Happy 21st Birthday Son From Mom Funny

21st Birthday is a milestone in everyone’s life and we all know how much our children love to celebrate. But it is not the biggest milestone we celebrate with them. It is the fact that they were able to hold on for 21 years, and that we can still see them laugh and play like kids. As parents, this makes us feel happy and blessed―and we usually pass this blessing onto our children too!

Happy 21st Birthday Son From Mom Funny

Happy 21st Benny! Hope it’s sweet as can be darling…may all of your dreams and wishes come true. I love you with all my heart.♥

Happy 21st birthday, son. I would always rather you grow old in a way that defies explanation than in a way that seems logical. – Happy 21st birthday to my funny, caring, sweet son.

Happy 21st birthday to my favorite boy! You’ve grown into an amazing man, with a heart of gold and a personality that never fails to brighten my day. Love you always! Hope your night is full of fun and laughter. #Happy21

Here’s to many more! I love you very much, Happy 21st Birthday my dear son.

Happy 21st Birthday to a wonderful young man. We love you!

You are my prince. My rock. My husband-to-be. I love you more than anything in the world. Oh, and happy 21st!

You’re a man now, but you will always be my baby boy. Happy 21st birthday, to my favorite person in the world 💙👶

Landon! You’ve been making me laugh for 21 years. Happy Birthday my son ❤️ 🎉

When someone says, “Let me take a picture of the two of you.” 😃 🎂🍰🥂

You’ve grown into that handsome grown man I always knew you’d be.

Well, today is your day, wish it could be mine too.

As I prepare for this milestone in our lives, we want to share an unforgettable year of birthday stories and milestones.

Happy 21st birthday son from Mom and Dad! May we make this year your best yet.

Happy 21st birthday to my dearest son, Mason. Our family loved celebrating your 21st birthday with you tonight! We wish you happiness and joy day in and day out 😘📷: @berrymerryphotography

Happy 21st birthday to the best son in the whole world! Love always, Mom💓

Happy 21st Birthday to my Godson @harrison_miller21. Fun times, memorable moments, lots of laughs, and plenty of love. Here’s to the next 21 years! Love you tons!

Happy 21st birthday to my funny, wild, and wonderful son. I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished.

Happy 21st birthday to our son, we wish you many more years of blessings and happiness. 🎉😘

Happy 21st birthday to my favorite example of a chill, funny, kind-hearted dude @johndoe.21!

Proud of you and your brother. Happy 21st birthday both of you! 🎉😃

“Son, you are three things: Smart, funny and handsome. Do not forget that” –Mom

I love you and I am so proud of all that you have become. I’ve watched you grow from a baby holding onto my finger to a young man ready to show the world what he is made of. You are so bright.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone as much as I love you💕

April 8, 1995, 🎂🍾 So many memories. So many laughs. Sooooooo much fun. Enjoy this next phase! 🙌

You’re my heart, soul, and center. I can’t wait to see all that you will become as you pave your own way in the world, I’m forever proud of you ♥️👨‍👩‍👧

Someday, Mama Spice’s going to be cool with the flower crown—on her grandbabies’ heads. #momsarethebest @spice_baby #napformiles

Today you’re older, wiser…and definitely taller. HBD 🍾

You’ve always been adventurous, curious, and loving. You’ve traveled far and you’ve learned much – but through it all, you still think of home. Happy 21st birthday son from mom 😘😍

Happy 21st Birthday to my wonderful, sweet son. You will always be my son—even if you grow hair in weird places!

Happy 21st Birthday to our son! We love you with all our hearts! 😝🎂

You’re always my favorite reason to celebrate. Happy 21st Birthday, Austin! ❤️🎈

To my sweet 21 year old son, I love you with all my heart and hope this birthday will be filled with tons of laughter and fun memories.

I’m so proud of you, Chet. I can’t believe that it has already been 21 years since you were born, but now that you are 21, things are just getting started. You are an amazing person and a

You have been a gift to our family from day one. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next & how you make our world a better place 😊 Happy Birthday Son!’

Happy Birthday to our favorite little redhead! We can’t believe he’s 21 already 🎉

Go on and live your life: be free, be brave, and take care of yourself. We’re so proud of you and we’ll always love you.

Hey, babe! It doesn’t matter if you don’t go to college anymore. As long as you do the things you love, you will always be my “no limit” baby ❤️💕 #1happy

if you can’t give money, then give time. if you don’t have time, then give a smile. if a smile is too far away, give a kiss… and keep going until you’ve given so much that it feels like giving money

Life is a gift from your parents, so enjoy it to the fullest. 🎂Hope you have a great day! xoxo

I’m thankful you’ve grown almost an inch–in height and in wisdom since turning 21. Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday son from mom! The birth of you has been the best thing to happen to this family! Have a great day ❤️😊😘

Happy 21st Birthday son, I love you so much and could’ve never wished for a better companion to travel this journey called “life” with. I love you more than words can ever say 💕

365 days full of love and laughter with you is better than a life without it. Happy 21st birthday to my sweet boy! I can’t wait to see what this next year brings you. Your family loves you so much 😊

Happy 21st Birthday to our very own son! No one deserves it more than you!

