Happy 4th Birthday for Daughter Funny

We all know that 4th of July is a very important national holiday. With the flag waving in the wind and carefully drawn fireworks, it’s a day to celebrate! Well, your little girl is no exception. Here are some funny Happy 4th Birthday To Daughter wishes collected from some family funny jokes.

As your daughter turns 4 years old, begin the unforgettable moments by writing a birthday card funny for your daughter. We all want to be mindful of how our child feels, so try to help by sending them funny cards to brighten her day. You can also play with words after she has opened her present.

Happy 4th Birthday for Daughter Funny

And the celebrations continue! Have a Happy 4th Birthday, to the birthday girl (dancing with her birthday cake) .@Robin_Burkett With Love With Love

Happy 4th Birthday to my little miracle baby! You light up my life & make me laugh

Happy Fourth Birthday to our beautiful princess. You are everything to us 🙂

I woke up like discussed. Happy 4th #StayTunedForBirthdayCake

Can’t believe you’re four—you bring so much joy to our lives. We love you so much,

Come celebrate Mary’s birthday. She turns four today and this is not a drill

This year has flown by so quickly! But it’s also been a wonderful 365 days of watching our baby girl grow into a smart, funny, and loving 4-year-old. Happy birthday, Pipsqueak! We love you.

This picture was taken when my daughter turned 4 years old and went to Disneyland for the first time. She is a huge princess fan and we surprised her with a trip to meet all of them for her birthday.

“I can’t wait to do this with you every year!” –said no parent ever

“Kids: they grow up way too fast. Don’t blink, they’re grown. Love them for who they are, remember where they came from and never regret growing older.” — David Cooper

Not a regular princess… Not super girly… but still my kid.

My daughter turned 4 years old! Happy Birthday to her.☺

Happy 4th Birthday, Princess. You make a pretty great excuse to eat cake every day #family #birthday

Honor her birthday by making her day fun and full of laughter. Remind her how much she means to you and why she’s such a great little girl.

Lizzie was born 4 years ago today. Happy birthday, you little chub!

Cheers to 4 birthdays and 100 birthdays more.

My daughter wanted to take the day off from work that she turned 4, took herself to lunch, and then insisted on doing her own hair and make-up. She ended up looking so chic I was a little embarrassed. Ohhhhh to be a kid

My baby is 4 years old today. Thank you for being mine, sweetheart.

My crazy girl never fails to make me smile.

OMG, it’s our birthday and we’re still not old enough to drive. We feel so #Young AF

Today’s the day to tell all those who know and love you, JUST HOW MUCH THEY MEAN to you.

Daddy of the year award goes to me! Look how far you’ve come my little pumpkin. ❤️

I like you like I like my coffee ☕️. Happy 4th birthday to my baby girl!

Happy 4th birthday to my favorite girl. I hope you always stay a little booger ❤️

It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years since I’ve said “hello” to this beautiful little lady. Happy 4th birthday, @ophelia_c 🙂

Today, our funny girl turns four. As I type this, she is standing on my keyboard (AGAIN….) trying to hunt down some lanky character for reasons only a toddler can explain. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

We’re throwing Megan’s 4th birthday party next month, and the theme is #Barbie Thanks for all of your help picking out her cake & cupcake flavors! ❤️

We love you to the moon and back. And beyond—if it’s out there, we’ll find it. Happy Birthday, to our crazy, beautiful daughter.

Hey birthday girl, you’re as famous as a catfish! Happy birthday from your best friends @bobrossss and I. Love, Mommy and Daddy. #SPARTA

You make me a better person. Thank you for 4 awesome years of life.

You’re my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, and the absolute joy of my life. I love you FOREVER

The funny thing about your kids is they come and go and come and go, but you don’t notice until they’re gone…

This is the perfect day for a shared adventure (way cooler than sitting at home all day) – time for a bike ride or walks to pick apples and pumpkins! Have fun and be safe!

Happy 4th Birthday, baby girl. Treats, toys, and celebrations for days!

You’re my biggest adventure so far. HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY my sweetheart.

