Happy 6th Birthday for Daughter Funny

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your daughter’s 6th birthday? Daughter gifts are always special. You can give this daughter birthday card to your friend’s daughter to send birthday wishes.

Show your daughter she’s loved on her special day with these funny wishes. On the outside it looks like a standard “Happy Birthday” greeting, but inside is a message she’ll actually enjoy. Her friends will think you’re pretty funny too!

Happy 6th Birthday for Daughter Funny

Wish your Daughter a sweet 6th birthday by posting the sweetest pic on her timeline.

We’re celebrating our daughter’s sixth birthday in a few weeks and we can’t believe how quickly she has grown and changed in that time. Happy (almost) 6th Birthday kiddo! 👶🏻

This is your sixth birthday…I sure hope it has been half as good for you as it has for me. I love you like crazy ❤️🎂

Our little girl is six, and she has already taught us more than we could ever teach her. We love you with all our hearts. 💗😊🎉

May all your birthday wishes come true! Happy birthday to my little miracle. #daughtersbirthday

When you’re six years old and want to take a picture with your wrapped birthday gifts…

Before you turn 7, I want to tell you how amazing you are. Happy Birthday, Princess.

😍😍😍😍😍 25. 6. 6. 6. 6 years ago 6 little blue lines 💙💙💙💙💙 came to life inside 📷 our book

Wow! Can’t believe how fast time is going by… here’s to all the adventures of the next six years🎂🎉

So our little Minnie had a spicy sandwich for her sweet 16th, but this time it’s a cake, and she eats it all by herself! 😜

On our last day of family summer vacation, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for all of the awesome moments we’ve created so far. 📸 Memories are treasures!

Thank you for everything and let’s celebrate with a Happy 6th Birthday for Daughter!

To my little girl, thank you for being you. I’m so glad to be by your side as you turn six today. ☺️🎉

I’m so lucky to have such a creative, wacky, and cute girl as my daughter. Here’s to another year of fun.

We love you, Babe. Today, your dad and I are celebrating with two of the most important treats in the world…you and cake! Wishing you so many more happy…

Happy Birthday to my darling perfect angel. You make me laugh like crazy and every day I am filled with awe as I watch you master this wild world.

It’s my birthday and I look just like daddy ☺️👶🎂😜🤣

I love you. I will always be here for you. #HappyBirthday

So excited to share a piece of us with you until we meet face to face! You bring so much light into our lives, and we love having you as a part of the family. We’re so proud of you.

Hey, I’m Jeanie. I have 26 first cousins, 4 first aunts on my dad’s side alone. And I have three first cousins on my mom’s side that are way younger than me.

6 years of laughs, love, and no shortage of diaper changes. 😜🎉

Oh, how we laughed and played… and ate cake and ice cream and had the best family and friends ever! Such a great day with perfect little memories.

It’s been a busy year, but I’ve loved every minute with you, my darling! ❤ 🎉🍰❤ #SIX

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a steady decline in my ability to live under the same roof as you, and yet I’ve been powerless to stop it.

I still can’t believe it’s been six years since a bunch of doctors teamed up to share their knowledge on a website.

HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY To My Sweet Baby Girl, You’ve Grown So Much This Past Year & I Can’t Help But Smile At The Memories We’ve Made. From First Steps to First Day

Happy 6th Birthday to my darling daughter, who is smarter than most grown-ups I know. (Yes, you are!) Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight! 💛

Happy 6th Birthday to my favorite, funniest little girl in the world. I love you to infinity ❤️🥂🎉

We’ve been the best of friends for 6 years. Here’s to 6 more–I can’t wait to see what you get up to next. Happy 6th birthday, Darling ❤️👰🏻

Celebrating my baby girl’s 6th birthday 🎂 I couldn’t have a more wonderful lady in my life! Can’t believe you’re this old! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! 🥰 –

Happy 6th birthday to the sweetest, most adorable angel in the universe! It’s so hard to believe you’re turning 6 already! 😘😍

It’s hard to believe that the little being that captured our hearts 6 years ago is now celebrating her 6th birthday! #birthdaygirl #timeflies #babygirl

Meet my 6 year old daughter, the best part of my every single day 😍

SURPRISE! You’re 6. 👶🏼👦🏼👧🏼 How does it feel to be 6? Awesome, right? #MySweetPeaIs6

Hi, we’re having a party, and we want you to come—the whole world! You don’t even need an invitation.

