Happy 1st Birthday Message to Son

Your son has grown up faster than you can say it. For these little guys (and gals) that’s the way it goes, but for us dads out there, that’s something to be happy about. The best birthday messages reflect our feelings, and it also convey our appreciation for what makes him unique. So, in this post, I’m sharing with you my list of the best 1st birthday messages for your son.

Happy 1st Birthday Message to Son

My 1st birthday party was the best !! My son’s 1st birthday is on Friday, August 4th, 2018.

Happy first birthday, my little man! Love and Happy Birthday to you. (YES! I do not take thumbs down!)

Don’t ever forget where you started. I’ll always love you and what we’ve done together. Happy birthday to our boy!!

Happy birthday to you little guy ❤️

10 things to love about my 1st year of life.

Massive congrats to you on your first birthday! 🎉

Since there is no greater feeling than the one you get when your child wakes up in the morning to see their favorite foods all set out for them, complete with a Happy Birthday balloon 🎂🍹

I am proud to be your mom. I am proud of everything you do. All the good and all the bad. I am proud of you.

A year ago today we were celebrating with you, and today we’re celebrating with you again! Thank you for your 22 years of preciousness and for making us feel like the luckiest family around.

The best thing about this day was how surprised everyone was. He’s loved by all.

Thanks for being my light🌫 My fire💥

The 1st year is about the journey. Try to have fun, but have your questions ready, because there are tons of things to learn.

The magic is to be found in those small moments; those little things you never knew you needed to make your life better or trigger a sense of well-being.

Congratulations on your healing journey. For you are proof that miracles are possible, and your strength makes my heart sing 🎂🤸

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Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Son The Most Lovable Boy In The World ❤️❤️”””

Yay, it’s my son’s 1st birthday! Can’t believe this dang day is already coming to an end☹2018. Have so many wonderful memories with you on this year I’m re-living😍👼

We said it before and we’ll say it again… the kid is a star, a star that shined bright from the very first day. Happy birthday, my son. Love you, Dad, ×

Awwww! It’s so cute when you do it! Enjoy the 1st year of your little boy’s life ☺️🎉

On his first birthday, I sent him this gem on Instagram with some photos. We love them all he’s a handsome guy 🙊

You’re only a year older than you were yesterday, and we can’t believe we’ve made it this far. We love you more coming into your birthday than not knowing when it would be.

You’re mom and dad’s little superstar. We love spending time with you, and we’re looking forward to the big adventures you’ll take us on over the next year 🎉

1 year ago, you were a tiny lump in my arms. Today you make me smile as you build your own little version of us ☀

We thank you for the gifts and blessings you continue to give, we love you with all our hearts.

When you have been so good for so long it’s time to be bad 😎

Happy 1st Birthday to my crazy adorable kid!https://motivationalcaption.com/happy-9th-birthday-for-daughter-funny/🐶

In the midst of all these haircuts 💁🏻 been having a blast! Can’t wait to see all the smiles Happy 1st birthday to my little man🎈️❤️

A big first year birthday boy 🎂 Happy 1st Birthday Trinity Raymond ♥️🎁🎂

A few and a happy 1st birthday and many to come, I love you so much 🎉

Happy Birthday, my son. You’re the light of my life and continue to teach me what it means to be a man. I love you and we’ll take on the world together ⤵⭕

boy was that EVER 1 year ago. @rentsonmorris just celebrated his first birthday today 🙂

Celebrating your first birthday is a great way to teach kids about life and the world around them. Encourage your child as they grow, take your role as its parent seriously, and help them learn from their mistakes.

Happy birthday to this special boy in my life who came into the world with a smile and a song! 🎶

It’s not about me or about you, it’s about us. My little boy, the most deserving of the world. We all deserve good things in this life.

The first leg of his journey into manhood has taken him past the comfort zone of childhood’s first timid steps 🏃🏻

Keep blessing the world with your unique presence. ✨

Begins with hope, grows to possibility, bursts into possibility, and then explode into greatness.

🎉 Happy 1st Birthday baby boy! You’re 2 today. I love you so much.

#TBT I said the cutest thing on his 1st birthday. Life is so incredible and we love you to the moon & back!💝 pic.twitter.com/Qw7tOjrqBY — Lindsay H

1st birthday #mummy1stbirthday A photo posted by Behind the Coolshop (@behindthecoolshop) on May 5, 2016, at 7:14 pm PDT

Happy birthday my sweet son 👸🎂🍰😉

I thought it’d be cool to do a little something (for him and for us) for his 1st birthday 😜 👨‍🎓

Times flies by so quickly. I’m so proud of you, sweet boy. Happy birthday from everyone at Bean, Incorporated! XOXO

Happy Birthday to you, my wee loveable 15 year old twin 👶

Gifted son with big tears streaming down his face ” : ) ”

Always remember how fragile life is because you never know what tomorrow will bring. We’re halfway through 2018, and although that may seem like a long time, it’s actually the blink of an eye.

We are beyond proud of your first year…and #beyondglad2haveyou!

