Happy 1st Birthday Wishes to My Son

The day that we see our children grow and blossom into adulthood is filled with joy and anticipation. It’s an important time in their lives, and we want to ensure it’s a happy and healthy one. Happy 1st Birthday wishes. And it’s not just about them we’re proud of them too!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes to My Son

Everyone says I was the fakest one in class, but I bet you can’t find anyone who would say otherwise about my son. happy 1st birthday 🎂

Happy 1st birthday, buddy! You make my heart feel like it’s on fire! Can’t wait to see what you do next, and to see your big smile. ☀

The big 1 is coming up fast…so here’s to doing it well #1yearold #j.b.s

You make me a better person every day. You’re my everything. I love you, my sweet boy.

Happy birthday, my little Sunbeam! I’m so excited for what you’ll do in your second year 👶

I feel like we’ve been growing together since before you could even walk! I swear he is the greatest gift (and the most confident, charming, and handsome baby) that I’ve ever received.

Keep living your best life, it’s a beautiful thing to celebrate on the day you were born

I am glad to be your dad. Celebrating you this month with all the kids one year closer to adulthood. ☀

The first year of life is never easy. But I’m glad I got to hold you in my arms for so many sweet winter days. You’ll push us forward, remind us to smile.

I’m so glad you were born more than a year ago. I’m even more excited to see what greatness awaits you.

We never forget to celebrate, every day of the year! ☺️

It’s so big, I’m not even sure where to begin (or if you love him yet).

You are my world, my love. Happy 1st birthday!

Happy first birthday to my son, today I argue with him about which kind of party he wants.

Today my son is 1. I know what that feels like. As a mother, my heart is filled with joy when he comes into this world. He’s only just getting started! Congratulations on your first birthday.

We are celebrating his 1st birthday with an adorable photoshoot…and…cute little outfits for him! 🎉

Today is your day, smile kid. The world needs more smiles like yours. Happy birthday you little man ❤️

Whooo! Happy birthday to you, baby boy. You’re growing and having fun and we love that we get to enjoy your side of the conversation this year! 💕

One year down… five plus decades to go. Thanks for being the strongest human being on the planet, his mom. Happy Birthday, Prince Prince jr! I love you so much:-)

I promise to treat him right since he’s so special to me! Look at him grow up…

This boy is everything to me and I can’t wait for him to see how much we love each other every day. Love you @mikeyheifer ❤️❤️

One year later, I’m amazed that he’s a big boy with a big head 🤑🥕

Every year that passes, he grows upward to the point where I have to ask myself how on earth did I ever somehow pull him out of his crib?

Dim my lights, dim the land, and super blast off to a brand new adventure.

“1st birthday! Here we go, one more year. Looking forward to seeing you grow this summer and fall”.

This year (literally) marks his 1st birthday. He’s getting super big! Can’t stop giggling at the funny things he says 😂❤️🎉

I love you. So much! Happy Birthday to my boy 🎂

To have you in my life is a privilege ❤️, wish you a day full of love, sweetness, and sweetness ❤️. Happy Birthday little one 😊

#LovinglyAdoringChallenge #FirstBirthdaySurprise

So glad we got to celebrate his birthday together in NYC, and in no time at all, he’ll be off in school. Every day is a gift:)

My baby boy flying into the sunset. I don’t know if he knows yet how big he’s getting, but I sure as hell do. He’s an AWESOME kid and we couldn’t be more

Welcome to the world my son. 💘✨👍

Today you celebrate, today you begin… a new year, a new chance to grow and better yourself. Here is to your rise 🌵 ☀

Thank you for such a great first year! See you in 2020 #dadsilenceeflowers! ✌🏼👶✨

We know how difficult navigating the world is, and we’re here to help you. But sometimes…even when there’s a lot going on in your life…you can make it with a little help from us! 💜

The first day of the rest of my life- ??? #tdawsondomestic

May all your years be cakey 🥪

1st birthday with you is the best…why? 🤔

May your 1st birthday be as fun as it is perfect

1 year ago today, you were born into the world. I wish this coming year was just as nice to you. Happy birthday, little man!