Happy #fourthbirthday to the most beautiful and talented little girl we know…and we just found out she can do multiplication! – – – – – – – #babynames #babygirlnames

Happy 4th Birthday, Jasmine. You started your life like a lotus leaf and now you’ve bloomed into an incredible flower

Birthday and 4th of July wish to the most fabulous and amazing daughter in the whole wide world. I hope you have a day as special as you are. Your mom and dad

Happy birthday to my favorite little lady in the whole wide world. I know you’re probably too little to understand what that means, but maybe when you read it when you’re older.

I used to spend hours baking cakes for your birthday. Since you’re turning 4, I’m going to spend hours cleaning up the mess from your cake.

It’s hard to believe you’re four already! You were so tiny when you came into the world, but you’ve shown us every day since that your fierce spirit lives on. We love having you in our family.

It’s time to celebrate the little lady who got this whole thing rolling when she came into our lives four short years ago

Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest and most fearless baby (╹◡╹)

Ooohh can you believe it’s your birthday?!?

The best gifts are homemade

Happy 4th birthday to our funny, spirited, sweet baby girl! Love you!

“Happy birthday, baby girl. I cannot believe that you are 4 years old!” -Dad

To my darling daughter, every day is filled with love and wonder. Thought you’d like to know. Happy Fourth Birthday.

Today, I’m so proud to be celebrating my firstborn’s 4th birthday. She’s such a wonderful and thoughtful young girl and we’re surrounded by the best friends and family we could ask for.

My little baby girl is 4 years old today. She’s growing up so fast! I can’t believe she’s turning four. It feels like just yesterday when you became a part of our lives. I’m

What a wonderful birthday to a little girl I love so much! Thank you for being born and making me a proud mom ♥️ * Cue up “You are the Best” from the movie “Parent Trap”

Today is the day, my sweet baby girl. You’re four years old now and you don’t need me anymore. I’m going to go be a mommy now. I love you forever and ever and

It’s your birthday. But who cares, I think you should have a pop-up birthday party to share these cupcakes with friends and family ☺

My little girl is four today and growing so fast! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

My little princess is four today—and I’m pretty sure every moment of the last four years has been the best moment of my life.

So happy to see them growing up! More fun stories ahead. #family #birthday

4 is a family affair—it’s a special time to be with your loved ones and enjoy the circle of life.

It was 4 years ago today that we brought you into the world and I still can’t believe how lucky we are to be your parents! We love you so much.

I never thought becoming a father would make my life more chaotic. But now I have two wild little people to take care of, and I’m overwhelmed most of the time.

Happy 4th birthday to our daughter, who brought this family together and makes life full of love and laughter.

Happy 4th Birthday to the world’s most perfect little human being. L❤️VE you!

Celebrating the birthday of a cute daughter!

Hey, look! It’s my birthday. I’m 4 years old now. Weird to think that it has been 4 years since you came into this world.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful, charming, intelligent, fun, and loveable little girl.

A face only a dad could love #HappyBirthdaySophia

Today, you’ve been my little girl for FOUR whole years! I can’t even believe it. In this short time, you’ve taught me so much.

It’s your birthday! What do you want? Don’t tell me … I’ll wrap it up for you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!! Aging so fast! So fun spending your first birthday with you and seeing what life has in store❤️

Happy B-day to my favorite tiny human!

I can’t believe you are 4 years old. I know it sounds crazy, but the time really has gone by so quickly. I want to freeze time but celebrate every second.

Getting my cherub a little sister is the best present I’ve ever been given. ❤️

Instead of balloons, we’re celebrating with Cinnabon and a Princess Facial—because why not? We love you @cinnabon.

Sure, there are simpler ways to get your makeup on than contouring…but is there anything better than looking like an A-list movie star doing it?

You are always my BIGGEST adventure! Happy 4th birthday to my sweet girl!

On our last birthday, we asked if we could eat cake for breakfast, and you said ‘yes. This year we’re celebrating your amazing sense of humor and creativity–with a donut that looks like you. Happy 4th Birthday.

