 6. Happy birthday to my true love.

Birthday girls get a lot of attention, so everyone needs a day to celebrate themselves, am I right?! 😈😍

Happy birthday, baby. I’m sorry this card got stuck behind the bedside table again. 😅

Hi, it’s me. I don’t have a present for you, but if of course, you need to return this hung up on a tree branch. Love you! xoxo

You’ve made me learn to love again after all, if found out it wasn’t forever.

Happy Birthday to my favorite ex-girlfriend of all time. 🎂☀🌊

Happy birthday to my absolute favorite ex-girlfriend. 😳😂

Happy birthday to the world’s greatest ex. #CheersToTheEx

Once a year, your birthday is the only special occasion that gives you permission to treat yourself. Happy Birthday 👯‍♀️ #HBD

Instead of a birthday wish for you, here’s a birthday reminder from me: HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Celebrate the good times that led you here today. #birthdaygirl

Let your birthday be the start of a new year and not the end of an old one.

Today’s the day! It’s your birthday, which means you get the present of spending the day however you like.

You’re one year older now, but you’ll always be my baby🎆 (or for guys)

Happy Birthday to the bestest twin world has ever seen. Also, happy birthday to me for having twins.

If your bae made you homemade cookies on your birthday, would you bite into them or just crush them into the center of your mouth? Exactly.

Happy birthday! Stay as beautiful as a unicorn 🦄 because that’s your spirit animal 😘

So cute but so sad. We hope it all works out!

Now that I’m a year older, I’m closer to being able to buy beer. We should celebrate @ Applebee’s.

Happy birthday to my ex-girlfriend. The person who can teach me a lot of things in life!”

Happiest birthday to one of the greatest feminists I know. 💪🏻😘

The times we laughed, the times we cried, the time I cream-filled your birthday cake. Happy birthday. 😎

It’s his birthday! 🎂 Are you free tomorrow to help him celebrate?

Happy birthday to the love of my life, my best friend and human Vegemite. Love you lots and hope your 30th is as good as the last 9 years of your life have been. 😘

So much love to share with so many people, but you’ll always be my sweetest. Happy birthday, baby!☺️

Happy birthday and happy trails! I hope you’ll enjoy this year as much as we did.

We’ve been together for as long as I’ve been alive…I love you.

Treat yo’ self to a little bit of molly 💕

Here’s to your future. May all your dreams come true. 🥂🎉👑

Another year goes by, but you’re still the same old wonderful Thesis Tasha

Wishing a very happy birthday to the best ex-girlfriend of all time. 👯❤️

Happy birthday to my ex-girlfriend. I’m moving on from you…to you. Best wishes from me and your new boyfriend 😎

You’re the best catch, and the only one I need in my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Happy birthday, babe. If you were here, this wouldn’t be so lonely.

You’re one year older and one year more beautiful I’m just jealous of the age, not the beauty. Happy birthday.

Cheers to the birthday girl.

It’s my birthday. I forget where I’m going, but the journey is more important.

To the girl who gave me a second-place ribbon in the 5th-grade spelling bee. You also gave me my first kiss, on a playground. You’re stunning, intelligent, and more talented than you know.

You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Unless you’re dating me, then all you have to do is text me 💋🎂

We played dodge ball together in middle school. #thisisntmiddleschoolanymore @erinamariee

Looking forward to our date night tonight, TGIF 🎉

We’re not afraid to admit we’re always really, really good friends with ourselves #selflove

When someone tells you they think your eyebrows would look great on their face, it’s time to run

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