Happy Birthday Mom From Dad And Daughter Funny

It’s your mom birthday! Do you know what that means? Time to celebrate, of course! Why not start planning a celebration with the help of these happy birthday mom from dad and daughter funny quotes? making your mommy happy is what you can’t afford to miss out on or to play with, however, we have made it easy for you to make it fun and funny below.

Happy Birthday Mom From Dad And Daughter Funny

#inLove with our favorite birthday present 🎉 Happy birthday, mom! Our daughter and we couldn’t wish you a more special day than your birthday.

What a perfect and funny way to show how much you care and love by sending special messages to someone you love.

Happy Birthday To The Woman Who’s Always In Our Hearts. Sending Warmest Hugs.

Happy birthday to this amazing momma who always shares her parenting skills with her followers 😌 #LongLivePapaDaddy

Throwing a sweet celebration so I can steal one more of your kisses. Have an awesome birthday today, Mom!

The good news is, even though today is your birthday, you only have a few more years until your daughter turns 13. Not a lot of time to make up for all those failed attempts to cook chicken, Alfredo…

As a dad, you get to be the chauvinist pig and tell her to get in the car and take her shoes off. But if she has a daughter she has to find a way to push back on you 🤣😂

Such a happy and meaningful photo to capture the special moment. 🎉🎈

Her parents forgot to tell her how they felt, so we made this for them!

Dad, you know exactly what I like, but it’s finals week, and I need all the encouragement I can get! (You’re my favorite person in the whole world no matter what!) 🙈

Images of the sweetest childhood memories are the ones that stick for us for years to come. The joy & love that rises up into our faces as we smile together ❤️.

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day & have fun celebrating –I love you To Infinity and Beyond! #birthday #dad #daughter

Happy birthday mom, you’re as delectable as peppermint bark 🍫🎂

Happy Birthday to my best friend, a partner in crime, and the love of my life. I’m beyond grateful that you get me like no one else does! Happy birthday, Mom 💅🏻💗

Happy birthday to my mom! We all know you’re the best one of all 🎂😍 @xxxxxx

Dad here with a birthday cake for Mom! *drops cake* Oops. I guess it’s dinner for Mom tonight 🍰

On your special day, I hope it’s filled with everything you want and everything you need. Happy Birthday!

#tbt to one hell of a lady, my mom. 🎂🍰 Hope you’re having the best birthday ever. Love you mucho, muñeca.

❤️ to the world’s best mom. We love you!

We’ll miss you. But not so much that we won’t have fun in your honor with cakes, balloons, singing, dance moves, selfies—and more cake.

There is no one who has lived more completely, loved more faithfully, laughed more heartily, or enjoyed life more fully than you have.

Yo, I’m super excited for my brother to move out. Finally gonna get my room back and be able to play my Korn records as loud as I want!”

How incredible it is that I get to call you Mom! Happy birthday to Amanda and me. Love, Will

I couldn’t be happier to have you as a mother. And I’m so proud to be your daughter. Happy Birthday mom! #happybirthday #momday #mombday

Happy Birthday to the world’s most amazing Mom! We love you more than you know❤️

Happy Birthday to my greatest teacher, my greatest love, my greatest inspiration, the kindest angel who ever lived, the most beautiful woman I have ever known, and…My momma. You are so loved. -Dad

Happy Birthday to my mom–the one who has always had my back.

Happy birthday to the most caring, compassionate, and hilarious woman I know! Remembering your laughter is my favorite part of today. #HBD ❤️

Happy birthday to the most amazing mother in the world — I’m so thankful to spend this day with you. Love, Y ❤️

Happy Birthday to a mother with a heart that is so big it could warm the coldest of winters and yet so small it could fit in the palm of your hand. Happy Birthday, Mommy, I love you to the Moon and back.

Happy Birthday to the woman I look up to most in this world…May God continue blessing you with all he’s blessed us with.☀

Happy #MothersDay to my first and favorite mother. I love you! @nixodecartoonist

Mamita, we cherish all the years we’ve had together and will celebrate each and every one of them this birthday and beyond 🎉🍰

If I get a lot younger, will you still love me?” another caption from dad and daughter

Get woke with these witty dad-daughter birthday posts

Happy birthday, Mom. There’s no greater feeling than celebrating it with your daughter. You’re a great mom and you really raised a smart cookie.

From dad and daughter to mom and daughters. 💕

Happiness and appreciation is the best birthday gift we can give someone we love. Happy Birthday Mom, warm wishes from all of us #TellYourStory

Happy birthday to my mom. I love you so much. Dad and daughter style by #mochas2dogs

Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world.

We can all use a little laughter in our lives every day! 👁 some love is okay too!

Unfortunately, I’m eating all the cupcakes before you get to taste them so enjoy your birthday surprise while it lasts 😉

Have a great day with this coffee inspired illustration by our art director, Ian Matheron. #CoffeeInk

#Mylittlesister has become a boss in her own little way. My brother and I love you with all our hearts! ❤️

🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday mom from dad and daughter! We love you.

It’s like dad and daughter version of this birthday “mom” photo. 👥☕️

We know that princesses don’t get this much love. Happy birthday, mom! Hope it’s a special day for you and your sweet family.

