Happy 5th Birthday for Daughter Funny

Are you parents? If yes, then you must be thinking about what to write for your daughter’s birthday card. This article contains funny ideas to write for 5th birthday card for my daughter.

5th Birthday wishes are unique because it’s the first major milestone in your little one’s life. Whether you use them for Facebook, Twitter, or to make a card, you want to make sure it’s unique and something your friends will enjoy reading. On this page, I want to share with you what I have learned about wishing my kids a Happy 5th birthday.

Happy 5th Birthday for Daughter Funny

Your age is like a pine cone and mine is like a coconut. Happy 5th birthday, Little baby girl. I love you.

Happy 5th Birthday to the sweetest girl ever! We love you so much crazy child, can’t believe it’s been five whole years since you arrived.

Daddy knows what we wish we’d said…#5thbirthdaycake #daddysgirl

To the best daughter in the world, happy birthday! Your adventures are just beginning. -Mom

My little girlie is 5 years old today! Happy Birthday, Sydney 😘 You’ve taught us so much, but most importantly—how much love there is to give. Love you to the moon and back! #mylittlegirl

Hi, I can’t help but remind you yet again that you are so so loved, the world is lucky to have you, and you are an inspiration. I pray your life is full of laughs, joy, love, and magic. Happy Birthday my sweetie baby.

You are an amazing, funny, sweet girl. You were unexpected, but you are the greatest gift of my life. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. The day you were born it rained.

When she was little I had a gumball machine and would give her a penny for every year.

What a difference 5 years makes. She went from this to this in 5 short years.

We’re celebrating with you on this day because we know what it means to give life and celebrate life. 💕 May your birthday be filled with happiness and love

Sharing the story of your first 5 years is priceless…so make sure you’re always documenting 👶🏽😍🎂😁❤️😁❤️😁☺️♥️💋💞♥️

I started my baby girl out with pumpkin puree, and now she’s 5!

Happy 5th birthday to my beautiful Jasmine 💗 For her #sweet16, I’m bringing her the most delicious # to treat in town! It is a surprise though Jasminn. I won’t tell you

Happy 5th birthday to my little pumpkin 🎉🎂 See you next year. ❤️

Happy 5th birthday to my baby girl! You are my blessing, my sunshine, and my everything. I love you to the moon and back 💕🎂 #HappyBirthdayAthena

Surprise! It’s your 5th Birthday ☺ Enjoy it with us in all its “Doniecie” glory ♥

Daddy’s little girl is now ready for kindergarten! We can’t believe it, but we’re excited. Happy birthday to our little missy! This post brought to you by stork_.

I am so glad I did not listen to all the people who told me you were going to be here for only a few months. It’s been 5 years already, my lovely little girl!

This girl is 5 years old today, and I could’ve sworn that she just learned how to walk, talk, eat solid foods, and throw temper tantrums. Time flies by so fast! Such a lovely day to have spent with family.

🎂🎉🎊❤️ We’ll always be your biggest fans. ❤️❤️

Today’s the day! I’m so excited to be the parent of a five year old. I can’t believe how fast it went by, but at the same time, I’m not ready for it to be over.

Today’s your day, you’re a princess, today’s your day.

A superhero’s coming…for ice cream! 😜

Happy 5th birthday to my sweet and spunky girl, who continues to impress us with her exceptional humor and positive attitude.

Today is my daughter’s 5th Birthday. She is about to blow the candles and I am quite certain that I will see a new version of her (someone who can blow out the candles by herself? Anyone?)

5 years ago you burst onto the scene…and my heart. Happy birthday little girl!💖

The funniest thing about having a daughter is how much I love her friends. #daughterbirthday

5 years ago we found out we were going to be parents–that’s a whole lot of win. 😍Happy birthday, sweet girl.

We are so lucky to be the best dads & tatas that ever tata’ed. Happy Birthday, Amelia! 🎂 5 years old today! 🎂

What a gift to get the chance to see my baby girl grow up over the past 5 years. 🎂

Today we’re making you this cake and wishing you all the sweetest, happiest dreams that come true 🎂🎈❤️

Five years old, and she still likes to sleep with me sometimes.