The most beautiful girl in the world, you make life worth living! Happy 6th Birthday. #LifeIsBeautiful

When your daughter tells you to give the birthday cake to someone else because she “doesn’t like cake.” 😂🎂👰#happysixthbirthday

Only 6? I can’t believe she’s already 6! Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl. #happybirthdaybaby

6 years of pure joy and love. Happy birthday to our little darling.

These last 6 birthdays have been the best of my life. As you transform from baby to big kid to preteen, your smile lights up a room and makes my heart skip a beat. I’m so proud to call you mine 💕

I love you to the moon and back to infinity and beyond. You have forever changed my life. I love challenges because of you, boo boo. Happy birthday my sweet girl!

Today’s the day Genna turned six and finally learned to fold her arms and give stern looks. I wish you many more years of folding those adorable arms, giving those lovely looks, and asking me about dinosaurs. I love you so much, girl

Happy birthday to my little girl and best friend🎈🎉 #HappyBirthdayToMyLittleGirlAndBestFriend

There is no better start than this, to be my little girl and grow up to be my everything. 💕

6 years ago, I held you in my arms. And now look at you! 💗

Upgraded to 6-year-old 👱 today. Now, she’s 🌞👧, but still my beloved little 💕.

6 years ago we spent our first night together – and we’ve been celebrating ever since.

My middle child is growing up, and she’s becoming an old soul. I’m not complaining, though. I love this girl to pieces 👩🏼‍💻

You are my sunshine. You make me happy on a rainy day. When you smile the whole world smiles with you. Please share how our daughter has made you feel in the comment section down below, it will mean so much to her.

6 Happy Birthday, Mom! That makes you 6 years old. Fun to be kids together.

Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter! I feel so blessed to have you in my life. You are made in heaven ✓

🎂🎉🎁6️⃣! Lucky number 6 is all about family, musical notes, storks, wishes, and trust! Wishing you an amazing day with cake, ice cream, lollipops,

My amazing daughter turned 6 today! I’ve always told her to be kind, work hard, and stay curious. Here’s to many more years of turning my lessons into her own stories.

Today is the best day ever because it’s my daughter’s birthday. 😍😍😘

🎂💕Happy Birthday to my wonderful Wonderful Daughter! Okay, now that I got that out of the way, what do you want for your Birthday?

6 years have passed since you came to me, a baby girl newly given… But oh! How you’ve grown—your eyes a window to a world outside And a heart full of love so bright 💜

Do you know how much we love you and appreciate you, and how proud we are and continue to be of you? Let us count the ways: 1. for your sense of humor 2. for your perseverance 3.

We’re literally throwing you a party because we love you that much. Happy birthday!🎉

So much to be thankful for in this life. Our daughter is definitely one of them. Thank you Maddie for being you. We love you! 😊

Today is your special day. Happy Birthday to my precious baby wrapped in pink! 💕

Happy Birthday, my sunshine! You’ve taught me how to never stop adventuring. To never take “no” for an answer. How to smile even when I’m tired. And how important it is to be bold

You’re the coolest kid in the whole world! I love you so much ❤️🎂🎉

Love is like chocolate, it always finds its way to the heart 💞

Happy 6th birthday, baby girl. Happiness isn’t something you find—it’s something you make for yourself. Thanks for making me happy every day.

Happy 6th Birthday to our little girl. It’s hard to believe you’re already into Frozen and that school is starting soon. You are our ray of sunshine every day, and we love you more than words can say!

