Happy 3rd Birthday for Daughter Funny

This is a very happy 3ed birthday for daughter funny which you can send or share with your daughter and your friends. If your daughter’s birthday is on the 21st week of September and she is also celebrating her third birthday, then there is nothing better than wishing her a happy 3rd birthday with this funny 3rd birthday card from For Daughter.

Happy 3rd Birthday for Daughter Funny

Happy 3rd birthday to my baby girl! You keep on giving us endless reasons to laugh and smile 😀☺️💕

You’ve grown up so much in these 3 years that it’s truly unbelievable to see just how much you’ve changed! Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet girl!

You’ve been a lot of things in 3 years. You’ve been a toddler, a crawler, a walker, a little artist, a singer, a dancer, and most importantly, you’ve been my daughter. Happy birthday to the sweetest

Today is our little one’s 3rd birthday. She blows out the candles to make a wish—but she won’t tell me what she wished for. I think it’s because she wished for world domination.

3 years, 3 million hugs. Happy Birthday to our baby girl. We cannot even explain how much we love her.

Happy birthday to my little sweet pea. I can’t believe it’s already been three years! I’m so grateful to you. You bring so much joy to our lives and many more memories to come—all while

The world’s cutest toddler is turning 3! We can’t believe it’s been 3 whole years since we adopted Biti, and she instantly stole our hearts. Oh, baby girl, you’re going to be a big sister this year! #bit

Happy Birthday to my little girl, who’s independent, honest, intelligent, and kind—and eats up to 15 marshmallows at a time. YOU’RE THE BEST!! 😘 #thatmarshmallowgirl

As your mother, I have many hopes for you. First, I hope you will be happy. Second, I hope you will love learning about the world around you. And third, I hope that on your birthday, you feel loved by everyone.

Daddy picked out the bouncy castle for your upcoming birthday! This year will be awesome!! 🎂

It’s been a whirlwind, but an amazing 3 years with you, my munchkin. Love you more than words. 💕

Three years ago this week, we brought our little peanut home from the hospital. She has been a total blessing to us, and we can’t wait to see what she does next! #HappyBirthdayMelina

These are the best years of our life. We’re so proud of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂

☀Happy 3rd Birthday to my beautiful daughter! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years –To commemorate, here are some of my favorite moments with her from the past year:

I never knew anyone who could be so sweet and cute like you. I really thank God for bringing you into my life. I love you very much baby girl, Happy 3rd Birthday Babe!

It’s my little baby girl’s 3rd Birthday! It’s her first birthday I’m spending away from her. She was too cute to pass up so I decided to get a cake to celebrate on the road

​Aww, she was totally born yesterday! Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby Girl! I love you more than all the raindrops in Spain. (How’s that for a sweet sentiment? 😉)

Happy birthday to the most special girl in the world! We love you SO much and can’t wait to see what our favorite 3 year old gets up to next.

Happiest Birthday, Daughter. I can’t believe how time flies when you’re surrounded by so many Smiles.

So proud to have had 3 amazing years with you–a True Daughter, a True Friend, and a True Light. Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎂🍰

Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear….. You!

Thinking of you on your birthday, sweetheart. We love you so much. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to us. 🎂🤗

So proud of how this little girl has grown in her dancing and her independence. She’s turned into such a confident and fearless little lady! We love you to the moon and back 😘 #5thBirthday #DanceLife #

🎂🎉We hope you had the best birthday and we send our heartfelt blessings to you and your loved ones today and always. May God bless you richly with love, joy, and peace in abundance!

3 years ago today, the world was blessed with the most perfect tiny human 🥰

“I’m too busy to write a birthday card,” she said. “So I wrote you a song.” 🎵🎤❤️

I say she’s a good one ’cause I made her 👶🏼 but you say she’s a good one ’cause she made herself 😉 🎂🎈

Family is forever, friends are friends ’til the end. Today’s your day to shine! Here are the details. xoxo

❤️🎉Happy birthday, Daughter Funny! We’re so lucky to call you ours. 💕

Are you ready to turn 3? Happy September 3rd birthday, daughter.😍

🎉 Today is my daughter’s 3rd birthday, she turned three with a smile, dancing, and singing! 🙂

Happy third birthday to the boss. It’s been fun watching you take over the world one cupcake at a time.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this little person is now three years old! This year has been one of the happiest of my life, thanks to both of my amazing daughters. Cheers to many more nights on the couch with you.

You make me happy, you make me smile every day of my life. I am so glad to be your mother! ❤️

Hi honey. Go to sleep now, Papa will sing you a lullaby about how much I wish my little girl was still so darling and small as you used to be… Go to sleep now, Papa will sing you a lullaby about how beautiful you are.

