Horse Lover Bio for Instagram

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Horse Lover Bio for Instagram

This year I’ve dedicated a lot of time and money to upgrading my equipment, making myself more accessible to the followers who’ve shown tremendous support over the years. With your help, we can rebuild together!

Having a horse is more than just your average hobby. It’s life-altering. They teach you how to be gentle and patient (a must in our fast paced world). Working with them makes me laugh until I cry and they motivate me to find ways to exercise my creativity⛵❤️

Hi, I’m Christina. I love nature and animals. Horses are my biggest passion so I’ve devoted my life to becoming a veterinarian. Love of animals is what got me started in social media. I started on youtube as a photographer and personality, creating content for riders and horse lovers!

Every horse lover remembers the first time they fell in love with a horse. Who was it? What was it about them that made you fall head over hooves? For me, it was Apollonia, my first baby horse. I’ll never forget the unique look in her eyes when she felt safe with me and trusted me to be there for her. That feeling stays with you forever!

All you need is a little bit of imagination, some time in the backyard, and a lot of love for horses.

Ever since I was a little girl and decided to be the queen of horses, the stables have been my second home.

My vet told me that I should start calling him “Dr. Lau” since he sees me for more than just horse stuff. 😂😀

As a girl with horses in my blood, I love knowing that even when I’m away from my favorite animals, there are always more frosted flakes in the freezer.

A girl and her horse, that is the way life should be. #horses

My grandfather gave me my first horse when I was 6. My grandma taught me to ride. I started riding competitively when I was 10, and haven’t stopped since. Horses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Hi! My name is Serena. I like to play with my pony, Quinto. He snorts a lot and sometimes squirts me with his nose when I tell him my plans for the future — I want to be an artist or a detective.

“Horses are not just animals; they are an expression of a living culture and of our relationship with nature.” -Franca Sozzani

I always feel like I’m on the back of my horse when I’m riding him. “The horse is good for all our souls.” (Sleeman, E) 😊

I’m a lady that likes to have fun! I’m smart, fast, and loyal. Can you keep up? 🐎

Love horses and want to be around horses all day? Ever wondered how you can turn professional? We talk with the Driving Force team from within the riding stables of UWE Bristol.

🦄Life is short, so ride like you just stole it!

When you draw the blinds, roll down the windows, turn the music up loud and drive too fast – Saturday.

Horses always have and always will have a special place in my heart. My love for them started at an early age and the passion that I have for them only continues to grow. Nowadays I am striving to make my dreams come true of becoming an internationally known horse trainer and a well competed dressage rider. Horses are truly beautiful creatures and they bring so much joy into the world around us, it is worth striving to fully understand the great horses that we share our lives with.

I feel like I’m born to be a horse 🐴 owner and rider 😆 #horses #horserider

Got a lot going on lately, but always time for my horse. She’s the best!

My favorite sport is horseback riding – I love the smell of the stables and how good the horses look with their shiny coat when we groom them. Also, the feeling you get when you ride a horse is like nothing else in the world.

James Franco is a horse lover with a huge collection of cowboy hats. He’s also been in movies like 127 Hours, Spring Breakers, Neighbors, and The Sound and the Fury.

What other sport is there where you travel at speeds of up to 50 mph, barrel-roll into the air, do backflips over a jump, and make beautiful music with your horses’ hooves?

Get inspired by reading about the horses and riders who’ve touched my life, and motivated by their example. From the inside cover of a horse lover’s diary…

Growing up on her dad’s horse farm in the northwest, she would help groom and train today’s top show horses. She competed at all levels of competition through AA-rated shows and was a reserve World Champion in the 1993 North American Young Event Horse Championships.

The one who spends his days outdoors on horseback yet still looks fresh after a night out 🐎 💁‍♂️ . . . . #detroitinsta #detroit #instagramdetroit #instagramersdetroit #detroithorses #detroithorsegram #equestrianlife

“It is better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not.” —André Gide, French author, Nobel Prize laureate 1904-1907

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a good caption can be priceless. Boost the impact of your shots by crafting captions that reveal what you value and reflect who you are and what you stand for. There are plenty of ways to express yourself and a multitude of audiences waiting to hear what you have to say.

When you live out your dreams, the world will be filled with your sunshine. – Unknown

Lost my heart to a thoroughbred on the first date. Couldn’t be happier. 😍

Horses have been my life since I was a tiny girl who would watch them gallop behind the fence at the family farm. They are graceful beasts whose beauty inspires wonder. All of my life has been touched by horses and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Working with and riding horses is a passion of mine. I enjoy working out and keeping physically fit. Spending time outdoors in nature makes me happy and being able to pass that enjoyment on to my children makes me even happier. My family has become incredibly important to me, as well as living life to the fullest each day with them.”