When people tell you she’s your mini-me, you know you better not repeat the same mistake❤

Two years old already? Amazing how fast these years have passed yet I have to admit that you are getting more beautiful each day. 💗

I chose you as a middle name because, as you know well now, your mom chose me as her last name. 🥰

Yet another year, of you, teaching me new things, seeing the world through your eyes, and letting me laugh at your silly jokes. I love you! 🎄🍰👩‍👦

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17 🎂😂🤣💖☺️

Happy 5th Birthday to my baby girl! She is growing up so fast and I am not ready to grow old without her.

The best part of having a daughter is getting to make funny faces like this at her. Happy 5th Birthday Gwendolyn! Love you bunches ❤️ #pokedouteyes 😂

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. You are the funniest, sweetest, kindest, smartest, most caring 5-year-old to ever grace this planet. I love you so much, sunshine.

Today is our daughter’s 5th birthday. An achievement that’s brought us all great joy for sure, but not just because she’s our little girl. It’s because she was born into a family that loves her.

It’s hard to believe our baby is already 5 years old. Happy Birthday to this snuggle bug who has kept us laughing all her life.

Did you know if your daughter was born in 04/2012 then today she is 5 years old? I’m so proud. To the next chapter of parenthood.💕

You had me at “Da Da.” 😭 Happy Birthday, kiddo! I love you so much.

5 years ago today, I watched my little girl be born. We’ve been through everything together. Happy Birthday, Ziggy 💕

Hey birthday, you beautiful soul! We created you 😍

Surprise! Did somebody say #HappyBirthday?!

Five years ago today we said hello to our beautiful little girl ☺️ We can’t wait to spend the next 5 years celebrating this time with you ♥️🎈

Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad. We love you bunches! 💕🎉

I want to be adopted by you because I can’t imagine myself without you‼️ 🧡💛

Happy 5th birthday to my favorite little #princess! I can’t believe you turned 5 today. I love you so much and hope you have the best day ever filled with lots of fun and tons of love.

Happy 5th birthday to my miracle baby girl. Here’s to many more happy years together and keeping you on your toes!

Turning 5 means it’s time to make some plans. 😄Your daughter is now officially older than you were when you turned 5.

Think about how beautiful it is that a little baby will grow up to be a big kid and a big kid will grow up to be a little woman. Such a beautiful cycle ❤️ Happy 5th Birthday, dear Janina!

Your 5th Birthday…wow! I remember everything about that day.

My Little Princess is celebrating her 5th Birthday. I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly! My Wonder Child is growing up before my eyes and becoming so so so so so so so so so so so so big.

My baby girl is 5!! I’m so amazed and happy and in love with this precious human. This picture captures how sweet and innocent she was at age 1 (and I have more on my phone.

I couldn’t have wished for a better daughter, you are my sunshine and bring so much joy into my life every day. I love you to the moon and back 🌙✨🎊😉

Funny how time goes by…it was 5 years ago yesterday that my daughter was born (and 3 years ago today I’m a daddy of two) 😀!

It’s a big year for the little lady, and she’s super excited to see what’s in store this year!

Beatrice, how can you be 5 years old? Did you use to be 4? Did I dream the 3rd, 2nd, 1st ages? Oh, sweet Bea how can you be half a decade old? 

Me to my toddler daughter, moments after she was born. 😁

We love you in the morning when you put on your favorite dress and dance in front of the mirror.

Thanks for all the love and support, but most of all…for making my life better 😊❤️

I love you more than pancakes and bacon, ice cream and chocolate chips ♥️

Are you following @daddysbabygirl05 on Instagram? She’s had fun today. Follow her feed to see more #daughterfunny pics!

I got you a bicycle 🚲 Happy 5th birthday sweetheart. Love you to the moon and back ❤️

To celebrate our daughter’s 5th birthday we told her we were going to the store and we actually went to Disneyland (smiles). She had a blast and I think she’ll remember our little Surprise Adventure for a long time to come.

