Polar Bear Quotes and Captions for Instagram

This list of polar bear captions is great if you have a funny picture of a polar bear. The list includes 100 captions in total which will give you more options to create stunning Instagram posts.

With Instagram being one of the most popular platforms for picture-sharing, the use of funny captions for polar bear photos is a very good way to make your friends laugh on the picture-sharing platform as well.

Polar Bear Quotes and Captions for Instagram

For those who prefer cold weather, here are some of our favorite polar bear captions.

This happens every year. A polar bear swims from one iceberg to the next. Last week he got stuck in the ice and had to wait for it to melt before continuing on his way. What a fun adventure! ☀

Hope all my polar bear fam are having a great summer!��

Here’s a polar bear letting us know it’s almost winter ☃️

Stay warm, fuzzy, and cozy with your valentine or BFF this chilly season.

Bear hugs to you! You’re perfect and yes, I mean it.

Sharing your freezer is no big deal. Sharing a bed on a blizzard night? Now that’s love. 🐻

Let’s create everlasting memories, open your heart and mind to the magic of the wilderness and go explore. 😻

I wonder if it’s true that I can really soothe my soul with a tub of Ice Cream?🐻☕️

We like our cold weather—and we can prove it.

Good morning everyone! Isn’t this adorable and cool. Looking forward to a beautiful day ☀️🐻

School is cool and all, but the most important thing you learn there is the alphabet #🐻

Glad to be back on the ice, even though it’s a little less solid than usual. Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a great day with family and friends!

I could not imagine a better life than this one.🐻😎

Hey there. Want to try a new coffee? Check out our Fall Awakening blend ☕🐻

Following the Captain’s orders, we went on a polar bear tour so you can stay at home and read Insta captions

There’s no better feeling than finding a new way to get active and having fun doing it. Thanks, @joinpolarbearsport’s Polar Bears at the North Pole Camp! ✨🐻

Have you met this cool polar bear? 🐻☃

#PolarBearLovers Unite! Help us protect these majestic creatures that are in danger of losing their habitat. Drown out the noise and spread the word by donating

Surprise! Adopt a baby polar bear today.

Halloween costume? Ok. Tundra of the Arctic Circle? Uh… Okay, there is no hope for me. I am a polar bear trapped in a human suit #PolarBearClub

. . . and then there was you. #PolarBear

In my personal life, I am calm, but in business, I’m a Polar Bear.

My thoughts exactly!-Tieguai, the world’s oldest polar bear at a zoo in Guangzhou, obviously feels the same way about HVAC.😍❤️

“Hello there.” – Winnie the Pooh in our cute sweater and skirt. Come over for coffee, we’ll be sitting on the couch with our hot chocolate waiting for you.

So many good things to break up the long, cold winter. Take your pick! 😃

Throw on that sweatshirt you got the other day and sunglasses—It’s time to go outside again. 🙂

Just testing out some new polar bear backup dancers for my #instagram.

Catch a chill with these polar bear adventures and don’t forget to tag your Tundra friends ☀🐻☕

What better way to cool down this summer 🎂 than with a cold glass of Polar Bear?

Take a deep dive into the world of polar bears this #WorldPolarBearDay, sponsored by Coca-Cola.

We’re about to head in for our first winter dip #polarbearseason

Can’t wait for a day at the zoo with you tomorrow!!! ❄️🐻❄️😎

If you were anything like me as a kid, your favorite part of the day was going outside to play in the snow. We’re getting ready for the cold weather with some of our cold weather essentials. If you have any captions to share, please comment below!

Brrrrr, it’s cold outside! ❄What’s your favorite thing about the winter season and what are you looking forward to most?

Welcome to winter ☃🌧May your day be as bright and happy as a shiny, white snowflake.

Oh, hey. Bit chilly out lately? Here’s some motivation for when you are feeling down. After all…it’ll be nice to catch up with old friends again 🐻

Long months of summer are finally coming to a close and we’re saying goodbye to the season by looking forward to all that fall brings. 🐻

Good morning daytrippers! Don’t forget to check out the new black and white version of our Humpback Bridge photo, it looks so dreamy

When you visit the polar bear capital of the world – Churchill, Manitoba, Canada 🐻

When life is taking you outside your comfort zone, remember that it’s only temporary. #PolarBoys

Got a minute? Polar bears sure do. Take a moment for your morning coffee and our new brand image, then learn how you can help.

