Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister: Birthdays are the most special occasions in life. They are very special days to share with friends, family, and loved ones. Birthdays are the days when you make your loved one feel special and loved. You can make your loved ones’ birthday a very big day for them by sending them beautiful heart-touching birthday wishes.

Birthday wishes make people feel happy and loved on their birthdays. You can send these heart-touching birthday wishes to anyone who is celebrating their birthday tomorrow or to whom you want to give a great start to their birthday. Let’s take a look at some of these heart touching birthday wishes for your younger sister below:


Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

Wishing a very warm birthday to my younger sister that’s filled with smiles and laughter. I love you more than words can say 🍰 #WarmBirthday

Every moment spent with you feels like a wonderful dream. Happy Birthday, little sister!❤️

Happy Birthday, sister, you just turned a year older and a year better! I know that our childhood days always brought us constant laughter, smiles, and playfulness. We have been through a lot together and I can’t wait to see what the

I don’t know how I could have ever lived without you. You are my best friend, my love, my sister. Happy Birthday…Thanks for being there for me 💕


To my younger sister, I don’t know how many times you’ve said “I love you,” but it’s more than the number of hugs you’ve given me. As your older sister,

I rarely talk about my family on here, but today I’m feeling sentimental so I want to publicly say happy birthday to my younger sister! I know she doesn’t read this stuff, but hopefully, you’ll see it and

Happy birthday to the sister who’s been a constant source of support, a favorite person to laugh with, a best friend through it all. Love you. #happybirthdaysister

It’s been a wonderful year, sweetheart. Thank you for being the kind of big sister I’ve always looked up to.

Birthdays don’t always come with candles and cake. Sometimes it is the simple things like the laughter in your laughter, the joy in your smile, and the love in your heart that make birthdays such a wonderful day to celebrate.

You’re my complete opposite, but just as important. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. I love you ❤️

On this day of your birthday, let me tell you how much I love you.

Oh, your birthday. It’s a time of year when all the love you’ve given comes right back at you, multiplied by 34.

Although the years have gone much too quickly, they’re sure to be even shorter from now on, and we’ll continue to laugh and talk about all the silly things we did when we were young. Have a great birthday and don’t forget that I

Many of our sisters have/give a present for our sister on her birthday. For some people it is the best day in their life because on this special day they get more hugs from their younger sister, she will show her love and care by giving…

Happy 23rd birthday to my younger sister! I hope you have an amazing year full of travel adventures, plenty of hugs and smiles, and much love. Thanks for always making me feel like the oldest. 💗🥳

When we were kids, you were always there to look after me and make sure I was ok. You’re always watching over me and it really means a lot. Happy Birthday to my little sister! 🎈

Happy Birthday to my little sister. I can never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. You are fearless, brave, independent, and a free spirit. Stay wild and keep flying high in life Sis! Love You a ton!

Still, remember the day when you were born. You were so tiny that I could hold you in my palm. Happy Birthday little sister, best wishes to you.

Happy Birthday to my younger sister #HappyBirthdayAyoAyo

Sweet, funny & down-to-earth, you were born to be the best little sister the world has ever seen 🍂

Oh, how I love to tell you you’re awesome. Today, I’ll do it with cakes and candles because that’s just cool. Happy Birthday, little sis!🎂

You turned out to be more than just a little sister, and more than just a buddy. You’re my best friend ✨🎂

Birthdays are too short to celebrate just once a year. Surprise someone special with a birthday card they’ll remember every day.

I can’t believe you’re fifteen. Here’s another excuse to chase your dreams and stop at nothing until you get what you want. I’m so proud of you and how mature and driven a young lady that you are. I love you

Hello Birthday Goddess. A special day for a special woman in my life.

Happy birthday! We’re hoping your day feels like a warm hug and hope this year is more beautiful than the last.

Another year has gone by, and yet you still look as precious as the day you were born!🍀

Happy birthday to my younger sister! You are the best sister that I could have ever wished for! You are my role model growing up, but more importantly, you’re my friend, my shoulder to cry on, and the only person who truly knows

The bond between sisters is magical. Being your younger sister only brings me so much joy and pride. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Happy birthday, little sis. I got you a huge smile to match your sweetheart.

For this birthday, there is only one thing I want — for you to know how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday, Sister.

Happy Birthday, Sis! I couldn’t ask for a better big sis. I know that you will always be there for me, looking out for me. Always making sure that I am safe. Always wanted to see me happy.