Sweet Baby Girl, Whew you’re 5 already! Happy Birthday to my little beauty queen! Wish you all the happiness in this world.

This is not my card… But it’s the only way I could convey just how ridiculously excited we are that today you turn five. We met you, and your funny little spirit, when you were just a 7 week old embryo.

Happy birthday to our darling daughter. You are the light of our lives, always smiling and full of joy! We love you!❤

5 years old today! Happy birthday to my daughter, who makes me laugh every day. 🤧

We threw an epic Mini Superhero Birthday Bash for our little girl, and now she’s 5! 🎉 Thanks to everyone who made it a big hit!! #happybirthdayprincess

It’s your birthday, but you’re not a big 1-year-old anymore. Happy birthday, beautiful!

Today marks the 4th birthday I’ve had with you, and I can’t imagine a better 4 years 😃👶❤️🎂🎉

I told her not to go near the window because I don’t want her to fall out, she said, “awesome” then she hug the sheets.

5 years ago today, you started out as a tiny spark of inspiration and adventure. Now you’re growing up amazingly fast. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us! 💕#HappyBirthdayValent

What an amazing ride this 🚗has been! And I’ve got the best co-pilot in the world👩🏻❤️

Dear daughter, you are the smartest, sweetest, funniest thing baby ever. Happy 5th birthday!

Who knew a tiny little face could bring us so much joy for 5 years 😅😘 Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl. We love you more than hamburgers. #BirthdayGirl 😎

Time flies when you’re having fun—thank you for 5 amazing years of unconditional love, giggles, and smiles. The journey has been filled with joy 👰🎂 #happybirthdaydabbott

Today, you are five years old. You are funny, smart, silly, moody, happy. I love you. Happy Birthday!

Our lil girl is officially 5! Thank you for your love and support @thesomuch_. We also created her the ultimate LEGO room.

Happy birthday to the little girl who taught me how to be brave and strong and kind, and who has opened my eyes just a little bit wider to all of the unexpected joys in life. I love you more than words can ever say!

🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweet, charming, perfect 🤗 princess…

I’m going to ❤️ you for a whole five years. – Homer Simpson 🍩

Your fifth birthday is a big deal, but it’s not the only big thing going on here in my life. Settle in and grab a cupcake—I have a story to tell you. #parentlife

Woohoo! We made it, baby girl. Time just flew past, and now here we are celebrating another year with you. Here’s to many more birthdays together 😊🎉 #HappyBirthdayDD #loveyou

You’re just the kind of beauty that takes my breath away.

How did my baby grow up? It seems like yesterday that I was holding you for the first time trying not to drop you. Now you’re 5, with plans for soccer practice, violin, and popcorn parties! We’re so proud of you.

Sister, I’m glad you told me all your big plans in advance so I could be way more prepared. 🙂

Today your daddy and I are 5 years older. You’ve made us feel younger !! 💖🎂 #Happy5thbirthday #cantbelieveimsoold

What do you get the girl who has everything on her 5th birthday?… You get her hundreds of 🍰

There are so many milestones in life that I thought I’d experience with your dad. On your fifth birthday, I never imagined that one day that celebration would come to include you! Happy Birthday, my sweet #daughter! #5years

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful and amusing daughter #5thBirthday

Can’t believe it’s my little #babygirl’s 5th birthday!!!!! 😭😭😭🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Today I’m celebrating a very special lady. For five years she’s been a source of inspiration and joy and was the inspiration for this company. She is my flower girl; she is my best friend.

You’ve grown up so fast—we can hardly believe 5 years have passed since you were born. We love you so much. ❤️

My only birthday wish is for you to be happy, healthy, and to learn something new every day. I’m glad you’re my kiddo.💕

And you thought I forgot, but it’s her birthday, too! 🥳

No matter where you go, what you do…I’m always gonna be right by your side. Happy Birthday, Princess A 👑

Oh little one, how I love thee 🖐❤️

5 years old and still having trouble sleeping through the night.

