Happy 1st Birthday To My Son Letter

You know how it is, right? The hardwork never ends! So, here’s a quick lesson on the birthday letter. If you had to write a note to your favorite son on his first birthday, you might be interested in reading this short post.

Congratulations on your son’s first birthday! Enjoy this special day with your family and friends, and if available, take some extra moments to write him a letter expressing your love for him.

Happy 1st Birthday to My Son Letter

Hanging out with our son letter. He turned 1 year old this week! He’s the sweetest kid and growing up so quickly! 💙

Special moments like these don’t come around too often. Congrats, Letter Jockey!

The love of my life. I am the luckiest mommy on planet Earth to be given the opportunity to raise my baby man 🖤

Dear son, you are now 11 months old. I love you so much ! 💕🎉

Birthdays are for celebration. Make ’em magical every day by remembering all that your little one has given and continues to give you 🥰

He makes me so proud to be a Mom and Dad every day. 🙌🏼❤️

CHEERS!!!! to embracing where he is now as a one year old. ❤️👑

While we wait for the first rays of the sun to come out and breakthrough, we like to put on a screen and enjoy a few more days of Fall 🍂

“There are moments when I love you so hard I could burst”

Enjoy this special time with your little one! 💦

A simple letter in red ribbon, created for his 1st birthday

This picture represents how I feel every day about his first birthday. So proud, so humbled, so blessed. Happy Birthday, son.

I’m so lucky to have you in our family, I love you so much Letter 😜😊💘

Awwww, cuz you were a year old last week. My only regret is not tearing off a piece of paper and writing you a letter on your birthday! 💜

He has learned how to walk, write, climb, and play. And now he can read his letters! He is yet another adorable year on the cusp of growing up. Thank you for sharing this with me & congratulations to my son.

This is the year of being happy…all the time,!!

Sharing that first day with my son ❤️

‘do you know how special it is that a child’s first word is not a b, a c, a d, or an f?” – Buzzfeed

I hope you have an amazing month sweet boy. I can’t wait to celebrate with you on the 10th!

Let’s have fun with the one year old, Sugar Ring.

It’s in your star sign: Aries, in your zodiac: October 21

Though he consistently demonstrates his love when you feed him, this treasure holds the most dear. ✨🎫

It’s taken me this entire year to make sure he’s truly ready for the world, but I know better than many things – that he really is. Happy First Birthday, son ☕️

A beautiful first birthday card 🎁 for my son who is loved beyond measure ❤️

A phrase I wrote when he was born, dated his birthday & signed it. He’ll be a year old soon.

Not to mention what 1 year of life looks like ☁️🌎

I cannot wait to see the endless possibilities 💜💜💜

So honored and so humbled to be celebrating 1 year with my son’s family! #Dadblogger #aMomentOfTime

“He’s growing up so fast. I wish I could slow the clock. Pass me another cup of coffee” -Penny Marshall.

When I think of how our hearts reach out to the universe seeking love, signs are everywhere. It’s this cosmic flow of energy you can access through your life & words. Let us not pretend it is easier than creating.

The words from those you love can be a source of strength or a reminder to take a breath and slow down.

He shapes the world around him, just by being. My best wishes for your family, wherever you are. You are loved, @lorenzolibuacomos 🙂

Because days like these come and go, but kids like me stick around. ☀

Today, I’m fortunate to have a son who loves art and books. He shares my passion for learning and growing. Letter, making a maple leaf is not only creative but also practical. 🍂 #boysmakingletters

1+1=1. 2 weeks ago we were celebrating his birthday and beginning a new adventure together. Sometimes new feels scary, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.

To my son who I felt like yesterday, he was born.

Loving all that is my precious little dude.

Can you believe that little guy is one today? From his first smile to walking and talking, we’re so thankful to watch him grow and learn.

Loving that he is growing up…just like the mountains around here!

There have been a lot of firsts lately! 🎉

He’s 1 and growing like a weed – 🥳 with recipes like Mom’s Pumpkin Cheesecake, Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with French Toast, and Red Eye Hash Brown Casserole 👨

I have a little boy who totally changed our world, but he did it while being completely adorable. ⛩💕

Letter #9 in my series, the project named after a character in a book by Phillip Cave ☀

This is my son’s 1st birthday. We both had a blast celebrating in purple!!!

My son’s first birthday! The first step is just one little step at a time. #happybirthdaymyson

Thank you for being part of my life, son. (#bday)

#1stbirthday #octoroon #fall #Grammy @jimadamsmusic

We can call it a grey day, but if we take a little bit of time out from work and make it beautiful, we can make our world a better place.

