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Army bio is probably one of the most significant points of your army lover’s pages. It’s the first touchpoint that may cross with potential recruits and recruited soldiers who are interested in enlisting in their army careers and applying to become a part of the military services of their country. Not just that, all of them will have to go through rigorous evaluations as part of their induction process. So, as a recruiter, what you ought to do is for sure a good start that would set a good impression about their career to come, not just on them but also among the other armed forces who will be around them once they proceed.

Instagram Bio for Army Lover

You will know the habits of these people before they happen, I’m interested in everything that is related to this community, you must feel free to write them if there are any issues on my profile or anywhere else.

Army lover is an unconditional post-baccalaureate pre-med/social work 2018 honors graduate of Clemson University, who has also won a variety of beauty pageant titles. She is thrilled to be pursuing a solid career that incorporates her interests in advocacy and humanitarian service.

I am in a relationship with the army and I have never been happier. My beau is big, strong, and brave. I admire all he does for me and our love is strong.

Hello, my name is Johnie and this is my army.

Best Army quotes – A collection of the very best army quotes and sayings.

I may be a Military Brat, but I am also a lover of all things creative and the fashion world. This blog is under construction, but check back in soon to see what’s new!

It is an honor to serve, and an honor to be a soldier. Here’s to every man and woman who has ever served in the armed forces 🇺🇸

With you, I feel like my smile has an army.😄

This Veteran is just like the American Flag.

Someday he will come marching home again,

You may be born in your heart but you Grow up in your Head #Growup

They tell me I can’t, but I will always try. I won’t let them limit my dreams.

If you’re a U.S. Military member or family member we thank you for your service and welcome you at MilSpouseLife! Here, you can share moments and photos of your army life experiences with others. We encourage each other to break through stereotypes that get in the way of having an honest dialogue between civilians and military families.

I love the army. I love everything about it. I used to think that one day I would join the military, but I have decided not to. As much as I want to shoot guns and fly helicopters, my heart is leading me in different directions.

Serving my country for 6 years, 10 months, and 9 days. I want to meet other veterans and discuss military matters with them ##

Being in the military is not a job. It’s a life, love, and a family . . . without divorce, child support, child custody hearings, or regret for missed opportunities we would never have met. That is the meaning of family.

☠️ #armyrangerfanclub #armyfanclub #maciz_mighty_warriors #occupationarmy 🇺🇸

I love their army and the army loves me.

Hi! I am a retired army man. I love watching historical war movies and documentaries. Please follow me if you are interested in my posts.

The Soldier: A man to be reckoned with.

The most powerful band of warriors in the world doesn’t have an opening for you—but we do.

What is more rewarding than serving your country? Serving it iced.

A photographic homage to everything that makes us proud to be an American.

Hey, I’m Madeline you are here because you think that I just like army games but no my home is in Afghanistan and I love it!

Army is all about teamwork, studying hard and hard work.

Serving in the army is a privilege and a sacrifice. From basic training to different deployments, a soldier fights for honor, country, and family. The training and experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity that can never be replaced. Enjoying life to its fullest where the skies are blue, waters are blue and God’s the greatest.

I love the army, I’ve been in it 69 years and have no plans on giving it up.

It’s #ArmyNavy week! Support the troops this weekend with a little blue and a whole lot of red. #GoArmy #BeatNavy

One day I will be a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army and lead my troops into battle 🤘

Made for and by those who’ve served, and those who will is proud to support the Wounded Warrior Project.

I wouldn’t trade my battle buddy for anything!

Salute to all the brave men and women who serve, who have served, and who will serve.

Get extra opportunities to win! Join now and receive a sweat-proof bag that you can use for your gym kit or when traveling 🙂

The winter is the time of year that brings the best memories in my childhood years.

To be brave is to live life as if there are no limitations, for you are truly limitless.

A man can never have too many friends or too much wine. –

We are women who love the army and try to teach our kids all about it. Any questions feel free to ask. Like us on Facebook under Army Jobs Happy Mother of 5 Army Kids. Thanks

Show the world how much you love the army with this army wallpaper.

The only hard thing about loving an Army Man is that he has a lot of postings and you can’t easily enjoy quality time with him. But I know in my heart that he belongs to me and no matter how far he might go, I will be there waiting for him.

This pinup gal loves army boys… especially the ones stationed in Germany. 😍😘 #curvygirl

I’m not a hero. I’m not a soldier. I’m a daughter, sister, and most of all, I am a girlfriend. Silently, the army has been part of my life since before I was born. My father joined because he wanted to fight for his country, my brothers joined to be like their dad, and now my boyfriend is serving his final few years before retirement.

Ready for the weekend #army #wife #wifey #armywife

in the army • life is good!

