Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes to My Son

Birthdays are really memorable for one reason or another. For kids, they just remember that their parents will always be there to celebrate it with them. That’s right! It is the parents’ job to ensure that everyone in the family is happy even during special days like birthdays. This includes everyone in the family whether old or young, irrespective of any relationship within them. These happy 2nd birthday wishes to my son tips will help parents to know what they can do to make every special occasion memorable for their children.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes to My Son

1. To my son, you are the most wonderful person in this world! Thank you for everything you have given me. Every day of my life has been a blissful dream come true with every minute spent with my dear son.

2. I promise to make you the happiest child on earth. I will always love you, protect you, and always be thankful for all that you have done for me. You are now 2 years old! How time flies! Your loving parents wish you a very happy birthday!

3. My daughter, I am so grateful to see you today. You know how much my life depends on you and how much I cherish you as the most wonderful gift God has given me. There is nothing more important than you in my heart. I pray that we will always be together and share lots of good times and memories every day! Happy 2nd birthday my daughter.

4. I wish you all the best on your special day! Don’t be angry with me for missing out. It is an honor for this song to celebrate your birthday. You are a great boy, full of energy and a joyful attitude. You are my son and will always be! Happy birthday to you!!!

5. You are so funny and clever. You always give me so many ideas. I love the way we play, and we do lots of fun things together and you always make me laugh and think about interesting things. Happy birthday, my son.

6. Thank you for being part of my life!!! I am so glad to be your Mommy!! Thank you so much for always being there to cheer me up, no matter how hard things became at home or school! Also for listening to me scream at the top of my lungs when I was fighting with my siblings or feeling sad or lonely. 

7. It may seem silly, but it has always been your birthday that I have looked forward to when I look at the calendar. Like when I open my room in the morning before school, you are the first thing to catch my attention. You are always giving me hope in life and reminding me to live it up! Thank you so much for being my son! Do enjoy your cake.

8. On this special day, I hope you enjoy all your presents and many more birthday treats. As your Mom, I would like to thank you for the wonderful days you have given me, and all the memories we have shared. Thanks to you, my life has meaning.

9. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are so special to me! Love you very much, Grandma!

10. You are an open book for me. Your dreams and aspirations in life are validated in your every word. I will always be proud to tell everybody about you, in private. Happy 2nd birthday, my wonderful son!

11. My son is growing up… faster than I can keep pace. I love you like crazy and I will always be there for you. Happy 2nd birthday son!

12. I wish you a great day filled with loads of fun and laughter. I want you to remember how special your birthday is, so don’t forget to enjoy every minute of the celebrations. Know that I am happy for you just as much as you are today! Happy birthday my son!

13. Never in a million years would I have guessed that the day I would greet you into the world would be this big. Thank you for letting me become the momager of your life. You are my little man! I love you to pieces, kid. Happy birthday to my pretty baby, who breathes like me, who looks like me but with shorter eyelashes, and has my humor. I hope you have the best 2nd birthday ever today!

14. My son, you have a great sense of responsibility. You do not work just for pocket money, but because you want to help others. You have always been there for me, and that has been something that I’m truly grateful for. I love you too much to hold your hand as you grow up. Please find happiness in life as you follow your dreams with no regrets.

15. I can’t believe you are two today! It’s so hard to believe. But what’s even harder is knowing how much you have grown since you were born. You are so much more handsome than your brother, and I love that about you. I wish your second birthday was just as memorable. Happy birthday!

16. We must guide our children, but it’s their choice to decide what’s best for them. They have grown up so fast. However, I know your good nature will protect you from all the worries that are associated with growing up. You are the light of my life and I know that I can easily turn to you for solace when it gets too hard. Happy birthday!

17. He is my real talent, talent for acting! He never fails to make me happy; he knows what I like and who to make me happy. He is the sweetest son anyone could ask for.

18. Hey, Buddy of mine! I am so proud of you these last 2 years. You are my world. I love you to infinity and beyond!

19. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday! I know, your life always revolved around me and my happiness. You have taken care of me and made me who I am today. Thank you are small words compared to all that you have done for me. My tender love and affection make you grow and flourish into the person that you can be. Happy birthday to my son, here is a sweet birthday wish just for the fun of it!

20. I received a nice birthday card from you. I love the way you have put it. Happy birthday to my son, I’m so glad that he is a great kid and a good kid. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Son Quotes

21. This year, I am grateful for the son you have become. I hope all our birthday wishes are being read so that they will be engraved in your heart. Happy birthday, my prince!