We are so proud of you, buddy. Gone are the days when you would only stir the sugar into your tea when I wasn’t looking. Now you can stir it in front of an audience! Guess you were destined for showmanship.

Yasas next month…Yasas soon as we can get out of here..Yasas as soon as I can brew a cup, Yasas as soon as we can hop back to our place and dive into the sweet treats @creat

I hope to never be so grateful for a child but I certainly am now…

1st birthday is a big deal, so we wanted to celebrate in the best way possible 💝

Hands down, the best 1st birthday ever. Every minute was one that I looked forward to. We made it all the way to 2 1/2 years without barfing!

It’s 1 year ago today I had you for the first time. And today, you’re all grown up like it ain’t no thang. Ain’t nothing like you, but still got my heart on lock. Happy birthday to my oldest

I wish you the best of luck this year. I love you beyond words. I’ll always be here for you. Happy Birthday, Cameron.

To our little man who turns one year old today! We hope you have a wonderful day! 🌸

Happy Birthday to my handsome boy! Love you, @rockeforgevents ____

You make me laugh every morning and remind me why I love living. Your wings will carry you wherever you want to go. Happy Birthday my little lion heart 🐯

This year has been full of firsts for me and I can think of no better way to celebrate my son’s birthday than being here with the both of you. Thank you to everyone for all of your kind words and love! ☀

Remember to spend quality time with those you love and to be the best person that you can be! 👶🏻👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Suck it.”He’s going to grow up to be a really tall, smart guy” – Mom – age 1. 💚

You’ve grown up so much in these past three years, and I am so excited to see what you do next. But for right now, I am so thankful to have a little boy who loves books and Superheroes.

That year of life is full of wonder and awe. This is for you, Jude.

The first birthday of your first child is a very special occasion and we wanted to capture that moment by putting you in the center of the love we felt for him/her.

Wishing you a very happy birthday, my little man! I can’t believe that you’re 1 year old, I’m going to hold you a lot today and tomorrow. ✨

Time never forgets to capture how precious your moments are. Happy birthday(call it birthday, bday…whatever), son! #mrzada

He’ll always be my 1st born. Happy birthday, little man.

We are so proud of you. We see your potential every day and it amazes us. Happy birthday 🎂

Happy Birthday to my skittish little boy 🦁🍂

Celebrating the special boy in your life with a Happy Birthday Balloon 🎁

Time flies so fast, but for today we’re celebrating this handsome guy turning one 🎉🎉

Our son will have a year older today, and we managed to capture our love in a beautiful way. We hope he’s having a great one!

We are super proud of you. You are our little man. We love you to the moon and back.

Dear baby, you’re 1 and we got GONG!🙌🍾#loveshighlights

This crazy and beautiful time is filled with so much love! 🍁☀️

Happy 1st Birthday to our baby boy, Henry. 🎁🎉

Working hard to be great is best done when you’re having fun. So show your son how much you love him by treating his 1st birthday like it’s the most important day of his life 🎉👨‍🎓

🎉🎊 Happy Birthday son, you changed the world and we’re so glad we got to enjoy it with you. You always had our back and now we have yours. Here’s hoping the next year is as magical as this one.

I love you so much, little man! May this birthday be the best one yet 👀

I can’t believe you’re already one year old. I’m so glad that you’re growing up with me. I love you to the moon and back.

You light up my day, keep shining away! 👌🏻

’cause you didn’t grow up like him, but I’ll always be here for you (and Netflix)

Nothing turns my son into a big boy faster than holidaying, so this challah is for him <3🎈

Man, I’m looking at him. He is a perfect little man 💪🏽

It’s like you actually grew up in my dreams…on this exact day, last year. You blew our little minds. Here’s to your wonderful first year ☀

Can’t wait to see what you do. The world is your oyster, my son.

The good things in life take time💪

The waves part, the skies turn, and the wildflowers bloom 🌅🌹

Happy 1st birthday to my baby boy! 🎂🎁 Love you, Dad.

1st birthday is here. Happy Birthday my angel, I love you so much!

“Through the grass, through the swallows, through the snowflakes, I send my son’s birthday wishes.”

Not that our son needs a reminder. Along with Valentine’s Day, it’s likely the most important birthday in a person’s life. We wanted to make a special day even more special by giving him a card.

Enjoy your first birthday with a piggyback ride from mom 🐷🎉

We got a new puppy brother today!💞Good luck little one! We love you so much, don’t forget that. Happy birthday, buddy boy.

The world is brighter if you’re his light, an angel in my eyes. Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!

You are amazing, but most importantly, You are loved more than you could ever imagine! 😍👶🏽‼️ Party on son! 🎉

We’re very proud to announce that you are one year old.

The first day of spring is here and we couldn’t be more excited. Happy birthday, sweet boy. 🎉🍭

Thank you for being yours, from the day we were born to the day we take our very first steps. I’m so proud of you. You have utterly blown us away. The other night, as I gazed at you sleeping peacefully

Surviving one more year with you, my daily reminder that this motherhood gig is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s so fucking worth it ❤️.