Hey there, soldier. I will sew on your tags with pride. Let me keep you looking sharp and standing tall.

A warm cup of coffee and a friendly chat — that’s what military life is like.

The ones you love before you have even known them and the ones that change everything. Who are these people? They’re your army.

While your tweets and posts will speak to your passions, products, mission, and news, ensure that the captions you write within those media are just as powerful. After all, that’s what is first seen when a potential fan visits your bio.

Your look is an opportunity to tell the story of who you are, what you live for, and what you love.

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What sacrifice lies behind her beautiful smile?

We are all born for adventure, let’s go!

We grew up to adore army men. It goes beyond collecting action figures and playing soldier. Boys dream of going to war like the real men they are. And this is where we see it come alive today.

Two years ago I was scouted to serve in the army. Now, I’m just right for the task. I live life to the fullest and am a #girlboss.

Army Dad, army Mom. We’ll always be behind you.

I’ve always wanted to do something bigger than myself. I want to be a part of something that matters—to me and to the world. That’s when I learned about the Army National Guard. When you join, you can turn your dreams into reality.

Those soldiers protect my country and I support them. W/ ALL MY HEART. We can’t be thankful enough for all they have done for our freedom! 💞

My warrior, my heart. Thank you for protecting us. We are forever grateful. #thankyouforyourservice

Dedicated to serving our country and our community.

I will follow him wherever he goes. It doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter how far away, as long as I know my love is with me. I will go the distance and cross the oceans just to be by his side. You’ll find us lying in the middle of the field or tangled up in deep in the woods, watching each other’s back. We’re united in heart, mind, body, and soul for all time.

If we do not win this one, none of us will be true to our country’s love. Thank you for your support!

You’ve completed 175 hours of training. You can run 5 miles and do 50 push-ups in a minute. What have you done for your country lately?

[we go because we want to, and we stay because we must 💪🇮🇱]

The greatest thing about having a military boyfriend is the stories.

Thank you for serving our country. We appreciate all that you do to protect our freedoms. For all of those who are serving, we thank you! #army #usarmy #troop

This Veteran owned & operated small business strives to make quality, American made products for the military, outdoorsmen & others who love everything about the USA

A good offense is the best defense. #ArmyLife

When you’re a crush #trueloveandheartbreak

A free spirit, packrat, creative thinker, daddy’s girl. Hopi princess at heart.

They say when one door closes, another door opens. That’s how I felt upon coming to the realization that I had the power to choose who I wanted to be: A door that leads to love or a shield against it.

I fight for the freedom of ideas. I protect the right to express yours.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.‖ – Joshua 1:9

Hey men, I love being a part of this army. My main responsibilities are about doing work and provide you with relevant information that can help you identify the big and small days.

United States Army veteran. Proud husband. Fantastic father. Having the time of my life traveling to exciting places and exploring the world with my family.

It’s #armyloveweek. Show your soldier some ❤️🇺🇸

Army men are keenly aware of their surroundings, constantly scanning and observing. He will secure the perimeter while you watch your favorite show. Safe and secure in the knowledge that he is a guard dog at heart; helpful around the home and always willing to lend a hand.

My heart is always with the men and women of the US Military, especially my hubby who served our country.

Wearing camo cuz I’m a soldier. Not cuz I want to be seen.

‘I’ve never wanted anything so much as I want you,’ he said.

My heart is full, my head is empty, my world has stopped.

Being alone never felt so good. The energy of the world around us lets us know we are not alone at this moment, but springboarding forward to the next chapter of our lives.

This is Army. She is blue-eyed and brown-haired. Army has witty banter and loves to play cards in her free time. Her profile picture is of her and her girlfriend in Washington D.C. It will not be offensive to the LGBTQ+ community.

my husband served in the army for 6 years we did a lot of traveling together.

I love you guys! Active duty army, I miss you all so much and I hope we get to see each other soon!

Army strong, while loving your country, you become one with the people, places, and things you love.

Serving with pride, true love, and are concerned about the safety of our soldiers. We want to protect them 😈💖

When a soldier leaves home, they are strong. When they return, they are stronger. You are our heroes.

had a groovy bf for a million years. left for a bit…now I’m back, I’m reppin the army & my groovy bf☀

The sight of an army in action is at once beautiful and terrible.

we will wake the dead, we will keep you safe in our arms and in our hearts.

Serving the country is a true honor, and we’re grateful to those who’ve given their lives protecting us.

Going to build a fort and play with swords.

#Follow army lovers to get daily updates on army lives and army homecomings.

I am a soldier. I love the army. I love the army life and everything the army is about

The basic training of the Army by @godfreytendai is ON and you’re invited to come to check it out and give feedback.

Being a soldier is a true calling – like being a mom or a dad.