Happy 21st birthday, sweetie! I can’t believe you’ve grown so much over the years. I’m so proud to watch you follow your dreams.

Today you’re 21 which means tomorrow I’m going to hang out with my little buddy! Happy 🍻

My son was born on a day like this and every day since has been the best and most exciting day of my life. I love you, happy birthday. ❤️

Happiest of birthdays to our family’s biggest lover-of-life. Have I mentioned you’re my best friend? #loveyouloveyouloveyou 😌

Today you have a man-bun just like your dad 🤘🏼

I have a boy in a grown man’s body. I just wish he would’ve stayed in my womb. #WhiteLiesForHalloween

Today I’m counting my blessings, it’s your birthday! May you always see the silver lining in life’s cloud and remember to believe in the impossible because you are the future and it’s exciting and amazing

That moment when you’re just chilling at the beach and your kid yells “Mom, I made friends!”

Happy 21st Birthday to my favorite guy in the Universe! I’m so proud of you and still in awe of how far you’ve come in this world. Love you with all my heart! Your Mom xoxo

Happy 21st Birthday, Son! 🥳 I hope you have a fabulous day! 👍

Happy 21st birthday! You’ve grown up so much. From my little man at 8 lbs born in my arms to this man 5’9″ and 165 lbs with a beautiful face, godspeed son 🎈🍼

Happy 21st birthday to my little boy! Ever since you were born, you’ve always been looking up to me, but today I’m celebrating you. You are the best son in the world, and I couldn’t have asked for a better man like you.

Happy 21st birthday to my wonderful son, who shares my love for creating delicious, fresh meals. Here’s to many more years of fun meals in our future.

Just a reminder that you never have to worry about not having a clean shirt when you live with someone who likes cleaning. Happy 21st! 💛

Today is my son’s 21st birthday! We had a lovely dinner with his friends and family, and he got lots of presents. It was such a perfect evening that I won’t spoil it with the silly photo above.

I have lived a greater life because you have been in it. Happy Birthday, Son, I love you!

To my baby, the best thing I ever did… (but your sister and dad give you a run for your money too 😜💕

Hello, my baby! As you embark on a new season of your life, may it be filled with awesome memories and awesome friends 🎉😉

So you’re turning 21? In that case, I suppose it’s ok to drink.

Turns out you become the stories you tell yourself.👫

─the good life is made up of small pleasures, not big ones─ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Catching up on some snow days while I reflect on the past 21 years of parenting… ❄️✨

When you realize your kids are old enough to be doing fun, 21st birthday activities like this🎉 #happy21stsonfrommom

When you’re not sure what to say, say nothing at all. Happy 21st Birthday Son—I love you more than words can ever express or paper can ever hold 😘

Happy 21st birthday to my son. May the next 6 years be filled with laughter, adventures, and so much love!

You are wise beyond your 21 years. You are strong, intelligent, kind, and ambitious. You are a gift to the world. I am so proud to be your mom & I love you deeply! Happy Birthday Son

To my pumpkin, happy 21st birthday! I can hardly believe it. You’re no longer a teen, now you’re legally an adult (hehe). I hope you will enjoy this year; true to your nature, be open to new things.

May you forever be young at heart! Happy Birthday from Mommy & Daddy’s little boy ☺#21 #happysonbirthday

It was always you. And it will always be you, my darling son. I’m so proud to call you mine… Here’s to the next 21 years! Birthday cake for dinner again, okay?? 😜🎉

Happy birthday, sweetheart! You’re a wonderful son and I’m so proud of the man you’ve become.

Happy Birthday to the best son! May we’ll always find time for adventures and lots of him and his friends and their parents.

I just wanted to say I am so proud of the man you have become! I’m so thankful for your warmth, honesty, and integrity. I wish you many more years of happiness and love. All my love, Mom.

Absolutely the best thing is when you become your child’s friend.

The years keep coming but they don’t come much better than this one.

️Happy 21st birthday my handsome son! You have been a gift from God to me since the second that I saw you. I am beyond blessed to be your mother, and I know that without you.

Happy 21st son! So proud of you and what you have accomplished in your life. Have always known you were destined for great things.

Happy Birthday, my silly boy. I can’t believe you are already 21 years old 😮 … And yup, you are still the funniest person I know! Wishing you all the love on this day. Love, mom

Sorry, I forgot to post on your birthday even though you were born on the day of that big giant earthquake in Japan. Happy 21st! Now you’re old enough to get a beer and watch grown-up movies with us on Friday nights.

Today I’m the mother of a 21 year old! Happy Birthday my darling son @hb_piper

In my opinion, age is just a number. You’re turning 21 today and that’s what matters. Go get ’em, tiger! Love, Mom

On your 21st birthday, here’s to a lifetime of memories. Until we meet again, cheers to you!

️New opportunities await you as you enter adulthood. May the rest of your life be as amazing as your 21st birthday 🖤😎👬

You are my heart, you are my soul. You are everything I’ll ever want or need. Happy Birthday to the best son ever!

May all your shopping list as well as everything else be as pleasant as the days you spent in my womb.