☺︎Happy birthday to my little sister. I hope that your next year is brimming with happiness, love of life, and of course, more birthdays 😂🎂

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little sister in all the world! 😍🎂

Happy birthday to my younger sister, who I’m still trying to catch up with. 💛👯😊

Happy birthday to you! You are my little sister, May God bless your tender heart.

When I was just a young little girl You held my hand and walked with me. Now that I’m all grown up You ARE my hand and You Have Walked Me This Far. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my partner in crime, my rock. I’m so lucky to be your sister.

It’s your birthday, it’s so early, I know you are so special. Happy Birthday, Dear.

When you were a toddler, your wobbly walk evolved into a head-turning strut. When you were a teen, your stomp turned into a swagger. Nowadays, your steady stride is unmistakable—all grown up, and ALL.

Birthday wishes for younger sisters should be unique, cute, and loving. A little brother can wish her a very happy birthday by posting a sweet photo that is showing real affection.

Life is nothing without someone you love to go through it with. Happy Birthday, Younger Sister. We all love you.

It’s so much easier to find reasons to be with you than it is to find reasons to be without you. Happy Birthday, Younger Sister! Love, Older Brother.

Birthdays are a day to remember how awesome you are. May this year treat you as well as you deserve! Happy Birthday, little sis! I’m truly grateful that God has given me someone so awesome to share my birthday with every

Your sister is your first best friend. A sister shares a special bond with her siblings. Have a Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy birthday to my sweet sister. I wish you see the blessing that you are in your life and in mine. May you feel loved today, tomorrow, and always. Love you!

Have a beautiful birthday month my wonderful sister! Your thoughtful, gracious love is the best gift in the world. 😘❤

Today is my youngest sister’s birthday and I just wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little sister. Shine bright like a diamond, be radiant, and shine all over the world! May you have a very happy birthday!💎🎂

Happy Birthday, honey! There’s no person in the world I love more than you. We’ve always stuck together; you’re always there for me when I need you most. I hope you’ll always know

Since you’ve been part of my life, Motherhood has changed me, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Happy Birthday sweety!

“No matter what has happened, no matter what you have done. No matter what you will do. I will always love you . We may have laughed, We may have cried. We may have had our share of good times and bad.

Have a day that’s so special, so sparkly and so bright.

Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister! – Happy birthday to you, little sister. I cannot find the right words to tell you how much you have been a part of my life since I was born. Brother to sister is a sacred bond ​​

Happy Birthday to my beautiful & delightful younger sister, I love you more than anything in the whole world. While we were growing up as kids, I looked up to you as a sort of role model. But as we got older, you became this

Wishing a very happy birthday to my lovely younger sister. You are the best!!

Happy Birthday to the most caring and loving sister ever! I’m so grateful for our friendship and time we’ve shared together. 💗

Happy birthday to my sweetheart little sis 🎈 I can’t imagine a world without you and I’m beyond lucky to have shared 27 wonderful years with you. You’re kind, generous, and always make time

Hey there, younger me! I’m your big sister now. Although you were a tad bit younger than me a few days ago, now I’m a tad bit older than you.😃 Enjoy your special day.

Happy Birthday, Baby Sis! I’m so excited you are celebrating another year because I seriously can’t imagine life without you. Even though this was your first birthday away from home I’m sure it was full of love

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, funniest, and brilliant person I know. Thank you for always being there for me, no matter what. I love you ❤️ #sisterlove

Happy Birthday, dear sister! I’m so blessed to have someone so special in my life. All my love! ❤️❤️

What are you doing for your sister’s birthday?

On your birthday, I pray that you have a year filled with blessings, happiness, and success. I pray that God gives you a long life filled with joy and love. I pray that you get a chance to meet a lot of great people in your

Hey sis, I’ve learned a few things about life since you’ve been around 😍😘 I know you wouldn’t want to hear me spew all that wisdom on your birthday or anything, but know that it

Hey Sis, you’re the brightest star I made from all my wishes. Happy Birthday! 🎂😘


Short Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for a Sister

Here’s a perfect birthday wish for a sister, cute and sweet with a hint of melancholy.

Saying Happy Birthday to you today with a smile as big as the sky. From the bottom of my heart ─ I’m so grateful for you, and so blessed to have a sister as amazing as you.

I’m so proud to have a sister like you in my life all these years, and I hope this birthday is a wonderful one. Of course, it’s going to be great—we have an awesome bond after all.

It seems just like yesterday I was holding you in my arms, wishing over and over again for you to stay. Now here we are on your birthday, and it’s all coming true. Happy Birthday, Sister!