Happy birthday to your mom, with thoughts of appreciation for all she’s given us. Happy birthday, Mom! 🎂

With the special someone by your side, nothing can stop you. Because we know we can do anything we put our minds to. #bdaymother

Happy Birthday To My Loving Husband 🎂🎉

Happy birthday to my lovely mommy with a super cool dad who is not just in the business of coffee at his shop but also who still remembers how to make a great cup of joe. He also makes my favorite pumpkin scone 😍

We hope she has a wonderful birthday and we can’t wait to celebrate with her! 🎉

This is a declarative reaction. The caption creator aligns their reaction with a vision of where they want to move forward. They want to express how they feel and share it with others.

This is one of my favorite birthday messages ever. It is written in honor of our moms whenever May rolls around.

It’s your birthday! How does it feel? 😍☀🎉

The best thing about birthdays? You get to celebrate even more 🎈

We are hopeful for the future but are more motivated by our present day gratitude.

Here’s to you, Mom! You make us laugh, cuddle, dance and sing. We love you to the moon and back! 🌕 #happybirthdaymom #mom

Have you told your mom how much she means to you today? Good—now go and tell the world. Happy Birthday, Mom! 🎂

Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world. #mymomiscoolerthanyours

Happy birthday to our amazing mom. We love you

Happy birthday to our DIY queen, from your DIY king and DIY princess. 🍰🎂❤️

My dad always loved to tell me stories. I always loved to hear them. Today is his birthday so here’s one of his favorites…

Happy birthday to the woman who shows us that you can look smart & beautiful at the same time.

The people we love keep us around for a reason.

It’s your birthday and I got you a koala 🐨❤️

🎂I’m laughing on the outside because I’m so happy on the inside. I’ve never been so proud. 💙🎂

People say we’re so alike, but I see so many differences. Dad: Old school and wears sandals. Me: New school and wear gym shoes #daddydoesntlikegoslings

Daddy, I thought our milk was in the fridge! The garbage can was a great place to hide something from a

We worked hard to make you look this good. *clink* 🥂🍰


Happy birthday, mom, I hope your day is filled with love 🥰

You’re the glue that put us together. Happy Birthday, Mom! 🎂

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM. Here’s to all our great adventures- yet to come!💃🏻

Happy Birthday to my sweet, wonderful, funny, beautiful Mom!

So happy to spend this special day with my dad & daughter. Happy Birthday Dad and Happy Father’s Day, Baby Girl❤️

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Mom! Happy Birth… Oh, I can’t read this anymore.

Happy birthday, Kim. You are everything to us, and we just want you to know that we couldn’t be more grateful. I love you. 😘

Seriously, mom. This year you’re going to get your Wheaties taste test. Happy birthday to a Bon Vivant who knows a thing or two about breakfast cereal!

It’s your birthday. I’m happy to see another year. Here’s a birthday kiss 💋🎂😘

Today is a celebration of life, of the beautiful journey we have been on together, and of finding new ways to keep being awesome together. Here’s to many more years of family celebrations for us 🙂

45 years ago today, I married up. Thanks for inspiring me to dream big and fight hard—every single day.

Erlanger, Ky. Chef Helps Kids Learn to Eat Healthy Through Farm-to-School Programs

This past year has been the best thanks to you Happy Birthday Mom @mom_savvy

Happy birthday mom! Wish you can stay forever for your loving, caring, and all the sacrifices you made for us. You are truly our superwoman.

Today is my mother’s birthday. She is the most beautiful woman in the world because she has everything that defines beauty in my eyes. We all love you! Happy Birthday mom!

Happy Birthday to the best mom ever! We love you to the moon and back! 💝🌙❤️

Happy birthday to my amazing mom. You are truly an inspiration to me each and every day. I love you very much! I hope this brightens your special day even more! Love, your poppin’ son 😊

To the world’s greatest mom and the best person I know: happy birthday and Thank you! ⭐🍰

You’re the best mom in the world. We love you so much! Have a great time together!

And to make you smile, even more, we sent someone to say happy birthday in person. (Mom’s reaction is priceless.) Happy birthday! 🎂

For Mom, who makes sure we’re organized (and always has the right tools for the job). Happy birthday!

Mom — you’ve been my foundation and my biggest fan since the day I was born. You’ve taught me to always believe in myself and that anything is possible as long as I set my heart and mind to it.

🎂🎂🎂Happy Birthday to our favorite desert James Bond Girl. Hope your day is as good as the ones you have made for us!

May your next year be filled with all the beauty and laughter that your smile brings to our lives.

Some kids spent the first 10 years trying to gain their parents’ approval. Others just do this. 🤣

hey Nana! here is a picture of me and my big sister hope you like it.

Happy Birthday, Mom. You’re the best and we love you ❤ and your cupcakes and your hi-top fade! 😎

Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you❤️😍

Happy Birthday to the woman who taught us all what it means to be a real woman. You make everyone around you happy. We Love You! Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to the sweetest mom in the world—from your mischievous girls.

Don’t trust your life to anyone who doesn’t listen with their heart. Happy Birthday, #Mom.