When you’re family grows up together. Happy birthday to our little girl who is now 4! #4candles

It’s my daughter’s 4th Birthday…Happy Birthday to me, I’m the birthday girl.

Celebrating your daughter’s birthday, take a pic of the two of you and write a funny caption for it.

4 years old today! How did that happen? You’ve grown into such a woman & I couldn’t be happier. Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the world

Happy birthday to the world’s greatest little sister #birthdaygirl #bff

Blessed to have another year with you. Happy birthday, my little pal! #4

4 is when you start to understand sarcasm. 9 is when you realize that none of your friends are willing to help you open your birthday presents.

Thanks to parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles—you all are so very special. Thanks for being part of our lives. We love you too 🙂

The pink bows tie to the little bows, the hair ties attach to the hair, and their little tootsies are bound in sandals.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, I’ll do it for you. ☺♚♛

It turns out she was the best thing to happen to me all along.

Happy 4th Birthday, baby girl! It’s been a fun 4 years with you and we can’t wait to see what all is in store for your sweet 16

NOTE: Every parent of a daughter has felt this way on their child’s 4th birthday.

Because you shared it with me. You have been an amazing four years filled with so much love and laughter! I am so thankful to have a daughter like you to share my life with. Wishing you a day of joy and celebration!

Audrey is exactly 4 years old today. She is so thankful for the gift of our service dogs, they are just beyond ❤️ . We are all immensely grateful to everyone who made Audrey’s birthday wish come true. With your

4 years ago today, you came flying into this world, with your big sister by your side, with your hair piled on top of your tiny head. Today you are the most fun, kind, creative human I know.

Being your father’s daughter is the greatest honor of all. We love you!

At this age, we know who she is and we can hardly believe she’s 4 – but we know it because we see her every day and she’s different, like a snowflake.

Happy Birthday to our princess, from your king and queen. We love you!

Can’t believe how much has changed in 4 short years @savlii #savlii #lovethisgirlsohard

Today is your birthday.☺☺

Hey, precious! You were so cute in your party hat

You are one of a kind. A real gem. I’d go to the ends of the earth to be with you ♥️

Before you were born, I thought I was cool…but then you came along

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet little Ariana! Thanks for teaching me that the more chocolate, the merrier #happybirthdayari #4yearsold #daughter

Happy 4th birthday to our crazy little girl! It brings us so much joy to see you grow.

Hey Bing Bunny! Hope this 4th of July is special… Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! #Happy4thOfJuly…

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you we love you more than anything we ever did before and we hope that your birthday or special day is everything that you’ve ever dreamed of and then some. Happy Birthday my sweet.

Your adorable laugh is infectious, and it turns even the most trying day into a great one. I love you so much!

When your child asks you what the 4th of July is about for the umpteenth time, but you can still think of 100 other things to do than explain it is the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

You are the best part of my day because you are always happy to see me when I come home.

Cheers to 4 years of the sweetest, craziest, most intense love in the world.

We love you so much, Ava girl!

Growing up fast… and already has a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and an eBay store.


Happy 4th birthday to my little girl ‍‍❤️‍! You are the kindest, sweetest, funniest kid I know. Mama loves you!! #daughterbirthday #4th

Happy 4th Birthday to our little princess. You are a blessing in our lives. We can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your life!

Wishing you a day filled with fun and laughter! #HappyBirthday #fourthbirthdaygirl

Happy Fourth Birthday to my little one! I can’t believe you’re already old enough to read these captions.

Today is my princess’s 4th birthday! I have been the luckiest Daddy ever. Mommy and me love you so much, Sophia!!!!! I love you to the moon and back!

All grown up and such a big girl now. Happy Birthday to the smartest, strongest, and most incredible daughter anyone could hope for ❤️

Four years ago, they put you in my arms. With both of us surprised, my love for you has grown — 4 times a day. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to Rachel, my absolute favorite “baby.” I love you.

I’m going to make a wish and blow out all the candles, but I don’t think my wish is a secret…Thanks for everything Mommy, you’re the best!