22. My son is a truly wonderful person. He is very sweet and generous. He has also been a truly great son to me! I love him very much and am very happy that he has joined the world of the living. I wish for nothing more than for him to have a long and happy life ahead of him.

23. I value you as a son but more importantly because you are life itself. It is always a pleasure to see you smile and make me proud. Birthday greetings from the entire family!

24. I wish you a very special day this year! What better way to celebrate than by looking back at the obstacles we have overcome and the places we have learned about? Everything we’ve learned has enriched our lives. I hope we can walk further in the future, with all that we have learned and grown along the way. You are a symbol of courage and I am eternally grateful. Happy birthday, son!

25. “My son John”, you are my treasure. You are very special to me, and it’s hard to describe the little boy who grew up I have spent 16 wonderful years with you, looking after you, giving you so much love and tenderness. People always look at your face and ask me”, “why is he so beautiful?” You are an angel who came into my life! You were so patient so many times for each of us, thank you! Usually, I wish

26. We are so proud of you. You have shown us what it means to be a family, and what it takes to be a good son. Happy Birthday!

27. Today’s your birthday! Have a great day. I wish I could smile at you the way you smile at me…

28. You are the first word that every new family member hears. You are my priority. I am grateful for all of your pranks, tricks, and giggles! Smiles make the world a better place. Today is surely one of the happiest days of your life!

29. You are the sunshine in my life! I cannot imagine what happened if God had gifted me with you. Every day is tinged with your happiness and something new to look forward to.

30. My special one, I have more of you than you have of me. Whenever I have a problem, I always come to ask for your help. You are the most caring person, understanding, intelligent and humble I ever knew. Happy 2nd birthday!

31. Happy birthday dear son, I hope you have a great day and that it is memorable. You are such a special person and I don’t know where I would be without you. The world would be a much sad place without you!

32. Happy Birthday to the boy who brings so much happiness in all our lives. It is no surprise when people refer to you as an angel. You are our little guardian angel, always there for us when we need help. You give us joy in hard times, and laughter in hard times too. You stood by my side in good times and bad times and shared all our joys and sorrows with me. Happy birthday, son!

33. My son is a beautiful boy who can bring a lot of joy to his family. I am very proud of the way you have grown into a man. You are very special and I look forward to seeing you happy and healthy as you grow up.

34. Today marks the second birthday of my son and I wish him a very happy and prosperous day! On this day we remember we should always look for the good in everybody and not be envious, only envious of the things they have. Happy Birthday to you!

35. My son Jay Aaron WILL be a special man just like his father! To love and be loved is the best feeling in the world. I taught him to chase his dreams and never give up. So on this day, I wish him all the happiness that life has to offer because nothing can stop him from achieving what he desires!

36. I know a special day is a time to celebrate, but I was sad you didn’t make it home for your first birthday. Remember how excited you were when you found out what the gifts were? I will never forget you as long as I live. Happy birthday!

37. On this day, you have made me a proud mom. You have been the center of every activity from the time you were born, and I am glad that your birthday will always be an exciting occasion for us. Your smile defines us, and I am always thankful for the way you think!

38. I’m very glad that I have been able to bring you up as the great man you are. Happy birthday!

39. On this day of all days! I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for making my life warm and

welcoming. We all know that you are smart enough to figure out how to make your dreams come true. You have a very bright future ahead of you.

40. Though I did not realize it at the time, raising you has been one of the most exciting adventures I could ever imagine having. Because of your life-saving surgery, I am willing to walk into that operating room for you again. You are my protective shield, my vigilant protector. You awakened me to the meaning of love and tolerance and led me to make positive changes in my life. Happy birthday, son!

41. This year, I want to share my time with you even more. You are my best friend, and I love spending each day with you. I will always treasure our amazing times together to the max. Happy birthday, son!

42. My small son, look at how much you have grown up. It’s hard to believe that you are already two years old. I am so proud of the wonderful person that you are becoming. You are one of a kind. You mean everything to me and I will swear it forever! Happy birthday, baby, I love you!

43. The best thing about having a son like you is that we can celebrate his birthday every day of the year! When we first got him, he was shy and kept on fixing his gaze on the floor. But now, you demand him to hug you and make him jump for joy! You love and respect your boy and it shows very clearly through your actions. You’ll be happy to know I’ve thought of all those times too! Happy birthday, son, I’m so proud of you!

44. I can’t believe you are growing up so fast! Today is your birthday. I know you would love to be like any other kid. However, you are not like any other kid! You are unique and amazing. You mean the world to me. I love you.

