Funny Kayaking Captions for Instagram

Funny Kayaking Captions for Instagram: Kayaking is a sport that’s enjoyed by millions of people around the world. With captions, you can spread your passion for this activity, and possibly get more people involved too! Here are some captions you can use for Instagram posts.


Funny Kayaking Captions for Instagram

Nothing makes you feel more alive than spending a day on the lake.

The best way to enjoy a sunny day is kayaking with friends! Hooray for weekends. 😎

Feeling made: kayak, sun, and smile. ☀️🚣

My name is Kayak, like the boat. Row me out on the lake where I’ll tell you a funny story about Thelma and Louise. 😎🚣

I don’t always kayak, but when I do kayak, I kayak to the beat of Hunter Hayes.

Goin’ to the kayak and need a buddy?!

Just landed the best wave of my life. (Thanks to my new @kayakforwater)

🐟 You just can’t beat a leisurely float down the river. 😉

No waves today, but still a great paddle!

Getting up close to nature. Getting up close with a lot of nature – LOUD LAUGHING EMOTICON

Come on, splash it up and feel the summer sun ☀ and get ready to face a cold winter.

Mud. Check. Beer. Check. Party. Check!

Leading the pack?

There’s nothing like a kayaking with friends to put you in a good mood. 😊😎🎣

Everybody loves summer. Everybody loves kayaking. Why not combine the two?

Feeling a little tired today? Have we got the remedy for you! We just received this new Kayak, and our interns have been practicing on the weekends. Now they’re ready to take you out here on the Hudson River, so come get that #KayakLife ⛴☀️⚓️

To everyone who’s kayaked before, don’t tell me about the rocks ☀ #kayaking #followme

Nothing makes me more excited than bringing my girlfriend with me kayaking.

If paddling challenges you, but you still plan on doing it, challenge yourself to go kayaking. The best things in life are worth working hard for.

We’re not sure if this guy is even still kayaking after that drop

Coffee + outdoor activity = a perfect day 😀

Coffee and outdoors, a great pair so I can keep up with my adventures 🌲☕️

Toss your worries 🛌🛍 into the water and trust that you’ll land where you are meant to be.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, life’s going to seem a whole lot longer. 😎

To the front of this line, I do not belong! 😜

This Sunday’s episode of ‘The Office’ is brought to you by the number six. because waiting for the weekend is. 6 days long. #saturdayiscoming

I’m all about kayak fishing. All you need is a couple of hooks, some bait and a big smile. #justkeepitreel

You know I’m Kayaking on Instagram, and this is all out of focus but that dog on the side of the boat isn’t. What are you guys up to today?

We’re ready to get wet. No, no—we mean kayak season! 💦

Every kayaking trip, I learn my lesson once again. Put banana in the yellow bag. 🍌🏙

I don’t kayak…but I’d like to!

Bring the whole squad, but leave your worries at home ‘cuz today’s a day for floating down the river and grubbin’ on big-ol’ cheeseburgers.🍔

No matter how many times I fall in, I just can’t get enough of this sport.

Watch out world. You’ll have to pry my paddle from my cold dead hands. 😉

Catch me if you can! 😏

All aboard the good ship lol.

Let’s go on an adventure! ☀🏊🏼‍♀️

Life is better on an inflatable unicorn. 😜 #ThrowbackThursday

I know you’re out there.

This is going to be interesting…

You only live once—but if you do it right, once is enough.

I’m not a real adventurer…just a Kayaking adventurer.☀🌊

You can paddle all you want but your face will never be as ergonomic as sitting on a kayak 🏊‍♂️😜

Just the other day, I saw a couple of guys kayaking down a river and my first thought was ‘there’s no way that’ll make it’ Turns out I need to eat some humble pie because they were 💯 on a mission.

Can’t wait to kayak down your waterfall, in the dark.💦

What do you mean we still have move the kayak to our camping spot?? 😂😂

Summer’s not over until I paddle my kayak past the first frost of fall.

The Kayak Crew always pushes through.

Kayak. Drink Coffee.

I hope you can kayak from my perspective one day.

I’m officially off the grid…here’s a rare picture for y’all #kayaklife

Here’s to all the fall activities that make me feel like I’m 15-years-old again! Pumpkins, apple picking, bonfires… and kayaking. (: __

If you don’t live near water, sail – Don’t let the name of the game keep you from playing.

We’re keeping 🧜🏻‍♂️ things 🆕 on here.

Amandla Stenberg, we’re trying to get in touch with you. Please contact us at [email protected]

My mind is telling me no, but my heart, my heart is telling me yes. Bananas all day long!

This kayak will be the closest I get to water this summer. Let’s at least take an Instagram worthy selfie while we’re out here.

