Loneliness Quotes Captions for Instagram

Being lonely can be pretty miserable at times. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer alone or without any words of encouragement. These captions are here to help get you through those lonely nights and help you understand it’s okay to feel the way that you feel.

Loneliness Quotes Captions for Instagram

Loneliness can be a significant source of stress, but it doesn’t have to be.

When you are lonely, come and play with me. I will always welcome you.

Your caption for friendship: people say that I’m a softie, but I’m really just a big old teddy bear. Wanna hug it out?

Struggling today starting the day before Labor Day can leave you feeling kind of lonely but hey it’ll get better. Tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

These summer days can be long, so find someone to share them with.

The only thing better than meeting new people is finding a friend to drag you out of your comfort zone and show you how much fun you can have.

They say that you can only truly experience the kindness of strangers when you’re lost in the woods. They forgot to mention that those same strangers can be your best friend.

Appreciate the moments you do spend with those you love. Any time together, whether it’s one-on-one or a full-fledged family affair, is great. We can’t choose how we connect—it just happens and it’s always special.⁠ ⁠

Do you want to hang out today?

My kind of busy is reading a book by myself. What’s your excuse?

We’re your friends. We hear you. And we truly care. 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

You know that feeling when you read a book and it feels like someone is talking to you? That’s the way it feels with you. #bookstagram

Make today a good day. Life can drag us down, but we all have the power to overcome our hardships and make each moment count.

It’s the little things that make a difference. From your hosts @___claire___ and @___shannon___ #ThrowbackThursday

I’m so lonely my hand keeps comforting me.

We’ve all felt a little lonely at one point or another. But no matter how many of us there are in this world, it’s never as bad if you have someone to share it with. Here’s to a great weekend ahead.

I’m not sure what you’re doing, but let’s be friends.

You’re not the only one who gets home from work to an empty house and just wants to talk.

This Gaggia Anima Prestige espresso machine not only makes the perfect espresso, but it also can get pretty lonely. So, I’m online now.

When you know 3/4 of your friends are at work and that you can’t text them cause they’re at work, but then here comes someone else 😕😬

If there is a sadness deep in your heart, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Today is about me, and that’s just fine by me 👊💭❤️

When you wallow in self-pity…

No one to share a fresh-baked cookie with, no one to grab a pumpkin spice latte with . . . SIGH 😔

It’s always a good time for hot chocolate and a Netflix binge.

Timing is as important as the words themselves. The perfect caption to include alongside your photos.

I’m so glad for you. Now, I guess I’ll just work on being a little less lonely, with just me and my dog.

Habitually single? Maybe you’re just looking in the wrong places 🤔

I’m not going to let the cold make me lonely. I’m snuggling with my blanket & Netflix. 😂

Hey you! I was looking for something to watch. What about a movie marathon! We can eat all the candy and cookies we want. We don’t have to be anywhere, anyone waiting for us. Let me know what u feel about it 😊

When you have so many friends online, it means more time for quality offline time with the people who matter most to you.

Traveling solo? Make your trip even more meaningful with moments you share with others. #TravelTogether

Can’t wait for that moment when you can run away from everything and everyone and be alone. 🔥

Everyone is busy but that doesn’t mean it’s a reason not to be with friends! ​

I miss my friends already. 💔

Hey been hoping to catch you! Let’s grab coffee soon? 😊

Missing my old friends today, but happy to be able to catch up with them later.

You are enough. And you deserve a vacation. 🌴☀

We’re all in this together.

Feeling lost? Follow your heart and do what you love. #LonelinessBreak

Even though you are feeling the loneliness of being in a foreign place…you can still have friends! Use our Snapchat filter and send us your selfie with it, we will add you to our map and let everyone know that you are in town.

Lonely? Come over! We don’t bite! 😊

Haven’t seen your friends or family for a long time? Message to them that you are missing them and are waiting for their response.