What time is it? Sweetie pie o’clock. Our little girl is 6 today. We love you to the moon and back. 💕#happysixthbirthdaydaddy’slittlegirl

It’s my daughter’s 6th birthday today, she is having her party tomorrow. She has invited 16 friends. Good thing I ordered her Birthday cake last week. Boy oh boy, what fun it will be, seeing the faces of joy on

It’s my daughter’s 6th birthday today. She is growing up so fast. I miss her being a baby. But she is so adorable now, with her long eyelashes and deep eyes. I remember when she was born.

To celebrate our sweet daughter’s 6th birthday, all the girls want a party with sparkle and ice cream cake! ✨🎉

It’s hard to believe my little girl, who I love more than life itself, is 6. But here she is, all grown up and so beautiful ❤️💕 Words can’t describe how proud I am of

Can’t believe my baby girl is 6 today 🎂🎉

SIX! You’ve got all your teeth, 1 less toy, and a new name! #happybirthday

Happy birthday to my girl. You can do anything you set your mind to, like singing loudly at the top of your lungs to “Shake it Out” on your way to preschool 😉

Six candles 🎂 to spare, counting your blessings is sweeter. We love our One Directioner!

What’s the secret to your happy marriage? “I’m not sure. A new study found that men who marry beautiful women are happier than men who don’t—but only until they get married. After that, it seems, anyone will do.”

Becoming a mother has been the most rewarding journey of my life, with no sign of slowing down.

The moment you realize that a beautiful, independent life awaits you.

Happy birthday to our little cake 🎂 We love you so much! #happybirthdaytodaughterfunny

Happy 6th Birthday to our Princess Athena! We love you so much

So today is the sweetest girl’s 6th birthday. I can’t believe that this perfect human has been in my life for six years. I love you with all my heart, Avery.

Your daddy loves you more than anything in the world. Happy birthday, sweetheart 💙🍰🎂☺️

Let the celebration begin! Our little girl is six! Here’s to many more years of fun, friendship, and making mischief 😝

We’re officially the coolest parents ever. Happy sweet 16 to our little lady graced with a smile as bright as sunshine. 💕

Daughter, I hope you have it all. The world is your oyster, my love.

Your little hands were just big enough to hold my big heart, and it aches for the time we’re apart. ☺💛 #YouCouldWinThisRing

Ain’t nothing in this world more lovely than a princess 👸☺️

December 17th is a day chock-full of memories, both good and bad. In fact, I have about six years’ worth of stories about your birth. But let’s not get into it… Let’s just say you

You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. -Sybil Stevens

Wishing you a day of nothing but candy, raspberries, and putting on lipstick that tastes delicious 🍭❤️

I love the mountains. I always feel good after a day of skiing.

Happy 6th birthday to my sweet daughter. Happy Birthday, baby girl! The sun shines brighter with you in the world. #makesmomhappy

Happy 6th Birthday to our little princess. Here’s to another six years of making us go 🤣😂☺️

Six short years ago, you were so small… but never could our hearts be! Happy Birthday to the sweetest, smartest, toughest, most wonderful little girl on earth. Here’s to the next 40! 🎂

Somewhere in the world, it’s your birthday. Hoping it’s filled with cake, ice cream, and celebrating—about 6 hours from now! Here’s to 6 years of sweet adventures.😘 *Disclaimer: 6

