Happy 6th Birthday Son Message

You should know your kid better than anyone else. Yet because you’re so close to him, sometimes you might not notice the changes he’s making. These changes could be his way of telling you that he’s growing up and that he would want something different for his birthday. Ideally, these could also be the things that will please him because it’s all about making his big day memorable.

Happy 6th Birthday Son Message

1. happy 6th birthday to my little man 😁you are growing up so fast…I love you very much. your mommy & daddy

2. Happy Birthday my baby boy! Thank you for bringing so much meaning, joy, & laughter to my life. I couldn’t ask for a bigger blessing. I love you more than you will ever know 🎂 #6yearsold

3. 6 years old, still the cutest little boy in the whole world. Loved you from very first sight.

4. 6 years ago you came into this world to love and light. Happy Birthday, my little buddy.

5. Happy birthday to the greatest kid and best gift we ever could have asked for. Love you!

6. Happy Birthday to our little guy who brings joy, laughter, and sparkles into our home each day! Today is a day shaped by you! We love you – Lisa & Dan – The Creative Family

7. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen. You are so loved. And if your party is anything like this rainbow birthday cake, I can hardly wait to see what’s in store for you…

8. Hi, sweetie. Just wanted to let you know that I love you so much and am so grateful to be your mommy.

9. to my sweet son, who loves the Packers, to fishing and says yes when I ask can we have a hot dog for dinner?.

10. Today, I’m so proud to celebrate you. You’re kind, smart, and just delightfully quirky which means that life with you is always fun! Love you son🎂💕👨👩

11. Hey you! I’m so proud of you and so happy to be your mom. I love my little man who’s finally big enough for our jumparoo. I can’t wait to watch you grow, change, and

12. 🎂✨ A little 🐱🐝 snuck into this #photo for my 6yr old’s birthday. Love you, Squirt.

13. Are you having fun yet, buddy? 6 years of adventures, 6+ hours of sleepovers, 6 more months until you’re driving me crazy 🙂 I love you so much!

14. Hey Sam! Here’s to another incredible year with you. I hope you have an amazing day and we love you so much. 💙🎉

15. Today, you are 6. We can’t believe it. Next year, you’ll start Kindergarten. When did our baby get so big?

16. happy 6th birthday my boy. you are amazing & I am so proud of you. you are smart, funny, kind-hearted, loving, adventurous & your imagination is incredible. I feel blessed that God chose us to be your parents.

17. One of the best things I’ve ever done was to become your mom. Happy 6th Birthday, _! 😘

18. Happy 6th Birthday, dear Sam! You are sweet and warm like a cinnamon roll, unexpected and fun like a roller coaster, smart and warm like the sun, joyful and innocent like the wind. I love you so much.

19. Happy Birthday to our sweet boy, our goofy prince, and our beloved Little Dude! You were born on a magical day – your daddy’s birthday – and into a family that loves you with its whole heart. We can’t wait

20. Life is sweet when it’s shared with the people you love #happybirthdayson

21. It’s hard to believe that you’re already 6 years old!

22. Happy Birthday to you today & always. We’re so proud of the fun, fearless person you are. Keep being yourself. Love you 🎂👶🏼

23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our baby boy! He’s growing up way too fast, but we’re ready to celebrate 🎈

24. Sunday mornings mean a lot of things—long walks on the beach, early-morning coffee runs, crisp ocean air. But Sunday mornings with you mean even more. Today, we’re celebrating our sweetest—and coolest—little dude’s 6th

25. Happy birthday, sweetie! We made it six years of giggles and gasps, fits of joy, and moments of sheer terror.

26. Today, I’m celebrating being a mom to my little man. His face lights up when he sees me rise from sleep. I’m the only person that can chase away his tears and bring him to laughter.

27. When you see a father playing with his children, you think he is teaching them. In reality, they are teaching him.

28. 6 Years With You, 6th Year Is Just The Beginning. Have A Happy Birthday Son!