Today is a big day in the life of our little girl. Today she becomes a big sister! We can’t wait to meet you little lady ❤️

It’s here! It’s finally here! She’s three and a half! Who knew putting a human being in your body would result in a baby that gets older. Yeah. Crazy. #HappyBirthdayEllie

I’d tell you a joke, but then we’d both have to sit here and cry.

Heading into the weekend with this beautiful picture of my baby girl. Happy 4th Birthday to our princess!

Happy 4th Birthday to the love of my life!

There’s no place like home . Today is our youngest daughter’s 4th birthday, and she couldn’t be cuter if she tried. Thank you, Ali,

Today my daughter is 4. I used to think being a parent would be the hardest thing I’d ever do, but kids are great and it’s pretty fun. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

I am so proud to be your Dad! Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl. #3years

To Abby and Wyatt: Now that you’re four, we’d like to teach you how to ride a bike, read a book, or ride a wave. #4yrolds #happybirthday

Yo! It’s my girl’s birthday. I’m taking her to Chuck E Cheese

Don’t forget to make any and all necessary arrangements to rent a clown (or professional clown impersonator) for her big day.

Oh, what a day! A dream come true and forever is your name. Happy happy birthday to you, my baby boy

We can’t believe our little family is 1 year old today. We are so grateful for you, Mark. Happy holidays everyone!

So you’re 2, right? I’m too busy to count. One, two, three… Happy Birthday!

Today is a big deal: I got to witness first hand as my daughter officially became a toddler, and not a baby anymore ❤️☀

Why to stand in line for ice cream when you can make your own at home (click on the image to see it bigger)

Not your typical superhero, but definitely my favorite

Happy 4th birthday, sweet girl. It’s hard to imagine these last four years without you—you are the light of our lives.

Happy birthday to my beautiful little girl. You are my heart, happiness, joy, and the reason why I breathe ❤️

My daughter’s 4th birthday is coming up and she wants a cat. Not feeling it. Right now I feel like we’re just getting out of the toddler stage and into the real, good stuff and I want to keep it.

It is our time, the right time…to celebrate this cute toddler’s birthday.

Don’t you love it when your child outgrows her clothes before she outgrows her birthday?

Happiest Birthday in the world to my best friend, confidant, and mini me. Love you with all my

heart. Here’s to four more years of adventures!

Thanks for being the best daughter! Here’s to the next year of memories

Happy Birthday to my little sweetheart.

Can’t wait to celebrate your fifth birthday next year because…

So many new things happen as you grow up, some more exciting than others. Wishing you just as many happy things to come. Love, Mom

Today is your birthday, the angels are singing … not just any birthday but an over-the-top, fantastical, you have no limits kind of birthday.

Are you going to eat all those cupcakes?” “I’m gonna try.”

Happy 4th Birthday to my beautiful daughter! I’m so lucky she loves Peppa Pig as much as Daddy.

Happy 4th birthday to the most beautiful person in the world.

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweetie pie! The world is a better place because you’re in it. ♀️ ♥️

Over the years, we’ve learned the best gifts come from the heart. And while many little girls dream of a pony on Christmas morning, our little girl wanted cards and letters from her friends and family.

When is your birthday? When will my little girl be 4?! It has been an incredible four years with you, my sweet I’m-too-old-to-have-a-baby girl. You make me laugh more than anyone

Bring on the sparklers and cake—this girl is turning four today! ☀

Happy birthday to our little girl, who is growing up way too fast.

Need a reminder of just how loved you are this #fourthofjuly? Look no further than the 134,000 people celebrating your birthday on Twitter.

Betty Quirk, born on the fourth of July. She’s the firework in our lives #happybirthday #4thofjuly

D is for darling daughter, who puts Dora to shame.

We dressed up for your birthday party. I’m Samuel, and she’s Fatima—or at least that’s what the man wearing the batman mask back there told me.

We love you so much, little one. You’re our favorite—the very “favorite” thing in the whole wide world!

Happy Birthday to our little one, who reminds us that sometimes you just have to play with your food ☺. We love you, sweetheart!

Annabelle—you grow funnier and more hilarious each day ☺️

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