Just wanted to say it has been a pleasure of mine that you took the time to guide me through the changes in my life. I love you so much and I am thankful for our long-lasting friendship! Happy Birthday Sister dear, if only I could

Happy birthday to my favorite sister. We may not agree on everything, but we’ll always be there for each other; we’re like two sides of a coin and can’t imagine our lives without the other. I love

May your special day be filled with all the love and joy you have brought into my life. I don’t think you could ever really know just how much you mean to me. Thank you, for being my best friend. Happy Birthday!

To my amazing baby sister, you have been the best bestie a girl could ask for. You have been with me through thick and thin…

Your eyes and my eyes 👀 always saw the same rainbow. I cherish you as one of my dearest friends. Happy Birthday!

May God bless you on your birthday with all of his love, kindness & happiness.

May you have many more reasons to celebrate throughout the rest of the year, sister! 🎁

May peace and happiness surround you on your special day. I wish for this one day of the year that you wake up and realize that you are happy, healthy, and surrounded by people who love you unconditionally.

Buddy, you’re the kind of person that makes people smile just by being in the room. Love you! 💕🎈

A sister knows all of your secrets, your fears, and your dreams. She stood by you through thick and thin. Happy Birthday!

We’ve been together almost our whole lives, and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have you as my older sister. I wouldn’t be who I am without you, and I can’t imagine my life without you in it

Happy Birthday my Sister. it’s been a fun time together. lots of ups and downs, but we’ve always had each other. I hope you have an amazing day. may this year be just as great as the last year

Since your birthday is right around the corner, I wanted to remind you that my feelings for you are perpetual. I love you so much, little sister.

Happy birthday to the dearest sister I could ever ask for ❤️ We may be miles apart, but you’re always in my heart.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You’ve been a wonderful sister and friend. You’ve been there for me in good times and in bad. I love you. ❤️

Happy Birthday, my sweet little sister. You are the perfect age for me. I love that you’re not too old for pigtails and video games, but not too young for heart-to-heart talks.

Happy birthday to my lovely sister – you have always been a friend, a confidante, and a wonderful big sister. I love you very much. 🥳🎉

It’s your birthday today and I want to share some superb wishes on this special day!

It’s your birthday. We love you very much, though words seem so poor to express it

May your life be filled with warmth and hope, never missing out on happiness along the way. Wishing you a day filled with joy, laughter, and love!

Happy Birthday Wishes from a sister whose love for you is as deep as the ocean, as high as the sky, and as vast as the universe…

Happy birthday, dearest sister! Your smile lights up the room and your warmth warms my heart. I’m so fortunate to have you in my life and I can’t wait to celebrate with you today.

Happy Birthday to you. From the day we were born we were inseparable and nothing has changed throughout all these years. I’ve seen you cry and I’ve seen you laugh but no matter what you were my big sister and I always looked up to you.

Happy birthday, my sweet sister! It’s hard to believe that you are already four years old because, in so many ways, you are still my little baby. I love to laugh with you, hug you tightly, play battleship at night with

Sisters are special. They understand us just like nobody else. They are the one person who will always accept us for who we are, cherish us no matter what life brings, and stand by our side regardless of the hurdles that come along the path

Happy Birthday, sis! I can’t believe how amazing you are and how much you mean to me.

This past year has been magical, we’ve since transitioned into this new phase of life and I’m trying to find the words to say that will suffice. Thank you for choosing me as your sis and continuing to show me

I thought of a hundred wishes, but none compare to how awesome you are. I’m still thanking the day you came into this world. Life has been great ever since you came into my life. I love you.

Now that I’ve shared the sweet and savory moments of our sisterhood, in closing (for now), let me leave you with a few heartwarming impressions:

I love you, and I hope your birthday is as great as you are.