29. Today is my son’s 6th birthday. What a long, crazy, beautiful journey it has been. I cannot imagine my life without you. I look at you in awe of who you are and who you will be. You are my

30. Today is my handsome guy’s 6th birthday and I thought it would be fun to make a video of him turning 5 for his 6th…I can’t believe he is already six. He keeps growing and changing right in front of my eyes and

31. It’s hard to believe that you’re turning 6 already. You’ve grown so much, and I’m proud of everything you do. 🎈

32. Happy Birthday, Son! 🎂Do you like it? 👍

33. The only thing better than being 10, is being 6 today. Happy birthday buddy!

34. To my son, #6 is your lucky number. I’m so proud that you are my #1. I wish you many more blessings to come and the happiest of birthdays!

35. 6 years ago today God blessed me with a perfect gift. I love you to the moon and back 1,000 times over. Happy birthday sweet boy! 😊

36. Still can’t believe that my little man is 6 years old already!! My baby is becoming a big boy. I hope you’re having an amazing birthday! Love you 🎂🎉

37. We hope this year brings you warmth, laughter, giggles…and Play-Doh (of course). We love you, son!

38. Life feels like one big advent calendar when you’re a kid. Every day is a surprise and it’s all thanks to you! 😘😉

39. Life is about the journey, not the destination. 🎂🛐

40. It’s OK if you don’t like lima beans, as long as you like me.

41. 6th birthday son 👶🏻 🎂 wish you a happy growing year ahead 👫

42. Happy 6th birthday, sweetheart. We love you.

43. Happy birthday to my little man who is celebrating his 6th birthday today. We love you so much.

Happy 6th Birthday Son From Mom

44. 🎂 here’s to 6 wonderful years! can’t believe you are 6 already! I am so proud of the young man that you are turning into each day. you still call me mommy and kiss me every day before leaving

45. 6 years ago today, you were born. Happy Birthday, son! We love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight. 🎈🎉 #HBDson

46. Hi baby. While this is not the best picture of me, I have to say it’s my favorite because it captures so many different feelings. That day you were 6 riding your tri-copter with the worst haircut ever(that

47. It’s your special day, Mikey ️🎂 Love, Mommy

48. Birthday weekend with my little guy 🎉✨️👨👩👧

49. Happy Birthday to the youngest member of our family! Have a wonderful year, my love. 💕🎂

50. 🎂HUGS FOR SIX YEARS OF LOVING, LEARNING, LAUGHING, CUDDLING 🐶 @charlie_boston #poodle #chihuahua #corgi

51. You’re a rad kid, and I’m proud of you.

52. Your mom loves you more than anyone on the planet. Happy 6th birthday! #Son #birthday #mothersday

53. 👼 Happy 6th birthday to our little man. We’re so proud of who you are, what you like, and how you move through the world. We celebrate you every day, but especially today! – Mom & Dad

54. Happy 6th Birthday to my incredible son.

55. Wishing my boy a year full of joy, laughter, and happiness on the day that he was born. ️🎂 #6birthdaybaby #ilovemy6thbirthdayboy

56. It’s your 6th birthday today. You are bold. You think big. You are the coolest, funniest kid I know. Another year means another year to supersize you, to feed you all the burgers and milkshakes that

57. Today I’m six years old! I’m so lucky to have the best mom to help me celebrate this special day. #birthdayboy #six #happybirthday

58. Sending so much love to my little boy on this special day. You are the source of my strength and it’s your smile that keeps me going. Happy Birthday!

59. Happy Birthday to my son today, September 10th. I am so glad you are growing up to be kind and thoughtful. I love you to the moon and back!

60. Happy birthday to the sweetest little guy/man!!

61. Happy birthday to our sweet, sweet Henry💙! We look forward to celebrating you today with your grandparents and some of your favorite playmates! #hbdhenry

62. 6 years ago today I brought this wild ride into my life🐶

63. Whatever the occasion….make it a birthday to remember.

64. 🎂HOPPY 6th BIRTHDAY to my #1 man in the whole wide world! 32 months x 3 is 96 months or 8 years. What a gift you are. HAPPY 6TH BIRTH

65. Happy 6th birthday to my superstar, the best big brother, and best little friend. I am so proud of you, son! 🎈😘

66. Happy birthday to my snazzy son who makes everyday sparkle even more. Happy 6th Birthday, my boy! 😍

67. When you’re a boy who can do anything, then you need a birthday cake that can match. Happy 6th, my darling boy 🎂

68. HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY to our favorite little troublemaker 👶🍼

69. Happy Birthday to my sweet warm happy loving precious ever so lovable special curious amazing one-of-a-kind boy whom I love more than anything in this world. You mean the world to me you are my sunshine 😍😘 I’m so

70. Happy birthday to my sweet, joyful blessing! When I look at you, I’m reminded of all the love around me. You fill my heart with joy.