Feeling a little isolated lately? Let’s keep each other company.❤️

Needing a good human connection? Sometimes, we all need a friend.

Sometimes you need to be alone to know how amazing it is to have a best friend.

just chilling on my own today. hope you’re doing the same thing. ☺

Sometimes you just need to make yourself a drink, pack some snacks, and settle in for a Netflix marathon.

Hey there! How are you? I’m Amanda and I’ll be your makeover consultant today. Just tell me everything you absolutely adore and we’ll get started.

Don’t be on your own this holiday season. There’s nothing more Irish than drinking with family and friends ⛄️

Feeling hungry? I’ll have what she’s having.

Have you been taking yourself too seriously? Learn from the mistakes of others. Well, four mistakes—mine have made me what I’m today. If I didn’t have my awkward phase, I would be a different person than who am I today.

If you’re ever feeling lonely and in need of someone to talk to, we’re here for you 24/7.

Never be lonely. We are standing by to cheer you on. Day or night, someone is always ready to chat in the Cheerful Chat app ☎

Just lonely enough to appreciate the company.

Feeling a little lonely tonight? We’re here for ya. There’s always someone who cares.

When you just need a snack for your thoughts 🍪

That moment when you’re feeling a little left out and realize that we can all use a little company. 💁☂

No one should have to spend their birthday alone. #nooneisalone

Take a break from #BlackFridayShopping to give back to the community. Volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter.

Remember that you are my person.

Sometimes you wake up alone in your Tom Ford dress and Louboutin shoes, and that’s ok too.

When there’s no one around to be your #WednesdayWisdom buddy.

Warm inside with a mug of hot chocolate and my friends from @pure_marshmallows _ ★

Tears of joy, tears of pain — you’re in this journey all on your own.

You might be feeling a little down and lonely after a big change or loss. Sending you some virtual hugs. 🙂

I can get rid of my loneliness in solitude. Anyone else have this problem? 🌲🐾

You are not alone. Delete the apps and unplug. Be you. Be kind. Do good things.

Feelings of missing someone can be the strongest of emotions, yet at the same time, like tears in the rain…feelings that flow.

Dogs are the best medicine, aren’t they? They’re always there to cheer you up when no one else will. You get grounded with a dog🐕

If you miss your friends, don’t wait for them to invite you, let them know how much they are on your mind. Hopefully, they will reach out to you too!

Why is it that everyone’s always in a relationship? I’m single AF and loving it 😜.

Missing you today, @usernamething. Here’s to being apart but together in spirit while we each enjoy this weekend on our own.

Do you like to hang out alone on the weekends? I’ll see you at brunch! ☕️😀

Some things are better shared — like laughter….and snacks

Shoutout to all my homebodies out there.

You’re never alone when you have Hungryroot. Easy meals to eat with friends, or by yourself.

As you’re getting back into the groove of things, remember that life is about more than just work and Instagramming about workouts. Remember to take time for yourself and others 🤗

It’s not just about the number of friends you have, but also about the quality of your acquaintances.

Remember when you were little and you used to do that thing where you’d knock at the neighbor’s door and run away? Me neither.

Loneliness is surprisingly prominent in our society. It’s thought that 1 in 12 Americans, who are older than age 45, go days or weeks without speaking to a single person.👋

Hey, we feel lonely too. Ever thought about following each other?😁

Feeling a bit lonely today? We’re here for you.

When you’re home, but not @home _

You’re not alone. Hang in there. Hope everything gets better soon. You are loved. You are beautiful.

Summer is over. The leaves are changing. And you realize that your dog doesn’t count as a friend.

I like to imagine that everyone is here with me, even if they aren’t.

Just me flipping through my favorite vacation photos 🌊

I’m one of those crazy people who like to drive around listening to music and sing.

Hanging on the phone all day doesnʼt mean you donʼt need an activity. 💿👩‍💻

There’s no better companion than a great book. 📖

The more I shine my light, the more I connect with people I appreciate. Shine on!

