Happy Memorial Day Quotes And Captions for Instagram

On Memorial Day, as you head out the door to honor the fallen, keep in mind that freedom is not free. In some cases, lives were lost for those very freedoms we have come to enjoy on a daily basis. That’s why it’s so vital that we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and follow their example of service and gratitude. This is not only a day for remembering but also a day for gratitude and celebration.

Happy Memorial Day Quotes And Captions for Instagram

Memorial Day is a day to honor our American heroes.

Memorial Day Weekend is officially here! Here’s to celebrating, grilling, and above all, remembering those who fought for our country.

Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed for our freedom. There would be no BBQ without them. We salute you on this Memorial Day, and every day.”

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. What’s on your agenda? Making a plan to visit one of the many #MemorialDayWeekend events happening in my area.

We’re feeling grateful for the women and men who serve and sacrifice every day. Thank you and we appreciate your service. 💛 #MemorialDay

With the summer winding down, remember to take a moment to memorialize those that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Here at Hungry Hero, we honor those men and women from all walks of life who have lost their lives in service.

Somewhere out there we’re still young, and life is so sweet.🥝

And in the end, it is not how much we shared, but how much we loved that will truly matter.

To the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, we remember you. We honor you.

Remember moments that matter most.

All dressed up and ready for summer 🍃🌞☀️✨

Enjoying the long weekend!? Join us for half-off refills here… ‼️💞

Rose: K: I’m not sure how else to tell you, so here goes…I recently decided to quit my job and enroll in nursing school.

Let freedom ring! 🇺🇸 ― John Philip Sousa

“Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”-WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

Happy Memorial Day to all who have served! we salute you and will be thinking about those who aren’t able to join us today. 🇺🇸

Think there’s a lot to be thankful for this Memorial Day? You’re right.

Hope you have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend. 🎉

Today, we honor those who lost their lives in defense of this great land. We gather with family and friends to eat, drink and be merry because there is always a reason to celebrate life. . #memorialday

Remembering those who made it possible to celebrate 🇺🇸 #memorialday

Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly… Laugh uncontrollably… And never regret anything that made you smile.

For those who serve and sacrifice, we pay tribute to you today. We thank you for your service and we remember the great loss that many of you have suffered.

Keeping cool this summer with sweet treats. #memday

Remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and those at home who continue to serve so we can be safe and care for our families.

So this is the morning of our annual barbecue. As you do with all annual celebrations, let’s talk about how to make this one an even bigger triumph than last year’s – and there were plenty – and we’re

Sandy beaches, lemonade, BBQs with friends, long summer nights.

It’s finally time to put away your white pants and break out the bbq tongs and umbrella drinks.

Let’s celebrate summer, and our great country together! 🇺🇸

When you have to do some stressful activities, there is always a time for you to break it.

Let freedom ring. 🇺🇸

Happy Memorial Day, stay safe out there ❤

Happy Memorial Day from the Smiths! 🇺🇲

Happy Memorial Day from Starbucks to you #MemorialDay

Let’s paint the town red, white, and blue this Memorial Day.

We hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. It’s always nice to slow down and take a breath before summer really takes over. #memorialdayweekend

Remembering the fallen soldiers who died in service to our country this Memorial Day.

Savor the sunshine, peace, and quiet today!

We’re so thankful for all the servicemen and women whose great courage, strength, and sacrifice inspire us to be better.

Hey there, Southerners! Are you ready to celebrate the sweetest holiday of the year? 🍭🥭

Lazy days, BBQ, road trips, and beach days—summer is officially over.

Who needs summer when you have all this? 👙🦌🍷🍳

May our freedom grow stronger, may our devotion to that cause increase, and may God grant us the wisdom, the faith, and the courage to meet the future undaunted.

Now officially the longest day of the year. Grateful for summer 🌞. #MimiReef

Savor the last weekend of summer! 👊 #herbivoresfreshest

Happy Memorial Day! 🇺🇸

May the joy of Memorial Day reach you no matter where you are, and never shall it fade away.

Hello, Summer! 🌞 Wishing you a wonderful weekend for everyone celebrating this long holiday weekend. #MemorialDayWeekend #HappyMemorialDay

🏃‍♂️Memorial Day Weekend is here, which also means summer is almost half over. I’m not okay with that. 😓

Stayed up all night. Made it to dawn. #MemorialDay #NationalDonutDay

Lazy summer days are over, but there’s still plenty of time for happy summer nights. Have a wonderful #MemorialDay weekend!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! Sending good vibes your way😎

Thank you to all of our brave men & women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Have a safe and fun…

Tough week? Enjoy a little me time today.

And Will You Be My Friend? – Ferdinand

This weekend, let’s kick it like they do in the summer 🎈 .

To the summer we’ve enjoyed

KitchenAid. Good to the last drop.

The only time you have to set an alarm is when breakfast is going to taste as good as a weekend away.

Moments like this are worth remembering. Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

May our memories of those who died for our freedom never fade. Happy Memorial Day.

Freedom, however, is never free. It’s a choice we make every day, and this Memorial Day weekend, we choose to remember those who have sacrificed everything for our right to live.

