Horse Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Need horse captions for Instagram? I mean, who doesn’t? If you have an equine following, then you need to create captions on the fly. The best way to attract followers is to write great captions. Here’s a list of my favorite horse captions.

Horse Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Our cute and spunky yearlings are waiting for you to find your perfect match 🐎 🐎 🐎

Horses, they don’t know if you are sad or happy, they are friends 🐴🌷

Celebrating the horse in all of us this Sunday… #mySundaymorning

Horseback riding is a great way to exercise and stay healthy, but why not spice up your daily routine with our new bloomin’ glitter 🦄 oil?

Good morning 🐎 #horsesdaily

We’re here for you when times get tough. Let us make your day a little easier. #PonyUp

Hey, girl! We always have a special place in our heart for our humans. Show us some love ❤️

Summertime and the living’s easy with ☀️🐴.

I’m so glad you’re here! Please don’t forget to come back tomorrow. We have something special planned for you. 😀❤

Get ready for a day of sunshine and long dirt roads.🐎

The heart of a champion and the ride of your life.

We’re ready to go back to school and we can’t wait to learn how you guys did this summer. Have a great school year with us! ✅

In a world where people judge a photo of a dog before they like it, our horse captions say a lot about us.

You’ve got to be crazy, beautiful, or wild to Ride a Horse.

😍Follow us ❤️for horse fun, tips, and horsey humor.

These are a couple of my favorite things! #lovemyhorses

Adventurous and young at heart? Luckily, we’re here to help you achieve pony perfection (with a side of horsing around)!

Get your next fix of #rednosequine with these cool owners and their favorite four-legged friends 🐴

What are you waiting for? Everyone’s here, come on out and ride. 🐴❤️

Say hello to our newest four-legged friend 🐴

Howdy! How ’bout a little trail ride to get away from the daily grind? 😎

How’s your day going?#happy Wednesday #goodmorning

How do you like my haircut? I just got a trim.

Good morning! You’re up early. I’m trying out a new breakfast this morning—quinoa with lemon and ginger. Yum! (Text emoji)

You got the moves like a horse in a stable

Get ready for some horse show 🐴 action today! 👍

It’s not a horse race without you!🐴☕️

Keep your beast tight 😋 . . . #horses #horsebackriding

We’re in this together—with you, the horse, and nature.

Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to have fun at Elmendorf with great facilities and wonderful horseback riding equipment.

So that’s what’s going on over there! We thought the grazing horse was still napping. 😴

Hope you enjoyed your Stablemates.

Let’s get right to it: you are a good human and I like you.

Pawsitive, relaxing, and lots of activity. Invigorating from romping in the pastures to riding on the trails 🐴🏇💃

Keep your head up, stay focused, and most importantly have fun!

Have fun, but don’t forget to respect the power.

Headed out for an early morning 🐎 ride!

Horses are amazing. They’re patient, they always know how you’re feeling, they give great advice and they don’t judge.

Every horse lover deserves that perfect red plaid shirt.

That moment when you’ve figured out how to sit like a horse 🐴 #horse

Hello there! I’m a big, friendly chestnut horse named Hanover. Come find me on the trail for some good clean fun!

What did the horse say when nobody was around? Neigh.

“I love talking about things I love.” — The Horse Blog

Excuse me, is this your horse?

Snuggly pajamas or yoga pants and comfy flip-flops – your pick! QT with your four legged friends.

Morning ride with the family. Time to catch up on the day’s news in the barn ⛄️☀

When the posse asks where you’re going and you say… “It’s a secret. Just a little ride. Try to catch up!”

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep

We spend a lot of time on the road and our driver is always eager to visit with locales of all kinds.

New #Instagram Captions from #Horse “Look at this horse holding the carrot in his mouth. I ate him. 👀 #InstagramQuotes”

A little horse humor to brighten up your day ✋▪️

Today is the first day of the rest of your life in a horse show.

“There is no other feeling in the world like the one you get when you ride a horse and feel it move beneath you.”

Since the dawn of mankind, humans & horses have been inseparable. Here at Wild Horse, we are proud to carry on that tradition by providing premier equine supplies to local equestrians.

Horses have the power to bring out the best in people. They are our partners, equine friends, and teachers. A horse’s wisdom empowers us to live life with intention and authenticity.

Horses have a way of asking all the right questions—to help you stay connected with yourself and others. Soulmate talk, anyone? 🐴

Life’s better in the saddle. Join us at EquinePlatform to learn about horses, riding, and horse care #EquineEducationForAll

Thankful to be a part of the equestrian community. ‼️🐎

Hey, that was quite a sporty weekend. We should do something like that again!

It’s a beautiful day out there, so you might as well trot on over and check it out.