A friend who knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.

I have one rule in life when it’s time to eat, get the food, and eat alone.

We’ve all been there. Get through it with these Instagram captions! 😌 Post by: @lifeofnancy

It’s okay. Being alone sometimes can be really nice too. 🙂

Let us be your go-to for a nice chat. We love to keep you company. 😊

Always remember: you’re never alone in an Insta post.

Hello from the corner of 👋🏻😊

Missing a loved one during this beautiful time of year? Here is how to celebrate them, even if they are not with you.

I like my coffee black and my solitude sea green #truestory

Sometimes you have to be alone with your thoughts to figure things out. What’s on your mind?

Dreaming of all the things you should have said but didn’t, and all the places you should have been. -The Mars Volta

Snuggle season is officially here. #smritiLOVE

I swear, it’s like a club but none of us are in it……

Evening sloths, nothing better than a good Netflix binge night in. ☺️

Nothing beats that sweet feeling of enjoying a drink on your own.

Sadness is when you feel lonely.💔

Sometimes being alone is what you need to do. And that’s okay. #Solo

Wandering the streets, whispering: It is not easy to find companions. Where am I?

If you’re feeling alone, remember that there are many people who care about you. Stay strong.

No, we can’t all be ashy AF or jump off cliffs for a living. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always feel alone.❤️💜

If you are all alone today, think of it this way: you still have yourself and you are not alone.

For those lonely nights when all you have for company is old episodes of “Law and Order SVU” and a bag of microwave popcorn. 😒

How? Tell me how. How do you do it? You sleep alone and I sleep alone… But why is it so easy for me to fall asleep after I’ve seen you, and so hard for me to fall asleep without you?

The days are long but the years are short. Wish you were here ❤️ #vacay

No place is better than home. Safe from pain and danger, free from the dangers of a troubled world. With people you love, for as long as you’re alive, there is no better place to be than right here in this moment.

Let’s go out. You can’t call everyone your bestie just because you read their posts once or twice.

It’s not just a hobby – it’s my obsession. See you at the races, @! 😀👋

Wait until the darkness is complete, then it will be easier to see the stars

Late night loneliness got ya down? We’re here for you.

It’s not good to be lonely, but it’s always good to have a friend.

You don’t have to be lonely, my friend. Sometimes it takes somebody just as weird as you are to remind you that life is better in color.

It’s okay to be alone sometimes, you’re still breathing.

What do you do when you feel like no one understands you? When you feel alone in a crowd? Turn to the most powerful source of wisdom and comfort available: your dog. She knows what you’re going through—and she won’t judge.

Sometimes you have to be a little bit “lonely” on your own before you can truly love someone else. Thelonious Monk said, “If you want to create, you must be alone.”

Wishing my family, friends, and fans a Happy Thanksgiving, and may you feel the love today and always. May you be surrounded in your deepest loneliness with people that care about you.

Where are you ✈️?

I’m here to listen; I don’t have all the answers, but I can take the time to help you figure them out.

We’ve got your back.

Sending you love on this #nationalbestfriendday!

We all need a little extra love on Valentine’s Day. So go treat yourself to a chocolatey, butter crunchy piece of chocolate fudge from @davincicocoa 🍫🙌

Never be afraid to be yourself. Life is too short anyway.

“What a wonderful day to have a wonderful day.” ― Bill Watterson

Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you won’t find any that are fresher than these local catches. #atxfishing

Loneliness never tasted so sweet.

You’re not alone. Millions of people feel lonesome too

Feeling lonely? Here are some resources and tips to ease the blow: (link)

I’ve always found it comforting to know that nobody is ever completely alone or forgotten.

Hi, beautiful. How are you? Did you miss me? 😓

You’re not alone. Take a look at these photos of people who have survived All of the single feels 🍑

Feeling a little homesick? We’re always up for a chat on FB Messenger.

I wish I had someone to cuddle with on these cold dark nights.