It’s official: I’m a Dad and I feel like It’s still the best thing that ever happened to me! Thank you, God, for this amazing gift ❤️💋‍♀️

Five years ago this summer you left a tiny, wobbly newborn in the parking of a Tim Hortons. Today, you’re a happy, healthy, confident five-year-old who gives us all giggles & hugs regularly

I’m so proud of you sweet boy! Love you forever. Happy 1st birthday to my baby.

Happy ONE-year birthday to my amazing son, who is progressing with each passing day ❤️💑

Now that my son has turned 1, he is my favorite person in the world and we spend a lot of time together. So it’s just perfect for this special day that I am sending you a happy birthday 🎊

It’s the very first birthday of our son. A year ago he was with us reaching milestones that most people can only dream about 💯

Found out his 1st birthday is Sept 24th. Wishing you could be here to celebrate with us! ☺️

You are so loved. One year old today, Daddy’s boy 💕

Enjoy every second of being YOU. Our kid’s life is so short & they have so many fun adventures to go on! Bring them to the fall fest with you, meet new friends, celebrate their birthday, get new toys…

You’re 1 and that is amazing and I’m so glad we got to do it together and be a big part of your life — sharing the ups and downs and adventures of these first years😘🍀

Your first year is not to be celebrated. Your first year is simply to learn, grow, and contribute to the world. All other things are gifts; your 1st year should be no different.

Happiness is something that accrues little by little. You can’t buy it, you can’t borrow it. It’s a completely internal experience.. so sow your seeds of joy where ever you are 👍✨

You’re better from day 1. My son is better from birth. #bigincredibarreloftrust

He was such a happy little baby. Had the cutest snaggle teeth and piggy eyes – he’ll always be in our hearts

You were born one day too late. Thank you for the extra time with your family, and for sharing this special week with us all 💞

You were worth the wait (and the tears, and the sweat, and all that stuff I’m sure I don’t remember). Here’s to another year filled with endless possibilities. ❤️👶🏻

Naturals Supreme 1st birthday 🎉 😄 #naturalssupreme #naturals A photo posted by Naturals Supreme (@naturalssupreme) on Jan 2, 2015, at 7:44 am PST

Happy Birthday to my handsome boy #1stbirthday #geoffrey #12yearsinaparty

Happy birthday to my amazing son – I’m so excited for your big day! You are growing up, becoming more independent, and starting to find your feet in the world. I hope that one day you will know how much I love you.

It’s the moment you have been waiting for! A new baby has joined our family! We are so happy that you are here and we will love watching you grow. Happy birthday my little man.

Happy Birthday my little man. Your big brown eyes and sweet smile have charmed me since the day you were born 💕🎉

Over a year ago, I wrote a post titled “The 1st Year of My Son’s Life.” That post, called “The First Year of My Son’s Life,” has been viewed over 8

1 year… 1 year I’ve been loving you so much💝

Love this sweet boy who stole my heart two years ago. 💕🎉

One year ago today we held you in our arms. So much has changed since then, but we’re all so very thankful that you were born and that we had the privilege of loving and raising you.

I look back and smile at all the amazing moments we shared as parents this year, and I’m so grateful to have created memories with you that we will always cherish. You are growing up to be such an amazing and kind person, and

15 years = a lot of change in a person. But don’t worry cause it’s good. Let’s celebrate the Whole Parenting journey together.

Come on, you know the one. You’re a funny son.

Yoga has really helped him calm down and express himself.

You are year after year always at the top. you are the number one…

Happy birthday to my little chewy—on the 1st haha! Hoping you’ll continue chowing down as you grow

Happy Early Birthday son. Keep chasing the sun in all you do in life, my boy 🏫

Happy Birthday To My Son, I’m so excited to watch you grow and become all that you can be! Love you, Prince James, 👸🏼🎉

Celebrate the first year of your little guy’s life with a pack of chocolate treats delivered to his doorsteps.

Welcome to the world, Son. Happy birthday to you!!!

Happy birthday to my son- I love you more today than I did yesterday!🍂🍯

So excited that you were born 1year ago today. We love you so much. Happy birthday!

James Patrick today is one. We couldn’t be more excited or proud of him! #HappyPArentsDay

It’s been a year full of ups and downs. Every now and then, it takes a moment in time to feel in awe that the guy who meets the challenge with a smile on his face is, in fact, your son 💕

🎉 I’m so proud of you…🎉 Let’s celebrate your first year 🎊 with lots of love…💕

On this special day, our little man has overcome a lot of obstacles and somehow managed to stay ‘adorable’. He has been growing up so fast that the only thing that’s predictable about it is how fast he’ll grow up.⁣

Looking forward to seeing you on your big day.

That’s right. You’re officially 1! Celebrate your first year of life with this amazing mommy, aka your proud papaw!!! #babymama

It’s always good to celebrate the little things, don’t you agree?

This is for you. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

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