So, I was thinking I’d make his first birthday post a bit of a trend. And by trend, I mean the falling snow. Lace-up your boots and grab your skis for these trips down memory lane…

A whole new year begins with a fresh start. Keep on growing! with love,

Here’s to more adventures throughout the year with you @shane.millerletters! Love, Mom

When I was pregnant with you I had to surround myself with positive feelings ☀️💙

the first year of school isn’t just about the newest and youngest student in class—it’s also about opportunities and memories made. 👑

I love you, sweetest boy. I wouldn’t change you for the world

I don’t like when people change their names on Facebook to include the year they were born. It’s like “Here I am, year one!” Umm, that was 1994. I can see why some people

Love. Gender. Genderless. Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl

Never lose sight of your goal. Keep your head up, keep moving forward. ✨

Happy Birthday to my sweet little man! I could stare at these eyes for days 😍🎉

Today my son is saying his first words, my youngest is turning 1, and I am celebrating that life happens naturally.

My first son turned 1 and we had a wonderful celebration with his aunties and uncles. ☀️👶🏼

on behalf of the entire wildflower family, we are so thankful for all your support during this first year of his life ❤️

He’s 1 today, and I’m reminded of our first day. He still makes me laugh, he’s not afraid to bark at the doorbell, his raspy voice is the perfect combo of cute and threatening. He watches…

You changed my world so much in a year, but you still have a lot more to conquer 👼 🏃‍♀️

We love how you express a sense of wonder and discovery in a world of sensory overload. ____ A letter from you was all we needed to know

I woke up and held on and here we are and it all made sense and I felt so strongly that nothing could ever change what we had and how we were so happy together. But you grow up, and…

My firstborn has come of age! 🙂 #honeygel #firstyearblessing

I have to admit, when I saw my husband’s proposal at the top of an ice-covered mountain overlooking my hometown, I cried. It was the most epic moment of my life.

It’s when you can find yourself lost in the mountains above the clouds. Just think, the whole trip is actually in your head. #familytruce

🎊🎉 May you be happy for the rest of your life and may everything you need and everything that makes you smile surround you in its brilliance when you wake up every morning. Happy birthday, son!

My son is 10 today. Here he is on his birthday looking so proud of himself 🙃💕 He’s growing up too fast #parenting #blogger

#GrowUpPlz, send your son/daughters on their way to greatness with this inspirational message! This is for my son. 🎂

Hi little guy, you are growing up. From your first word–”mama”–you have grown more each year with grace and humor. Love, Mom & Dad

It’s always easier to look back on our lives than to look ahead of ourselves. So, thank you, little one! I love you so much 💞🌏

How do you wish someone a happy birthday? ✨

Addressing a very special occasion on a different medium.

Hi babe…hope your first birthday is filled with all the memories you dreamed of having. You are truly a joy. It’s 1 year today since the moment you came into my life. Welcome to the world, little man!

A beautiful letter experience designed to inspire positive feelings of gratitude & love

Thank you so much my sweet boy for being so stinkin’ amazing I can’t even. #1year #thankyouforgive

He’s 1 already! We’re so proud of you and we can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Shaking hands, flying kites, and hitting the field 🏻

My little one is almost 2! He’s getting to be quite the man. ☺️ 😊

Look how he’s growing up! haha 🎉🥰

Weekend #17 of this year is absolutely my favorite! I’m shooting for a fun combination of pugs, pattern puns, babies, swarming hashtags, and coffee ☕️ 🍵

A recipe with a beautiful hand-drawn letter on top, placed on top of a cake.

Socks on the nose and that first smile, we waited for this day for months

In loving memory of those who have been lost. In celebration of those who still seek the answers, nature has to offer. In reverence for nature as a perpetual cycle of birth, growth, and death.

Happy birthday to my sweet son and hope he enjoys his special day. I had a feeling this was going to be today when I picked him up from the hospital 😊🍼👶

my son is almost two years old! in one year he learned how to cover his ears, shake his head, cover his eyes, sign “I love you”, and even recognize “happy”. I’m so proud of my little man #sonso

Enjoy this day dear. It isn’t always easy being a first-time parent, but you’re an incredible grown up and we love you beyond measure. Happy birthday Patrick 🎉

End of season letters delivers so many feels. And makes me feel like I missed something important at first glance haha….

Letters are fun to make. After all, what is more, rewarding than creating something you know your child will love? 😍

A letter a day, a “Langer” a day, a celebration of the boy who has been there from the very beginning.

A giant thank you to my handsome little man for making these past few years (and months!) so meaningful. I love you, Jackson.

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet family ❤️ #samuelleemerald

This is the letter I sent to my son’s 1st birthday party set-up teams today, wishing them a happy birthday. . . “

Time passes so quickly, but so slowly at the same time. And when it’s all good, remember to slow down and take a minute to appreciate the life you live. “Bouncing”1st Birthday Letter

a day only my son can share with me. he is so special & so happy thanks to my family & you all for this love letter

Hope this letter finds you well, wishing you many happy birthdays, vacation spots to explore, oceans to swim in, fun-filled days encountering creative people along the way ____ #thankful #a-birthday3daughters

Wondering how it’s going to look on his birthday..🎉 #birthday #labeled #lunchbox #lunchboxletter

Now he’s 3. 🤗 It already seems like it was just yesterday. Looks like we’re having a lot of fun together this year, so I decided to commemorate this date with an Instagram photo that’s easy on the eyes.