They make you feel so powerful and graceful!

Giddy up and watch this video of how we make riding basics for kids. ‍♀️🐎

A horse can be a man’s best friend. Join us at the barn to connect with these majestic animals!

Looking for some new spots to trail ride? Hit the trails on horseback at Trailhead Stables. 😎

Bring a friend, bring the family. It doesn’t matter who you come with, whether you’re an expert or a beginner. #OCEANHORSE

As magical as a unicorn and as adorable as a poodle: Meet our equine friends

Riding horses, bird watching, and loads of fall hikes make this autumn my favorite time of year.

Horseback riding requires strength, courage, and confidence. They need to find the willpower they never knew they had inside them.

Whinny in a high-pitched, enthusiastic tone Next time you’re feeling completely and utterly exhausted, just remember…you don’t have to push yourself to the limits of human endurance to impress anybody.

Tall Tale Tuesday! We’re giving away a custom Showhouse saddle signed by the Legendary duo of @justintimberlake and his father, @ronaldpeeblesjr. Enter in the caption below for your chance to win.

There is nothing more amazing than the bond between humans and animals. Nothing better.

We’re feeling the spirit of the season and want to send you and your pup a little extra holiday cheer. Don’t forget to share a pic of your pets in their festive gear and tag us in it #CCPetGear

Your voice is louder than all the words in the world🐎

Cheers to all the trailblazers, who trek where others won’t and make the world a better place.

A photo of a horse running in the sun.

Howdy, partner! Your favorite horse just tagged you in a post. Why don’t you come on over and take a look?

A smidge of summer, a pinch of fall. A pound of equestrian playfulness and a heaping helping of horse love.

😍Follow us @shoe_horselove to fall in love with these little horse babies💕

We believe everyone should be able to experience the joy that comes with riding horses.☀Be part of our fall open house September 8-9 to try out a young horse. 👩🎓️👩🎤

I’m not just another pretty face 😁 I’m a value added marketing platform.

Hello there 👋🏻, how is your day going? Are you ready to saddle up and explore? Here’s our most recent post if you are interested!

Of course, riding teaches you about responsibility, but it also teaches so much more.

A good friend will walk into your life, sideways, if necessary.

My best friend #RelationshipGoals

Wishing every day were like a horse race! The energy! The thrill of it all! 😁👐

Take a ride into the wild with more rawhide variety than any animal you know!

I always have a blast at the @Calgary_Stampede —and you can say that literally!

Here, there’s a big ol’ field where horses just go nuts and play with each other. It’s hilarious 😂

Horses trust us. We are born that way—and it will never change. The human-equine bond is our purest form of connection and communication.

Horses are loving, hardworking animals that deserve safe and comfortable housing. That’s why we make state-of-the-art equine feeders.

Summertime is for saddling up and making memories.

Get outside with your best four-legged buddy this weekend.

You’re so beautiful, and you wonder why I would ever fall in love with you.

You’re my best friend and I love you. That’s all there is to it.

Let’s gather on the tracks, she’ll be ready in a flash

Life is better when you can’t stop smiling 😁

I’m almost done with the grassy trail run—just a few more twists and turns before heading back to the barn 🐴

Good things happen when you’re looking at a horse. Or at a horse show. Or at a horse farm. Or talking about horses, or thinking about horses, or dreaming about horses…

It takes a horse to bring out the best in you.

We’re loving horseback riding this #fall. Head over to our feed and tell us about your favorite spots for riding this season!

Our Girls are Sending Shockwaves through the Classic and Hunter Rings. Please 👀👁 our Feature Horses and Don’t forget to share!

Please meet our newest pals! Meet Boz and Jade, two rescue horses. They make us feel like little kids again. 😍

Want to see what’s happening around the stables? Follow us on Instagram to get your daily doze of equestrian style and horse fun!

Cannonball! Gallop faster to catch the treats, my friend

Had a blast at this year’s @joe.whitehorse A great show, some top notch BBQ and bourbon, and a chance to catch up with good friends – it doesn’t get much better than that! We’ll be there next year too ☀️😎

We’re down to get our equestrian on when fall brings cooler weather and drier conditions. Giddy up! 😎🐴🏇

They are eager, relaxed, and a little bit crazy which makes for a perfect weekend of riding.

Let the good times roll with these adorable country quotes—you might even learn a thing or two. 😛

When the world gets too much, grab your bestie and a long stretch of trail. The two-legged ones call it to exercise. We call it freedom.

We take care and pamper our horses to the fullest to give you the best #HorseExperience.

Love Wagon Trail Horses 🦋?We do too, and we want to help you make your love real.