1st Birthday 🎉🎊, don’t worry it wouldn’t be the same without you 😘

You are welcomed into the world officially today. We love you more than words can express. Happy birthday, my precious angel.

#1s come bearing gifts. And so does the power of the #moment #happy_birthday

Happy birthday, Ray Ray! You’ve got a lot going for you. ☀🎈

15 years May 21, 2017, 15-year old me he loves lomo

It’s never too early to teach your baby words of encouragement! 😊

Time flies faster than you realize—let’s take advantage of it, cuz time waits for no one!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough. Let them hear their voices fall, on your beautiful hard work. You are worth it.

And to you #WynwoodFoundation, I am so proud of the work you are doing every day. Thank you for fueling my passion for art and making dance me more courageous, bolder, and unstoppable ♥️

He’s perfect as he is. Totally…there. I’m at a loss for words.

May you always be honest and straightforward. Catchers of the sunlight

Happy 1st birthday to my beautiful son 🤸🏽‍♀️ 🥳 . Take a moment to reflect on your life as you celebrate the first year of Brent’s existence. – You got strong bones from your move.

Today you were born, and today we celebrate your 1st birthday; we’re so proud of you ♥️💝

I wish you all the happiness and joy of your first year of life! Happy birthday, my baby boy 👼

First birthday celebrations are epic ❤️🎂🍼☀

my heart is full of gratitude for this little boy who brings me so much joy. I love you, son💕

I can’t wait to plant rice and vegetables in his hands and fall leaves in hats. 🎉🎊☀️

You now have one year of living under your umbrella. It deeply inspired me to work as a writer and created all the animals I wrote about in my books. You kept me busy, inspired me, and continue to teach me something new every day.

Happy 1st birthday to my beautiful son ☀️

The sweetest 1st birthday present I could have ever received was bringing this little angel into the world. Happy Birthday to my little man, you make me laugh nonstop, your big brother is so proud of you.

Look, I know it seems like 1st birthday is always right around the corner but also around the next bend. 🎉

Your first birthday was so special to me, I spent it daydreaming about how wonderful life would be once you turned one. ✨💙

We crush it every day, but the best part of each year is when we get to celebrate you! Happy birthday, big boy!

Happy birthday to you, my best friend, my constant companion. I am so amazed that you are on

the other side of this galaxy. You are always who I have hoped you would be—happy, smart, strong, spirited, kind, and courageous.

🎈🎈🎈 100,000 🎊😭 So thankful for the gift of my son. He’s a gift to me and an amazing gift to everyone he meets. #happybirthdaymordy#1

He’s the best kind of baby, full of laughs and surprises. We love you, Jake!

Here’s to another year of being his awesome best. 🥳

Once you cross the threshold of one year, you enter a new chapter in life with a heightened sense of awareness and reflection. But it doesn’t always have to be sad, nor does it always have to be happy.

On the day you were born, the people around you drew on your face for their own pain.

👑 A year ago he was born 👏🏼 Happy 1st birthday to my little man 🎉❤️

Happy birthday to you, Leo! It’s hard to believe we share the same birthday — we’ve grown so much together. My love and gratitude you deserve this perfect day.

Happy Birthday, @ryanjacksonfromfromthegame Thanks for being the light of our life ❤️🎉

Short and sweet is always a good way to go with a birthday message 🎈

We want to thank you, Avery, for being our first baby EVER. Sweet dreams are waiting!

So many special things happen in one year 🎉🎉❤️

I’ve been waiting all year for the cherry on top of his birthday cake – a little grown-up mustache 🤝

“You’ve made me a better dad. A great baker. And a better person.”

The day I learned that you were a super-cute, super-smart kid. And I was so glad. We can’t wait to share more of your awesomeness 👶🏾

“What you believe the most is what the truth is. That’s what you must keep on believing.” ~Toni Blair ♥️🎈

It was a lot of work, but I love the great man he is becoming. Happy 1st birthday to my son💕

Thank you, Connor, we love you. Happy 1st Birthday 😍🎊🎈

I have a right to be in here, but this is so much more than about me…Turning 1 is a milestone I never expected in a million years. There’s a tremendous amount of love in your life today.

