Horse Riding Instagram Captions

Horse riding captions are hard to come by, so it’s worth taking a look at the best horse riding captions we’ve gathered for you. There is something for everyone here, whether you’re looking for a cute horse caption or something more original.

Horse Riding Instagram Captions

Live your dreams! Ride like the wind, gallop through fields and jump over logs on our beautiful horse trail course.

It’s not about the carriage or the horses, it’s about how you feel in the saddle. 🐎🎱

Our indoor and outdoor areas provide a safe, fun place for you & your horse to play!

Let’s Go! When the need for speed calls, get there on the horse and let it do the work.

Discover a new equine companion at our stables—whether it’s your first time riding, or you’ve spent years in the saddle. 😊

(2017 champ Sarah Fisher) – “The horse, of course, is the ultimate teacher.”

It’s the little things that matter. The way a horse moves its ears when you whisper ‘good boy.’ The way its head lifts when it hears your step in the barn. How a horse nudges you when you aren’t looking. And how their eyes glow with joy as they run and neigh….

To be the best rider you can be, you have to ride the best horses. 🐎 #ExplorePerfection

As the fall breezes blow, get ready to trot through it in fresh, functional clothes that are as timeless as this classic sport itself.

We at Smith Stables are excited for all of our upcoming agricultural events. Spring ➳ Summer ➳ Fall ➳ Winter 🐎🌕🌗

Congratulations to the #teamBianca on their recent victories at the 2017 Colorado Hunt Seat Association Circuit Finals.

It’s a passion. It’s an obsession. It’s in our blood. #SheTakesHorseRiding

Horseback riding is the most fun way to see the nature of Dorset.

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Rest your stress and experience the freedom of horseback riding at our barn in Central NY

Riding is more than just a sport, it’s a tradition, a family affair, and one of the oldest human-animal relationships.

At Coco’s, the bond you and your horse build lasts a lifetime.

Each horse has its own unique personality. Embrace yours and live an inspired life.

Discover the pure joy of trail riding. Find your ride, sign up for lessons and gear at

Happy horses are horses that have the same clean, comfortable bedding every day.

“When you’re self-confident and know what you want and it doesn’t matter that everybody doesn’t see things the same way you do.”― Taylor Swift

The key to learning with head down and back up is to move in a straight line with your hips up and back. In other words, “Sit up & Reach”

Life is a journey, and there are lessons to be learned along every step of the way. Stay focused on the prize and never give up!

Thank you @upandcoming_horses for making my dream of horse riding come true! I’ve never been more thrilled in my whole life.

The perfect mix of yoga and horseback riding.☀🐴

Loving my new partnership with such a high quality and sustainably-minded company. They have beautiful horses for lessons, boarding, and sales. Come visit them!

From the moment you hear the beat of a horse’s hoofs on the trail, it all comes naturally, easy and effortless. Same for Lululemon.

Join our week-long focus on horse riding, starting with everything you need to know about English saddles.

We’re always in season. No matter what the weather, we’ve got boots for every animal we ride – and for your feet too. Shop our latest arrivals:

Whether you ride competitively or recreationally, you’ll want to bring your horse back to our equine-loving vet.

Watch your balance by Centering the Cowgirl’s posture and eliminating her fear of falling.

Grab a cup of coffee and go out on the trail with us. Who knows? You might just get hooked!☺ #mondaymotivation

Do you see the bigger picture? Expand your horizons with Land Rover.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic. – Goethe

The journey is the destination. And, of course, the destination is just the start of a new journey

Sometimes obstacles reveal the path you’re meant to follow.

Horse riding is a sport for all ages and abilities. In the right hands, it can help you stay fit, improve your confidence and keep you healthy…

Be the best you can be. Sign up for horse riding lessons today!

Fall in love with the natural beauty of horseback riding on the coast of Galveston Island.

Your horse is your partner. Train, ride, and compete together.

Saddle up for fun in the sun, whether it be beachside or on a trail ride. Let us take you where you want to go!

Although horses are very different animals, there are some universal truths. Exercise them regularly, keep them happy and engaged, and reward positive behavior.

Mount up and ride something new this season. 🐴

Like a favorite pair of old boots, the key to comfort and confidence as you ride lies in your seat. 🐎

Have a seat, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

“Your future begins today…You are what you will do.”

Experience the joy of horseback riding at our stables! Here at X, your needs are a top priority so we do our best to accommodate you in whatever way possible.

The first step to experiencing the freedom of horse riding is making an appointment. Call today! 🐎

When you #lovetheride you work with horses, whatever it takes to keep them healthy and safe.