We love our horses, and you should too. So follow us as we hang with these amazing animals!

We’re heading out to be some horse observers this afternoon. Be a riding partner or hang out with the horses on your own? Let us know in the comments below ⬇️

Are you ready for some racing, showjumping, and barrel racing on next Saturday?

Hey, are you ready to gallop into fall? Because we’re going full speed ahead…

Don’t forget to spoil your four-legged friends this fall. 😍❤️

hey girl, I just wanted to tell you how crazy it is that I can’t believe this is our future—I love you so much!!!

Oh hey. Come hang out with me on the beach all day 🏖☀🌵

Sometimes you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and smell the hay just to calm your nerves. 🐴🐴

Let’s take it to the track. The 2018 racing season starts this weekend!

Wishing you a day full of sunshine and smiles!

Go ahead and give it a kick. Then, slurp on your favorite drink. Throughout the day, you’ll get thirsty for things that quench your thirst.

Get ready for pony season with horse quotes, pics, and videos. Check out our brand spankin’ ‘new IGTV page!

Good girls go to the barn. The rest get “horseplay.”😋

Looking good with the latest horse gear, showing off your equestrian style.

Because horses live in the moment, their smiles are contagious.

When you own a horse, there are many adventures to be had.

Giddy up! Our beautiful Thoroughbreds are ready for their close-up.

Doing new things with horses is always fun.

Hello, friends! Our #1 horse inspiration this week:

Look at you, lookin’ good! We’d call you a show-stealer, but you already know that.

Thankful for sweet days with my girl. #cantridejustyet

Sometimes when I look at you, it’s like you have x-ray vision and can see straight into my soul 🐴

One more time on the beach 🏖⛱.

I keep my head up because I want to see that rainbow 🌈

A horse-like kisses, hugs, and belly rubs. 👑😍

Hi mates. Time for a #goodmorninghorse selfie.

The one horse who sticks with you even if you’re having a bad day.

Get a taste of the great outdoors with wild horse tours in Colorado.

Let’s get the weekend started with a whole lot of love and four-legged friends. Happy Friday!

With warm hearts and cool breezes, here comes a tailgate party.

Bout to take my lady into the San Diego sunset 🌇🙌

How to make friends with unicorns

It’s making me smile just thinkin’ about it 🐎.

Life is a race, but it doesn’t mean we can’t savor the moments. 😉

I’m so excited for the future, and I hope your week is just as delightful as Rowan 😊

If you’re on my trail, I’m heading to a better tomorrow!

Rustle up some fun with horses!

Treat your horse to a day at the beach [tossing emoji]

Chinook is a beautiful chestnut-colored appaloosa stallion.

“Since they were foals, they have always been together.”

Hope you’re having a great day and it’s not too much trouble but we wanted to tell you that our pretty new pink bridles have arrived 🐴💚👀

Going to the barn is like going to a spa for horses. I’m not sure about my own skin though 😉 #horsesofinstagram #equestrian

A beautiful fall day creates the perfect setting for an equine picnic. #horsesofinstagram #equestrianlife.

I peg my friend’s custom-made iPhone case off its massive hoof.

Got your riding gear ready yet? It’s time to head back to the trails. 🐎

Chin up, friends. Let’s go for a ride. 🐴

Check out @horseisland for more cuteness

Takes some real horsepower to get to the top.

The great outdoors is calling—and they’re ready when you are. 🐴

The calm and measured gate of a champion 🐴

They say the best time to buy a horse is when you don’t need one. So if you know someone like that, tell them we’re open Saturdays.

Double takes are in when you’re riding a quarter horse, especially one as handsome as this guy.

Horses are all about friendship, not gossip.

Saddle up, girl. It’s time to have some FUN! 🐴

Laughter fills the barn when you place your bet. You’re in for a great ride.

Horses are the hidden treasure of France.

Have you ever ridden a horse? Take a day to get out of the city and try some equestrian sports. (Hint: We have camps and lessons).

Cheers to these colorful equine beauties, whose beauty knows no bounds. 🐴💜

Happy #InternationalTrotday! Don’t forget to exude confidence like these lovely equines as you trot your way into the weekend.

This majestic creature embodies the beauty of grace and gives us a sense of elegance and light. 🐎

Every Saturday morning, I have a soft spot for you. Let’s meet up for some coffee and chat about what’s new in our lives and to catch up on each other’s dreams.

It is a privilege to live with you. Merry Christmas to my Snowman.

Can’t wait to get back on the trails. #wanderlust

Each day is an important day. 🐎🐎

Go wild without losing your mind by setting small, manageable goals that you can accomplish each day and week. This way, you’ll ensure those tiny daily successes will add up to big things and really make a difference in your riding.


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