Hello? Yes, there’s a Polar Bear in my pool.🐻 Thanks for asking☺️

Say hi to your old pal, Polar Bear. 😻🐻

Enjoying the crisp weather? We are! Take advantage of the sunny days and brighten your day with a cool drink from our line of Polar Bear cold brew blends.

As a bear, or as a human 🐻 🙋🏼‍♀️

Hello there, little one—can I borrow this sweet little bear for the day?

Faster than a speeding mullet. Stronger than your average joe… Well, not really. Anyway, #HelloWinterSelfie?

When you know someone is cute but also may seriously kill you, it’s all the cuter.🐻

Hey, how’s it going? It’s me, not the bear.

Hey you, we’re long time-no talk. We miss seeing your freckled face around here. Where have you been?

Say hello to the little guy. Life’s a lot more bearable when you’re party of two.

Hello from the other side 🐻🐶

It’s not too late to get your flu shot! It takes just a few minutes to protect yourself and the people around you ⛄️

Life is coolest in the field, that’s why we made our new collection of polar bear tees inspired by actual Polar Bears living in the wild. ❄️

Hey there 👋 Welcome to the Polar Bear International Instagram! We’re dedicated to celebrating the magic of polar bears and the Arctic (polarbearinternational.org)

Hey there, my name is Kodiak and I am a polar bear. Stay warm out there ☃️

Over the centuries, polar bear hair has evolved to keep them warm in the frigid arctic. What about you? Protect your polar bears with a hat or other accessories. You’re welcome!

We’re going to be hibernating for most of the winter but you can still see us ⛄️ #polarbearproblems.

Hey 🐻we heard you like panda bears 🐼, so we put a panda bear 🐼 in your panda bear 🐼!☕️

You’re one of my best friends and I would go ice fishing with you anytime.

Hello humans! My name is Hudson and I’d like to welcome you to my little corner of the Instagram universe.

Cool things are happening this December! See where we’ll be: http://bit.ly/2AAr6gv

Purple and green make for a perfect fall. A time to recharge, reconnect, dream of what’s to come. #adventureabounds

Little change in the forecast. It’ll be a white Christmas.

Hello there, stranger!☺️ Would you like to be my friend?

Hey Lil bb, I’m looking forward to this season even more so now that the weather is starting to cool off.

Hope you have an amazing summer!

Sunny days are great, dreary days are fine, ‘Cause your friends are all here with you. So make yourselves at home, You’re not gonna want to leave.

If you want to see one of the biggest melting pots in the whole -90C ° pole, ­you might want to go to Boaty McBoatface. This is a Polar Bear!

It’s a polar bear kind of day. #polargram #cute #animal

Bundle up. We’re getting chilly over here… and we call that a good thing. #PolarB bear life

Like the good old days, Except with more friendship and warmth. #PolarBearBlast

Sleek. Arctic cool. The new #PolarBearCooler is available now at #petsmart locations nationwide.

Polar bear: the only bear to have a black nose.😎

I’m the bear that eats ice cream all day, play on my iPhone, takes selfies, and loves 🥦

Cold days ahead? Bundle up and take a dip in our hot tub! 🌊

Hey Winter, We’ve been waiting for you.

Hey, let’s go to the beach! 🌊

Oh hey there, friend. ☀🐻❄️

Hello, humans. We hope your midweek is going well. 😎

You can spot a Polar Bear in the wild, but you should always leave them alone. The best way to observe them is in their natural habitat here at the zoo. 🐻 📍

Ain’t nothing I like more than waking up next to someone as furry as me 😻 # PolarBearsAreReal?

Cool off with a glacier cone from Polar Bear 🏔 . . . . . . #helloyellow

It’s ice cold, it’s polar bear cold. Which means it’s cold.

A Polar Bear doesn’t care if you can’t swim, eat turkey or put decorative gourds on your front porch. He still wants to be your friend.

I’m feeling so inspired and happy, I may just hug a polar bear.

Where are you off to this weekend? Tag your adventures with #polarbearcoffee to share your travels and inspire us.

Happy summer to everyone, except for polar bears.

Diners and midnight snackers alike, unite! #PBJams

The earth has 4 seasons and each one is truly beautiful. This isn’t a trick – it’s a treat 😉

Keep cool this fall with some Froyo or a smoothie.

No need for hibernation just yet. We’re here to help keep you cool and comfortable in the heat 😎

Cheers to the little things, like catching up on a new season of television or having a cozy night at home with your furry friends.

Wow—look at that mirror mane #DermOrganic

Hey you, it’s almost Polar Bear Season! Welcome to the chillest club on earth. 🐻

If you’re like me and have a serious obsession with all things polar bears, then you’ll love this archive.