Remember the men and women who sacrificed their lives for us to live in freedom…#MemorialDay

Life is good with a grill, some frosty beers, and great company. Hope you’re having a relaxing #MemorialDay.

Celebrating our troops doesn’t mean forgetting to smile. 🙂

Just a friendly reminder that the pool opens tomorrow. Prepare yourself for days full of sun, fun, and all things summer ☀☀☀

Today, we honor the men and women who sacrificed everything for our freedom. Keep them in your thoughts.

We’re celebrating this long weekend with all the BBQs, pool parties, and memories to come. Cheers to summer!

Let’s get this party started! Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. 🍻

Life’s rich tapestry unfolds as we live it, and my fingers are itching to begin weaving this new year.

We’re ready for summer. Summer of flicks, music, and delicious treats 🍦☕️

What better way to celebrate the long weekend than with a picnic and a beer (or two) 🍻

“Freedom isn’t free. It costs someone’s life, sometimes many lives.” Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Remember those who serve—and those who have given their lives in service to us all. Happy Memorial Day.

Today we honor those who have sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom, and we thank you for yours. Happy Memorial Day.

To me, Memorial Day is about celebrating the ultimate sacrifice of those who gave us our freedom. Here’s to the brave men and women who fought for us!

No matter how hot it is outside, don’t forget the ice cream (and kittens). #memorialday

Snap, crackle, pop. Whir, buzz, whizz. Present these fun-filled days with family and friends to honor the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.”

Memorial Day weekend brings picnics, pool days, and the unofficial start of summer. May we never forget those who made all of this possible.

Thank you for your selfless service, now let’s celebrate with a picnic. #MemorialDay

Today, we reflect on the servicemen and women who gave their lives for this country, while honoring all of our military heroes #memorialday2018

Celebrating our freedom to be awesome every day. Be awesome!

Celebrating the everyday heroes who make our country safe, strong, and proud. Thank you, thank you 🇺🇸

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -Buddha

There’s no time like the present to end alcohol abuse. Because it can kill you.” – Nancy Reagan

The red, white, and blue are beautiful on the 4th of July—and every day of the year. Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to those who protected our freedom and kept our country safe.

America, freedom is on our side. #memorialday2018

Memorial Day Weekend—the unofficial start to summer.

Memorial Day and summer and pool and BBQ and margaritas, oh my

The spirit of the soldiers of the great war will be with us always ❤️ #MemorialDay

Every day is a gift. Thank you for your service!

This is a tribute to all of our men and women who never made it home. 🇺🇸

Oh summer, the things I could tell you if you’d ever listened. #🌞 #🍁

Your days of wine and roses are here, my friend.

Let’s kick off the summer grilling season with a BBQ! Wait, what holiday is today? 🍗🇺🇸

Just as each new season has a unique energy, each new grad has their own trajectory. Stay curious and keep growing, grads! 🎓

It’s that time of year: cook-out season. Keep the grilling simple and enjoy the warm weather! 🍗

Let freedom ring – Frank Sinatra

The hard thickening of my spirit is a warm thickening for all things.

Happy Memorial Day to all! May we always remember the sacrifices of our fallen heroes.” -\u00a0General George Washington\u2026

Happy Memorial Day! What are you grateful for this year?

Happy Memorial Day! As we remember the lives of our heroes, thank a veteran for their service.

Happy Memorial Day, USA! Today we honor the men and women who have given their lives to protect our country.

So proud to stand with men and women who’ve served. Happy Memorial Day.

So when the parades have all passed, when the flags have been folded away, when the bugles have fallen silent, when the last eagle has soared and swooped above our summer hills, when the gravestones of a hundred years have reached their

No matter the occasion, say it with flowers.

There are many ways to celebrate America’s freedom. We share our freedom of…gossip.

It’s a holiday weekend! Cheers to summertime with the ones you love. 🍹🍻☀️✌️

Just one more day until the unofficial start of summer on Sunday … pic.twitter.com/Wj89e7zNdS

Feels like summer is almost here, for real.

Today we remember the men and women who paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedom.

Smoky and sweet, this burger is a great way to celebrate the long weekend.

Nothing like a fresh pair of kicks to improve your First Day of Summer. #FirstDayOfSummer

Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.

It’s the time to cherish the people who celebrate this day with you, like friends and family. Happy Memorial Day!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Happy Memorial Day!

Happy #MemorialDay. Thanks to all who have served our country, past, and present. We’d be honored to serve you today! ❤️

Happy Memorial Day to all those who have served their country 🇺🇸

Memorial Day sale: Get 20% off everything with the code MEMORY. 💙😊

Enjoy the long weekend, stay safe, and let your loved ones know you care about them. 💑🇺🇸

From our family to yours, thank you for your service! #MemorialDay

A feel-good caption that makes people want to read more

We’re celebrating Memorial Day all weekend long with special releases from the best breweries in America. Stop by and see us in the taproom!

The perfect way to say thank you for being our customer this year, #mhgt 🍁

Feels like everyone’s on vacation this weekend, but we’re still hard at work ❤️

There’s no feeling like that of fighting for a day. Roam the world, but never forget to come home.

