Grandmother and Granddaughter Caption for Instagram

The relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter is a special one, especially the bond between grandma and granddaughter quotes. Grandmothers are often among the few who take the time to read lots of books to their grandchildren. The words of wisdom from grandmothers will live in the hearts of their grandchildren forever. So take a look at those lovely captions below to know more.

Grandmother and Granddaughter Caption for Instagram

Have you ever had a grandmother who was like a mother to you? I know I have. If you want to capture the essence of a grandmother and granddaughter friendship, then you need to read this post.

The friendship of grandmother and granddaughter comes with a long history. A special kind of relationship that can be found in most families.

Great grandmother and granddaughter make each other’s lives better. That’s what friends do. 💜

Grandchildren are a gift women never outgrow!

Little Gracie and Grammie love to spend time together. We do, too.

As the song goes—”it’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world” but it’s good to know there is always someone who understands you and accepts you for who you are, that someone is grandma.

Grandmas, be sure to send us a pic when you do something fun with your grandkids. We’ll share it! 😍😊 #grandkidsaregreat

The most precious moment I cherish with my grandma is that time of sharing lunches with her. ❤️

“Grandmas should be dressed in chiffon, and grandsons should be dressed in overalls.” ―C. JoyBell C.

❤️Being an awesome Nana doesn’t require a ton of time or money, just a little thoughtfulness #loveyourgrandkids

I love watching you grow into a little lady! #GRANDDAUGHTERS

With my gorgeous granddaughter Lily.

I’m so proud of my granddaughter for winning the prize for the most creative use of crayons. 😁

Catherine and Ava say “hi” to everyone who visits the store.

My grandmother, my friend.

The things we do (and bake) together. 😉

When you’ve been friends for so long, time doesn’t matter. ❤️🤰

Grandmothers and granddaughters share a special bond that lasts forever ♥

Grandma with her amazing granddaughter

Great grandmother and granddaughter spending time together in the park.

You’re always there for me when I need you, just like my grandma was for her granddaughter. Love you, Mom. 😘

My first and my only. Thank you for being the best grandmother anyone could ask for.

Granddaughter, I love seeing you grow from this little person into an independent little girl.

Go grandparenting and fill your heart with joy.

Two generations x one bond. Win win. ❤️

I’ve been a regular for years, but the other day I was late and my regular barista wasn’t there. This sweet grandma came to the rescue and made my drink just as I like it! ❤️

I’m so excited to be your new BFF. I can’t wait to have lunch with you in the cafeteria every day, and bring you home afterward for a dance party together!

My #Grammy is my best friend. She teaches me, guides me, and tells me lots of secrets that don’t leave this room. 👵💕

Just another special day with my sidekick, Meredith.

Time for fun in the sun! What is your favorite family activity? #DoveSummerLove

“Most people go through life living someone else’s dream” ― Sharon Lechter

There is a special bond between grandmothers and granddaughters. Thank you for welcoming me into your life, Elena! ❤️ *this photo was originally posted on our Facebook page 🙂

We love to see the grandma-granddaughter relationship blossom. Here, @gabi_shaneman shares her love of Epis with her sweet granddaughter.

Grandma to granddaughter: “You’re in my heart, always. I love you.” _/\_ #Friendship

Grandmas and grandkids are basically best friends who share tons of priceless moments together. 😍

Grandma and Granddaughter….the most precious of relationships. 💙🌷

This summer, take a page out of grandma’s book and show some love to your bestie.

It’s #nationalgrandparentsday and that means it’s time to start thinking about how you can surprise your grandparents this month. We may be eight years apart, but we are so similar, I feel like I’m right back with my grandma again. You are always in my thoughts ~Grandma

Grandmas are like Facebook—always there to make life interesting. ❤️

To my cute new neighbor, I love your little boy! 🥰 #grannieinthecity

You gotta love your grandma! 😊

Share a moment you’ll never forget with your Granny.

Having a special lady in your life is a blessing, like having her around forever whenever you visit.

Keeping it real with my new favorite person ❣️

every day is the perfect day to reconnect with loved ones.

Pumpkin spice, anyone? ☕🍂☃🌈

Grandmom said “be my friend, not just my granddaughter” and we’re on close enough terms to do an Instagram caption together. 😜

Effortlessly matching, just like you and your granddaughter.

Nothing beats talking with your grandma like you did when you were a little girl.