Happy birthday to the one who gave me a life full of joy. Wishing you a day full of smiles and laughter😊

Here’s to another year of laughs, tears, and good friends.😍 #HappyBirthday


Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Big Sister

Happy Birthday, Big Sister! I can’t believe you are so old. I still have so many memories of the things we did—playing house, making up dances, digging for dinosaurs together. Now you are so grown up with kids of your own

Happy Birthday to the most compassionate, caring, understanding, and inspiring sister a girl could ask for! #BigSister #ThereForYouForever

Happy Birthday to the woman that has always been my biggest supporter. My best friend is on both sides of the fence. The one who shares my heart, my dreams, and my secrets. I love big sis. ❤️😍

Happy Birthday to our big sister. We love you so much. Hope your day is filled with love and joy! love, your baby sister who will always be super jealous that you are older than me 😜

I can’t imagine a better sister than you. Wishing you a happy and very special birthday full of all the fun and joy in the world. ॐ ❤❤ #HappyBirthdaySister #BigSister #LoveYou

Happy Birthday to the best big sister in the whole wide world! ❤️

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had no one until you came into her l ♥ 🎀 ♥ #HappyBirthDay Big Sister #MyHero

Happy birthday, Little Sister. You were the light in my life when everything was black and I love you very much. On your special day, I want to say that I think that you are the best sister in the world!

Happiest of birthdays to you, my big sister. You’re the best! And I love you to the moon and back. 💞🎉

My big sister is not that big anymore! And also really cute ✌🏼️

Happy Birthday to this sweet girl—Wishing you all of the blessings in the world. 🎂💝

Your big sister will love this post, which is both heartfelt and beautiful. The photo is beautiful and the birthday wishes for her are so sweet.

Happy Birthday, Big Sister! If the wind could speak it would tell you that you were my first love and will be my last. I love you with all my heart and wish we could celebrate this day over and over again.

Happy Birthday, Big sis. You are now officially the coolest person in our family. I wish you much health, wealth, and long life, Love Joey

Happy Birthday, dear sister! You are the best big sister in the world. Happy Birthday. I’m so lucky to have you by my side!

Happy Birthday Dearest Sister, I love you so much, thanks for everything that you have done, you are just the best big sister.

Happy Birthday to my favorite big sister. I love you more than infinity plus one.

Happy birthday to my favorite big sister, who lights up my life & always makes me laugh. I love you. ❤️🍰

Happy Birthday to my big sister. I hope our friendship lasts forever!

Happy Birthday to my sister. I still remember the day you were born with your cute cheeks and your funny smile. You’ve grown into a smart, funny, thoughtful young lady who I’m very proud of.

Happy birthday my lovely “big” sister! 🎂

A sister is a forever friend, one you grow up with, share your toys and your secrets. A sister will always be there to catch you if you fall. Happy Birthday to my sweet strawberry 🍓.

My best friend. Wherever you go, I want to be too. You’re always in my heart and on my mind. Happy birthday, @angelic_wordz! I miss you so much :

Happy birthday to the oldest and the best 👸🏼! You’re my best friend in everything, don’t ever forget it. 💕😂

Everyone calls me the “cool” big sister, but today you’re happy to spoil me with your love and present me with these heart touching birthday wishes for big sister☺😘❤️

Happy Birthday, Big Sis. You’ve always been there to listen to my problems, ease my heartaches and celebrate with me in all my victories! I love you so much! ❤️

Happy Birthday, big sis! Today, we celebrate a wonderful woman who is not only a great friend and sister to me but also a strong leader and compassionate role model for women everywhere. You’re a star. I love you.

No matter how old you get, big or small, a big sister will always be your biggest cheerleader and best friend.

Happy Birthday to the best big sister in the whole wide world!❤️

Sending you big birthday wishes, sweet little sister. Each year I grow to love you more and miss the homespun humor that made you uniquely you. To all of your travels, cheers to sharing life with you. You are precious, dear

Your sister is my favorite human in the whole wide world and I wish I could give her so much more! You’ll always be my big sister and I love you so much! 💙🎉

Happy birthday, dear sister! you are the kindest, softest heart around & I am so lucky to share life with you.

Happy Birthday to my lovely big sister. I love you always for cheering me on, even when I’m not musical like you are. Love, your little sister #bigsis #sisters #birthday

Happy Birthday to my big sister! you always have been and always will be the best.

I don’t know who you are, but I am your Brother and I love you with all my heart and more and nothing and no one is going to ever change that… #mybigsis #birthdaywishes

Happy Birthday to my little sister. I love you so much! You are always there for me and I’m so thankful for you. 💕

Little sister, there is nothing in this world I am more proud of than you. You have been my biggest fan and cheerleader since the very beginning. From that first moment our eyes met, you were there. And from that moment on, you

Happy birthday, sweetheart! The stars didn’t shine half as brightly the day I met you. As you blow up one more candle, let’s raise our glasses to your extraordinary spirit. You are my best friend and role model. Here’s to

Today is my older sister’s birthday. Mom used to always say that I was her firstborn child. It wasn’t until today that I finally understand what that means. Happy Birthday, sis!

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