Horses are majestic creatures that bring us joy, a sense of freedom, and love. ❤️

I love horses! They are so beautiful, fast, and intelligent. Some horses like to jump fences, some like swimming in lakes, and some like running up mountains. I prefer racehorses and riding on trails. I want to own a horse of my own one day and learn how to ride it properly I would love to enter the Kentucky derby because it sounds fun plus I think my horse could come first!

When it comes to horses, I’m just a huge fan. I follow everything from horse care and riding, to tack and saddles. I love getting outside and riding every chance I get. I also love learning new things and taking days off to explore beautiful nature trails on horseback.

My family has been breeding and owning horses for over 50 years – I have been riding and raising them my entire life.

Three people, two dogs, one horse, and 16 years later: What do we all do? We work hard. We love harder. And we ride & raise money for kids. Check out our story. #HorsePower

For the avid horse lover, Belmont Stakes will not just be an important day for the horseracing industry, but also for Daily Racing Form.

“When I was young, I wanted to be either a forest ranger or a horse.”

Loving and living in Tennessee, owning an Arabian horse, love my equine vet tech career. 🐴

I just love seeing this guy! I mean, come on now. -Hillary Duff

It’s #horseshoelove, the time of year when hoof-ware comes OUT and boots come IN! Let us be your equestrian matchmaker. Visit our website to view what pairs you could forge with any of our horses.

I’m the kind of girl who can fall in love with a horse. I was born and raised next to a horse farm. Dreaming of horses was a normal part of my everyday life. So, I naturally gravitated towards my four-legged friends. If you watch me ride, you might notice that I actually smile as I gallop by—I truly enjoy what I do. Horses make me feel alive and give me the chance to push myself mentally and physically. Something about sharing this connection

The best horse lovers find the horse inside themselves. -Dean Koontz

Not every fashion girl loves horses, but every horse lover loves fashion.

I’m a horse lover, world traveler, music freak, art collector, and adventure junkie.

Horse riding has given me the chance to experience freedom and build confidence in myself. This is why I’m passionate about helping other girls get on a horse and learn how to love them.

My mom said if I liked horses so much, I should learn to ride them! So I got a job in a stable, learned to ride, and now help others do the same. 🐴🥇

A woman who is passionate about horseback riding, contributing to environmental conservation, and inspiring others to rise above life’s obstacles with a smile on their faces.

I love riding my horse on a trail and breathing in the fresh air. It’s exciting!

Horses are some of the most majestic creatures on the planet, and riding is a sport for all ages! Young girls especially learn about discipline and responsibility when caring for their own special horse.

“Summer is short, winter is long. Sure is a good time for horses and riding!” — Bill Holbrook

I am a Point of Balance Dressage Trainer, who blogs about the intersection of critical thinking and pastoralism.

Horse lover, mother of 4 girls, and wife to a busy CEO who never stopped her from doing what she loves. Omgomgomg!

Horse lover, blogger, and equestrian―I love riding Western and English.

My name is Jane, and I am a horse lover. Proud owner of ___ beautiful horses that have brought nothing but love and joy into my life.

My passion for horses and the outdoors started at a young age. “The only thing better than riding horses as an adult is riding horses as a child,” I always say. It’s no coincidence that my profesh side (ad executive) met my hobby side (model agent).

I heart my horsey honeys. They are sweet, silly, and fun… which is the perfect combination for me.

We’re pretty crazy about horses! We share everything horse related.

My name is Hannah. I was born and raised in Kentucky, USA. I have been surrounded by horses all my life, so this sport has become a passion of mine. What I get to do for a living comes naturally as bringing your babies home from the hospital does to a mother haha.

Jumping on a horse has been my life since I was little. At fifteen I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and it was the scariest moment of my life. When I arrive in PA at the Sarcoidosis Clinic, they gave me 4-6 weeks to live. The doctors along with my family planned for me to have one last show after I graduate from high school. After that I would be in remission, no longer having a voice to speak up for other people.

I’m in the business of making dreams come true. I re-home retired racehorses and never forget that, at one time, they were champions.

I have a deep love of horses and enjoy reading about the sport.

The only things I love more than horses are my family, friends, and followers #neverstopexploring

Born around horses, I remember my dad always talking about how he “wasn’t horse material” when it came to understanding the breed. He couldn’t comprehend why in a herd of a thousand horses, not one person is going to give you a straight answer.

Strolling through the meadows with my horse, a cup of tea, and a good book—Montana life at its finest.

The feeling of horseback riding is as free as the animal itself. – Harry de Leyer

Wonderful days with allies that inspire bravery and shine.

My love of horses started when I was 5 years old, on my first pony ride. The rest is history. I enjoy horseback riding with my best friends—both human and equine. I also like going to the beach, taking long walks on the beach, and listening to live music.

My mom was a horsewoman and I went to the barn when I was 8. I still ride whenever I can and love volunteering at my local HORSES help facility. I enjoy all four legged creatures, but horses are definitely my favorite.

