Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex Husband

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex Husband: Birthday is the only time when everyone around use to wish birthday wishes just for you. When you are no longer with your husband, but want to wish him on his birthday, don’t miss these 100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Husband . You can wish him many ways that are explained in the article.


Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex Husband

💘Happy Birthday to our Ex Husband, we just want to say that we all will always care for you and love:)

Happy birthday to my ex-husband. I’m happy we grew apart and I’m glad we eventually parted ways, and most importantly I’m thankful for the love and memories we made along the way.

Happy Birthday (Hubby’s Name)! It’s not that we didn’t love you before, but you’re even more special to us now that you’re in our daughter’s life! Happy Birthday to

Thank you for being a part of my life. May all your dreams come true this birthday and the next. I love you, sweetheart.

Well wishes for you today, one year since your passing. You’d be so proud, so pleased to see us all getting along. May this heartwarming day bring much love, laughter, and joy to you! 🎂

It’s taken me 28 years to know I’ve never met anyone like you. Happy Birthday, my love. Hope this makes your day just a little bit better! 😘 #birthdayboy

May your birthday be filled with lots of love, warmth, and hope this year. Here’s to celebrating another fantastic year. Happy birthday, dear.

It’s not that we didn’t try to save our marriage, it’s that we had the courage and strength to recognize that some things aren’t meant to be.

So happy birthday to you, my best friend. I am thankful for the memories we’ve made together and thankful for this present day of us still laughing, loving, and supporting each other.

Congratulations ♥️ Today we celebrate all your achievements and I’m so proud of who you became and who you are today. I love you, Mommy xoxo

May your day be filled with endless wonder and unchecked excitement, joy and laughter, and bold adventures that lead to more stories to tell. 🙌😘 Here’s to #friendshipgoals that stand the test of time ✨

It’s my birthday today, but it’s you who deserves all the celebrating. Happy birthday.

And now, please join me in congratulating one De De Davis, on the occasion of her magnificent birthday.

If I knew how to quit you—I probably would’ve done it already.

Happy Birthday to my Ex Husband. It is a memory today and tomorrow will be a new start for Ex Husband. I wish you a very happy birthday with all the best lifestyle. Happy birthday, dear.

Today you’re my ex-husband, but I will always be proud of the man you are and the father you’ve been to our children. Have a happy birthday 🎉

#HappyBirthday to our dear ex-husband. Let us always cherish & remember the good times 🎂😁

Happy Birthday my love…I don’t think there are many things left to say about you except you are the best man I know, you’re a faithful, funny, loyal, and amazing father. You are 6years older than me but who cares

I don’t want just your presence, I want your heart to be by my side. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

I’m here to wish you a very happy birthday. I’ve always believed that no matter who else may be better for you than me, there’s never been anyone else who loved you more. I miss our laughter and I love you still. –

Thinking of you on this special day wishing you all the love, laughter, and great memories. #HappyBirthdayHusband

Happy Birthday to my husband, Wissam. Even after all these years, you still light up my life. I love you so much with all my heart. Happy birthday! ❤

Happy Birthday to the man who changed my life. Love you forever. ❤🎂👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

It doesn’t matter how old you are…what matters is, if you are open to new things, love, bigger challenges and happiness! Happy Birthday!

You cannot keep a good man down!! And I’ll always be that even if we aren’t together, I still am a good woman.

We’ve had some of the hardest days of our life, but I wouldn’t trade them for any day I’ve ever lived. Happy birthday my love.

Happy Birthday, Ex Husband. I hope the day is full of joy and fulfillment … happiness and love surround you 🎈… You are surrounded all day with …

For my ex husband on his birthday. Thank you for 20 years of wonderful memories and more to come! I love you and Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday, my ex-husband. I remember all of our happy times. I wish nothing but the best for you in your next chapter of life. May God bless you richly and lead you to a love that is truly yours…

Happy Birthday To My Ex Husband who is one year older today.

I wish you the best birthday of your life. I want you to know how grateful I am for what you gave me. You taught me how to love someone without thinking about myself. I will never forget that. Thank you for making me a better

It’s you that has made my life worth living. You are my best friend, my soul mate, my everything. Happy birthday to the man who completes me. I love you!