I don’t have a lot of rules when it comes to parenting, but the one I do is that I have to love my kid no matter what. And you are just easy. ❤

It was 21 years ago (but who’s counting?) that God gave me the greatest birthday gift I could ever ask for, Thank you for building your life on Christ, thanking Him in all circumstances. I love you very much.

It’s your birthday, but it’s our hearts that are celebrating. Happy birthday, son. #Happy21stSon

I’ve seen so many pictures of you since I was pregnant that I feel like I have already lived your life with you! Happy 21st birthday my beautiful one! #bdayboy #happybirthday #21

We love you so much, Charlie, and can’t believe how quickly you’re growing up!! Happy 21st Birthday! 😘😎

Happy 21st Birthday to the man of my dreams-you are so much more than I could have ever imagined. You’ve brought so much love & joy to my life & I’m so proud of you.

20 years is a long time to share one love seat. Here’s to many more. Happy 21st!

My heart is bursting with pride as I see what a wonderful man you have grown up to be. Happy 21st birthday 🎂

Today is my big boy’s birthday and I can’t believe he’s 21 already. It seems like just yesterday I was changing your diapers! Happy birthday, sweetheart. We love you so much.

Yes, yes. We just went through a growth spurt. I gave birth to you about a month ago, and after a little incubation time, we’re finally returning for your 21st birthday.

It’s a big world and today you’re an adult and right now​ I’m so proud to be your mom.

A little sunshine on your birthday always makes for the best kind.🌞😍

Your birthday is the best day of the year 🎉

Good luck out there! We’re so proud of you. Mom and Dad

I had no idea where I was going… it turned out I was heading home. ——- A.A Milne

It’s your first country ❤️ We’re counting down the days! #overhereandthere

There’s a song that says “the best years of your life” and now those lyrics have been proven true. Happy 21st Birthday, Son.

Happy 21st birthday to my son! I’m so happy to see you growing up and becoming the man you want to be. Love you so much, mom❤️.

Happy 21st Birthday to my awesome son! I’m so proud of the awesome man you are becoming.

Happy 21st to my sweet boy with a heart of gold. You’ve grown up to be such an amazing man –so kind, thoughtful, intelligent, handsome– the list goes on and on. I am so proud of you!!!

Happy belated birthday and special day to my son. 21 was a hard hurdle but now it’s time to celebrate your new age and your accomplishments! So proud of how strong and wise you are growing into such a responsible young man.

Celebrating my sweet little man turning 21 today! You are forever my baby.

On your 21st birthday, I’m not going to tell you that you’re a man. I’m going to tell you that you’re a baby. And it’s going to be okay #

Happy bday to my favorite guy in the whole world! Love you so much son, so proud of you.

You turn 21 so fast these days, I’m barely able to Snapchat it.

Honey, do you know why there are so many birthday wishes on your Facebook page? Because you are just one year closer to being able to collect Social Security.

I know that there are a million reasons to celebrate you this year, but you are my top reason for being so happy. Happy Birthday!

You’re not just getting older, you’re getting better with age. Happy birthday. I love you.

You’re never too old to be my son. Happy 21st birthday, @benjg! I love you and can’t wait to spend your special day together. I hope it’s as much fun as those toddler

Happy 21st, Bub! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love. Love, MOM

Happy 21st Birthday to my amazing son! I am proud of the man you’ve become and so grateful for another year of life with you. 🍎💗

Happy 21st birthday, buddy. You’re the most amazing man that I know. May your next year be as sweet as a homemade caramel swirl ☺️

Happy 21st birthday to my wonderful son, who is so very much a part of who I am today.

Happy 21st Birthday to our most precious son!! All the best in the world to you ❤️❤️❤️

To my darling son on your 21st birthday, I love you more than coffee.

I can’t believe you’re 5 already! I loved holding you in the hospital and pushing you in a stroller through NYC… Now I enjoy taking you to the movies and playing board games.

Here’s to growing up. Happy birthday, baby!

Officially 21 today! Here’s my present to you: the key to my liquor cabinet! 🍷 We love you. 😚

So, you were actually born on this day 21 years ago…wow! But, in your family’s lifetime, you might be the youngest grandchild, brother, or sister. So there. That deserves a drink.

Happy 21st birthday son here’s to the next year of memories. I love you.

You are always in my heart. Happy 21st b’day son.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Happy 21st birthday, son! ❤

Son, as you turn 21 today, let me tell you this: If my cooking was as bad as the way you drive, we’d all be in the hospital now.

I can’t believe it’s been 21 years since you were born! I’m so proud to see you grow up, but please stay young at heart! 💚

I’m so blessed to have you…I can’t even begin to count the ways. I was your biggest fan long before you were born and I will be your biggest fan long after you leave home.

Wishing you 21 years of pure happiness. May God shower his blessings on you. I love you ❤

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Congrats! 😍👏🎉

That moment when you can finally drink legally, but your mom still won’t let you drive home from the bar. Also, I picked up a new cardigan at Nordstrom to match my sweats. #21ThingsILearnedToday

Today we celebrate more than just your birthday — we celebrate you — and that makes us very happy. 🥳🎉

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