Tahaa! Long time no chat 🤓

I’m here for you if PMS -postpartum-month stress or just the day to day decides it hates you. And I love pizza 🍕 so that’s something.

It’s hard to feel at home when you don’t have someone to share it with. Reach out and let us know how we can help. We want you to feel not just like a customer, but a friend of the brand as well.

Everyone needs a sidekick sometimes. Where is yours?

Hang on, I’m coming over. It’s been too long since we talked, how have you been?

Local fans of “Twin Peaks” can find a new friend in a slice of cherry pie 🍒 🍇

Everyone feels lonely sometimes, and yet seeking long-lasting friendships can be extremely difficult. Here are some Instagram captions that help you describe your life’s story in an honest way.

Loneliness is a state of mind, and these are the remedies I offer you.

You’re not broken. You’re just going through a moment of loneliness.

Being alone is better than miserable company. Or is it?

No matter where you are, there’s still a chance that you won’t be alone.

We are all in this together, don’t feel like you have no one to talk to. I always want to hear your stories and experiences, let me know how I can help 🙂

I miss you. Reply if okay to tag.

I miss you all the time, even though you’re always nearby.

Sometimes it’s only when you’re alone that you realize how much you like being alone. And what better time than now to make a list of everything you love about your best, most favorite self?

Finding someone who accepts you for who you are without trying to change you is a priceless feeling.

Do you want to go see a movie tonight? I could really use a night away from this place.

(1)I have no problem with being single on Valentine’s Day. I don’t need a particular day to tell me I’m loved. -Mary J. Blige. (2) Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when you are at work. -Thomas Edison.

Let’s go stargazing tonight ☄ #badlydrawnlines

Relationship goals: sipping coffee in bed… with an entire pot to yourself. 😃

Loneliness is a collection of missed moments, missed opportunities, and missed connections. Love more, lonely less.

It’s time to meet people! Start by downloading this app and you can be chatting with other Dog Lovers in no time!

Miss your cubicle mate? Maybe they’re ready to share a desk with you.

Let’s be friends! 👬

I’ve seen pictures of you from parties and trips. I’m glad for you, but a little sad for me. 😥

Feeling super down? *hug* I’ll be here for you.

When you can’t find the people to hang out with because it’s the most wonderful time of year and everyone is busy with family.

Even if it seems like the whole world is asleep, you’re not alone.

We all need a good friend who makes us feel like we are the best version of ourselves. Someone who erases our insecurities and makes us feel beautiful.

We got nothing on the brain and that’s the way we like it.

You are not alone in your feelings. Call for a 30 minute talk with a trained listener at 1-800-273-8255 or visit startonestop.org

From the beginning of time, humans have turned to art as a way of coping with difficulty – Vincent Van Gogh

A good friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.

When the weather gets cold, it’s best to BFF with a hot coffee ☕️

How did this happen? We just had breakfast. Edit: Loneliness is when I miss you before I even see you.

When you’re the last one to leave the office, but no one’s around to celebrate with. #LoneliestWorker

Sunset at the beach. When you’re too lonely, it’s the best companion.

If it feels like no one gets you, message us and we’ll get you.

It’s not easy to talk about. But for those who suffer from it, you are not alone. Reach out and talk to us.

Be yourself. It’s better to be a loner than friends to will betray you anyway. Keep yourself first

We’re here for you if you need us. You can always reach us without saying a word.

When you rush to get somewhere and realize there’s no one in your seat. 😂

Let us fill your feed with epic-looking photos of delicious food and cool architecture. And cats (of course). You’re welcome ^_^

Your momma never lied. There does come a time where you need to sit back and be with yourself for real 🍃

Did you hear something? might have been the sound of me calling to you. jump on this train and let’s get lost.

The strongest people I know are the ones who stand on their own.

I’ve got Friday night plans with myself. Tonight, I’m going to binge watch a marathon of Netflix, drink some wine, and eat pizza. *sigh*

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