[He’s] growing up so fast, [and] I just loved celebrating his first birthday with my family and friends

#1stBirthday #birthday #birthdayboy #firstbirthday #babiesbabies #birthdayboy #happyfirstbirthdayhubby

You’re never too young to be your own hero. Happy birthday, I love you more than I can say. 🐠

Happy Birthday handsome man! We love you so much. 🎈🎈🎈

Happy birthday to the toddler who sleeps in every one of your shirts, cheers

out with a bang 🎆 in a world of smiles 🎉 #firstbirthday 🌈

It was a magnificent blessing to have you as our first child. Stay cool on your special day, and know that you’re loved and very appreciated. We love our son, and we couldn’t be more proud of you!

Today I bear witness to a moment in time that marks another big year of your life. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! Congratulations on the windy four, and remember to make it a few millimeters longer to

Fitness is not a get-fit-quick scheme, but a lifelong treatment for you and your gift of fitness.

This is the year of your 1st birthday. You are growing up so fast and I can’t wait to see what makes this year even better than the rest. I love you so much son, big brother Logan James loves you too!!!!

You are loved, you are growing, you are our strength & light. Here’s to many more 1st birthday anniversaries! ”””’

On his 1st birthday, I wrote him a postcard from the place where I lived when I was growing up in New Jersey.

My 1st birthday is also his birthday, the best. I love you. 💝

happy birthday to my little prince you are happy merry and full of life happiness cares love……..…….

A birthday filled with love and all our hopes for happiness. Many more to come!

Happy birthday to my beautiful boy 🎂👸🎉

Nigel is turning one 🎉 And that means one thing: his first birthday party has to be epic! 😆🎉

I loved the idea of transforming my son’s birthday cake into a birthday castle, and we did it! ✨

#4 is having a birthday party and we get to celebrate his life 🙂🎉

I challenge you to take a picture of yourself today.

Life is strange. How can you look your son in the eye and pretend that he belongs to someone else?

May you have a lifetime full of ice cream, hayrides, and ice pops.

Wishing all the love in the world to my son on his 1st birthday.

Happy 1st birthday to all the little ones out there Instagramming their year!

Happy 1st Birthday #Archie! Love you so much!

Happy ONE year old, splash the water, and spin the world.

Happy birthday, to my handsome son Jadon 👫🎉🎈

I got my happy smile back, and this time it’s all yours. You’re here forever, and that’s what matters most. Happy Birthday, guy!

We’re counting down the days until his 2nd birthday.

With love, Delilah 1st Birthday cakes are brought to you by @elitecakes_of_bangkok #firstbday #cake #happysunday #bread

You’re off to such a great start in this world, and I’m so proud of you. Here’s hoping that your next birthday will be just as fun #HappyBirthdayCody

You are 1 today. This is your last birthday for a while because school starts again in just 2 weeks. Have you scared us already? 😂😂😂

Happy 1st birthday to our little angel. Love you big time!😍

I’d like to thank my son for being a part of making life so beautiful. Happy first birthday 🎉🎈

Enjoy your first year birthday boy. Soon you’ll be big enough to do this for yourself!

My dear sweet boy, looking forward to many more years of adventures with you. I hope you get more cute little outfits like the one you are wearing today :).

I can’t believe 1 year has passed where he’s already 1/2 of this little guy

Nothing but happiness stars at his first birthday party.

I could not be happier to raise you, my son. Thanks for following me along this path!

1 year old is an amazing age. 👨‍🎓🎁

🎉 birthday boy, I love you more than words can express ☀✨✨

Wow! It’s already been a year. 🌸🎉

A year of laughter, learning, growing, and surprises…It’s time to help him clip his first wings. ☁🍁

Put a spring in your step with a tantrum-assisted spin class. Also, because today is your birthday. 🎉

Happy 1st birthday to my smart and thoughtful son. You keep me on my toes and you always seem to know what I need before I do! Love you @lindsay_hh

I can see miles and miles of days ahead for this little dude. One who will be the strength and voice of all our humanity to his generation. Happy 1st birthday my son 💙🏳️‍🌈

Thank you for giving me 1st birthday memories that I will treasure Always Ma’am 😆

It’s so special to see our little one grow up. always has my heart worn out ~~~ Happy Birthday son 😊” (follow the link to read about what kind of pint his parents were planning to do)

Happy birthday son, hope you had lots of fun with your friends while the city celebrated with fireworks 🌈 ##

It’s hard to believe that you’ve been a year old already. You make me smile and I’m so proud of you. Keep growing up strong and keep reaching for your dreams One day One step at a time. xoxo

Sign of the times that I am reaching my 30th birthday while sitting here, on my own couch, with an empty wallet and no hope in sight. Happy ROK. 🙅🏽‍♂️

To all the parents out there. Enjoy every moment…it goes by so quickly.