Here’s to me, buying my first tube of lipstick. My mom thought it was too bright. 💄🎂

5 years ago, we brought her home from the hospital. And at that moment our lives changed forever. Happy birthday to our sweet daughter.

5 years ago, on this week, on this very day on the week of your birthday … you were born. We are happy to celebrate your fifth year of life 🎂👩‍👦

You’ve been such a delight to parents and we can’t imagine life without you. Here’s to many more years of joy and laughter! You make us proud, Cece!

Happy Birthday to my Mini-Me! You make every sunny day 25 percent sweeter. I love you to the moon and back. 💗✨🎂❤️🎉🎊🎈😍😘😗😍😚😘

Today you are five years old, but there are moments that feel like only yesterday. Angel…

You are awesome. You make me awesome. You are awesome. You make me awesome. You are awesome. You make me awesome. You are awesome.

You’re the very best baby, you make my life complete

Five is the greatest age. It’s when you learn that limits are just figments of your imagination. ~Lewis Carroll

And her first word was “MOW,” which you probably already guessed!

Love you to the moon and back today and every day. ❤️🌟

5 years. Where does the time go? With a kid that makes you laugh every second of every day, I would tell you it’s flown by. But your love for yogurt and animal crackers tells me it’s flown in. Happy Birthday, Butter.

A laugh a day will keep the doctor away! Happy 5th birthday to our wonderful little girl. She’s caused us so much laughter and joy in her five short years. Makes us so happy to see her grow up to be such a beautiful.

It’s your birthday! Find a comfortable place to sit, and think good thoughts. #birthday #daughter #daughterfunny

Happy five-year old birthday, Mackenzie! You are smart, funny, compassionate, and the light of our lives! Thank you for brightening every day since you were born. We truly cherish you.💙

It seems like yesterday I was sitting on a rocking chair, cradling you in my arms like a newborn baby. How time flies! Happy 5th Birthday sweetie!

I’m so proud of my baby girl turning FIVE today! Wishing you dreams as big as your imagination – your daddy

Today is the day you are all born. Mommy loves you so much ❤️ #HappyBirthdayDaughter

Oy vey! It’s my daughter’s 5th birthday party and we’re hosting it ourselves. I’d like to say it went exactly as planned and she had the best party ever, but I think

Sisterly love goes from strength to strength. Happy birthday, little sis!

And here’s to 5 more years of being the best Auntie in the world! #happybirthday👗 @mickidii

Two: the number of thoughts you have when you learn that your daughter and her best friend had their first sleepover party.

The best gift you could give me is to never give up on your dreams 💕

This one’s for the weekend ☀ #hunanbeachgolfclub #5thanniversary

It’s a girl 😊 Our perfect princess 👸🏻👑 Happy 5th birthday to our beautiful daughter. We’re so happy, proud & blessed to have you as part of our family. Until today.

On your birthday, I know that the world will always be with you because you’ve taken it into your hands. Happy 5th birthday to my princess.

Today is my daughter’s 5th birthday. It’s hard to believe that my little girl is already 5 years old. Where does the time go? I love you bunches and bunches Lilybug!

It’s hard to put into words all the ways you’ve grown and changed in 5 years. You make my heart smile and make me proud to be your dad. (favorite.

My sweet baby girl is turning FIVE. Oh my gosh! I can’t even believe it. (Psst…she’s not really here 🤣😂)

Well, here we are again. I can’t believe it’s been 5 whole years since you came into my life. Here’s to many more. @xoxo, Dad.

Let’s celebrate the fifth birthday of the best mistake I ever made. Love you to infinity and beyond

Woohoo! 5 years today.🎉 So many stories, so many friends made along the way. A million thanks to a million people who have all played a role in my little girl’s life so far. Here’

We’ve reached that astronomically crazy age where our daughter has now lived half her life without us. That’s half! Like, how is that even possible? 😱

Trying to figure out how 3 just became 5. #FiveYearsOld #FirstDayOfSchool

5 years already? I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since you discovered the most important thing in your life: books.

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