There’s nothing like enjoying the red, white, and blue with stripes of sunburn.

Happy Memorial Day! 🇺🇸 #memorialday

Happy Memorial Day to everyone who has fought for the freedom we enjoy every day 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Nantucket Nectars! #memorialday 🇺🇸

I spent this morning at my very favorite place in the world: A cemetery. It makes me so happy to see people’s names and faces etched on gravestones. #memorialday

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, time to kick off summer with these refreshing frozen pops #celebrate #MemorialDay

We stand together in gratitude today to remember and honor our veterans–the men and women who have served our country with courage, selflessness, and sacrifice— from World War II to Operation Iraqi Freedom. #MemorialDay

It’s a weekend to relax, rewind and remember those who serve.

Here’s to the day when we can all get together and enjoy this killer holiday…✌

The weekend is nigh, friends. And what better way to celebrate than with some good American barbecue? ✔️ 🍖

Who’s ready to hit the beach this weekend??

May the sun always shine upon you, The winds always be at your back, And the rains fall soft upon your fields.

Now that the sun is finally out, you should be too.

With the long weekend ahead, who wants to hear me blab on about Fridays? #shutupandtakemymoney

What better way to celebrate than this ambitious burger bar’s special, the 84oz Mega Meatstick?

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of our hard-working Americans #happymemorialday

Whether you’re relaxing in the backyard with the family, or having some fun at the beach, make sure your Memorial Day is one to always remember.

Happy Memorial Day from all of us at the National Park Foundation. We’re proud to honor those that have sacrificed their lives protecting our country, and we’re thankful for your service.

Every day is a perfect day to remind yourself of how proud you are of your service. We’re thinking of our servicemen and servicewomen today on #MemorialDay.

Memorial day weekend is finally here! 🎉

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, here comes holiday weekend. But hey, at least you have your coozie! @penguinmemorialday

We’ll be closed on Monday, May 28th in observance of Memorial Day! We’ll re-open Tuesday at 9 am 🎉

Forever grateful for the brave men and women, who have served to protect our great Nation 🇺🇸. We are excited to celebrate America with you at the #BBQGeekDad #MemorialDayGrillOff tomorrow!

It’s nice to know that behind our business of building an empire, we all take some time away to remember why we do what we do. We pay tribute each day to those that fought for our country. We stand proud of our freedom

Today is set aside to honor the men and women in America who died while serving in the country’s armed forces 💕🇺🇸❤️

There’s no such thing as summer vacation 🌞but there is such a thing as summer break… and we’re all just about to get one.

You’re the wind beneath my wings, baby.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

Have a smoke and a cocktail and raise your glass to the guys and gals who brought us this weekend.

Memorial Day is just around the corner. Keep some flowers on you to enjoy the sunshine ☀🌸

Happy #MemorialDay! Kick-off your celebrations with a float this weekend.☀🎉👌

Memorial Day weekend is as good as any to remember those who gave their lives and those who still serve our country. Thank you all.

Thankful for you and all of the sacrifices you have made to keep us safe. This day is about hope, melancholy, and gratitude.

Remember that life is short, time is precious, & womankind is often undervalued. Have a good weekend everyone.’

Rest in peace. May we honor their sacrifices by rising above hatred and intolerance together, as one people, one nation…

Tis the season for softball, picnics, and… the 4th of July? 😎

Today, let’s take the time to remember the freedom so many have fought for. when you see an American flag today, give it a little extra salute in honor of the men and women who protect our country.

Remembering those who gave their lives to defend freedom, let us not forget that freedom isn’t free. It comes with the responsibility to be the guardian of freedom for us and future generations to come.

The Summer may be leaving, but we still have all of you ☀️ 📸 @daje.johnson

Throw shade at the haters, shine bright like you’re winning that crown 👑✨🍾

It’s the unofficial start of BBQ season, y’all 🍗

Sand, sun, surf—what else could you ask for?

Happy Memorial Day! Take a minute to celebrate our service members, both living and deceased.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! 😊

With Memorial Day upon us, it’s the perfect time to honor members of the U.S. military who fell 🇺🇸 #NeverForget

Let’s get this grilling season started! #MemorialDay

Somewhere in this busy world, there is someone who dreams of your smile. ✨💕

This year, we’re saying cheers to the things worth celebrating: friends, family, and all that makes this country great. 🍻

The past should be left behind like old friends, lost loves, and bad haircuts. Let’s start blank pages in front of us and fill them up!

Wishing everyone a safe, happy, and relaxing summer. ✨

Enjoy each moment, knowing that this is the only place where time stands still. ☀️☄️

That one day a year when we all come together as one to honor those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Remember the ones who never came home.

It’s the 4th of July and we’ve got some red, white, and blue holiday-inspired drinks to help you celebrate 🇺🇸

Relaxing by the pool with a blend of fruit flavors perfect for this weekend 🍏☀️

Some people may never understand why we stand for the national anthem, but it’s our way of showing respect and gratitude for those who gave their lives so we could live free.

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