How we’re feeling when it’s really really cold outside: -50 degrees Celsius, +15 windchill. 😊 #PolarBearPrayers

Hi there! We’re very excited to meet you. Our names are Michelle and Ozzie Polar Bear, but you can call us O’z & Mo’. #FSAuthentic

It’s official. The bears are coming. Will you be ready?

There‘s no other place on earth that makes people feel as small as Antarctica.

Welcome to the most stylish time of the year. Let go, work hard, and stay warm 😎

We’re here. We’re fluffy. get over it. 🐻🐾

Howdy from the iciest end of the Earth.

Coffee makes for good days but nothing beats hanging with these two. 👦❤👧

To be honest, we haven’t always been the best of friends. I like swimming north. You like swimming south. …But this is an election year, and I’m pretty sure we can both agree that our country needs some fresh ideas in Washington.

Nothing like an iced coffee on a hot summer day.☀️🍧

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if every Sunday was a day for relaxing and watching TV? 💻📺 . . . . . . . . . . #morningslikethese

The secret to happiness is to see the bright side of everything. 😊☀

Start your day with a smile, and that can be a polar bear 🐻

Proud to see our #polarbear ‘captains’ defending the name—and some big game, too!

These lovely polar bears know what it’s like to live in a place where the mercury drops below zero but that doesn’t stop them from diving into fun! #nationalgolftoday

Did someone say double scoop? We’re ready for all the #PolarBearStories this #ValentinesDay 👅👆

What’s cooler than being cool? Polar bears, obviously. Whether you live in the North Pole or just feel an icy chill when you sit by your frosty glass of root beer, you’re invited to join #TeamPolarBear!

Living in the arctic is tough, but always fun with a polar buddy by your side.

Winter has arrived, but I don’t need to be hibernating when there’s so much fun to be had 🐻

They’re as funny on land as they are in the water.

Get your daily dose of Vitamin Wild with Zero’s Kickstart My Arctic! …

I’m so happy to be coming back from the arctic cold. In fact, I’m tuckered out from all my playtime in the ice and snow. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

We’ve got our floaties on and we’re ready to get wild in the sun!

Sending out warm wishes for a great week!

Hey there, friend. How’s it going? We’re delighted to meet you. 🙂

There’s nothing we love more than a selfie with Polar Bears.

We’re never cold, with our wear-everywhere winter coats #polarbearcoat

Welcome, #nora the polar bear cub to our family.

Oh, hi there polar bear, we love your stylish hat.😎

How cold is it where you are? It’s Polar Bear-cold in your neighborhood Target.

Welcome to the arctic. If you don’t have a jacket, get one. If you’re outside, get inside. If you can see your breath, stay that way.

Hey, warm up to the long weekend with us. ☀🐻

We’re proud to be America’s first carbon-neutral bottled water. Tastes great. The planet thanks you.

Wish you were here! ☀🐻

Hey girl, what’s your sign? 🐻

Keeping the world (and your cub) cool in style since ‘99.

Just a couple of people, chilling at work.

Home is wherever I’m with you.

Hey, polar bear—make your own snow cone at home with these simple and delicious recipes. ⛄️🍦

Polar bears may be the last ice-dwelling marine mammals, but they love social media 😉

This is the most fun we’ve had since we played with lion cubs. #PolarBearWeek

We’re headed to the arctic circle for some photo time with nature’s coolest creature, the polar bear. If you have polar bears in your area, send us your pics @ name brand and we’ll give ya a shout out #nameofbrand

Hey there, polar bear friends. We’re some kids from Ohio, and we’re so glad to be part of this momentous occasion with you guys today. We hope you enjoy the pups.

Hey there, friend! Do you follow @natgeo? They’re sharing stories about polar bears. Check them out and follow along! Tag your posts #BearWatch.

Our polar bear Lukas is 12 years old and our oldest resident at Polar Bear Safari. He loves to sunbathe, swim, and splish splash with the younger bears.

Fun fact: Polar bears aren’t white. In fact, the hair that makes up their fur is clear and only looks white because it reflects the sky and snow. #NationalPolarBearDay

There’s nothing like a bear hug to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Wishing you a day as cold as your stare and warm as your smile. ☀️

⛄Wooly Wintery Friends⛄

It is time to hibernate with a cup of hot chocolate. 🐻

Play it cool with some ice-cold beverages from the one bar that’s got you covered.

Comfy enough to melt your heart.