Birthday celebrations for my firstborn – a big six 🎂🎉😊

~~~Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Girl. I love you, and your sister is going to miss you while she’s at camp today. #youaresoold #youcan’thide #butshavealittlepatience

I never imagined I would be as wonderful as you. Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

My favorite moments are the ones that make me laugh until I cry. Happy birthday, Princess Leia.🎈👑

Happy Birthday to my little angel! After yesterday’s missed nap, two-hour meltdown, and fast food dinner, this day is a miracle 🌼💕

I am a very perfect father. I’ve got a cute daughter and a new washing machine.

6 years ago, TODAY the princess arrived. Turns out, babies AND cake make me cry. ❤️😭

Mom, I survived my first day of school with a smile. Can we go shopping now?😋

It’s your 6th birthday today. You are working so hard to be better than everyone else in absolutely everything you do. I will try my hardest to help you achieve your goals. Happy 6th Birthday @daisydanger #cuteness

Our baby girl is turning 6! So proud to watch you grow into a thoughtful, courageous young woman. We’re so excited for all the adventures in store. @sixthbirthday

Dear Daughter, I can’t believe you’re 6! You’re becoming a smart, cool, kind little girl with a killer sense of humor. I love seeing how much fun you have when we wrestle or see your class perform together for Daddy/D

My darling daughter’s 6th birthday! You are my youngest but never the youngest.

It all started when you were born. Happy birthday to my favorite little girl. #HappyBirthdayTessa.”

Happy birthday to my baby girl in the world. We have had so many fun years together, I can’t imagine life without you in it! ☺️

Happy Birthday to my favorite girl. I’ve loved every second of our time together. 💕🎂🎉

I can’t imagine where she gets it from because no one in the family is funny.

You have brought so much joy to our lives…we love you sooooooo much 😍 You are a blessing from God 🙏🏽

Today, the air smells like cake and my daughter is 6.

I had no words…can you tell? My first word…cake.

When the fireflies go out to And the moon comes up to say goodnight / That’s when my little baby loves me.

I Love you more than all the stars in heaven and all the fish in the sea. Happy 6th Birthday @granddaughter Funny Marie Cilla!

♬♪🎉happy birthday to youuuuuu, happy birthday to yooooooou🎂🎉♬♪*drumroll* It’s Your Birthday! You’re 6 today!

Getting ready for her bridal shower made me think back to these years. The hubby and I are beyond blessed to have this little lady in our lives. #iloveher #happybirthdaytoourdaughter ##daddyslittlegirl

Six years of beautiful childhood memories. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Wishing my sweetheart of a daughter an absolutely wonderful 6th birthday! I love you to Pluto and back, Alice 😉

Cause it’s my little girl’s birthday, and she only comes around this way once a year. And I think we can all agree that it is a day of some very great significance.

What’s the birthday wish for this little princess? Every wish comes true. Happy Birthday

Hooray for you and your adorable self. 😆

Daddy and Daddy and Me and her and me and her and me and you and me and you and me and you and me and you and me and you and me _Pumpkin🎂

No one cake could be as sweet as you. 🍰

Sweater weather is the best weather! Happy Birthday to my sweet girl. 💗

I remember the day you were born vividly. The first time I held you in my arms, I knew that I’d found all I was looking for…’

Oh, little girl, you’ve come so very far, my little angel – Jesus knows you have – I have the photo albums to prove it.

Happy 6th birthday to my favorite little ladybug! 💕

Happy Birthday to our sweet little angel! HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY, NINA!! Our baby girl is 6 years old!!!!

Happy [insert Age here] birthday, darling. No one in the world is as sweet and funny and silly and smart and beautiful and amazing and wonderful and so so so so so so so obviously perfect for me.

Yay, happy birthday to my amazing daughter! I’m so blessed to be able to spend every day of the rest of my life with you!

Happy birthday to my daughter! May all your wishes come true 🎂🎉 #happybirthday

Happy birthday to my sweet daughter 🎂🎉

It all started with a big birthday cake. BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER! 🎂😘 #6Years #AlwaysBeMyLittleGirl

♪♫🎂 today is my daughter’s birthday! She’s six years old. She’s now officially an old soul. ☺️😂 I’m so happy she shares my love for all things Disney.☺️

It’s your birthday. It’s about time to get crazy.🎉 I love you and can’t wait to celebrate you and all of the adventures we’ll go on together!💛