Giddyup! 🎡🚣The weekend is almost here. Who wants to go for a kayak? 🌞✏️

Granted this doesn’t look too safe, but that’s what makes it so fun. It was so awesome to kayak down the river and see the beautiful Colorado landscape from a different perspective! ☀☀🍃

Kayak, because the river is high but you keep on rolling 🌊

The above water view is great, but Kayaking is even better below the surface. 🌊🏊🏼

What’s that? I can kayak with my dog. 😉

The water is always blue. That’s why it’s so hard to kayak through!

It’s the first day of Kayaktober. We’re celebrating by kayaking into another summer weekend. 😎

#1 rule in kayaking: If it’s yellow, leave it alone. ☀

Did you know it’s totally normal to paddle like a madman when trying to launch?

Like a boss, I paddle on! 🐳

What do you think about this photo? 😉 _________

We’re up for anything as long as we’re together.😍✌🏼👨🏼‍❤️‍👨

Hustle. Grind. Repeat

Hey 🐸 – We know how to make good time! ☀️🏄‍♂️ .⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ #kayaking #kayak #kayaker #whitewater #kayakinglife #wilderness #riverrafting #floattrip #montana See more: 5 Funniest Instagram Captions

Uh-oh… I think I’m in a kayak 🛶 #captionsforinstagram

Comfiest kayaking trip ever. We’re so doing this with our Sunday Funday crew. 🛶

Kayaking: so boring, it’s ridiculous 🥢

Summer’s not over yet—but I’m already kayaking for the winter. You in?

No better way to start the weekend than with an ice cold brewski and kayaking through these beautiful rapids 😎

Leave the soap out and we’ll all have a fun time in the tub! (There will be more than one drink on the boat, but I’m not sure if this caption can handle those photos!)

Float down the river without a care in the world. #nothingsordinaryhere

I am so sick of canoes. Most of them are too small to keep my camera dry…

This is the best float I’ve been on in a while.

The 70s called, they want their boat back.

Mud‘s not so bad when you’ve got someone there to give you a helping hand. Cheers to muddy adventures! 🌊

Glad you could make it

“You’re the man now, dog.” 😜😸

You can take the guy out of Wisconsin, but you’ll never take Wisconsin out of the guy.

Ride the currents 🌊 🎣 Enjoying summer on the water is one of our life’s greatest pleasures, and we’re about to make a splash with new kayaks for every watersport. 😎

Kayaking is the perfect way to get away from it all. Except…my phone’s getting wet and the water’s ruining my flannel 👕 #outdooradventures #kayak #waterlust

Can’t wait to get soaked in your favorite Kayaking spot!

I was wondering what that grin was all about when I took my kayak out today… 🐳😜

Kayaking is just like having brunch…but outside! #greatestfeelingintheworld

Getting me to kayak solo is like convincing a kid not to play with his food.

Quiet, too much time in a kayak makes you talk funny.

Obi he only one without gills 😂 and when he showed up with his kayak 🚣‍♀️

If you’re going to paddle us down a river, may as well make it great. 😜

Good times with good friends in a very a refreshing way 😎💦😜

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.😏

I’m coming out of hibernation and am so ready to shred! 🎿🔝

You know those mornings when your mind is so clear that everything sounds funny? #cantcounttheshelves

Is it cold in here or is it just me?

Wait, so how do you steer this thing again?

It’s a kayaking party. And you’re all invited. 😃😎

Say ?? to kayaking. 😉 ?

Boat life always looks more fun than kayaking because, of course, we don’t get to sit on the deck and take selfies.

Going kayaking at this summer’s warmer-than-usual temps? Be sure to wear your SPF because you’ll be getting s’mores not sunburns. 😉

Bundle up and let’s kayak this sweet river. Let’s eat some pancakes after, hot of course and whatever if you’re in the mood for breakfast for dinner 👍

How do you get to the top of a mountain? One kayak, one mountain at a time. #keepcalmandkayakon #instacoffee #howtogettoamountain

He says “I’m going kayaking for the first time”. I think to myself “He thinks he’s going kayaking for the first time, when really he is going to be kayaked for the first time.” 😂

You’re not kayaking unless you almost die at least once.

We’ve been kayaking all week, but we’re still trying to figure out why.

I know I’m always #makingitlookeasy to kayak through swamps, but it’s not that easy.

An orca flew by as I was kayaking and I got this shot of her through my GoPro. #NatureAtItsBest

Keep calm and paddle hard 😆

Anyone have a boat I could borrow? 😜Just kidding 👬 -happily posted by 💕Hollis Jacobs🌊

My sailing career was cut short by salty water 🏊🏼‍♀️

Watch out for those #lillypadsthatlookliketrees

Hey, there Instagram followers. I have stumbled across a fabulous location on the river bank to go kayaking in. It is going to be awesome kayaking down this river and you can see fish, birds and even a frog as well. I hope that you get to join me on my next adventure.