Take care of yourself and those around you. Because no matter what, family comes first. 🐻❤️

We’re going on a Polar Bear Hunt. Slide down an icy pole, into a snowy scene. We’re all floating downstream 🐻 🍂

Arctic cold had a blast on your trip to the zoo?❄️☃️

Hello, my name is Polar Bear and I can’t think of a better way to start your week than with fun and inspiration. #PolarBearCoffee

Hey there! You look like a Polar Bear!

Climb on the ice with the rest of your polar bear friends.

Instagram Captions are the best way to give your post that certain something, whether you want people to feel a certain way or if you want them to read your caption and get a tiny insight into your life!

Ahoy! We’re so happy to see you on our Instagram feed. If we don’t follow back, be sure to check your selfie or your bio. And if there is a problem, drop us a message and let us know @polarbearsinternational

Protecting their ice home isn’t the only thing Polar Bears can do. Help Fight Global Warming:

Hi, cutie. If you’re in the mood for a sweet snack, we’ve got your paws covered. 🍦🐻

You don’t have to live in the Arctic to appreciate life’s chief concerns like a good meal, a bit of sun, and a warm place to rest. ☀

Looking forward to the long weekend! ☀️ #vacationmode

Ready, set, bounce! 🤸‍♀️ Here’s to an adventurous season of outdoor fun. #PolarBearCaptions

Happy birthday to my favorite polar bear 😍😍 #HappyBirthdaySeymour

Hi! I’m a Polar Bear, a member of the North Pole family. Think you’re ready for an adventure? My name is Polar Bear…

We are known for our chilled bear selfies but we also like to get up to a lot of mischiefs – check out some of our other pics. We love our fans and want to connect with you on Instagram too!

There’s no better place to enjoy the #magic of the season than at the Zoo—that’s just our opinion!

We’re all about awesome adventures, and this is the next one we want to be a part of. Fall Flavors Sweepstakes!

We’re about to melt 🐻

We’re happy, we’re fun, and we like to dance 💃🐻

I miss winter. Are you ready? #WinterIsComing

Hey, it’s me—Winnie 🐻

In this short period of time during which we overlap, 🐻 I can’t help but feel a deep appreciation for you.

How you doin’? Up to anything exciting this weekend? 😎

Time to hibernate from the cold.

A cute caption to remind your followers on Instagram that polar bear is the happiest animal! 😍

That time of year again for all you ladies. No, not that time. another time. When your favorite café celebrates the first day of spring with #PolarBearDay!

The polar bear thinks about what it would be like if the weather felt something other than extreme cold. 🐻🌨✌️

Hi, fisheggers! It’s been a minute. We hope you guys are well. Here’s a Polar Bear to keep you company over the weekend 🐻

What am I doing today? #NationalPolarBearDay 😀

Happy Saturday! Today we have a new photo in the Delights Feed. Follow along with our Polar Bears and see what they’re up to on a normal day at our Arctic Glacier!

What’s your bear essentials? Let’s get cozy in these cold months with quality winter fabrics from Polar Bear.

When you’ve spent the day swimming in freezing cold water and facing Mother Nature at her worst, there’s no place you’d rather be than on your comfiest couch with a warm blanket.

Glad to see you survived the freezing temperatures long enough to scroll through our story. 🐻

If you love coffee and saving the world, we’d love to have you!

Maurier Time Baby 🐻☕️

Hello, my name is Delano. 👋

Bring out the best in each other.

“I’m not lost! My home is just a little North of here ✈️ 🐻 #PolarBearBreakfast

This polar bear is ready for winter. We hope you are too. 🐻

Hello, polar bear! We’re here to wish you a very happy birthday. You’re such a cute guy! 🐻

We’re taking the 🐻 for a polar bear swim.

Polar bears are the most amazing animals on earth and they deserve to stay safe 🐻

Let’s get social: @polarbearsinternational

Watch out! Here comes a polar bear. 🐻🇨🇦 The world’s largest land predator is also the world’s most elusive and mysterious bear – because only a small population of 18,000 to 25,000 polar bears live in the wild across Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Norway, Russia, and North West Siberia.

Hey there Polar Bear.

Let’s melt hearts ❤️ and be together longer. #bearhug

We all need a reason to head to the north pole! Click, take a seat and join us in the conversation.

Snuggles and morning coffee is just the way I like to warm up in the fall 😋

Hello, it’s me. The one inside your head. Let’s be friends. I love you very much.

Glad we found you—we’re always looking for new friends 😊.

Keeping things cool and smooth, even in the sunniest of places.

Wishing all of our friends a happy and healthy new year.

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