Long Birthday Wishes for Sister From Another Mother

Long Birthday Wishes for Sister From Another Mother: Every sister deserves a wonderful birthday. You know, one of those where everybody has a great time and you get spoiled to the max with gifts and amazing food. While we can’t be there in person, we still want to do our very best to show our love for you on your birthday. That is why I put together this list with 100+ Long Birthday Wishes for Sister From Another Mother.


Long Birthday Wishes for Sister From Another Mother

I’ve always thought of you as a sister from another mother. Happy Birthday💙😍

Your support and encouragement mean more than I could ever express in words. You’ve been a star in my life for so many years and I am so grateful to have you as my sister from another mother. I love you! 😘

Happy Birthday to my best friend, sister from another mother, and just plain twin soul.

Happy birthday to my sister from another mother. Here’s to many more days of catching up with you over a long distances or catching up with our friends over another Pinot 🥂 #happybirthdaykristy

Happy birthday to my sister from another mother. I love you ridiculously. 🤗

Happy Birthday, sis! I’ll always remember the moment we met—you were holding this tiny baby girl and staring into her eyes like you couldn’t believe she was yours… You knew that there was nothing you could do to

Happy 26th, my sister from another mother 👼🏽 #sisfromanothermother #flowerpower

It’s your day and my day too. Happy birthday, sis. #BigSisterBestFriend

Happy (early) birthday, sis! We can’t believe you’re turning 35 this year…but we’ll drink to it! Cheers to many more years of friendship! 🍻

To our favorite “sister” who just turned 32—we know you are out there somewhere 🍃#LiveItUpLiz

Happy Birthday to my favorite birthday buddy. Cheers to another year together! ❤🎉 #sistersforlife #birthdaygirls

Oh, my sweet little ladybug—happy birthday to my best friend who keeps me grounded and my spirits high. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Love you.”

YES TO ALL OF THE PUPPIES. @thegroovecuts looks so happy, they are ready for their close-up!

Today, we celebrate your life lessons, your leap of faith to marry a redhead, and everything else that makes you, you.


Happy Birthday to my sister from another mother. Our friendships has taken us on some pretty cool adventures and we can’t wait to see what else life has in store for us!

Happy 30th birthday to my favorite sister from another mother. I love you so much and I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. 🙂

When it feels like you’ve known each other forever, even though it’s only been one year. Happy birthday, sis!’

When you’re my sister from another mother, there’s no such thing as “too much.” I love you more!💕

Happy, Happy Birthday to the most amazing sister I could ask for 🎉❤️😍

Happy birthday, my sweet sister! You’re like a sister to me—except you’re not related to me by blood, and you call me sister instead of sis. But otherwise, you’re like a sister to

You mean so much to me–and have been a fabulous sister from day one. Happy birthday to my dear friend!

Many can pretend to be your family, but there will always only be one who really is. Happy Bday, Sister!

Sister, my sister, I have loved you since before time itself. You have changed my life in too many ways to count. I thank the Stars for putting you into my life, and I pass along my love to all of your future sisters.

Can’t believe you’re 1 already. You were a .gif at birth. Now you’re a human 🍻 that is seeing the world 1 day at a time. We love you! Many more milestones to come 😊❤️

Some things in life are easier to count on than others. Good friends, good laughs, music all day long—and happy birthday wishes! 🎉

They say time flies when you’re having fun–so here’s to having so much fun, you think it’s the weekend already. 🎂✨☕

Happy birthday, my dear sister from another mother. I feel both blessed and lucky to have found you in my life. My biggest wish is to see you live your dream and come true. Here’s hoping that on your special day, you

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS FROM ANOTHER MOTHER! I am eternally grateful for you, for our friendship, and for your infinite love & support. I promise to show the same to you always. I love you

Happy Birthday to my sister from another mother. It’s a pretty big deal that we only have the same father 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

Not all of us are born with siblings, but I always wished I was. To my favorite sister from another mother.

Happy Birthday to my sister from another mother, the only person who has seen me at my wildest and most reserved moments. Thank you for being there through it all! ♥️

Happy(and lengthy) Birthday to my best friend, kiddo, and sister from another mother. I love you more than dumplings 🥟😭❤️.

Like sisters-from-other-mothers, we may not see each other every day, but we keep up with each other’s lives on Instagram. Happy Birthday! We love you! 💛🎂

Today I’m celebrating my best friend and sis from another mister 😘

Happy Birthday, sweet Mary! You’ve made me laugh through good times and bad. Your friendship has continued to grow with age. Here’s to many more years of adventures and late-night phone calls! And thank you for always being

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! On your special day we want to find a way to say just how happy we are that you’re in our lives…so here is a super long and perfectly hilarious blog that we wrote:

Sorry, I missed your birthday, Sis, but I’m here in spirit—probably because of all the cake 🎂. Wishing you the happiest 6th bday today!