Happy Birthday I love you with all my heart.

Happy birthday, to the man who taught me what true love is. Who showed me what a superhero looks like. Who gave me your heart and changed mine forever. I will always be your number one fan, your biggest cheerleader, and your number

The best part of falling in love is falling in love with you. Happy birthday, my love!

Happy birthday buddy. You will always have a corner of my heart.💚

Happy Birthday to my forever friend and soulmate, Justin Bieber. I can’t wait for this next year as we become parents. Love you so much. 🙏😘

An anniversary isn’t complete without recognizing the first day you met. Happy 1st Anniversary, Boyfriend!

Hands down the best man I know.

To my ex husband on his birthday, I am a better person because of you. Thank you for our daughter and for letting me into your life. Happy Birthday!

Today is the day I celebrate the fact that you are my ex-husband, because if you were still my husband, this divorce would have happened *so* long ago. Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

Happy 42nd Birthday 🥂 to my ex-husband! 😍

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever. 🙂🌹 #LoveYouExHusband

No matter where life takes me.. I’ll always be thankful for the time we spent together, and for how you have positively impacted my life. Happy birthday, thank you for being a part of my life.

To the world, you are one person but to me, you are my world. Happy birthday my love! 🎂💫

Today and always, I wish you the best life has to offer and that your dreams come true. I wish you a birthday full of moments big and small that let you know how much you are loved by family, friends, and especially by me.

Happy Birthday to my husband! Today, there are so many reasons to celebrate.

Happy Birthday to the man who taught me how to grow. I’m proud of everything you’ve achieved and grateful for how much you’ve grown as an individual. You are my favorite version of yourself. Hope you can celebrate

Here’s to you, who taught me how to be a better person. I am grateful for the things we have been through and the things we have experienced together. You showed me what a real relationship is all about, and I will never

Birthdays are like fingerprints. No two are alike, but they all celebrate one thing- you. Happy birthday to the person who’s sure left their mark on me

Here’s to all the things you wished for me—the best birthday wishes ever! 😃

Today is your day to shine. Happy Birthday!

How did you turn today into your birthday again? I must have fallen into a 🍂 while I was sleeping! Happy Birthday ❤

Cheers to the man who is always up for an adventure, but values a relaxing night in with family and friends. Happy Birthday!

The most loving birthday wishes for your ex husband you can say in a text or in a speech to make him feel your love and care about you even after the breakup.

From memories to memorabilia, there are few things as sentimental as the things you collect together. Wish your ex-husband a very happy birthday!

You’re not just my husband, you’re also the father of my child. While we may be apart for our son’s birthday this year, we’ll celebrate all year long. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to the man who not only changed my life but showed me what true love really is!

I never met someone who smiled and made me feel like I belong in this world like you did. I still hope that one day we will meet again and this time you will see why our separation is not The Best Thing That Has Happened to me.

Happy Birthday, you thought you were giving up on love once but now I am the proof that it lived inside you all along.

Happy Birthday to the man who shows me what love is every single day.

Today is your birthday and I wish you a wonderful year. You will be an inspiration to many as you keep on giving as always. Wish you a Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, dude. I miss you, but I’m so glad that we shared our lives.

I’m really proud of how far we’ve come since we were kids. We both grew up to be successful, caring adults who are capable of big things. I really look up to you and feel lucky that I can call you

Dear John, Happy Birthday! This past year has been tough for you, but I believe the best is yet to come…

Happy Birthday to the best half I’ve ever had.

Today, on your birthday, I wish you a year filled with happiness, joy, love & strength…

May you and all your loved ones be gladdened by the season. 🍂👑


Funny Birthday Wishes for Ex Husband

You only grow older if you let yourself. Happy birthday, dear ex-husband.

Happy birthday to my ex husband, who is legally required to get me a gift. A check would do. 🙂

I’m nothing without you. Happy birthday, my dear ex-husband 💕🤣

Happy Birthday to my ex and the new class of people he’s stealing from.