Saturday mornings are made for walking the farm on horseback.

The rewards of the sport and lifelong friendships far outweigh the risks. The saddle is worth the ride.

Let your inner “cowgirl” know she never has to go on a hiatus, even if it’s just while walking together. #cozybynature #cabrioletnyc

Follow our Instagram to see who and where we’ll be competing! In the meantime, check out our sister site for dressage riding.

At the farm, I can forget pretty much everything else. Nature, the animals, just me & my horses! 😍

In a sport where the athlete’s success is dependent on their horse, trust is the strongest bond between owner and horse.

Straighten your spines and lift your heads high, cutie pies. We’re riding 🐴 today!

She was wanton, willful and wild, a daughter of the horse people, who lived in the land of the Shoshone.

Conquer obstacles to achieve the success you deserve!

Horse Captions for Instagram

To work and to be proud of it! Visit our partner @rps_horse and show your support for these beautiful, hardworking animals.

It’s not every day you get to ride double on a horse. 🐴☀

Get your week started off right, by becoming one with the trail. #equine #horse #riding #nature

Giddy Up! Saddle up this weekend and sign up for our horseback riding lessons! It’s a great way to get outside, exercise, and bond with your pet.

Get your equestrian game in gear for the ride of your life with our handpicked selection of horse-themed accessories and apparel.

We’re a family that does things together. Here we’re celebrating our daughter competing in her first horse show.

Encourage your well-loved student to celebrate the end of her riding season with a gala at our @farm.

When you ride with #HAIL, you’re riding in style.

Proud-as-hell owner of these beasties, Parker and Mariah. They’re getting big! #clydegatefarm

Join us in the #showroom on October 19th from 1-4 pm for a very special trunk show hosted by @m_and_t_designs. Click the link in our bio for more info, and to buy tickets today! #alwaysastylegame

Breaking the ice between a horse and a person or handler.

Feel the power of Specialized women’s mountain bikes. We’re pioneering a new frontier in female mountain biking here at @specialized. Be #MoreMountain and check out our Instagram😎👍

We at (Horsecompany) put our best hoof forward with equine veterinary services and products to benefit the health and wellbeing of horses.

It’s all about having clear, positive communication with your horse. Here’s how to get it.

Thank you @amandawood91 for posting this amazing picture of Ed. He never looks so good when I do his mane 😂 Good job on the caption too, Amanda! #HorseSelfie

The majestic power and beauty of our Arabian horses is a true spectacle—for all ages. 🐴💭☘️

The 2016 Kentucky Derby is almost here! Are you ready for some serious horsing around?!

The amazing equestrian world of @jumpingjack.gomez is captured by award winning photographer. Vicki Dellar. Check out our website for more details 👉🏼👉🏽👈🏻

Your passion for riding knows no limits, so why should your pursuit of an equestrian education?

Taking a much-needed break to soak in some #horseplay. 😄Ready for your next lesson?

There’s a reason every kid wants to gallop into the wide-open space of a horse farm: there’s something magical about the partnership between rider and steed. Here’s to many more years of their triumphant trots!

With her wild independent nature and quiet strength, Black Beauty sprang from the pen of Anna Sewell more than a century ago. Today, SE® Black Beauty is a true must for any horse lover. #SEBlackBeauty

Big, exciting news! The 2019 U.S. Dressage Finals are heading to the Toyota Park Grand Arena Nov. 14-18, 2019! #USDF2019

Horsepower you can trust; this is true whether you’re taking a trail ride or going for the gold. #trustthehorses

You know what they say: The early bird gets the worm…Or in this case, the winner gets the race. 🐎

Let’s be friends 🐎

There’s nothing like riding through the countryside. It’s a way to see everything fresh, and new, and to put yourself in a state of flow.

Showing the bond between a horse and its owner. The caption reads: The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the bond form between horse and rider

It’s a beautiful day in the ‘hood. #horses

From the Colts to the Fillies, Summergreen Farm is Home to a vast array of beautiful Horses.

Farm-to-table has nothing on farm-to-horseback. We’ve partnered with @lizmariestable to give you the best off-the-beaten-path experiences through riding, fly fishing, and backcountry adventures.

Enjoying a horse show match with my friend.

The U.S. Equestrian Federation is Better Together with their official partner, HORSE LIFE.

Find your Bliss: Train a horse and they will teach you how to FEEL.