Moments are made of timeless memories, but 1 year old letters are every bit as special. Thank you for letting me be a part of yours. Kisses, @radiantbaby ☀🌎

Thank you for helping me grow. Here’s to more delicious meals😘🍔👶

The way you carry yourself is the way people will carry themselves around you, so be proud to carry yourself with pride.

I believe in the magic of a letter written with color ☹

This time of year, it’s love, joy, and new beginnings. A sweet message from a new dad who is celebrating with his baby boy ☀🐚

Loving you is all I’ve ever wanted to do. You inspire me day in and day out, and the person you’ve become is vastly different from the one I knew at your birth. Happy birthday, Hun.

My ugliest, best, most me moment. On the cusp of sweet one year old hood 🙂

Here is to another year of growing up.”#ThanksMom

He’s leading us out of the fog, and we don’t know where he’ll take us—but we know he’ll make me love everything. #letter

Perfect isn’t perfect and I love that my son and daughter and the rest of my family are imperfect. Love your kids exactly how they are. No expectations, no faking it. 💷

Love you with everything I am, baby. And thanks for making my whole world your world. ✨❤️

The sensations, sensations of a young boy’s first day of school 😳🍎

Our most precious gifts are gracefully delivered by your hands.

happy 1st birthday my son

You have been a shining light in my life, you have been the light of my life… so happy first birthday my baby boy. I love you more than you could ever know!

Love that you are my son #1 day, oh look the skies open up \__, happy birthday to my 👼🎂

I’m celebrating my son’s first birthday. Will you celebrate with me? It is never too late to start.

❤ #1dreamer #birthday #son #lovemyson

My son’s 1st birthday letter, a heartfelt reflection on a milestone birthday, except it’s not a person. It is an experience shared by the whole family #dadlife #bosslady

The best gift I could ever give to my loveliest man lovelier every day #1stbirthday #thebest

1st impression. Be on top of your game, make sure it is a 5star one!

I found this in my son’s diaper bag and couldn’t help myself.

Life is better with a partner; friends when you’re out there; when you’re in, mushy or no? ¯ˆ‿¯

Happy 1st birthday to my son w/ so many more to come 💓

Wishing the best to my boy, happy first birthday letter. #mumwantsmysonhappy

This is to my one year old son, Levi. Happy first birthday, Levi! #1son #happybday #levi

And another happy and healthy birthday to my son, baby A 🍯 _____

My sweetheart turned 1 this weekend. I can’t believe how much he has grown up in such a short period of time. ”

Thank you to each and every one of you who helped make his first birthday so special. We love you all.

thanks to everyone who made his day one I will never forget!

He’s a big boy now, but still an adorable baby 😍

Eating it up like a brownie sundae this afternoon #josephsbrownies #briannabehearn 🍪🎂

Today’s photo was taken last week when it was still sunny in LA 🌞

Our 1st year of trying to parent together and I am refusing to give up. Hoping you know that there’s a place, for all of you.

First, there was a book, and then there was this. 🎉

I am still on 12 months of no words, but the journal had some use over the last year. With my

birthday coming up, might as well use this beautiful notebook for its actual purpose.

Happy Bib 1st birthday to my son. He’s made me so happy 💜

congrats my little munchkin. 1st birthday letter for a boy or girl

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet boy and friend. Looking forward to lots of sassy playtime and adventures!! I love you like a star, like a flower, like a handsome prince~

Turning an old swatch into a one of a kind phone case that captures our son’s ‘firsts’ and reflects them in this personalized sweet letter. #firstbirthday #1yearold #septoct

Today is an anniversary, but today also marks the official start of one year of #MySON’s journey. Today is his first birthday! 🎊

Well today is his birthday and I have so so so so so soo many monkey submissions too…but this one is my favorite…this is my favorite, without a doubt. And I’m so so so so very honored to be with him

you are smart, kind, handsome, and to my partner—thank you for believing you are enough for me.

We’re celebrating this beautiful milestone with a bumper sticker, party hat, and a throwback to the letter his parents used to drop off letters from Morocco. ☀🍂

Celebrate what you have and it all feels so much better. One of my favorite birthday messages

All the best to my baby boy as he begins his first year as a Momma’s boy ❤️✨✨

Know these moments with your child are a gift from the Universe. Life is your masterclass—always stay curious and open to learning from where you are💜

If you find yourself sitting around wishing you were somewhere else, that’s exactly where you need to be. -Billie Jean King (and also because I kind of wrote it)

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