It’s a big world out there, so why not get out and see it? kayaking is a great way to experience this amazing planet we live on. It’s also a whole lot of fun.🌊

Calling all coastal explorers! 🌊😁 Come kayak with us and fall in love with the coast you never knew was there. 😀

What do you mean you don’t know how to kayak? It’s easier than it looks 🌊

You’re less likely to tip over in a kayak if you stay upright and paddle hard. Don’t believe me? Just look at that guy.

Go canoeing! There’s nothing like the water for cooling down on a hot day. And when you make a splash, 10/10 it’s going to be hilarious. 😜

Cheese! (😁) Thanks for Kayaking with me guys 😉 #lifeisbetterondewater

Let’s get this tubin’ started! #kayaklife

Being in the woods like: 👌🏻😂❤️👅 #kayaking #whitewaterkayak #paddling

Let the good times float byeeee, as we paddle our way through the long wait for winter. ☀😎

I’m going on vacation—to “like” this post.

Tread lightly. Or… don’t 😁. Either way, we’re with you.

C’mon, enter the water, the water’s fine.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, life is going to seem a whole lot longer than you want it to be.

Come at me bro! Sorry—I’m on my walkie talkie and he’s in my blind spot.

“We row, we row, we row for Instagram likes” . . . or the boat of your dreams #kayaking #adventure #flatlayswag

They say a Kayak is an attack on the senses. We think it’s an attack of the smiles, which are clearly winning! #letsgowhetewater

🏄♂️Yes we kayak

You taught me how to kayak… not bring everything on the boat with me.

Let’s get ready to kayak off this cliff…

When your brother takes you kayaking and doesn’t tell you that there is a waterfall in the way. He knocks you out of the kayak, but doesn’t give you the satisfaction of getting angry with him.

Leave your worries behind and come paddle with us. 🐟🥢

This just in: we’re presenting you with a menu of the most insta-worthy activities for your next vacation.

Hump day doesn’t stand a chance against the awesome power of a big wave 🌊👙❤️😃💦

Gettin’ real in the fall. 📸:@_kayla_louisee

What day is it? 🦃🎣😎

The river is calm, follow me.

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.” ― Richard Bach

Make a splash this weekend with a kayak at your favorite lake spot, or just chill and go with the flow.

Every adventuring duo needs a kayaking buddy. #leadersofinstagram

Kayaking is my cardio–I swear! ⛲️🏄‍♀️

Catching some rays while kayak fishing 😎

No matter what size of a sea monster you are. I’m your kayak guide and I will always go with you. #killsbigseamonsters

Kayaking through a sea of island-inspired honeydew melons. Nothing screams “summer” like this unique pit stop before heading home.

Just flipped my kayak for the first time ever. Not sure if this is considered a success or failure 😬

I’ve got more friends in my side of the kayaks than you do. #sidebitesmatter

If you’re reading this while kayaking then you’re doing it wrong.

Don’t stand by the water’s edge, dance in the ocean. 🧜🏼‍♀️

Happiest of holidays from our family at @PaddleFit Wear. Go into the season in ‘the best shape of your life’!🏄

Quick! Someone call the lifeguard. 😂 #neverstoptrying 🏄

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…⛰🍺

Hopefully these aren’t the rapids they promised us.😅

Kayak + beer = the best weekend of summer (Scroll through for more kayaking captions)

Are you ready to get wet and wild this Kayaking season? #KayakForFun

If you and 8 of your closest friends are up for a kayaking trip this weekend, my friend @haxslam has the perfect account for you.

Just Kayaking 🚣

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but kayak fishing is how you reel them in. 🙌😎

Bring your kayak to work day! #bringyourboat2workday #happysummer

Kayaking…it’s just like swimming, only much harder. 😄

Throwback to when I kayaked into a waterfall and turned my kayak into an inflatable raft. #justdoingmything

Tired of kayaking for exercise? Try this. 😀

Don’t let summer pass you by without a paddle 🏊🏼🚣🏼❤︎

Anybody up for a glass of wine, a kayak around Manhattan, and a good laugh? 😜

Feeling like we’re in a movie being cast as the happy couple, on a canoe break. 😇

See you later, alligator. Hello, crocodile! Don’t forget to smile 😎🐊

Ever wondered what ‘harpooning the water’ looks like?

There’s nothing like a serious case of FOMO.

I love kayaking and all the cool people I get to paddle with. 😎

These captions are the funniest and easiest way to get likes on Instagram. These funny photos will help you build your Instagram community.

Kayak in a boat, not off a bridge. 🚣

Here’s to kayaking for sloshed first dates and the people who love us enough to humor us through said dates. 🍻✈️

Nothing like kayaking while hearing the echo of laughter #laughterishealthypower

Birds with arms, grandmas on boats and more. The funniest outdoor adventures of 2018.