We’re taking reservations now for the summer season. Apply now!!! #mustangranch

Find your next four-legged companion with us at

Preparing for a big showcase this weekend- can’t wait to bring back what we learned yesterday!😊👍🏼

Get started today on a future of health and success, one step at a time. #horsesofinstagram

This week’s #HorseOfTheDay is ◽️◾️◻️. Representing The Netherlands, Nijinsky II was one of six horses to have won The Triple Crown ⛳⚪⚴ of the three most iconic Horse races in the world; the Epsom Derby, the Irish Derby, and the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. Tragically he died in 1970 at the age of twenty-one after a life of glory

We’re kicking off the week with a spectacular show and equine photography from @hunterhorsephotography.

In a sport that has partnered humans with horses for thousands of years, we continue to push the boundaries of athleticism, connecting horse and human muscles for optimal performance. We are artists in motion 🐎

We’re not just any other horse friendly hotel ⛴️🐴 and entertainment venue. We are a green facility committed to being the best family friendly equestrian getaway around, and we are proud to say that our mission is a success thanks to the love and care of our friends, both two-legged and four-legged!

We attract visitors from all over the world, people who want their dream to be realized. Here, we can make it happen. We are home to the best selection of horses and ponies for sale in the UK…and beyond.

It’s never too late to join the showjumping fold. Start by liking and following us at @horse_show

🐎Join me to celebrate the equestrian sport that promotes health and well-being.

We’re breaking barriers in (horse town name).

Giddy Up! That’s the order of the day as we kick off #BeaujolaisDay 🐎🍷 #VisitLoire 📷: Vincent Roux @vincent_roux

Three weeks ago today, we woke up to a frosty morning in our new home. This cold weather makes the mornings hard to face at times but I appreciate it so much more now that I live with horses.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them✨💦

Our collection of #Horse Halters is top-notch. If you’re in the market for one, take a look at what we have to offer here: [link to your website, Instagram profile, or anything related that represent you]

We are out at the #UAEChampionHorsesFestival2018

It’s not just our colors, it’s our horse colors. Show that you’re proud to be an owner in equestrian sports by joining #TeamJ.

It’s a beautiful day for horseback riding with the trees in fall colors 🌲🌲🚂👫

This weekend, pull on your boots, grab your helmet and saddle up for the Great American Horse Show in NYC…

Saddle up & see where the day takes you. 🐎

We learned the secret of riding bareback was learning to relax. We appreciate stress-free days, too.🐴

The equestrian discipline of dressage is inarguably the most beautiful and elegant of all horse sports.

Introducing Black Label, the daring new line of @stetsonbranded menswear hitting stores and online today.

Innovative hoof protection for the modern horse.

Last night, our nightmare started in front of the barn.

History has shown that those who are passionate, loyal and dedicated will never be overlooked. #Fortitude

Introducing the new JP Morgan Chase app for tablet users. It’s so easy to manage your personal and business accounts on the go. Download it today!

That feeling when you know he’s up to something but he won’t tell you. #MansBestFriend

Instagram captions for horse riding

horse riding improves sitting balance, body control, riding skills, coordination, and self-esteem. encouraging people to travel on a horse if they have never done it before.

Catch our blog for more info on becoming a horse-riding instructor.

Check out this week’s Baroque Horse Show: ✅➡️Tuesday, September 26 (3-6 pm) ➡️Anaheim Equestrian Center (#anaheimhorseshow #anaheimequestriancenter)✅

Summer is a great time of year to come make horseback riding your next adventure. Register now, spots are filling up fast! 🐴⛷

Keep the memories rolling with picturesque Fjord horses 🐎🌲

Ever wondered what it’s like training a horse? With the Atlantic Horse Riding School – we’re takin’ you back to school.

The stables will be shutting down for the winter season 🐎 .

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood equine dentist. We tackle bridgework and biting issues.

Getting out to ride is the best way to ensure a good mount. 😈

Riders, here’s our best advice for improving your balance in the saddle.

Ride into your weekend with this week’s #selfietuesday! 🐎

Keep it together. Stay calm. Show ’em what you’re made of.

March through spring with Moana and her ride, the giant eel Haku!

Stable, Functional, and Stylish, our boots are best for horse riding 🐎🐴

Ready to break in your spurs this winter? Our new line of horse riding apparel is perfect for the saddle.

Experience the only trailer that incorporates the beauty of horse riding with the speed and precision of a car 🚐☝🏽

Giddyup and get in the saddle with our super soft fleece jackets that fit every horse lover!

This weekend, daring horse riders are going to take on a new challenge.