Hey Olive, you are one of the most important parts of my life. Thank you for giving us so much joy and love these past 3 years 💚

I’m here for you 💗 👶🏽 to tell you it’s okay and to let you know I’m so proud of you and love you so much. And I’ll always be here, to protect and guide you

Here’s to 3 years of summer dresses and no more sharing the Disney channel with your sister. We love you princess 👑

Have a great three days ahead so you can grow even more!

A special girl, a clever girl, a funny girl, a beautiful girl. Happy 3rd birthday to our daughter! #daughterbirthday

Happy 3rd Birthday to our little sweetie pie.

Thanks for sharing your 3rd birthday with me, Princess. I love you to the moon and back 🌕🎂🎈

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I’m so happy and grateful to be celebrating you and spending this day with you and your wonderful friends. It’s the best day ever ❤️ #three

My baby is THREE! I can’t believe it! Happy Birthday, Madison Delaney, you are adorable. ❤️

Third birthday in three months. And not in a rush to have her grow any bigger….#ilovebeingamom

Three years later, I am still entranced with the most vivacious and enchanting little girl in the world. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have you in my life.

Well, it’s been three crazy years filled with many wonderful moments, tears of joy, and lots of love. We certainly love you so much, sweetheart. 😘🥰

I can’t believe how fast my baby girl is growing up. It seems like only yesterday I was changing your first diaper. You make me smile more than anything else in the world. I’m so blessed to be your mommy.

You’re growing up so fast and we can’t believe how much you’ve changed! So today, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Here are the things you used to be able to do when you

How quickly time flies! You’re now old enough to share your opinions with her; go ahead, tell her how you really feel about the jeans she’s wearing.

Surprise! I’m celebrating our anniversary by eating cake for breakfast.

“What does it take to be a Girlboss? A lot of coffee and a little bit of glitter”– GirlBoss

Happy 3rd birthday to our favorite baby! You’ll always be our little girl. We can’t wait to see what the next chapter of life holds for you! ❤️

Oh my darlings, look at you! Oh, wait… Mommy’s looking at a photo of you on her phone. That was last year. But let me see your smiling faces for a moment 😃 Happy 3rd Birthday

I can’t believe my baby is already three. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me _ 💗 #sothisissweet #happybirthdaydaughter

Today is my daughter’s 3rd birthday! Today is the day I find out if all that blood, sweat, and tears were worth it. Today I get to celebrate one of the best parts of my life. Happy Birthday, Zoie!

We wished that your life would be as magical as Disney, And now that you are three, we can’t believe that our wishes came true.

Eleven years old today my baby girl! Hard to believe, my little girl is now in 3rd grade. You still fit in the bed with me and talk your way out of trouble for most things.

Happy Belated Birthday to our sweet, kind, charming Baby Sis. You make us smile every day. 👸🏻

Here’s to birthday suit jokes, the best kind of joke. Hope you have a wonderful day! 🎂🍰👑

When you were born, you brought so much love into the world, it saved us💕

Looks like there’s another year without the grandkids! 😁

3 years already?!?! Where has the time gone? We love you to the moon and back! 🌕❤️😘

Being a mom changes your life, constantly. Like how the sun rises every morning, I’m constantly being reborn as a mom.

You still don’t really understand how awesome the world is, and that’s perfect.

Happy 3rd Birthday to you, Happy B-Day to you, Happy 3rd Birthday Dear Daughter Funny 😀

Happy 3rd birthday to my darling! You are now 3. Stay little for long as long as you can. I love you so much! Non commercial use

If my daughter swears an oath, one day she will rise right up and demand to be heard. But until

that day, her Dad will stand up for her. Happy 3rd birthday to my girl who parties down with the best of us.

Happy 3rd birthday to my little firecracker @chloerose_xo

️‍♀️🎂Happy birthday to our little princess growing up way too fast! ️

Today my daughter is 3. This is not a “trending” amount of time to have been alive, but it is still a #blessing.

See you when I see you, baby girl. Can’t believe it has been 3 years today since I came home from the hospital with the most beautiful gift in the world. Five days later you were taken from us.

Today is the day that I officially have to start considering my oldest a child prodigy. #thirdbirthday #todaysmybirthdaytoo

You are three! You use words like “princess” and “Mommy” and it brings tears to my eyes every time. Last year, you learned how to climb up the stairs all by yourself. Without falling.

We put 3 candles on the cake, but I only have 2 hands to blow them out. It’s just another day in the kitchen with The Chef!

👰🏽 “You finally got the fairy tale ending you always wanted.”

Oh my god, time really flies when you’re having fun. . .