“Grandma, I don’t know if you’re the best grandma ever or the worst grandma ever.” “I guess that depends on whether I’m giving you candy or telling you it’s time to go to bed.” 😃

Nothing compares to sharing special moments with your grandma.

It’s fun to learn new things with your granddaughter.

Your favorite? Tag a friend that would love to share her style with her grandma 😍

Grandma, Today is your birthday! We wish you all the best wishes for good health and happy life. All our love for you, P.S: Grandpa is coming tomorrow to celebrate your birthday with us.

Happy Grandparents Day! Thank you for always supporting me, and teaching me to be a better person. I love you ❤️

Bonnie and I having a grand time.

Every afternoon, Nana and Zaya snuggle in to read their favorite stories.📖👵

My ladies are in the kitchen, preparing a frolicsome feast! ❤️🍳

You’ve been there for me every step of the way.

I don’t think we’ve seen you in a while, @Instagram!😊 All of your photos are amazing but this one 🎂 made me smile the most.

Grandma and granddaughter are always there for each other. Here’s to ours 👵👵

The bond between grandmothers and granddaughters is a special one, so join us on International Grandmothers’ Day to celebrate the friendship of women and the tremendous influence they have over generations.

Granddaughters are inspirational. They make you want to spend more time in your garden and at the lake, and live each day with more purpose.

When grannies and grandkids get together, the blur of energy is incredible. I’m so happy we do this every year! 👨🏻👩🏻

We’re better together. Thank you for being an amazing grandma. #GrandparentingMonth

A grandma and a grandchild are 2 hearts in 1 body.

I love it when my granddaughter comes over and we can spend quality time together.

Every girl should be lucky enough to have a grandmother as wonderful as you, mom. I love you. ❤️

There’s nothing like a loving grandma. Happy grandmother’s day. 💕 #grandbabies#

Happy Grandmother’s day to all the amazing grandmothers and baby mamas out there whose genuine love is what the world desperately needs more of.

To my dear granddaughter: the new you is a work of art. Time to start with nail polish 😉

Age might be just a number but this # grandmomsofinstagram will tell you that love is ageless. 💕😊

In my day, we didn’t have much. I remember my grandmother helping me sew my first dress 💕

I’m dropping one of my pearls—make sure you grab them all.

We’re off exploring! What’s your favorite place to travel to?

Me & my adult granddaughter are in full on Grandma & Granddaughter mode! You young’ens better watch out. ❤️👵

Watching my granddaughter grow is like watching a flower bloom. The genuine curiosity, liveliness, and eagerness to learn to remind me of my own childhood. I’m so proud of her and excited for the future with her by my side.

Nothing like a sleepover with grandma…

Nothing quite like being a little kid in your grandma’s arms. 🙂✌🏾

GranNY visits are magical, and there’s no place better than home. #homesweethome

This behind-the-scenes photo from Brittany’s senior photos shoot is everything. 🙌 💕 🐻

You’ll always make time for someone who makes you smile every time you see them. ❤️

There is never a shortage of adventures when I’m with my “buddette” 😊😘

Memories are the ties that bind us ❤️🍁

These two are the sweetest. ☺️

We were off for a walk this morning…and came back with so many good memories, we couldn’t help but smile.❤😊

Share a smile over something silly today.

When you can’t decide what to paint, go with a rainbow 🌈 😘 #SXC

No matter how big the oceans are, how many mountains we face, how wide and dark the woods, they will always be there……

Grandma and granddaughter clothes shopping therapy session ❤️💕😊

Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more than I already do, you insist on showing me a new side. Love from your grandma #GrandDaughterLove

My grandma’s one of my best friends. She’s 93 and I think she’s the coolest!

My grandma is just what I need to keep me young. Following her on insta gives me the greatest life quotes and tricks of the trade!

The best time to tell your grandmother you love her is when she gives you a gift! #HappyAnniversary

Thanks for being my BFF, Grandma! 😍❤️

Three generations of women taking a sweet family portrait 📸

Love you, my darling girl. You are a constant source of joy and inspiration! 💕 #grammys

My squirt, enjoying her slice of pizza on Broadway with Nanny.

Don’t worry, Mom. You’re not getting rid of me that easily 🐥 💕

We’ll always be here for each other.

When you find out that the smoothies she taught you to make for yourself actually work. 🥑

They seem like two great little friends ❤.

Let’s go on a walk. I’ve been meaning to take you on one. You can show me the way things have grown since I was here last.

Members of the same family are called first cousins, once removed. A child of a child is called a grandchild.

☘️Grandma and granddaughter best buddies.