Horse riding is all about the experience for you and your horse. And when that experience is great, say thank you. 🐴🥂✨

You don’t have to travel across the world to find a horse adventure. Here’s how our #HorseFriendlyList of top riding destinations makes being in the saddle feel second nature.

Would you like to learn how to properly care for your horse and how to ride it? Visit us at The Barn.

Having a morning chill? Saddle up with this decadent hot cocoa made exclusively for equestrians. ☕

Horses aren’t easy to ride, but they’re worth the effort. You have to be patient with them and know when to challenge them, too. It’s that careful mix of give-and-take that makes the whole experience so rewarding.

We will ride until our lungs are about to burst, and then we’ll gallop some more.~Emma Marrone_

What makes riding so magical?

Connect with the unbridled power and beauty of an animal that’s been calling to you for years.

At our stables, you’ll experience a rush of positive energy that you can use to help you achieve your goals.

Our new summer boots are here! Make sure your feet are ready for the Season #‎horseriding‬ ‪#‎horsebackriding‬

Riding is a perfect activity for everyone in the family. There’s something for everyone and every level, from beginner to advanced. # horseriding

We can’t get enough of these funny photos that we’ve been getting sent in by our clients who are out and about taking their ‘handsome’ friends for a ride. 😀

Professional equestrian Katie Emmerson riding Tornado at Philadelphia International Horse Show.

Adventure Awaits! Find the perfect ride at Painted Horse Rides. We’ve been your #1 choice for trail rides, park rides, and pony rides since 1971.

Get back to the basics, finding freedom and inner peace. Introducing Equi, the world’s first all-in-one AI powered horse riding app for humans and horses.

Born to Be Wild. Experience non-riding trails with a horse at the ranch.

Big thanks to everyone who came out this weekend to support and enjoy the trails at [name of equestrian facility]. It was a beautiful day.

People often ask me from where my passion comes from. My answer? Life is better in the saddle.

Remember that your mind, body, and horse need to be interconnected in order to get the best results.

Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Effortless grace. Joyful movement. ☀ 💜 🐎

🐎 Slow down and see the world from a different perspective 🌃

Horse Riding: How women can experience the power and beauty of contact with a horse, Our ultimate goal is for anyone to be able to touch and connect with a horse.

Horse riding is one of the oldest forms of human-powered transportation and remains a popular leisure activity for children and adults alike.

We defy the ‘glamour of this world’ and invite women to live out their God-given dream. Day in and day out, we show the reality of equestrian life, our real struggles, victories, and joys through social media content.

Horseback riding: a fun and therapeutic way to keep you and your child active.

Enjoy the freedom of the open air as you gallop and trot through these beautiful trails on horseback at Mountain Gear Ranch.

Cha-ching! Treat your horse to ruffled nail trim, or take the reins with a Hollywood bath and blowout, near you.

Your horse is a reflection of your personality. One you’re proud to show off.

Flower meadows, thyme-lined trails, and open skies—every day is a horseback ride in summer 🐎

Even the most advanced riders had to start somewhere. For an effective and fun riding experience, come make memories with us.

Getting back to our true nature — The horse is the perfect antidote to today’s hectic urban life.

Get inspired by some great quotes from the famous equestrians across the globe!

Chic, classic and elegant are the words that come to mind when I think of this outfit. Wearing a jumpsuit this week and loving it. I styled it with my riding boots for a sporty vibe.

Coming together for two nights of unlimited fun, grace, and athleticism.

Every ride, every stride, every lesson counts. It’s how you always dare to improve. 🐴💨

Catching the freshest breezes and catching up with your friends? Yep, that’s what we’re talking about! Closing out this beautiful day at #RinRinXDairyFarm.

Horse riding is a great way to stay fit and build confidence.

Horseback riding becomes so much more fun when you have the right dressage horse. We can help.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or someone interested in learning this equestrian sport, our riding and lesson academy will help you reach your goals.

Get you and your horse ready for the season with our fall and winter riding gear. 🐎

Look good while riding hard – the 2017 show season starts now.

If you want your pony to be the best, first you have to ride like the rest… # rulethemall

Join us in the WEG barn this September for a series of competitions and shows, including both flat and stadium events.

Have a seat on the saddle of success.

Riding is the freedom of being comfortable with uncertainty.

Be bold, be brave, and Climb on. 🐎💨

Wunderkinds, day two of the event is looking even better than the first. The top classes are shaping up to be an exciting show!

Experience the plush wonder of a Matraca™ Mattress and wake up without back pain

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