When you have a sister from another mother, every day is your birthday. Happy birthday to my best friend and one-of-a-kind soul, may God bless you abundantly as He will on your special day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister from another mother. Hope you have the best day ever! I love you so much ❤︎

It’s not too late to wish your sis a happy birthday! Go ahead, she’s waiting for it…

Happy Summer Solstice, my moon goddess sister of the tides! 🌕🌝 Sister from another mother, you are my friend.

Happy birthday to my bestie! It’s impossible for me to express the depths of my gratitude for how supportive you’ve always been, how loving you are, and how much joy you bring into my life. You’re

Happy birthday to my best friend from another mother… you make the rest of the year look good from a distance but I’m always ready to come running if needed.

Happy birthday, dear friend. You’ve taught me so much about living life to the fullest and not taking it too seriously. I can never thank you enough for all of your endless love and support—that’s why we’

Happy Birthday to the person I love most in this world! You’re a wonderful friend and getting to celebrate another year with you is such a blessing. Here’s to many more birthdays with the people we love most in this world

My sweet friend, it’s amazing to think that you’ve walked with me through so many seasons of life—from school to career to marriage…and now to motherhood. There are so many more to come! I know this

Happy Birthday to the kindest and most caring woman I know. The one who can make chocolate cake inside a bundt, and has a perfectly stocked wine cellar for when you’re feeling under the weather. ☮️🍰

Time has made you wiser, stronger—but never less of a sassy, special friend. Happy birthday! 💗

Sister from Another Mother (or Sister from the Same Momma), It’s not easy to put into words what you mean to me. You’ve loved me like a sister your whole life. We’re part of each others foundation, and we

My sister from another mother, how lucky am I to have you into my life? Now that it’s your birthday, I want to celebrate with you. May the wonderful year ahead fill up with more happiness, laughter, and love from all of us

Happy birthday to my sister from another mother! I’m going to miss you this year, but it’s your time to shine, so I’ll be missing you while celebrating you! Much love baby sis – I hope your day.

I am so lucky to have some pretty amazing friends, but there is no one quite like you. You are my solid foundation, my number one supporter, and the biggest blessing in my life. I’m honored to call you sis,

Happy Birthday to my little sister! I know that our journey wouldn’t be the same without you by my side, and I just want to say that I love you with all my heart.

Happy birthday, sis! May all your dreams come true 🤗🎂💓

Your friendship has taught me that family isn’t always blood; it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. And I am so lucky that you are mine. I love you with all my heart, my friend.

Hope your birthday is a day that celebrates who you are and all the beautiful people in your life. Happy birthday, sis!

I didn’t want to get you a gift for your birthday, because I feel like you’re already the best gift to me 🤗 #HappyBirthday sis!

Happy Birthday, my friend. I feel incredibly lucky to have you in my life

Hey, can you believe we’ve been friends for a decade? I’ve loved every minute of it. Happy birthday!

Wherever you end up, your heart will always be at home. Happy 30th! 🎉💕

Happy Birthday, my dear sister from another mother—or maybe just mother. 😂 I’m sending you to love with this one! 🎂🌈 You are the most amazing person I know, and you have never ceased to inspire

Happy Birthday to my favorite sister from another mother & the best co-parent a person could ask for. I love you beyond words. 😘 #happybirthday

To my sister from another mother, who’s wily, guileful, quirky, loving, wonderful. Who’s celebrating her big day tonight. Who I adore. All my love. Drink up!

When you were born, I didn’t know what to call you. Cousin? Foster sister? Sister by another mother?

If it were possible to create a word that would define my relationship with you, it would be magical. You are my soul sister. I am so happy to share another year of life with you. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, my darling friend! You’ve always had my back as a sister and I hope our bond continues growing as we head into this next chapter of our lives. Your kind heart and generosity of spirit is an inspiration to me

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best sister ever. You’re such a gift to us and we love you so much!!!

On your last day of being 35, may you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness, good health, and loads of love- from your sisters.

There’s no place like home for the holidays, especially when it’s with your favorite girls. Sending love to my BFF! #BdayLounge

Today you, tomorrow me. We’ve been celebrating your birthday together since we were 4! Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎊

Hope your birthday weekend is as wonderful as you are. Can’t wait to see you soon ❤️🎂🎉

Happy birthday to my sister from another mother 📚. I couldn’t imagine a life without you by my side every day of it. Cheers to many more memories and late-night kiki sessions with you😘 🎉

Two birth certificates, but one life. Happy birthday to the sister from another mother! 📚🍰

Happy Birthday, Big Sis. I hope you feel the warmth of the best sister from another mother that you’ve always been and will always be.

Wishing a beautiful birthday to one of my favorite sisters from among the greatest of all time.