Grandmas and granddaughters … it’s the highest level of friendship! #dessertforeveryone

Granddaughter, I love spending time with my favorite girl! ❤️😍

This is the kind of relationship you can have with your grandmother. It’s fun to hang out, we share many fond memories, we wear matching outfits every time. 😊

Having my granddaughter Layla over to paint our nails together. #grandparenting

Happy Sunday, #grandmotherslove stories 🌸 💐 🍰 🍎

Granddaughter, you are my life.

A grandmother’s hands may not be as quick as they used to be, but their hearts are always attuned to the needs of others.

Thanks, Granny for watching me at the park! 😊😎☀

Happy first day of spring, grandma! 🌸🌼☀

My grandma is teaching me how to party like one. 🎉

Me and my @elie_abrar 💕

Me and my BFF been together since high school. She was the first one to teach me how to do my hair, the first one to let me borrow her fur. ❤😉👯

I am so grateful for every single moment with you my love. I will be by your side for many years to come, but there is nothing better than the present ❤

We heard you had a big day today.

The bond between a grandmother & granddaughter is as timeless as the bond between friends.

Little J loves spending time with her grandma 👨🏻👧💙

I love being a grandma. I love being your grandma. Happy Mother’s Day!

Baking cookies with my little granddaughter today. Can you believe she’s almost 5? She can read and do math, too. She’s smart as a whip and the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. And her favorite thing to wear is a cape—both for herself and for me! 🥰

I love how my granddaughters will still come and cuddle up with me. I get to share that with them. Can’t wait for more moments like these…👵

The thrill of seeing one of your grandkids again after a long time never gets old. ☀️👩 👶

Two generations get ready for a special day. “For all the special days there are in a year,” says our grandmother. Let’s make this one extraordinary.

My #backtoschool outfit choices getting approved by my #MIL. Thanks, abuelita!

Sitting here with you, my forever friend. Over to you: what do you think about these captions? Are they right up your alley? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Sometimes it takes an entire lifetime to find someone who truly understands you. We don’t just want you to look good—we want you to feel good, too.

“In each moment of our lives, we have some kind of a choice. Between feeling sorry for yourself and feeling happy about what you have–” Happy birthday, Nan!

You are a gift to my life. I love you dearly, more than I can say.

Gran: There’s no better time than now.

I’m going to have my work phone with me, so you can reach me whenever you need me.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one. ” ― C.S. Lewis

A grandmother has space in her heart for everyone who loves her grandchildren.

Grandma and my granddaughter having fun at the park together.

Grandmas hold such a special place in their grandkids’ hearts—and it’s not hard to see why. #grandmother #granddaughter #family

Grandma is the best. I love my grandma so much. She is an inspiration and the greatest person in the world!

Thank you for being a good friend and the most important grandma in my life! 💛💛

Grandma! You’ve been my biggest fan since I started singing and you’re the one who told me that I can make it if I just believe in myself

Say g’day to the person who changed my world, who taught me about life, who made me laugh until I cried. My Nana. ❤️💖

As the seasons change, so do I. And no matter how old I get, you’ll always be my little friend. 💗😘

We are so proud to celebrate the launch of our new collection together ❤️

Granddaughter and Grandma — two generations, one powerful friendship.

Best Friends since birth, Nonna and Gio are full of love and personality. #grandmotherandgranddaughter

Grandma and granddaughter day… #latergram

This grandma decided she wanted to take her granddaughter on a “date”. Rather than grab a coffee, they chose lattes and a desert. The adorably sweet photo says it all.

What are your favorite memories with your grandmother? We’d love to hear them!

Sending you all smiles and giggles today with a joyful memory of me and my grandmother. 😁😊✌💕

“Grandmother.” She stopped and turned. Her smile was beautiful. “I’m so very happy to see you, my Mary Anne.”

me and my granny 💛💙

I can’t wait to see you this Sunday. I bought your favorite ice cream, cookies, and fresh flowers. Miss you so much ❤️❤️

What are some of your favorite memories growing up in the kitchen?

Love those hugs like this. ☺👩‍❤️👨

Smile, because you are getting a fresh, fabulous new look and I am crazy proud. 😊💇

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. -Annals Catherwood

“I just like the fact that my grandmother and I can still be best friends.” ― Sarah Jessica Parker (Actress)

Grandmas and granddaughters, this is a bond that is as strong and lasting as your favorite tea.😘

Nana and Me #grandmother #granddaughter #lifestyle #women

Grandma and granddaughter – you are a special duo that is made only stronger with every passing year.