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Son Message

45. There is no greater gift than the gift of you – and that gift is priceless. You have brought smiles and laughter into my life, and you brightened up this world with your presence.

46. My Son, Everything that I am, came from you; every decision made, every fight won, and every problem solved. Thank you for making me such a proud mother.

47. I would like to thank you for being the most amazing person I know. You have the best of intentions and yet, people can still trip on them. You understood me more than you could ever imagine and that means just as much as you do. Thanks for making my future look bright and colorful. God bless.

48. Thankful for our special relationship, that you give me the strength to always be proud of what I am and where I come from. Through all the ups and downs in life, as long as we’re still here for each other, nothing could ever go wrong.

49. Mom, your love for me is an example to millions of mothers who live today. Your life will answer prayers because you are the best mother I could ever have. Today, please know that I am here for you in all ways. Know that I love you.

50. How can I thank you enough? You will always be a cut above everyone else in this world. I will always enjoy your company and feel so much more secure in having you as a friend.

51. You make me happy every day. Every time I look at you, I want to cry. All the love and attention you’ve given me has made my life better. You make me feel like a princess and the world is such a wonderful place because of you! Thank you for being my son and guiding me through life’s maze! Happy 2nd birthday to my darling son!

52. You make life worth living and is the definition of happiness. With your amazing smile and your craziness, you make me smile and laugh. Happy 2nd Birthday to you, my son!

53. You are the love of my life. I know that you are not yet 2, but I am very proud that you are mine. You are all that I look forward to every day. You inspire me every day to do better and be the best mom ever! With the best mommy in the world, there is nothing more to be said. Your love for me is everything to me and I am so blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday, son!

54. You are not just my son, but my best friend. You have given me so much and made me who I am today. There was no moment when I had to worry about you and you made my world brighter and more beautiful! Thank you for always showing kindness and sharing your precious time with me. You make me proud to be your Mom!

55. My son, angels weep when they see the state of the world. A miracle is needed so they can ground you back to Earth. You, my son, are truly amazing! I love you more than life itself!

56. I am thankful for the special day I have with you. I hope you are having a great time celebrating your birthday.

57. I want everyone to know that no one makes me feel like my daddy. I know that everyone in my life has helped shape me into the person I am today, but no one measures up to the man who is the backbone of our family. I love you, daddy! Happy birthday!

58. I am so glad that you share my love of pop culture. You always make me laugh and offer the best advice when I need it most. Let’s get through this difficult time and get back to normal!

59. 2nd birthday is the day that we celebrate our son’s journey into adulthood and there can be few things that mean more to him than a meaningful message on his special day. My husband and I know just what he needs for this special day, so here are some of our most popular birthday cards for boys with positive messages. Let’s re-live his first two years together! Dear son,

60. To you, I am glad that God has brought you to this world! You are very special to me because you are my son. I wish you all the joys in life! Happy Birthday, Son!

61. When we celebrated your 2nd birthday, it was like no other. The whole world seemed to stand still and we were in awe watching you grow and blossom like a flower. It was only then that we realized how precious life can be. You are our pride, our joy, and the center of our life. After two years, we see your happiness and smile every day it still makes us smile. We love you so much and miss you every time we travel to another country. We would like to

62. Wow! Three years already! How time flies so fast. Despite your height and looks, I know you have a heart bigger than all the oceans, for I know the love you share with me. Happy birthday my beautiful boy. I can’t wait to spend this day with you in my arms.

63. I am deeply honored to have created the best son ever. You are so cute and how you entered my life melts my heart! Very occasionally, you have made me wonder why all of the bad things had to happen to me. But believe it or not, they have gotten me where I am today, standing right where I am at. Right here, on this special day. Let’s enjoy every minute of the celebration of our second year of being together!

64. I have been waiting here for 2 years, to be able to tell you that I love you. Your birthday has come around again, so I guess your old dad is entitled to come to say Hi. I would have written sooner, but I was afraid the mailman wouldn’t deliver it to you this year. I wish you a very happy birthday! You are my handsome prince today! Happy Birthday!

65. Happy Birthday to my dearest and handsome brother in life and death. You’ve given me the strength and willpower to make the most of myself in life and to be happy with myself. I love you to the moon and back. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated today!

66. Today’s your birthday and what a blessing you have been in my life. I cannot ever let you go because of the things you have done for me. I hope you have a fun party today!

67. I wish you the best of everything. You are an inspiration to me and that is why I wish you a very happy birthday.

68. I am grateful for everything that you are today. You are hilarious, smart, kind, loving, and patient. I am extremely lucky to have you in my life!

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