Horseback riding has always been a passion of mine. ✔

This horsewoman is gorgeous: her thick mane and strong, athletic legs are right off the show ring, with a generous heart to match. Green eyes and a warm, honey-brown coat make her a pleasure to be around.

I’ve loved horses since before I could walk. But it wasn’t until just 5 years ago that I started showing them in competition. Since then, I’ve accumulated a collection of ribbons and soon, a trophy case full of medals 😍

My favorite days are when my horse decides to be lazy.…

Youngest of 8, daughter to a mom who thinks I’m too serious and dad who thinks I’m the funniest girl he knows. I live in my own house in the country on an acre of land with two horses and one dog and bliss out every day doing what I do for work.

Saddle up for a fun day of riding with friends at your favorite horseback riding lessons and stables.

An outpouring of love and gratitude for this beautiful creature…

Here is one of my favorite plow horses, riding a tractor to avoid the devastation of mower injury. #farmlife

Nothing is better than a studier day followed by a joyful ride and a good night’s sleep. 🐎

I think the heroes are the people who make the world better, not just their own lives.

Dream big and have the guts to follow it through with hard work and determination!

Fall is my favorite season! In the fall, I get to break out stripe tights, my new riding helmet, and my coziest sweater! Check out @horse_lover_bio for more details.

My name is Karen and I’m a proud horse lover. My love for horses began when I was young. I enjoyed any moment that I could spend with my first horse when I was 8 years old. Fast forward 17 years and now my husband and I have our own barn and board several awesome horses. We call it “An American Dream”.

I just couldn’t stay away! I’m a horse farmer, hunter jumper rider, and Western enthusiast. I love all things that smell like hay and horse manure.

Horses can be just as loving as they are beautiful.

Today’s photo is of my second oldest granddaughter. She has just started riding lessons and loves her horse. She has a pony at home that she adores and rides every day. Her Mom and I share a love of horses, so I’m pretty sure she will become an avid rider when she gets older. Check out our store for all the horse lovers in your life or yourself. We have items for all ages starting at baby on up!

I like my horses as much as I like my Instagrams 🐴 #horsegirlproblems

I’m currently homeschooled, and love spending my time reading, writing, and painting! Horses are my life: I would love to be a professional barrel racer. #horse

I had horses growing up and my favorite horse was named Greyson! I love horses and am such a big fan of the Kentucky Derby.

Happy #NationalLeaveTheStableDay! Take a long walk in the mountains and let your horse enjoy a taste of the wild.

We believe there’s nothing a good horse can’t teach you about yourself. Join us for a ride 😎☀🐴

You can be tough and tender at the same time. You show your true colors while being kind to others. You like to charge ahead and you’re always up for an adventure. You are a bold, courageous horse.

When it’s time to make hay, don’t just watch it… live it.” -Unknown

Being the best version of yourself never goes out of style. #leaddesign

“Swift as an arrow, strong as a lion, and wiser than a serpent”

My name is Elena. I am 20 years old and I am a classically trained gymnast, vine star, and horse enthusiast who has recently taken an interest in social media marketing.

I am an equestrian girl like no other, I have been around horses for 19 years now and I can’t get enough of it. I not only love to ride them but I also love to train them. Once they are trained you can do anything with them. I will be showing my two most talented horses at the upcoming horse fair in November!

My name is Jane, I’m a college student at The Ohio State University studying animal science and Spanish. I love animals with a passion and my horse, Bailey, has been by my side for 10 years now just like a sibling.

My other true love is my horse, Cinder. She’s a 6 yr old Quarter Horse mare. We live in the country and have acres of trails to enjoy. She’s patient and fun to ride and we are always up for an adventure together! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

My Horse is Life. Without her, I am only a shadow of myself.

My blood runs pure horse. Literally, I think my blood is painted horsey colors. Every other weekend though, I remind myself to breathe and find a few moments for myself!

I love riding my horse. It makes me feel like a kid again.

A horse is a unicorn that comes with a job.

Growing up on her grandfather’s ranch, Becca developed a love for horses and the western way of life. She has been riding since she was 4 years old. Through working at her father’s barn year round as well as rodeos over the summer, Becca has become an accomplished horsewoman. In addition to riding, she also loves teaching others to ride and showing them how incredible horses are.

I’m a horse rider, and I am about to start competing in the same event that my parents have competed in for the last 20 years, so it will be cool to see it through their stories.

So many moments waiting and wondering… When your friend has a hard day at work and needs a hug, when the little guy needs some extra love, when you’re thinking about how much you’d like to race again… But then she’s in your arms as you’re walking from dinner and you simply can’t help but smile at her love for life. #tbt

Mini me on the beach! Just a normal Sunday #girlmoment

Whether in the arena or in my office I try to bring the same energy and intensity to every endeavor. 🐴

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