Oh no, you didn’t! It’s my birthday and I’ll wear what I want (and standing in a magazine if I want to). 💁🏼‍♀️

Everybody deserves a birthday wish – Daughter the baby brand with all natural skincare products for babies & kids, celebrating their 3rd Birthday 🎉👶🎂 👑

Happy 3rd Birthday to the girl who taught me how to be a morning person, how to make an epic grilled cheese, and how to clean up after myself. You’re our favorite person.

It’s your 3rd birthday today! We’re so proud of the woman you’ve become. Here’s too many more memories! #daughterbirthday

It’s hard to believe that my little lady is already 3! Happy birthday to our beautiful little girl! Love you so much! 💙

How cute is this face?! Her birthday theme was “keep it classy” with a little twist of the Caddyshack gopher. Happy birthday, Birdie! Cannot believe she’s 3 already!

@xandra.star.lewis #CheekyGirl, you´re so funny & you make us laugh every day. We love you very much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I tried to tell myself not to cry during my daughter’s solo, but I’m a ball of emotions. 🎶 😭❤️ #3rdBirthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Baby Girl…we love you and we promise that we will not spoil you with any gifts. You can expect a piece of cake and an endless supply of love.

I can’t believe it. Our little girl is already 3 years old. Here’s to blowing out the candles, having fun, and seeing many many more cool days ahead. ❤️🎂

Blast off for this sweetie’s birthday! We love watching you grow up to be a little ballerina 😍😍🎈

Today marks the 3rd year of you sharing the most amazing moments of my life with me. I’m so blessed to be your mommy. 💗

She’s not even three yet and she uses the word “delighted”

Papa is proud of you no matter what you do baby girl, love you princess 💕

We may have had to take out a small loan to pay for your Tuition, but it was worth every penny. Now you’ve got the rest of the world in the palm of your hand. Love, Mom & Dad. ##

I never thought I would ever see this day. 🎂🎈🎉❤️

Happy 3rd birthday to my sweet, adorable daughter Madison (and also to your brother Reagan who will be here in about 2 seconds). So grateful for you both. 💗 #3inthehouse

3 years ago today, the world changed for me in the most beautiful way. Happy 3rd birthday to my baby girl! #trenchcoatseason

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little sweetie 🍰🎉

You’re one is a hard act to follow, but we’re always watching you and we’re so proud of the woman you’re growing up to be. Always believe in yourself — I know we do. Happy 3rd

It’s my daughter’s 3rd birthday today, which is doubly amazing because she had her first birthday last year.

Hey, sweetie! Happy Birthday 🎂 So much has happened in these three years, but I wouldn’t change any of it. There are so many more moments to come with you – ones I can’t wait to celebrate!

You are my firstborn, always first in my heart. I love you. You are an amazing CEO of this place called life. Never stop being that amazing little person you are. I love you all the way to Mars.”

3 years ago today I became a dad. Because it’s hard to believe, here’s a picture from 3 years ago today #birthdaygirlmoment

Can’t believe my baby is three years old already. I have loved watching her grow from a peanut into a beautiful princess.

Can’t believe you’re 3 today. Your big brother is SO excited to show you his first baseball game! Happy Birthday, Maybelle 🎂 😍

3 years old TODAY! Celebrating with this photo of the three of us. And hot dogs. ^_^

The older you get the better you get, but the worse they seem to treat you 🥰 \:D/

Honey, check out my celebratory nails. I’m still a girly girl at heart.❤️

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little Princess 💕 May you have wonderful days filled with lots of laughter, joy, and happiness ☺️ _ People are posting these more. It’s actually good for your brand to post happy birthday wishes.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my baby girl! I feel like yesterday I was carrying you around in the hospital, and now I’m pushing you on a swing😪😥 #3yearsold #myworld

Wish your little girl Happy Birthday with some fun colors. Have a great weekend!

On your third birthday, we can’t believe how fast time has gone by. Three years ago, you were a tiny little stranger that came into our lives. Also three years ago, we found out that we were expecting you!

Our fun-loving, adventurous little French Bulldog turned 3 yesterday. Happy Birthday to our little butterball! 🎂

I’m the President of the She Wears The Pants organization. I run it with an iron fist, but I know how to make people laugh along the way. My wife is my equal partner in this endeavor.

It’s your special day… go ahead and plan the party of the year, because you deserve it… Happy birthday, [your name here]!

So far, the best 3 years yet. Hope you know that I can’t wait to see what birthdays ahead bring you. ??????

Today is the day you were born. Today is the day I met you. Today is the day that changed my life forever.

We couldn’t be more proud of you—TOBY, TAYLOR, & AMANDA! #ThanksToMom

Crayons are just colorful, bulky sticks of wax until you put them to paper. That’s when the magic happens.

Awe. You’ve climbed three feet tall and went from teething to diva-in-training. Congrats, kiddo!