Your favorite person to paddle with ☀🔥

Rise and shine! Our sleepwear will keep you cozy (and cute) all day long 😴

To the left! To the right! You’re making me feel so seasick 🚣‍♀️

If you can read this, I’m already too far away. ❄🕶

To quote the man who changed my life: “The reason you’re so awesome is that you stopped being afraid of being un-awesome. So just keep being awesome, dude, and eventually awesomeness will come back around to you.” Well, friend, here’s to awesomeness coming your way!😎☀️

Getting ready to take on your next challenge? You’ll need the right gear. Take it from us: we tested it all. ⛲

I did it! I finally made it past the point of no return.

Kayaking is hard!! 😂

Never school kayak alone. Take this guy with you! 🙂

You know you’re a Kayaker when…

Every time I kayak, people say I look like a grown-up Harry Potter 😜🚣🏽‍♀️

Pack your kayak, grab your paddle, and get ready for a wild ride.

If a kayak is like a canoe, and a canoe is like a boat, what are we? Boats with paddles!

Time to go for a dip into a refreshing swimming hole. But first…let’s don those shades and rock a few sweet moves in my kayak!

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they kayak 🏊

Anybody have my kayak?

I found my people at @kayakwhistler this morning! Hydrate, dude-ate, repeat. 😁

The year is almost over. Well done, Kayak Life 🏊 🚣 🌊

Brother from another mother and I in the woods with a bunch of gnomes – A swamp adventure 🍂🥶

I can’t believe I have the best job in the world.

I feel like I’m in one of those @Budweiser commercials.

I’m always up for an adventure, especially when I’m the captain! 🎣

Kayaking is just standing up in a canoe. #justsaying

Kayaking brings people together – like these two strangers I just ran into. #GetOutAndPlay

Why put a kayak on wheels when you can just paddle it to the water? 😆

explore your world, celebrate nature, and escape the ordinary #kayaklife

Ready, set, paddle. #kayaking

Kayaking with the one and only @blackout_kayak. #EpicSurf #JustTryIt

May your Friday the 13th be fabulous and full of kayaking. 😎

We’re ready to get back on the water – this time with 3 cameramen, a drone, two kayaks, and a bunch of self-proclaimed ‘experts’. Stay tuned for our #InstaVids.

When you ask your buddy a question and he responds by leaning back in his kayak and yelling I’m busy!

I love going kayaking, but I get very impatient waiting for the fish to bite.

Better out there than in here after a day of kayaking!

Can’t wait for sandals to come out and the kayaks to go in ��

What do you make at the campsite?….I’ll have what she’s having ☺️

If you think it’s going to rain, kids say the funniest things. 😂

You’re never too old to jump off a waterfall.

Love kayaking and water sports? Kayaking is a great way to relieve stress, strengthen your body and connect with others. 😉

@eltro_kayakandbike: When your girlfriend is kayaking and you’re in bed! #beckyoutdooradventures #whatsupbecky

Nothing says “I love you,” like a reverse kayak proposal.

What happens when we take two millennials kayaking at sunset.

Breaking down in the middle of a kayak is no big deal. Well, it’s not a good situation at all, but you’ll have fun with the comments you get. 😉

Keep calm and kayak on.

Been kayaking all day and I can’t even paddle. 😏

You can’t call yourself a true Wisconsinite if you haven’t paddled on one of our beautiful waterways. Cheers to the opening weekend! #FindYourWayWisconsin

Can’t wait to jump in the crazy rapids of life with you…sounds like it’ll be fun! ❤️

Get back to nature 🌲‍♀️🐾

How to get away from the stress of daily life. 😎

We’re making waves!

Counting down the days until the sun sets again.

​Don’t play zone defense on the rapids, my friend.

An adventurous day on the water … and it’s only Tuesday. #kayaking #kayakers # boat #boating

In an office full of kayakers, it’s absolutely necessary to have a sense of humor.

Hump day is made for kayaking with your best buds. 😎

They say kayaking is the new golf, but I’m not buying it. Who wants to take a leisurely stroll down #riveroflife

If you stand like this long enough, your shoulder will disappear. 😴😬 #GRUMPYKAYAKER

Relationship status: Having fun kayaking with my roommate.

“Hiking with my dog is a great way to get some exercise in and bond with nature. Just watch out for the bears. 👮”― Dara Michalski, Divorce Magazine

Thrilled to be getting in touch with my inner (but not too inner) zen today in the great outdoors, kayaking + the lake

When you finally figure out that it is your paddle and not the water that’s moving.

I’m all kayaked out, but just when I think I can’t boogie board to save my life

Happy Birthday, Mr. President! #NationalPaddleDay

Don’t you just love that feeling of when everybody’s paddling and nobody’s complaining?

No place like home.

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