Almost 5 years to the day, I got your text saying “I’m being deployed again. I’ll call you when I can.” You never did. And that was that. Cheers to you, Ex Hus

Your birthday is an opportunity to focus on all the reasons why you didn’t marry your friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

My love for you is like a “never-ending foot massage.” Happy Birthday, sweetheart! 🖤

A wedding can’t last forever. Happy Anniversary 💑

Well, you had a birthday and I didn’t post on your wall for the millionth time… But I’m sure you got so many wishes from your friends. Take it easy…

It’s your birthday. This is not a reminder. Don’t forget to mention that it’s also YOUR BIRTHDAY!

No matter where I am in the world, I will always be there to wish you the best 🎂. Happy 37th birthday, love

So fun fact: It’s my birthday today. So please wish me the best one ever while you stay off my mind. Thanks in advance

Did the doctor say anything about my birthday?

Happy birthday, bossman! The smell of donuts on the morning drive is a wonderful reminder that I’ve been working under you for more than a decade.👍🏻 #hbd

“Two birthdays in one month—the cake-topper just broke the whole thing open.”

Every year we gather together and celebrate the birthday of a very special old man. Not that old actually, but still. Happy birthday to my ex-husband. Happy birthday dear ex-husband…

I may not have put a ring on it, but I did have a little fun with your friends, so happy birthday to the best ex-husband ever! 😉

Happy birthday to my ex-husband. You know what I’m talking about.👫

Happy birthday to the love of my life, my amazing ex-husband.

That awkward moment when your ex husband is friends with all your new boyfriends on Facebook.

Happy Birthday to the only husband and dad I ever need. Love you always and forever. (That was before Facebook and Facebook ads, mind you).

Happy birthday to this gorgeous, funny, and beautiful woman who is turning another year older and still looking adorable. Can’t wait to watch you grow old and grey with me.

There are too many people in this world to hate—so I’ll spend my time loving… like I did when you were my husband.

Sometimes I see you walking on the street with your new girlfriend and I want to tell her that she also has to deal with the fact that one day, she’ll be 69 and you’ll still be 39.

We wish you the best in EVERY (class) that comes your way. Cheers to you!

Party like it’s your birthday! And make sure nobody steals those delicious-looking cupcakes you baked out of the kitchen.

Coming soon to a country near you. ‪#‎MACUSA‬

Another year older and (hopefully) are wiser today. Right? 😉 #happybirthday 🎂

Bob Marley was born on Feb. 6, so today is his birthday! As Bob himself once said, “Herb is the healing of a nation.” Happy Birthday, Robert Nesta Marley #HerbDay

Happy Birthday to my Ex! May this year be better than the last one.

You wanted to me you’re best ex. So here’s your birthday card! Enjoy the rest of the year on us. 😬

Just because you’re not my husband anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t share your birthday 😉

Happy b-day to me! It was one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time. It’s the first one since my former husband got out of jail, so let’s just say it’s an improvement 🎂 #birthday

Here’s to our future, with a rearview mirror that reflects only the best of times. Happy Bday #Hubby

Are you up for some comedy today? Here are some funny captions that will have you laughing all day long 😂

Happy Birthday to the luckiest guy in NYC. (Even if he was born in California.) 🎂

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my cuddle buddy, my peanut butter cup! 😍 #myloves

We just wanna say thanks for the good times!! xoxoxo

This is me in Home Depot with our kids running around in 100-degree heat on your birthday. No one’s buying you a candle!

Today’s another day where you can take a solid nap, eat an entire pizza while watching Netflix, and just chill. Happy 38th.

Sometimes, I do get the feeling that my dog was my favorite child. 😶

What a year it’s been. Thanks for being a good sport about being exiled to BFE. HBD ❤️

Happy Birthday to my best friend. Here’s to another year of adventures together 😊 @exhusband

Tomorrow is my ex-husband’s birthday. I wish him all the birthdays of the world ♥️🎂

HBD to my ex-husband, who always said he was only marrying me for the blog views.

So many years you were my husband, and now we can just be friends.

Birthdays are a reminder to take inventory and appreciate the good things in life: like the fact that you and I got divorced instead of staying together and growing old like everybody else we know.

Happy Birthday, hubby! We may no longer be married, but it’s our anniversary—and that means I get to tell you how I really feel.😉

It was you who gave me strength when I needed it most. You supported and inspired me, and I’m thankful for every moment we shared together. I wish you a very happy birthday and may God bless you abundantly with happiness and joy.