Happy Birthday, Big Sis! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we started this incredible journey of sisterhood together. There’s no one on earth who knows me better or loves me harder.

Before you were in my life I never knew that friendship could be this much fun! You’ve been there from the start and I love you dearly. Happy Birthday[…]

I wish you all the happiness, health, and love as you celebrate your special day. We’ve been through so much together and I couldn’t begin to list everything we’ve shared throughout the years.

When we found out you were having a girl our jaws hit the floor and we fell in love all over again.

Hooray for birthdays and soul mates in the flesh! You’re in good hands. 💎

Christina, we couldn’t imagine our days without you! We’re so thankful to have you in our lives and we’re wishing you the happiest birthday ever!! We love you so much! 🎈

I’m thankful for our friendship even more now that seems like our lives are passing by faster than the days of summer. Here’s to another year of fun, frolics, snacks, drinks, adventures, and explorations!

happy birthday, sister from another mother. you’re older than my own mother! 😎

Happy 90th birthday to my sister from another mother. I love you so much—have a beautiful day today and every day – your relationship with my mom has been a gift to me. Congrats on a lifetime of curiosity, discovery, and friendship

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister from another mother, @melissafranca! Thank you for making me laugh and keeping me on my toes. I love you and your many nicknames–and more than anything, I cherish

Happy Birthday to my big sis, the original #girlboss! You are my rock star mentor, an endless source of inspiration, and hilarious best friend. I love you to infinity and beyond!

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Sister. From growing up (and getting into every bit of mischief) to adulthood (and finding yourselves in most of the same) I am so proud to be your sis. I love you beyond words…always.

Sometimes I think of you & I wonder how it is possible for sisters to be so different. It’s crazy how even though some of our upbringings were similar, there are times where it feels like you are the sister I’

Happy Birthday to my crazy little sister. I’m the kind of sister that shares my secrets and my ice cream 😉🍦

When you’re with us, it’s not just a birthday. It’s a holiday. 🎉🍰♥️

May your heart always be full of love for all that life has to offer you. 💓💕

You’re the one person who knows me better than I know myself. You know how to talk to me in a way that no one else can. You give me Goldeneye when I’m down, and you force me out

Happy Birthday, sister from another mother. I don’t know how many candles and cakes and yes fingers and toes we’ve blown out together but we made it through another year 🎂😭

Happy birthday to my sister from another mother!! I’m so lucky to have you in my life, helping out with everything from cooking, to decorating for the holidays, to being there when I need a pick me up! I love you

Sister from another mother, if someone gave us a million dollars for every time you put up with your brother’s nonsense, well then we’d be billionaires! And that’s why you mean the world to us! Happy

Happy 30th birthday to my sis from another mother‼️ Hard to believe it has been a whole decade, but you have always been there for me and I am going to miss you dearly. ✌🏻️😭

Sister to sister, friend to friend—I can’t imagine how things would be without you. One of these days we’ll celebrate your birthday as not my “wingwoman” but my wingman! May you know

We’ve known each other for six years. We’ve shared so many moments—some highs, some lows, and even an engagement — that it feels like we were born with you in my life. I wish you nothing but good

Happy Birthday to the best sister I could ever ask for! I’ve never met anyone that makes me laugh as much, or think too hard about things, OR drive me up the wall.

Happy birthday to the sweetest, most honest, foul-mouthed sister I could have 🙏 Hope you have an amazing day filled with cake and love 🙂

Happy birthday, my other half. Thank you for continually making the people around you better, happier versions of themselves. You are an inspiration to us all.

Happy Birthday, Friend! I hope that it’s a dreamy year.” 🎉🍰

Happy birthday to my favorite person. Tomorrow, I’m excited to celebrate with you and even more excited that your next year is going to be full of family, good talks, dancing, and kisses from little lips.

Sweet O, how the years do fly. Seems only yesterday that I was buyin’ you your first bra; now look at you–a mother of two! Happy birthday to my long sister from another mother. 🥰

Happy Birthday to the sister from another mother, the one who has been giving me those looks for 22 years now.

Happy Birthday to my sister from another mother, it’s been a crazy year and you’re the best part of it.

I don’t know where I would be without you. I love how lucky I am to have a sister from another mother. Love you with all my heart! Have a wonderful day! #sister #sisters #birthday

Happy Birthday to the most amazing sister I could ask for! I’m so lucky to have you leading by example and watching out for me. Thank you for all of the support throughout my life. Love you to the moon and back ❤

It seems like just yesterday we were going to school together, but now you’re a mom—the best one a girl could have! HBD to my sis from another mother!