Happy birthday, my little sol! 😍

Life is a wonderful ride. Thanks for being a part of it! #HappyBirthdayAnisha

Happy Birthday to the light of my life, my dearest Princess.

You tagged me in the cutest photo on Instagram today. I love how you’re growing! 💗

You grow sweeter (and bigger) with each passing day. We can’t believe you’re already six! Happy birthday, sweet girl! Love, The Crowns

Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter. This year we celebrate you–the candles, the baking and the presents (we love those too.) We adore every minute we’ve spent with you. You bring such joy into our lives.

We’ve come a long way: from baby to toddler, to big sister, to big kid and now we’re on the brink of a tween! Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen. I love you so much.

Swinging by the neighborhood park to pick up some cotton candy 🎈 for my too-cute-for-words daughter’s 6th birthday party. ❤️ #daddysgirl

Hope your special day brings you tons of love, laughter, and many more 🍰😄💕

Happy birthday to our favorite girl in the whole wide universe!

6 wild, wonderful years together. I love you to the moon and back 🎂♥️😊

Sorry, I’m late for your birthday party! Did you make a wish? 🎇🎉

Before you came into my life I never knew how much love and joy one person could bring ☀️😍👨‍👦

It is my absolute favorite when I get to spend my birthdays with all of you.

Because you are my Sunshine. The Cake is so pretty it’s almost too pretty to eat 😉 ❤️ #birthdaygirl

Mommy’s only got one eye so it’s important to check in now and then #tbt

If you love something set it free… and watch as it flies 2,000 miles back home.

Life is too short to not trust when you can fly.

Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet, silly little girl – may you always be loved, encouraged, and celebrated 😘🎉

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. I’m not sure where the time has gone, but here we are celebrating your 6th birthday. Let’s make this year your best yet!

Wishing you the BEST 6th birthday! We love you so much…and are SO proud of you. #happybirthday

Being a father means watching your child grow up, pick her first scab, say her first cuss words, and plenty of others. Happy Birthday to my little girl. I love you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful daughter! My biggest dream came true when you were born.

Happy Birthday to my amazing, creative, kind-hearted girl! I’m a lucky dad. 💛🎂

Birthdays are for the ones you love most in the whole wide world!

And now you are six. You are starting to have a mind of your own. So if I tell you to eat your carrots, try every now and then to take just one. For me! #happybirthday

When you have a daughter, you’re automatically forced to become a lifetime expert at the art of

Happy Birthday to MY FIVE BABIES! We’ve now crossed over to half a decade of parenting… an accomplishment that comes with tears of both laughter and fear. 🤣🌹

To my favorite girl, you make every day feel like a unicorn celebration… 🦄

Your sense of humor just had to come from me….darn it.

Words can’t describe how much you mean to me…just try and count the stars in the sky.

“Sometimes you have to work hard for what you want. But better yet, sometimes things just land in your lap.” ― Jeffrey Wakefield

👑Happy 6th birthday to our sweet, brave girl. You make our world sparkle & shine! We love you so much! 😍❤️

@R2D2 the chihuahua’s 6th birthday party. We couldn’t think of anyone better to delight with our new Funky Bow Collection than this cutie pie. Thank you for making our big day so fun!

Best daughter in the world, I hope you love this special day. Daddy is so proud of his sweet, smart girl.

Happy Birthday to my favorite, most beautiful princess on this great planet. ❤️💖#6yearsold

Best selfie ever! Hope you have a sweet day, my birthday girl. I love you to the moon and back again. 😘

Wishing you all the birthday wishes on your special day

I can’t believe my baby is 6. Where did the time go?

Sending you lots of birthday hugs and kisses, sweetie. I hope it’s your best year yet! 😘🎈😊

Wow, 6 years ago today I became a mommy!!

Today is your special day. Wishing you all the best, as I’ve always said, for as long as you live.

She’s starting to talk like an adult, watch reruns of Sex & The City, and wearing big grown-up jewelry (like plastic bangles on her ankle). Her brain is growing even faster than she is. So much potential.

How to throw a magical backyard party that makes you the coolest mom on the block 👩‍👧‍👦 🎈🎉🎊☀🌈

I’m still trying to understand how you went from being tied to my body 24/7/365, to this independent creature 🤔

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