We are a unique breed. The Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine Corps Crossed-Crest and the Navy Chief Petty Officer Insignia, which must be worn by all commissioned officers in the United States Armed Forces. We love it.

If you love your country and the service, then this is for you. ☺️

To wear a soldier’s uniform is to inherit the events of history, to become the embodiment of an idea. The tribulations, the losses, and victories, the hopes that are unknown and unspoken.

Hearts and rocket fuel; that’s what it’ll take. Ruthlessly pushing, never backing down. Yeah, you need that. Got that. Focus on the process and finish strong, always reaching higher. That’s what I’m made of and what I fight for. I’m a soldier for my family, my country, and myself… #armylife

With all that’s going on in the world today, it’s easy to forget how lucky we are to have these brave men and women defending our freedom. We appreciate you for serving our country.

🌰”Life is boring beyond belief. I cannot wait for it to be over.” -Bethany Byrd

I believe in a thing called love…

You can run…but you’re never gonna hide.

Soldiers come in all shapes & sizes and this Army lover is proud to be among them. To all the soldiers serving today, keep up the good work, and thank you for serving our country! #serviceman

If you’re an army lover, then you know spring when you see it—even if it’s not actually technically spring. This is what the season looks like from your perspective:

They love the Army, they support the military and they want to spread this feeling of patriotism by sharing what they believe.

We believe our military heroes deserve the best that life has to offer. We highlight their strength, courage, and loyalty in every product we design and donate a portion of proceeds from our sales to charities that support the military. #honor

Being an Army wife means that no matter how many years pass, I will always be his G.I.F.T. 👩‍❤️‍👩

Someday, I’ll be in love. Someday. But now…I’m in the army!

We love our country and do not like to see anyone disrespect it, ever. So if you are against the military-industrial complex, then you must learn to be against all wars. We have had a few people complain about this and the only thing we can say is: If the sight of an American flag makes you uncomfortable and/or mad, then maybe you should consider becoming a citizen of another country.

He taught me how to hold my ground and how to walk away. He taught me how to let go, and to fight for what I want. Thank you, Dad, for always being there.

When you love your country, but don’t believe in war.

Keep calm and stay confident with us.

Prove them wrong, and make it happen.

Today, I’m remembering…

This is a bio for a person who likes the army. We are searching for content for people that feel the same as we do about this.”

I think it is great that you want to join the army. That is a big decision, and your life will definitely change. I would love to tell you about how my husband joined and exactly what he had to do and where he has gone.

I can’t wait to serve my country as an army man.

Explore the world in your Army.

To all those who serve, and sacrifice. To the families, you’re away from. To the hardships, you put up with. To your courage and resilience. We thank you.

Our super squad is ready for action.

Twenty-two weeks and two days. I’m counting down the days, dog tags jingling. I can hardly sleep at night.

Meals ready, but not willing to cook 🍖👕💙

Anti-war is a luxury enjoyed by those who’ve never seen war.

This really is going to be the best time of our lives.

A little soft. A lot dangerous.

Persistence ensures final success.

If you love the army, then this is the bio for you.

an army is a place of brotherhood, camaraderie, and selflessness. many men and women risk their lives to defend our freedom, we honor those men & women by supporting those that serve in the armed forces.

Rise & Shine. There’s a whole world of military benefits, discounts, and adventures out there. Let us show you how to get more out of your membership on #ArmyBenefits

US Army 10 time medal of honor winner./////////////////////💪🏻

As the names suggest, Loyalty and Friendship are two of the most important ingredients of a good army. We live in a time when it’s very difficult to find people we can count on; whether they’re family or friends, colleagues or coworkers. Everyone jumps ship as soon as they get an opportunity to jump ship… But no matter how much you test them, your friends will always be by your side!

My heart beats for you. I’m proud of my country.

Someday maybe our paths will cross, but until then, I Will Still Love You.

They are the best…all of them.

Scared of the Dark? Join me and I’ll show you that not all darkness is bad.😱

♥️💛 army life, proud wife of a soldier, momma of 4 and 2 year old identical twins. 😻😀 #whosyourarmywife

Hey soldiers! Do you want to feel like a soldier and look your best for battle? Well, I’ve got something for you. Read more about it on my timeline.

I’ve served in the army for 4 years in a time where I was supposed to fight for my country and live for it.

Suiting up, checking out at the barracks. #LetsGoff #ArmyLife

I am a strong and independent woman 💪🏾 -Joy Patlare-Bass

I want to go back to a time when life was simpler, barracks were not barracks and patriotism didn’t come with a disclaimer.

You and I, don’t have to wait for the weekend, because every day is Saturday 😎

Follow us on Instagram @ Hittinthehay to see all the pictures from our book.

Want to play outside, but don’t have time – or the gear? We got your back. #takeaknee

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