Even our social media captions are long. Happy birthday to the one who taught me everything I know about being a grown-up. You’re probably the only reason I know how to make reservations, tip well, and stay out past midnight. We

Happy birthday Lil Sis! It’s been an awesome 16 years of friendship. I know we’ll share many more 🥰 #sis #mybestfriend #birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my HANDS DOWN favorite girl 🎂 you are one of the most kindhearted, generous, driven, funny, intelligent💃🏻 souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, a partner in crime, and my favorite person to annoy on the trail. You are truly the coolest chick I know. We’ve seen it all, and I don’t think we’ll ever see it all with anyone else

To the only person in the world that truly gets me. Happy Birthday, BFF!

Happy #birthday to my bestie, the woman who has been there for me in every major milestone in life without fail. I love you to the moon and back 🌚🙏😊

Yesterday we celebrated your birthday and we raised a toast to your life…

It may be far from where Bear Bear and I call home, but it’s close to our hearts.

It’s your birthday, I know that when you snag that free birthday dessert next week it’s thanks to me 😉

Happy Birthday to the sister from another mother who lets me wear her shoes and borrow her clothes and who has always been there with a ready-made excuse for me whenever I need it. 💅🏻 You’re one of a kind.

Today marks the 45th birthday of my sister from another mother. I’m constantly shown the greatest love and affection there is, a bond forged in childhood that can never be broken. Smartypants, sweet pea, I remember – and

Sister from another mother, you’ve always been there for me. So thankful to celebrate your birthday with you today! 🎂

Happy Birthday to my sweet sister from another mother. I feel so lucky to have you in my life, helping me laugh and love on a regular basis. May all your dreams come true! 📚

You’re part of the team, the family, the band of sisters. You’ve got this! Happy sister-from-another-mother day!

You are the sister I never had but always wanted. Happy birthday to you 💜🎂

I cannot believe it has already been ten years since I met you! Through thick and thin, your friendship has made me the person I am today. You are the sister of my heart, and I wish I could celebrate this milestone with you today.

Happy Fun-Day Sister! Remember we’ve got each other’s back, and we’ll always come together when life throws us curveballs. Love you bunches and bunches! 😘💋

Happy birthday, Sarah! So crazy to see how far we’ve come since college! 🍾

It’s my special birthday and like any trendsetter worth her salt, I’m celebrating it over and over again.

Today’s a little reminder that the people we meet and the relationships we form – no matter how fleeting, unexpected, or unlikely – can truly change our lives for the better.

Happy birthday to you, sister from another mother! It was fate that I found you. 💕

Happy birthday to my sister from Another Mother 😊 I couldn’t ask for a better friend and human being to join me in my journey. You’re so smart, funny and kind—the best person I know.

Happy belated birthday to one of the best sisters I ever had. You are my sister from another mother.

Congrats on your big day, dahling! You are an incredible sister 💛👭🎂🎈

Happy Birthday to my sweet little sister. We’ve certainly come a long way since our “backward cereal partner” days

Happy Birthday to my best friend and sis. Can’t wait to celebrate all weekend long 🍻 #sisters

Happy Belated Birthday, Sister. Although the time has slipped by, I still think of you everyday ❤️ #lastsisterbirthday

Words aren’t enough to express how special our friendship is. It has been a big part of my life for 10 years, and you’ve always been there for me through everything—both our good and bad times. We’ve learned a lot from each

Happy birthday to my BFF, the person I am most grateful for in this world 🖤💛. #HBD

Sis, it’s been a roller coaster ride so far, but here we are in our 40s and you look better than ever. Happy Birthday, with love always. #SisterFromAnotherMother #BirthdayWishes

Wishing a very happy birthday to my sister from another mother, who has been by my side for years! Here’s to many more fun adventures! 🎉🙌 #sisterfromanothermother

Sister from another mother, you make every day of my life the best day ever 👭👩🎂

Happy (early) birthday to my sister from another mother. We’ve shared delicious cake together on many occasions, and we’ll do it again millions more times before we’re both taken into that sweet hereafter. 💜

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend, partner in crime, and the ultimate sister from another mother. 3 months of celebrating you start NOW 🎈☮♡

Happy Birthday, sis! I am so grateful for you and all the awesome things you’ve blessed me with. You’re an awesome sister from another mother! #SisterPower 😍👯😎

Happy birthday to the best sister in the world! I love you so much! It’s crazy to think that 10 years ago I met you at college orientation, and now here we are celebrating your 30th birthday. Let’s have a ton of fun

Happy 50th birthday to the most hilarious, compassionate, kind, and loving person in the world. Here’s to many more laughs and days spent together.❤️😍 #sister #birthday

After all these years, I am so glad to say calling you my little sis feels more true than ever. Happy Birthday to my soulmate! #sistersrule #foreverfriends #pebblesbday

Happy birthday to one of my very best friends in the whole world—my BFF from over 40 years.

Today you’re another year closer to being a teenager. 😉

Happy birthday to my ✌ and forever friend! It’s not easy to find the words that truly capture what you mean to me, so I just let your joy flow through me.

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