71. It’s your big day, and we couldn’t be happier that you welcomed us into your family on this special day. Happy Birthday, Son! 👷🏽

72. “Big brother,” –his name for me – It’s the best thing that I never expected.

73. You are my sunshine on a cloudy day. Love you!

74. Life doesn’t get any better than having a child to share it with.

75. welcome to kindergarten. we can’t wait for all the new things you will learn and do in the coming months… and years! /mom

76. Sometimes we need to dig, and sometimes we need to let things slide. It’s easy…Not.

77. Happy 6th Birthday, baby boy 🎂 I’ll remember this day forever. Just look at you—how can I not. Lucky am I. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. 😘

78. Happy 6th birthday sweet boy! We can’t believe how much you’ve grown and changed in the past year…you’re a little boy now. 😊

79. Wishing my sweet boy a Happy 6th Birthday. Will you please give Mommy a smooch? #happysixthbirthday

80. Hey, I hope you have a great 6th birthday today. You are my little buddy. Thank you for being the best friend ever. I love you to the moon and back.

81. 6 years ago today, your daddy and I brought you into the world, and our lives have been better ever since. Happy Birthday #6Aaron

82. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe my little boy is six years old already! Love you forever and always. ️👶🏼

83. When we see your face we see home. Happy birthday baby boy, we love you with all our hearts.

84. Happiest of birthdays to my six-year-old rockstar. I love you.

Happy 6th Birthday Quote for Son From Dad

85. 6 years old today! Who would have imagined you’d be so tall, beautiful, and strong. I’m so proud of the young man you’ve become. I love you so much.

86. To our Happy Birthday, Love your mommy

87. Here’s to you growing up before my very eyes. Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We love you 💗😘

88. Six years ago today, you arrived—our newest love. We can’t imagine our lives without you. You are already teaching Paula how to juggle, what the yellow stick is for, and that “I yub you”

89. It has been a real pleasure and joy, to watch you grow and learn this past year. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us both. #teamkesh

90. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, Spring is in the air, Happy Birthday to you! 🌹🎂

91. Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet little man. You are smart, funny, silly, independent, loving, and just plain pleasant to be around. I love happy birthday quotes for my son from mom. Our family is blessed to have you with us today.

92. Today, like your dad, I’m so proud to say you’ve grown into the man I always hoped you would become. Happy 6th Birthday, Son.

93. Thanks for being my little buddy. I think you are the greatest ever! Happy 6th birthday 🎂

94. Happy Birthday to the coolest six-year-old in the world! I love you to the moon and back! #dad #birthday #sixyearsold

95. Today my little man turns 6! Looking back, I remember that when I was 20 and already a dad, I thought I would never be able to do anything big or great. Today we live by the beach and this year we’re going

96. Happy birthday to my little boy who is now six. I’m so happy you are mine. Have the best day ever!

97. Here’s to you turning 6, little one. I hope it’s the best year yet. 🎂

98. I’m so proud of you! You have changed so much in 6 years, and I love watching you grow into a little man before my very eyes.

99. 6 years down, 6 lifetimes to go. Happy birthday, my little guy! #6years #HappyBirthday

100. My most memorable moment? Well, that’s easy. It was the day that God blessed my world with you. Happy birthday, my son. I love you!

101. I don’t say this enough, son, but you are my greatest accomplishment. Hope your birthday is filled with sweet surprises!

102. My greatest adventure is yet to come. Happy Birthday, my little jungle child! I love you more than anything in the world. 🍎🍏👨👨👦

103. Today is a celebration. Today, we remember and honor all that you have taught us and the strength that you give us to be better each day

104. Happy Birthday to the coolest kid in all of Canada…happy 6th birthday from Dad #birthdayboy

105. Happy 6th Birthday to the coolest kid in the world.

106. In our hearts, you’ll always be a baby to us 😊 Happy 6th birthday to the sweetest boy in the world 💙!

107. 6 years of joy, passion, and love—we’re so thankful for you. Happy Birthday buddy! #6thBirthday

108. To my sweetest, most incredible son on your 6th birthday! As you grow older, I pray that God keeps giving you happiness each day.