Today is the first day of many more exciting days, so [did you] make your list & check it twice?

In the cool of the evening with a cup of tea, I’ll draw you a relaxing, relaxing bath today.

First day of school. Worry not, you’re gonna make new friends and eat lots of food 🍞

Ding-dong, the most precious of bells. 🎁🎁 #AJ06

The first birthday presents are ready to share with you. Make a wish.

One year ago today, our lives changed forever. To celebrate the boy who never stops being adorable, we created these sweet 1-year-old birthday cards. I’m so lucky to have you in my life… #camphalfblood

1st yr of life is a milestone, but my son is the ultimate milestone. God is good 🍀🙏👠

S’1 year today! We made it, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. I love you so much.

You really are the gift that keeps on giving. Your mom is so proud of you #happiestmom

I’m forever grateful for the miracle of my life—and that’s all thanks to you, son.

Cause one year is nothing without another year. 💎

The first year of his life was the sweetest & the best 🎉

If only every birthday felt this magical.

We’ve had some amazing firsts this year: new baby, first birthday, moving to a new city, starting a new business. Here’s to many more!

Wishing you many happy returns and many sleepless sleeping with your #TaviandTavi loving aunt and uncle! 👸👶

I have changed my name to coffee, bitterest little green leaves.

#1 for 1st birthday. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. Smile ❤️☺

Happy birthday to my beautiful boy, one who has endless love and kindness. I promise to stay patient and wait for all the good that is coming to you. I wish you love and kindness, peace, and hope today and always.

it’s been real. thank u for the laughs, the tears, the joy, and the annoying voices in my head. I love you and will never forget your 1st birthday 🎉✨✨

Happy first birthday dude! Plants are your best friends, so it’s time for you to grow some.

1 year old tomorrow. Can’t believe you’ve gone so fast. We love your laugh so much, so much fun to listen to. I think you have a great sense of humor. I can’t wait to see grow.

I’m so proud of my sweet baby for smiling for the camera 😍

And so he will always get a present on his birthday – it’s the only birthdays I get time to plan for, after all, 🙂

With all of my love and unwavering devotion, we enjoy every moment with you!

How much do you love this little peanut?? What an amazing baby he is! The beginning of a BIG year full of growth for this guy 💛

This little guy has grown and grown! ❤️

Are you a grown up soldier? The dad in your life? Join the third grade 🦌🚔🏃‍♀️

It’s a big year for Little Kyle. What do you have up your sleeves? 🎉

🍁👏 Happy Birthday @gatemastermydiamond ❤❤❤ #1stbirthday #sonofthematrobradford

First birthday celebrations are so special. I am so happy to have this little guy in my life. Thank you all for being so sweet & bringing so much fun & love ☺

Happy birthday to you, my super sweet son. I wish for you to always feel warm in your heart, even when its cold outside ☀

I can’t believe how fast time flies! I keep saying that to myself, yet it still doesn’t seem real. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Happy birthday, baby boy. You’re incredible

Happy birthday to my handsome little #sonsue I don’t know if it’s the poetic power of champagne, but it’s still cool and I’m impressed!

I’m so unbelievably proud of him and all he has accomplished. Happy Birthday, little guy 🎉🍼

Exactly 1 year ago today, you were born pure love. ❤️ I couldn’t ask for a better gift than you, my little one 💜❤️

Here he is, 1 year old — may God bless him and keep him. Mom’s love you so much!

I’m counting down the months until he turns 2! 🎉 ~❤️

We, as a family, love you so much. ❤️❤️

Thank you, sweet baby Edward, for your big heart and your big spirit.☀🍂

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