Dear granddaughter, even though you’re miles away and I can’t hug or squeeze you as often as I like—I want you to know that Grandma is always thinking of you 🥰🥳

The kids may get your brain, but they can never take your heart. I’ll love you forever, Grandma. #RuthieAndCameron


If you love your grandmother, show her off as much as possible 😉 .

Grandma, I am going to USC for college and I want to major in journalism! You use Snapchat too?!? We’re so like each other 😉

While she’s getting her wreath hung up this holiday season, what are you going to do to make your grandmother’s Christmas special?

The best is when you can still cuddle with your grandma after she taught you so much this year. #grandsomething

Victoria and me, that’s our relationship!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in this case, it’s true. 😊

Together we stand, together we grow. Graduation day is right around the corner. Love you so much.😊🥰☺😻

You mean the world to me. I love you to the moon and back.

Pictures of a grandmother and her granddaughter will always be delightful! 😌😍

Grandma was in her 80s when I was born. She never had pictures of herself as a little girl, so she asked me to capture this special moment for her. They both wanted to share such an extraordinary friendship with the world by posting it on social media.

Grandma and granddaughter, lifelong partners in crime and puzzles. 💕😉

My grandma is my best friend and I hope she will be Gigi to a little girl someday too. 💜

Grandmothers—their lone purpose in life is to spoil their grandchildren. ☺️

Want to feel the warmth of your grandma’s smile? Tag her in this post and fill your day with bliss.

Gift Guide: I LOVE my grandma. She makes the best cookies. And has the cutest shoes. 🍪💕 #GrandkidsAreStitchesInTime

When two generations come together to bond over their love for In-N-Out. #friendshipgoals

Hey, here’s a little something to enjoy during your holiday break: It’s my gift to you 🎁☕️ (…and my bestie, Grandma!)

This sweet little girl is so excited to show her Nana that she made a “big” mess. 😍😉

Winter is bitter sweet with moments like this.

Grandma and granddaughter’s lifetimes of friendship are about as cute as peanut butter and jelly. 😊🥰

Grandmothers and granddaughters share a unique bond. This is what makes them the best friends for life.

Grandma and granddaughter are like sisters, united in their love for each other and the same old-fashioned sweet treats. 😉🍰

We’re proof that you can have a bestie in your grandma. 💕

There’s nothing more fun than spending time with your grandma. You know…besides being a grandma yourself. 🍀💌

My grandma is the reason I love tiny kitchens. Thank you for all the advice, recipes, and time together in this little space. Love you! Happy Mothers Day to all grandmothers out there.

Grandmother: I didn’t have to do this for you!

Growing up, they were inseparable. So we got them together to capture this sweet exchange._ _P.S. Before you say it, yes—that is my grandma’s finger in the background!

Gram and granddaughter matching 😍✨☀

Grammy, you’re always there to talk and listen with open arms. I love crazy stories about your youth and the funny moments you get yourself into. Thanks for all you do!

When you see your grandkids, you remember seeing how much they’ve grown 😀

Me and my littlest BFF. I’m her favorite ever (I know). 😍👴🏻😘

I can’t believe it’s already time for the BEST holiday of the year—White Elephant day! It’s a great time to spend with family and friends, open up new gifts, and eat lots of yummy treats! #wheredidallthetreesgo

Coolest. Grandma. Ever.

Me & my granddaughter. 😌

Took my 3 year old granddaughter Minnie to the beach for her first time — she’s a natural! 😃

Grandmas, I can’t put into words how much you mean to me. #legacy #grandmothersday

Grandchildren have a special way of reminding us there’s so much to look forward to. 😉Happy Grandparent’s Day!

Treating my granddaughter to her first pumpkin spiced latte. The true start of fall. 🎃☕🍂

We are so blessed to have you in our lives, grandma! Thank you for your love, support, and continuous encouragement. We love you! ❤️

Three generations of women walk into a church—and make history.

As our grandmothers’ age, we find ourselves attempting to sustain memories for the both of us. But the most important thing we can do is learn from them and take on what they have to offer. We are always part of something bigger than ourselves.

Making memories together on a walk to the pumpkin patch … Happy Fall!

When you hold my hand, I’m forever young.

these two are as close as it gets!

Finding time to spend with the ones you love

The best part of Friday ☀️💙

Love is reserved for those who have a smile in their hearts, a smile that you can see even in their eyes.


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