109. Happy 6th birthday to our sweet boy! We can’t believe you’re already a whopping ⅔ of the way through your childhood. We love you!

110. I’m so proud of my little buddy, turning six is a pretty big deal. That means he can finally hang out with kids his age at school and start learning all the things that will make him into a smart, kind, funny

111. We wish you the happiest of birthdays—you’re growing up with us. You are our joy and pride…we couldn’t ask for better company. Hope your special day is everything you ever wanted ��

112. Just a little word to say how proud we are of you, son. We’re grateful for the light you bring to our lives, and we wish you all the very best for the coming year. Thanks again for being a part of this

113. Happy Birthday to my little buddy! You are the most perfect boy in the world. We love you. #birthdayboy

114. Little man, I can’t believe how fast you are growing. I’m almost as tall as your dad now. Boy, you are big for your age! I can’t wait to see what you do next. Love Daddy

115. Your birthday is a special occasion. It’s an opportunity for me to tell you how much I love you and all the reasons why! I’m going to tell you about the h

116. 6 years later and you’re still as cute as a button to me—but don’t let that go to your head. Happy birthday!

117. “We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. 🎉

118. A man who never owns more than two pairs of shoes may be suspected of holding two positions, but a son who fails to give his dad the gift of a nice tie at least once a year is guilty of both positions at once.

119. 6th birthday quote for son from dad #HappyBirthdaySon #BigSix

120. Happy 6th birthday, son! Grow up to be the man I know you can be.—Dad

121. Happy 6th Birthday to our little buddy. We love you so much! 💙 #daddyslittleguy

122. happy 6th Birthday Son 🎉happy to be your friend 💕happy to have you as a son – you have enriched my life so much

123. Happy 6 birthday buddy. What a blast it’s been. Can’t wait for this next phase.😎

124. Trenton is 6! His #6thbirthday calls for a big celebration and the biggest birthday cake we can find. Happy 6th birthday, our sweet boy.

125. Happy Birthday to my favorite little man! Six years old already??? You are growing up too fast my little buddy!! Keep being you – true to yourself, hard-working, kind-hearted, strong-willed and so much more. I love you so

126. Our dear son, on your sixth birthday 🎂🎁👶, our small family is bursting with pride. Look around you. We’re surrounded by the things of childhood—toy trucks, sports equipment, notebooks, and pens

127. My dear boy, I thank my lucky stars every day that you exist. You are quite simply perfect in every way. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

128. Happy 6th Birthday to my favorite kid Hope you have the best day ever!

129. Happy 6th Birthday to our sweet #LittleMan. May you always know how much we love and adore you. 💙🍰

130. Here’s to many more years of adventures with my favorite guy. Happy 6th birthday, buddy!

131. Happy Birthday to my happy, little guy! Today you turn six and I could not be more proud. I love you so much buddy—have a wonderful day.

132. My six-year-old son turns six today, and this time it is a milestone birthday. He’s been my little man longer than I was ever his daddy.

133. Big cuddles to my little guy for his 6th birthday 💛🌲😍

134. Today you turn six—how could that be? I have to confess that when I reached your age, it seemed so far away. But knowing that you are one of the best things that could have ever happened to me makes me even happier than when

135. I have only just begun to see what you can do, but I am certain that very soon I will be able to say that you are truly extraordinary. Happy Birthday my son! 🙂

136. Hold on tight to all your little-kid dreams, and celebrate each milestone along with the way—your whole life ahead of you. Happy birthday, son.

137. Happy birthday to our little boy who is growing up so fast with many more birthdays to come. We love you so much! 🎉🎈🥳

138. 6 years since I became a dad. Thanks for bringing so much joy to my life. And remember—one day, you’ll be a daddy, too. Counting down the days💙👨👨

139. Daddy loves you to the moon and back. 🌙

140. When you were born, I was filled with wonder 💭😍😘 Blown away by the magic of it all. That feeling gets deeper as you grow.

141. I’m a dad, that’s a weird thing for me to say. … I’ve never been more excited in my life. Happy birthday, boy.

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