To the girl that holds my heart. Happy Birth🎂day! Love, Dad

Hey Ma, we love you. Hope you have a great birthday! Love Ben + Erin

Happy birthday to youuuuuuu!#happybirthdaytoyou #puppylove

Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mom in the whole wide world – I love you!

You’re not just my favorite dancer, but also the most beautiful woman in the world. Happy birthday 💞

My mom was the same… she would put this out for my dad because he loves coffee. But if you know my dad at all, he doesn’t drink coffee but I made sure she had some too. … @helenajhardy

Best Chucks in the house. Happy 2nd Birthday, Lila Mae. #grail #2021 @cavistonshoes

Hey, it’s just another day without you in it.

Dad writes the cutest birthday post for his daughter

What better way to wish Mom a Happy Birthday than with her two funniest kids? ❤️ 🎂

Happy Birthday, Mom! 😆 Hope you have a very fun and festive day surrounded by those you love.

I love you more than words can tell—Happy birthday, Mom!

You’ve always been my superstar; You live your life like it’s golden; It’s only right to treat you like the queen that you are. Happy Birthday, Mom! 🎊🎁 ❤️

We wish you a lifetime full of days like you had yesterday. Happy 90th, Mom.

My mom is The Greatest! How special that today is her birthday and it’s Mother’s Day weekend. I heart you, Mom. ❤️🎈❤️

Thank you for being the best wife, mom, and friend a family could ask for! You are loved beyond all measure. We hope your birthday is filled with smiles, laughter, and lots of love from us ❤️🎂

Your early morning run is paying off ― you look great! 😀 Happy Birthday from your favorite training buddy 💪😀

Happy Birthday to the woman whose fierce independence, strength, and confidence have always been a huge inspiration to us. We hope this year holds lots of new adventures for you 🍂!

A simple sign held by an uncle in the stands sums up the game just perfectly 😂👌

As we all know dads and daughters are the best friends. Happy 14th birthday to my mom-daughter 🙂

it’s hard to deny a birthday request from both of your kids lol

Mom, I know it’s your birthday, but you look so pretty! Worried about the fall? Relax. We got this. 🎉

Happy birthday to my mom, who’s been a great role model and the most varied of all beings.

I sent my dad a no-strings attached “happy birthday” wish and got this cool picture of me and my mom🤣🎂

@bella.bella please accept this birthday gift for this wonderful mom

“Thank you, mom. We love you 💎”

Happy Birthday! We love milestones like this one (we call it “having to ask for everything”). #referralsneeded

#ShoutOutWednesday to my younger self for this cool birthday mashup 😂🤣

Sweet 16 and 17 for this mom, who was born to do hair!

Oh my gosh, how did it take this long to do a pumpkin car decal? 🤨

Thank you to all of our friends & family for sharing this moment with us ❤️

Hereditary or not, we think this amount of hair is more than enough 🌷🎈

Happy birthday to you! You’re such a great mom and aunt. Thank you for all the love and laughter that you bring into our lives. #happybirthdaymom – L’Oréal Headdress – @lheaddress

I wished you happy birthday today xo @shu_in #sofie #sofiedavidson #mum

A parent encouraging her daughter to light up life 💗

Congratulations to this mom on a well-deserved birthday. 💃🍎☀️

On the day we brought you into this world we gave you a superpower to make us laugh :)”

We hope you’re feeling the love today.

This isn’t a birthday we throw for ourselves – we throw it for the girl who was already the youngest of all our children and turned six years old on Saturday. ☀

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The expression of bliss that is sharing in someone’s special moment with laughter and joy ☺️

Big hair day welcome to the world of big chops

Happy Happy Birthday Mom! We love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate with you! 🎂😘

Happy Birthday, Mom. We love you very much; you’re the best mom in the world. #bestmomever

❤ Happy birthday to the best mom in the world! I feel so lucky to have you. You are always there for me and I am so proud of the woman you have become. We have laughed together, cried together, supported each other through

Happy birthday, Mom! We love you so much! 💐👵🏻 #mymom

Happy Birthday, Mom and Grandma! You both mean so much to us! You’ve earned the world and we hope you enjoy your day 🎉🎈🍰

Happy birthday to the most amazing mom ever. We love you and appreciate you more than we can express in words. Thank you for always being there for us, inspiring us with your beautiful art, and making every day so fun!

My dad, my hero. It’s your birthday today. I love you so much. #happybirthdaydad

We hope you have an amazing birthday, mom! Since you’ve had more birthdays than us, we figure it’s our turn to wish you a great day…

Birthday celebration for mom and dad. Played Beatles and Lynard Skynard songs while we danced together on the porch. Finally, we ate homemade cake and ice cream while we watch fireworks at night. I’m so happy today! Love you

We love and appreciate you and everything you do for us and the world. The only thing we love more than you is each other. ❤️

May you work until you’re 90 and pass down your great sense of humor to our kids. 🤓🎉🎂

My father had a difficult time expressing his love for me. But, I knew he loved me because every day he would tell me a joke or sing a funny song.

Mommy, why don’t we take a picture with the blog and not the camera? 📸 @michele.n.nicole

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