From cartwheels to cartwheels(and a few backflips in between) – happy 3rd birthday, little one! 🎊

Baked for 3 years, scrolled for 8 months, and now we go live for you all. We’ve been cooking up a storm since your birth 🎂 #HappyDaughterDay

My baby is three – that’s naptime, lunchtime, and playtime today. #birthdaygirl #babyfunny

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…🎂👑😘👰🍰😋 #babygirl #mybirthdaygirl

Cheers to three whole years, sweet baby girl! You’re growing up so fast. I lovingly dedicate this day to you. 😍❤️

When your 3 year old asks you what’s special about today… 😂❤️🎂🎈

Made a wish and a cake for a friend 🎂🎈🎁

Well, the blink of an eye was funny because you’re 3!’ 🎉

I congratulate you and I kiss you and I hug you and I say to you, “grow up to be a righteous woman”

Happy #3rdbirthdayDaughter! This year has gone FLY by more quickly than the past 2, but somehow felt even longer 😂 Your personality is blossoming at lightning speed, you’re starting to find your own style.

It’ll soon be your birthday again, and it’s a year since Dad first wished you a Happy 3rd Birthday. You were a baby then, but now you’re a little girl! Hooray for year 3

Happy 3rd Birthday to our little girl. 🍬🎂

Happy 3rd birthday to my baby girl, and tallest princess. The last three years have flown by. I’m so lucky to be your mommy! 🍰

It didn’t take long for Abbi to become such a big part of our family. Happy 3rd birthday Abbi, we love you so much! 🥰🎉

Happy birthday to my beautiful little girl for today it’s your 3rd birthday and we can’t believe that we have this wonderful girl in our lives.

It’s your 3rd Birthday and we couldn’t be prouder of you.

It’s her 3rd birthday today, and she’s growing up so fast. I guess that’s what happens when you’re celebrating your toddler birthday multiple times a year 😀

Today is the perfect day for 3 reasons 👉🏻1️⃣ It’s my birthday 😊 2️⃣ My daughter is 3 years old 🎂 And most importantly it’s my wife

Actions speak louder than words. Celebrate the best kind of birthday with us, the kind that involves cake 🎂🍰 😊

3 years ago, we met our little man. Tess thought he was a girl and she was jealous because she already had the big sister job waiting for her. He’s been keeping us on our toes ever since 🥺 #fbf

Happy Birthday, Moo Moo! We hope you have a good day, and we will celebrate with an “ice” cold carrot smoothie! 🥗

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” — Unknown

Happy 3rd Birthday to the finest princess in the kingdom. I love you more than cold brew 🍂

Happy 3rd birthday to the light of my life! 😍😘

Happy birthday to my baby girl, who makes me feel like a better person every day. I love you more than I ever knew was possible! #bestbirthdaygiftever

What a sweet, funny, awesome little girl you are. I love you so much. 💕😘

“I’m so lucky to be your dad!”. 🎂🙌

So many birthdays mean so much more than just another year. Each birthday is a chance to celebrate the little moments that makeup life. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl! 🎂🎈👫❤️

We love you so much, and can’t wait to spend another amazing year with you.

We are *this close* to being part of the 3 year club.

Pretty amazing that you’re THREE today! ❤️🎈😍

3 years is a pretty dang long time. And we’re really proud of that pretty dang long life.

Today is your 3rd Birthday! You are the sweetest, cutest, funniest, most amazing girl anyone could ever know. Mommy loves you to the moon and back. 💕”

Happy 3rd birthday to our little angel. This last year has been a great adventure with you. Love you more than chocolate cheesecake. 💗

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the funniest person I know 🤣😂🎂 I’m so grateful to have you as my daughter! I love you more than words can say. Wishing you a wonderful year

Happy birthday to the happiest and most adorable little girl in the whole world.

So much joy. So much love. Thank you for filling our world with your light and giggles. And thank you for sharing your day (and your cake) with us. 😘🎂 #3yearsold #babylove

To my baby girl, who is one year closer to having her own Instagram account…

Celebrating the birth of my daughter—3 years on this planet! We all love you, Matilda Jack. Love, Su, Andy, and Ben 😘😘

And hey, what would my life be without you? It would definitely be better.

We are the storytellers of our own lives. Make sure it’s one worth reading.

I’m so glad you had a baby… I mean birthday… Pie.

May all your Christmases be bright 🎄🎅☃😎♥️

Someday when I’m in my 50s…I’ll remember this day in *personal* history.

I couldn’t remember a single thing you’ve ever said—not a single word, so I wrote them down.

Last week of summer, so of course we had to celebrate with a trip to the beach. Here’s to another year of memories! 🌴🍰

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