Hope your birthday is the best one yet! -Kristen

Today is the birthday of the only person to ever give me a paper cut 😉 #besthusbandever

Happy birthday, hon. I wish a pit boss was sent by a casino to put you in a nice retirement program for gamblers.

You and me and George and I and you and me and George and I. Happy birthday, honey. Cheers! 🍻

Hope your birthday is amazing, cause you deserve it 👬.

Cheers to you on your birthday, anniversary, promotion, or a new job—and every other day ☝🏽👯💅


Happy Birthday to My Ex Baby Daddy

Happy Birthday to my ex baby daddy. Yep, that’s something I just said. #ThisIs40 #AllGoodThingsMustComeToAnEnd #BelieveItOrNot.”

Happy birthday to my ex, the father of my children, and the richest man in town. No matter what happens, I’m very proud of him.

“I’m so happy for you and what an amazing life you have. Thank you, babe, for all of the love, support, and inspiration. ❤️🎉 #thelittlethings #thanksbabydaddy”

As you may know, my ex-husband and I have been estranged since our split four years ago. However, the 10 year anniversary of his birthday is personally significant to me because it marked a moment in time where I did something brave—I let

Happy birthday. Honestly, it feels weird saying that. I remember saying “I do” with you almost a decade ago, feeling excited for what the future would bring.

Birthday weekend vibes 🤩

When a toddler blows out a candle on a cake, all you need is a camera to get the perfect shot.

Today you become a new man. I think it takes a new woman to see this, but I’ll always be proud of the work you put in, and the man you’ve become even when we weren’t together.

The first time I saw you, I thought to myself “wow he’s cute”

Another year older, still the same babe

Let’s get drunk and get married now.

May all of your dreams come true in this life and the next, no matter how hard you work to reach them. You deserve it.

My ex baby daddy is my best friend !!! Thank you, my love, for the awesome friendship !!!

Turn up for your baby father. Throw him a bday party or just let everyone know he needs a shout-out because you’re never going to forget his bday.

Ain’t no party like a celebration of a dead beat dad #nopityparty

My man is getting older…❤️🍂

So, a couple of thoughts on your birthday today. Number one: you ARE going to look old every year from now on, and that’s good. You should, as you get older. It means you’re doing okay the way

So today is your birthday, and I know you wanted to be new, but you’re still the same old friend. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you everything you wished for. Thanks for the memories, BB. 🎂🎉

It’s a good day for a celebration! 🎉🎂

Heaven sent me an angel, but I returned him. God gave a baby, but you already know.

To my ex baby daddy, wishing you the best of luck raising our child on your own. Happy Birthday, now please pay me child support.

Happy (late) birthday to the love of my life and the dad of our beautiful daughter. Though we may no longer be together, your endless support and love for our girl are undeniable. I’m grateful for all you do.

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating your life. I’m glad you did. That’s the most important thing to me. #birthdayquotesforbae

So blessed to have you in my life despite the many changes. I’m excited about our future 😎 #DopeBaeBirthday

Today might seem like any other day, but it’s special because today is his birthday. 😉

Happy birthday to my ex baby daddy. I will always love you even though you no longer want me. #hb2mbdm

Happy birthday to my ex baby daddy 🎂🎉🍰 Here’s to the ups, downs, turns, stops, starts, slowdowns, and fast speeds of your roller coaster ride of life! 🤗

Wishing you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart. My ex-baby daddy, the man who taught me so much about love and life. Thank you for being in my life—for better, for worse…

Today is my ex-boyfriend’s 30th birthday. He turned 30! My what a difference a year makes #30 #30bday

Get your girl feeling she’s the only one in the world on her special day.

Sending inspiration out to every dad out there—this year, celebrate all the ways you honor your kids’ mother. ❤️

5 years have passed since you’ve filled my heart with so much love and happiness… that I’m pretty sure it actually grew in size.

Once we grow up, once we go separate ways, we will no longer know each other. It’s painful and awkward but also, somehow nice and comforting. This is the end for us.

Here’s to us! Here’s to our future! 🤗🍾

Oh how the tides have turned.. wish you all the best though. 👏🍾

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